Movie Trailers - May 1938

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Popular trailers for movies released in May 1938

Total trailers found: 80

Port of Shadows Trailer (1938)

18 May 1938

A military deserter in a French port city finds love amidst trouble.

Wynken, Blynken and Nod Trailer (1938)

27 May 1938

An elaborate dream fantasy based on the popular children's poem of three children playing and floating among the stars.

The Adventures of Robin Hood Trailer (1938)

13 May 1938

Robin Hood (Errol Flynn) fights nobly for justice against the evil Sir Guy of Gisbourne (Basil Rathbone) while striving to win the hand of the beautiful Maid Marian (Olivia de Havilland).

Mickey's Trailer Trailer (1938)

06 May 1938

Goofy's in the driver's seat, Mickey's in the kitchen, and Donald's in bed in Mickey's high-tech house trailer.

Alexander's Ragtime Band Trailer (1938)

24 May 1938

Roger Grant, a classical violinist, disappoints his family and teacher when he organizes a jazz band, but he and the band become successful.

Stolen Heaven Trailer (1938)

11 May 1938

Two attractive jewel thieves, one female (Olympe Bradna), one male (Gene Raymond) escape together after their latest escapade and hide out in the home of an aged concert pianist (Lewis Stone).

Crime School Trailer (1938)

10 May 1938

Deputy Commissioner of Correction Mark Braden finds a reform school in terrible condition and assumes control himself.

Out Where the Stars Begin Trailer (1938)

28 May 1938

A "Broadway Brevity" short from Vitaphone shot in Technicolor that spoofs the Hollywood studio set-up.

Swiss Miss Trailer (1938)

20 May 1938

Stan and Ollie are mousetrap salesmen hoping for better business in Switzerland, with Stan's theory that because there is more cheese in Switzerland, there should be more mice.

Mystery House Trailer (1938)

21 May 1938

Mystery House is a perfunctory Warner Bros. programmer which coasts along on the appeal of its stars. When a prominent banker is murdered while on a hunting trip, the dead man's daughter, Gwen Kingery (Anne Nagel), calls in private eye Lance O'Leary (Dick Purcell) to investigate. No sooner has he started gathering clues than another murder is committed?

The Lone Wolf in Paris Trailer (1938)

25 May 1938

Former jewel thief Michael Lanyard (Francis Lederer) toys with a princess (Frances Drake) and a grand duke (Walter Kingsford).

The Terror Trailer (1938)

02 May 1938

For ten years, The Terror has laughed at both police and public. And for ten years, two of his erstwhile associates, Joe Conner and 'Soapy' Marks, have plotted revenge on the mastermind whose double-crossing sent them to Dartmoor prison without their share of the bullion stolen in a daring raid.

Blind Alibi Trailer (1938)

20 May 1938

A Paris sculptor (Richard Dix) fakes blindness in Los Angeles to recover his blackmailed sister's love letters.

Songs and Bullets Trailer (1938)

14 May 1938

Melody arrives looking for the killer of his uncle and at the same time Dumont arrives looking for the murderer of her father.

Gangs of New York Trailer (1938)

23 May 1938

In this crime drama, an undercover cop infiltrates a powerful New York based crime syndicate.

Torchy Blane in Panama Trailer (1938)

07 May 1938

Torchy, Steve, and Gahagan are on the trail of a bank robber aboard an ocean liner traveling from New York to L.

Sinners in Paradise Trailer (1938)

19 May 1938

The survivors from a plane crash are washed up on an island where the only inhabitants are Mr. Taylor and his servant, Ping.

Kidnapped Trailer (1938)

27 May 1938

Robert Louis Stevenson's hero David Balfour (Freddie Bartholomew) joins rebel Alan Breck Stewart (Warner Baxter) in 18th-century Scotland.

Now That Summer Is Gone Trailer (1938)

13 May 1938

"Summer is gone" and throughout the forest, squirrels are working hard gathering acorns for the long cold winter ahead.

Too Much Johnson Trailer (1938)

11 May 1938

This film was not intended to stand by itself, but was designed as the cinematic aspect of Welles' Mercury Theatre stage presentation of William Gillette's 1894 comedy about a New York playboy who flees from the violent husband of his mistress and borrows the identity of a plantation owner in Cuba who is expecting the arrival of a mail order bride.

Kentucky Moonshine Trailer (1938)

20 May 1938

The Ritz Brothers pretend to be Kentucky hillbillies in order to get a booking on a radio show.

