Movie Trailers - February 1951

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Si usted no puede, yo sí Trailer (1951)

15 February 1951

Out-of-work actor and his burglar pal get jobs at an agency that pledges to do things the client doesn't want to deal with.

Swiss Tour Trailer (1951)

15 February 1951

Fury of the Congo Trailer (1951)

26 February 1951

Jungle Jim must protect rare pony-like animals whose glands produce a powerful narcotic. On the way, he fights a giant spider.

The Good Fairy Trailer (1951)

17 February 1951

Two journalists and their lovers share an uncertain future.

Tagebuchblätter Trailer (1951)

02 February 1951

Short film about a youth camp.

Mi vida por la tuya Trailer (1951)

01 February 1951

During a mother's dream comes up Gloria Rivas as a vamp who crushes her son's life.

Professor Nachtfalter Trailer (1951)

23 February 1951

Marmayogi Trailer (1951)

01 February 1951

What the movie has in store for you, wait and watch this space for more updates.

Corazón de fiera Trailer (1951)

21 February 1951

Wanted criminal has plastic surgery, starts new life in a distant town. Old habits die hard.

North Wind Trailer (1951)

01 February 1951

History shows the daily struggle of fishermen on the coast. Life gets more difficult when a windstorm hits the region, bringing misery.

A Day Of Thanksgiving Trailer (1951)

23 February 1951

A nice American family reflect on how great it is to be American even if they can't afford a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

My Country 'Tis of Thee Trailer (1951)

17 February 1951

A panoramic view of American history from the Pilgrims to 1950 utilizing archival footage.

Sonhar é Fácil Trailer (1951)

22 February 1951

Mr. Silva has a dream: to live in the countryside and become a farmer. And one day it happens. He inherits a farm from an old aunt.

Voices of Venice Trailer (1951)

03 February 1951

With the bells of the campanile clanging in the background, people are congregating in St. Mark's Square in Venice.

Serenata en Acapulco Trailer (1951)

23 February 1951

Three broke-ass promoters ingratiate themselves with the owners of a hotel aand a rich guest, all with an eye toward putting on a show.

Tetsu no tsume Trailer (1951)

24 February 1951

During the war a man is bitten by a creature which looks like a cross between a bear and an ape in the jungle.

Songs of Erin Trailer (1951)

25 February 1951

Gandy Goose, dreaming, is taken across the Atlantic ocean to a fairy-tale Erie, where flowers dance and then turn into geese; elves warble Irish lullabies, and a giant terrorizes the countryside.

Albela Trailer (1951)

15 February 1951

Day-dreamer and Artist, Pyarelal, lives a poor lifestyle in Bombay with his retired dad; housewife mom; married brother, Mohan and his wife, Malti; and unmarried sister, Vimla.