Movie Trailers - January 1938

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Popular trailers for movies released in January 1938

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Man-Proof Trailer (1938)

07 January 1938

A newspaper illustrator tries to remain best friends with the man she secretly loves, even though he recently married another woman.

Owd Bob Trailer (1938)

26 January 1938

Adam McAdam is an old, dour sheepherder whose life is devoted to his faithful dog, the whiskey bottle and his daughter, Jeannie.

Luciano Serra, pilota Trailer (1938)

02 January 1938

Successful WWI pilot Luciano Serra has problems adjusting to an ordinary life in peace, so he leaves his family and becomes a pilot in America.

Double Danger Trailer (1938)

28 January 1938

A crime novelist devises a scheme to catch the thief who has stolen the valuable "Konjer Diamonds". Director Lew Landers' 1938 B-film stars Preston Foster, Whitney Bourne, Cecil Kellaway, Donald Meek, Samuel S.

Everybody Sing Trailer (1938)

01 January 1938

The story is about a bunch of eccentrics in a family that are intent on putting on a show and bursting into song numbers at the drop of a hat.

Happy Landing Trailer (1938)

23 January 1938

Bandleader (Romero) and manager (Ameche) discover skater (Henie) in Norway. They become rivals as she returns with them to America.

Thimble Theater Trailer (1938)

01 January 1938

One of Joseph Cornell’s funniest films, Thimble Theater is structured like a vaudeville variety show about nature.

Si tu m'aimes Trailer (1938)

28 January 1938

The Patient In Room 18 Trailer (1938)

08 January 1938

Choreographer Bobby Connolly and prolific screenwriter Crane Wilbur teamed up on the direction of Warner Bros.

Love Is a Headache Trailer (1938)

14 January 1938

A press agent for a Broadway actress whose career is going downhill, attempts to get her some publicity by having her adopt two orphans.

Bank Holiday Trailer (1938)

27 January 1938

A 1930's British summer Bank Holiday starts at midday on Saturday with a rush for the trains to the seaside.

Crashing Hollywood Trailer (1938)

07 January 1938

Two gangsters provide details of an actual bank robbery when helping a neophite screenwriter create a hit Hollywood film.

Espagne 1937 Trailer (1938)

01 January 1938

Spanish short documentary film.

The Purple Vigilantes Trailer (1938)

24 January 1938

David Ross organizes the ranchers into a vigilante group to rid the town of outlaws. The plan succeeds but the trouble starts when some of the men form a new vigilante group and posing as the original one plunder for loot.

The Villiers Diamond Trailer (1938)

01 January 1938

A man is threatend with scandal when he accidentally acquires a stolen diamond.

I Met My Love Again Trailer (1938)

14 January 1938

College sweethearts part ways when the girl falls for a bohemian writer.

Quadrille Trailer (1938)

29 January 1938

Strachy Trailer (1938)

01 January 1938

A look at show-business through the lives of cabaret dancing girls Teresa and Linka. When their theatre is closed down, they have to move to a small town.

The Invisible Menace Trailer (1938)

22 January 1938

Army Private Eddie Pratt smuggles his new bride into camp in hopes of having a happy wedding night. Instead they discover a murder.

Riding the Rails Trailer (1938)

27 January 1938

Betty Boop goes to work on the subway (Trample 'Em R.R. Co.); Pudgy the Pup follows her and gets more ride than he bargained for.

Der Tiger von Eschnapur Trailer (1938)

06 January 1938

The Divorce of Lady X Trailer (1938)

15 January 1938

The morning after a London barrister (Laurence Olivier) lets a mystery woman (Merle Oberon) stay in his suite, a friend (Ralph Richardson) files for divorce.

The Old Barn Dance Trailer (1938)

29 January 1938

Autry and his buddies have a horse selling business which is threatened by a tractor company which claims horses are out of date.

Hatred Trailer (1938)

26 January 1938

Captain Justin Mollenard works for a company that sells armaments to the Far East. After an eventful stay in Shanghai, where he and his cargo are the victim of a malicious attack, he returns to his hometown of Dunkirk.

City Girl Trailer (1938)

07 January 1938

In this tearful crime melodrama, a waitress becomes so taken with her dream of living in posh luxury and comfort that she leaves her honest boyfriend the district attorney to take up with a notorious gangster who lavishes her with stolen furs and fabulous diamonds.

Swing Your Lady Trailer (1938)

08 January 1938

Promoter Ed Hatch comes to the Ozarks with his slow-witted wrestler Joe Skopapoulos whom he pits against a hillbilly Amazon blacksmith, Sadie Horn.

The HPO Trailer (1938)

01 January 1938

The Skull Coin Trailer (1938)

01 January 1938

“Dokuro sen” (The Skull Coin) is the first film adaptation of the popular novel by Kikuo Sumita. The story evolves around the seven cursed coins (the Skull Coin) that are supposed to reveal the secrets of the hidden Tokugawa treasure.

