Movie Trailers - November 1933

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Popular trailers for movies released in November 1933

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A Song of Lisbon Trailer (1933)

07 November 1933

Vasco is a medical student in Lisbon, supported by his rich aunts, whom he had falsely told he had already graduated.

Man's Castle Trailer (1933)

20 November 1933

Impoverished Bill befriends starving Trina and takes her into his shantytown cabin and looks after her, but making clear there are no strings attached and that he remains entirely free.

Duck Soup Trailer (1933)

17 November 1933

Rufus T. Firefly is named president/dictator of bankrupt Freedonia and declares war on neighboring Sylvania over the love of wealthy Mrs.

The Invisible Man Trailer (1933)

13 November 1933

Working in Dr. Cranley's laboratory, scientist Jack Griffin was always given the latitude to conduct somhe of his own experiments.

Little Women Trailer (1933)

24 November 1933

Little Women is a "coming of age" drama tracing the lives of four sisters: Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. During the American Civil War, the girls father is away serving as a minister to the troops.

Dancing Lady Trailer (1933)

24 November 1933

Janie lives to dance and will dance anywhere, even stripping in a burlesque house. Tod Newton, the rich playboy, discovers her there and helps her get a job in a real Broadway musical being directed by Patch.

From Headquarters Trailer (1933)

06 November 1933

When a Broadway playboy is found dead, it's up to detective Jim Stevens to pick the murderer out of several likely candidates.

Havana Widows Trailer (1933)

18 November 1933

Two golddiggers go fishing for millionaires in Havana.

Dirty Work Trailer (1933)

25 November 1933

Stan and Ollie are chimney sweeps working at the home of mad scientist Professor Noodle.

Eskimo Trailer (1933)

14 November 1933

The happy life of an Eskimo is disastrously changed when he mingles with an unscrupulous white trader.

Female Trailer (1933)

11 November 1933

Alison Drake, the tough-minded executive of an automobile factory, succeeds in the man's world of business until she meets an independent design engineer.

Only Yesterday Trailer (1933)

01 November 1933

On the back of the Wall Street crash of 1929, a young business man is looking to commit suicide. With the note to his wife scribbled down and his gun in his hand, he notice a thick envelope addressed to him at the desk, marked "personal, urgent!".

Broadway Thru a Keyhole Trailer (1933)

02 November 1933

Racketeer Frank Rocci is smitten with Joan Whelan, a dancer at Texas Guinan's famous Broadway night spot.

College Coach Trailer (1933)

13 November 1933

Ruthless Coach Gore creates turmoil at a college by hiring players and alienating students. Along the way, the coach loses his wife Claire Gore to a grandstanding player.

Skandal in Budapest Trailer (1933)

02 November 1933

Eva goes to Budapest to visit her friend Tini's wedding but as soon as she arrives, the husband-to-be brakes up with Tini.

The Chief Trailer (1933)

03 November 1933

The dim-witted son of a heroic fire chief tries to follow in his late father's footsteps, only to become the unknowing pawn of corrupt politicians.

Cradle Song Trailer (1933)

19 November 1933

In a deeply cloistered convent, nun Dorothea Wieck (Mädchen in Uniform) raises a foundling to be Evelyn Venable.

Giantland Trailer (1933)

25 November 1933

Mickey's orphans ask for a story; Mickey casts himself as Jack in Jack and the Beanstalk. He starts with the climbing of the beanstalk; after evading the giant a few times, he ends up inside a cheese sandwich, and then in the giant's mouth, where he ultimately grabs onto a pipe and gets pulled out by the giant.

The Prizefighter and the Lady Trailer (1933)

10 November 1933

An ex-sailor turned boxer finds romance and gets a shot at the heavyweight title.

Christopher Bean Trailer (1933)

17 November 1933

When the painter Christopher Bean dies, some unscrupulous art dealers try to get several of his paintings cheaply from a family who have no idea of their value.

What's to Do? Trailer (1933)

23 November 1933

Sonny Rogers has just gotten elected class president, he's a star baseball player, and has a cute girlfriend.

Goodbye Love Trailer (1933)

09 November 1933

A sexy golddigger lands who she thinks is a wealthy big-game hunter from a royal family. What she doesn't know is that not only is he not wealthy, nor a big-game hunter nor from a royal family, but he's only a butler.

Blood Money Trailer (1933)

17 November 1933

The title refers to the business of affable, ambitious bail bondsman (and politically-connected grifter) Bill Bailey (George Bancroft), who, in the course of his work, crosses paths with every kind of offender there is, from first-time defendants to career criminals.

Son of a Sailor Trailer (1933)

29 November 1933

A lovesick fool bumbles into espionage and finds a stolen plane.

Le Maître de forges Trailer (1933)

30 November 1933

Friday the Thirteenth Trailer (1933)

01 November 1933

It is pouring with rain at one minute to midnight on Friday the thirteenth, and the driver of a London bus is peering through his blurred windscreen as his vehicle sails down an empty road.

Master of Men Trailer (1933)

28 November 1933

One of ten films that Fay Wray made in 1993 (including King Kong), Master of Men casts her as Kay Walling, a woman who is being ignored by her husband, Buck (played by Jack Holt).