Die Umwege des schönen Karl Trailer (1938)

30 January 1938

Der Katzensteg Trailer (1938)

11 January 1938

The Puritan Trailer (1938)

13 January 1938

A religious fanatic finds his entire life and philosophy turned upside-down as he falls in love with a girl and kills her in a jealous rage.

Friday Rose Trailer (1938)

08 January 1938

Venice Film Festival 1938

The Black Doll Trailer (1938)

31 January 1938

Nicholas Rood, dishonest mine owner, finds a Black Doll on his desk and knows that vengeance is about to overtake him for murdering his former partner.

Chi è più felice di me! Trailer (1938)

17 January 1938

A tenor falls in love with a stage actress then leaves her without knowing about her pregnancy.

Carrefour Trailer (1938)

01 January 1938

A wealthy industrialist, Roger de Vetheuil, married, feels assured of aging in peace. Then appears a blackmailer who accuses him of being a usurper, actually called Jean Pelletier, a mobster well known to police.

Sergeant Murphy Trailer (1938)

01 January 1938

An Army private (Ronald Reagan) proves his horse is fit for service and wins his colonel's (Donald Crisp) daughter (Mary Maguire).

I Accuse Trailer (1938)

23 January 1938

After serving in the trenches of World War I, Jean Diaz recoils with such horror that he renounces love and personal pleasure to immerse himself in scientific research, seeking a machine to prevent war.

Die Zauberlaterne Trailer (1938)

01 January 1938

Animated film about a lantern.

Prison Without Bars Trailer (1938)

07 January 1938

Prison Sans Barreaux (Prison Without Bars) takes place in a private correctional institution for young women.

Shanghai Trailer (1938)

02 January 1938

Directed by Fumio Kamei.

Change of Heart Trailer (1938)

14 January 1938

While Carol Murdock is becoming the golf-champion at the country club, husband Anthony is all wrapped up in his business and rants a lot about how much time his wife spends playing gold, thereby neglecting their home and him.

Sexton Blake and the Hooded Terror Trailer (1938)

01 January 1938

Sleuth Sexton Blake (George Curzon) trails "The Snake" and his gang of crooks.

Shadows over St. Pauli Trailer (1938)

01 January 1938

No overview found.

Daffy Duck & Egghead Trailer (1938)

01 January 1938

Daffy taunts a hunter in Tex Avery's classic, meta short.

Sex Madness Trailer (1938)

01 January 1938

Sex Madness (1938) is an exploitation film directed by Dwain Esper, along the lines of Reefer Madness, supposedly to warn teenagers and young adults of the dangers of venereal diseases, specifically syphilis.

The Dummy Owner Trailer (1938)

08 January 1938

Leon's boss buys a racehorse, but doesn't want word to get out that he is the owner, so he has the papers filled out showing Leon as the owner of record.

God's Step Children Trailer (1938)

01 January 1938

Naomi, a light-skinned Black child, is abandoned by her mother and raised by the virtuous Mrs. Saunders (Alice B.

Sin-copation Trailer (1938)

09 January 1938

Hades is cooling off, so the Devil imports Leon Navara and his Orchestra to put on some heat using their music instruments.

Saleslady Trailer (1938)

27 January 1938

A young heiress moves away from home, takes a job in a Chicago department store and weds a co-worker who's unaware of his bride's wealthy background.

Du und ich Trailer (1938)

01 January 1938

Melodrama about an entrepreneur and his family.

France is an Empire Trailer (1938)

02 January 1938

Documentary directed by Emmanuel Bourcier et al.

Inside Nazi Germany Trailer (1938)

21 January 1938

Short documentary film in the newsreel series 'The March of Time'.

Penny Journey Trailer (1938)

01 January 1938

Documentary short by Humphrey Jennings

Natural Wonders of the West Trailer (1938)

27 January 1938

This Traveltalk entry looks at some natural wonders of the western United States, including the Grand Canyon and the Devil's Tower.

Stolen Death Trailer (1938)

01 January 1938

A thriller set in turn-of-the-century Helsinki, Stolen Death uses elements of German expressionism to tell the story of Finnish resistance fighters smuggling arms to overthrow the Tsarist occupiers of Finland.

Les Pirates du rail Trailer (1938)

19 January 1938

Altes Herz geht auf die Reise Trailer (1938)

01 January 1938

The underage Rosemarie is still too young to run her inherited farm by herself; but she's more than aware that her foster father and the farm's administrator, the farmer Schlieker, is constantly skimming from the farm's finances to line his own pocket.

Pietro Micca Trailer (1938)

15 January 1938

Das Geheimnis um Betty Bonn Trailer (1938)

04 January 1938

Rasputin Trailer (1938)

01 January 1938

Story of the Siberian monk Gregory Rasputin and the hold he exerted over the court of the last Russian czar, Nicholas.