A Shot in the Dark Trailer (1933)

03 November 1933

The relatives of a millionaire--the victim of a mysterious murder--get together at his house to search for his will, which he recorded on a record.

White Woman Trailer (1933)

10 November 1933

Gong beaters turn on a ruthless jungle trader and the well-dressed blonde who travels with him.

Myrt And Marge Trailer (1933)

25 November 1933

Directed by Al Boasberg (1933)

Jack and the Beanstalk Trailer (1933)

29 November 1933

Jack sells the family cow for magic beans which grow a vine into the sky.

Mickey's Covered Wagon Trailer (1933)

29 November 1933

Mickey and the gang go prospecting, but find themselves in a haunted house.

Twin Husbands Trailer (1933)

29 November 1933

The film begins with a guy waking up from a bump on the head. The people around him try in vain to convince him that five years have passed and that he's a rich guy.

In the Money Trailer (1933)

06 November 1933

When the chemical company owned by eccentric Professor Higginbottom files for bankruptcy, the formerly-affluent family loses its income.

Carnival Lady Trailer (1933)

11 November 1933

When his bank fails, a young man loses not only all his money but his fiancée, deserts him, too. Depressed, he joins a circus.

Stratos-Fear Trailer (1933)

10 November 1933

An overdose of gas at the dentist's office causes Willie to float like a balloon. He floats out of the office, through the stratosphere, and into outer space.

Frühlingsstimmen Trailer (1933)

16 November 1933

The Great Consoler Trailer (1933)

17 November 1933

The Great Consoler is Lev Kuleshov’s most personal film reflecting both the facts of his life and his thoughts about the place of the artist in contemporary reality.

Fargo Express Trailer (1933)

20 November 1933

When Mort loses his and Ken's money at poker, Goss gets him to rob the stage. He is captured, identified by his palomino horse.

The Bill Poster Trailer (1933)

25 November 1933

Krazy is pasting posters all over town. He then goes to visit his girlfriend. At her house, he has lots of problems dealing with her bratty kid.

The Zoo Trailer (1933)

06 November 1933

A Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon.

Gay Gaucho Trailer (1933)

02 November 1933

Brownie the Bear as a young, dapper Gaucho and his adventures as a South American cowboy.

Buddy's Beer Garden Trailer (1933)

11 November 1933

Buddy's musical antics as a waiter at a German beer garden are truly delightful! Cookie appears as a cigarette girl and scarf-dancer, and a drag-decked lounge-singing Buddy brings down the house.

I Eats My Spinach Trailer (1933)

17 November 1933

Popeye and Olive Oyl visit a rodeo,

The World Changes Trailer (1933)

25 November 1933

Generational saga tracing the events in the lives of the midwest pioneering Nordholm family, as seen through the eyes of businessman Paul Muni (who ages from a youth to an elderly grandfather).

My Lips Betray Trailer (1933)

04 November 1933

"My Lips Betray", a musical, was released by Fox in 1933 starring Lillian Harvey and John Boles.

Blut und Boden Trailer (1933)

30 November 1933

Walter Ruttmann directed this propagandistic Nazi documentary in 1933.

Repeal Brings Wet Flood! Trailer (1933)

01 November 1933

Newsreel on the end of Prohibition.

The Right To Romance Trailer (1933)

17 November 1933

Against her better judgment, a dedicated and hard-working plastic surgeon (Ann Harding) finds herself falling in love with a playboy (Robert Young).

Betty Boop's Hallowe'en Party Trailer (1933)

03 November 1933

Betty Boop hosts a Hallowe'en party with a few uninvited guests.

Umpa Trailer (1933)

24 November 1933

Dialogue and songs are all in rhyme (including one identical song), in the manner of later Columbia film "The Women Haters.

Two Minutes Silence Trailer (1933)

25 November 1933

Anti-war tale in which several characters recollect their First World War experiences.

Police Officer Trailer (1933)

28 November 1933

Tomu Uchida’s “Keisatsukan” tells the story of a young police man, Itami, who met his high school friend, Tetsuo, at a roadblock.

Strike It Rich Trailer (1933)

04 November 1933

Eddie Smart (George Gee) was born clumsy and is a laughing stock at work, the Sprouto Hair Tonic Company.

Backs to Nature Trailer (1933)

14 November 1933

The girls are going on a camping trip.

A Cuckoo in the Nest Trailer (1933)

11 November 1933

A crowded inn means that a man and a woman must share the same room for a night. One problem is that they are both married - to other people.

Keg o' My Heart Trailer (1933)

11 November 1933

Hal Roach comedy starring Billy Gilbert and Billy Bletcher. Also starring Don Barclay, Charley Rogers, Ruth Gillette, Theodore Lurch, Charlie Hall.

Dawn to Dawn Trailer (1933)

30 November 1933

Weaves a Gothic spell with its account of love and death on an isolated farm, including a startling passage of sunstruck eroticism.

The Merry Old Soul Trailer (1933)

26 November 1933

Oswald is at the dentist. A tooth being pulled hangs on tight. Just then, the radio reports "Old King Cole has the blues" and Oswald races off in his car.

Harry Warren: America's Foremost Composer Trailer (1933)

18 November 1933

Songwriter Harry Warren performs several of his own compositions, including "I Found a Million Dollar Baby" and "Shadow Waltz.