Strange Boarders Trailer (1938)

01 May 1938

Pre-war intelligence man Tommy Blythe interrupts his honeymoon to investigate the discovery of vital Air Ministry blueprints on a woman killed in a London road accident.

A Trip to Paris Trailer (1938)

06 May 1938

The Jones Family heads to Gay Paree in celebration of the 25th wedding anniversary of Pa and Ma Jones.

Yellow Jack Trailer (1938)

27 May 1938

Director George B. Seitz's 1938 film biography of Walter Reed, the doctor who struggled to find a cure for yellow fever, stars Robert Montgomery, Virginia Bruce, Lewis Stone, Stanley Ridges, Charles Coburn, Henry Hull, Andy Devine, Buddy Ebsen, Henry O'Neill and Sam Levene.

Spanish A.B.C. Trailer (1938)

05 May 1938

A short film on Republican efforts to improve education standards during the Spanish Civil War.

Romance on the Run Trailer (1938)

11 May 1938

A (rather shady?) private detective specializing in recovering highly insured items gets involved in recovering a stolen necklace.

Hunted Men Trailer (1938)

27 May 1938

Notorious racketeer Joe Albany kills James Flowers when he discovers he is embezzling from the club they own.

Strange M. Victor Trailer (1938)

04 May 1938

Outwardly, Monsieur Victor would appear to be the model citizen. A respectable Toulon shopkeeper, he has a devoted wife and is courteous and considerate to all who know him.

Hollywood Handicap Trailer (1938)

28 May 1938

A group of stable hands is given a race horse when its owner retires from the business. They raise money to run the horse in the Hollywood Derby at Santa Anita race track.

Gunsmoke Trail Trailer (1938)

26 May 1938

Learning of Walters' inheritance, Larson kills him and assumes his identity. When Larson's men try to kill Walter's niece Lola, Jack Lane breaks it up.

Feed 'em and Weep Trailer (1938)

06 May 1938

It's Mr. Hood's birthday, and he has been eagerly anticipating a quiet dinner at home with his family.

Six Shootin' Sheriff Trailer (1938)

20 May 1938

Cowboy star Ken Maynard is Jim "Trigger" Morton, in town undercover while pursuing the man who framed him for robbery.

Hold That Kiss Trailer (1938)

13 May 1938

Two young people meet at a wedding and begin dating, each thinking the other is extremely wealthy. Comedy.

The Face of Scotland Trailer (1938)

04 May 1938

The history of Scotland and the factors that have shaped the character of its people.

Cocoanut Grove Trailer (1938)

20 May 1938

Band tries to get an audition for a job at a prestigious nightclub.

The Fighting Devil Dogs Trailer (1938)

27 May 1938

Two marine lieutenants battle a masked would-be world conqueror who uses electricity as a weapon.

Air Devils Trailer (1938)

13 May 1938

Two daredevil pilots go after the same girl.

Barnabé Trailer (1938)

14 May 1938

Joy of Living Trailer (1938)

06 May 1938

Broadway star Margaret Garrett has spent her whole life working to support her sponging relatives. When she meets carefree Dan Webster, she learns how to have fun for the first time.

Law of the Underworld Trailer (1938)

06 May 1938

A respected citizen with secret ties to the local mob is faced with revealing his criminal connection

Snow Gets in Your Eyes Trailer (1938)

13 May 1938

A department store has an indoor ski-slide for the annual contest for department store employees. Salesgirl June has two admirers; a sausage salesman in the store and the store's snooty ski instructor.

I Yam Love Sick Trailer (1938)

29 May 1938

Olive is reading a romance novel and munching on a gift box of candy from Bluto when Popeye drops by.

Grisou Trailer (1938)

11 May 1938

Public Jitterbug No. 1 Trailer (1938)

09 May 1938

The government has set up a special agency to stamp out what it considers the number one public menace: the jitterbug.

Injun Trouble Trailer (1938)

20 May 1938

Porky leads a wagon train into "Injun Joe Territory," and finally comes up against the fearsome Superchief.

Águila o Sol Trailer (1938)

04 May 1938

At birth, three children are abandoned in a convent. They are Polito Sol and his siblings, Adriana and Carmelo Águila and they grow up to become the "Águila o Sol" trio.

Dreiklang Trailer (1938)

23 May 1938

Melodrama written by Douglas Sirk.

The Swing School Trailer (1938)

27 May 1938

At Betty Boop's Music School for Animals, Pudgy the dog doesn't do so well, but puppy love triumphs.

Rascals Trailer (1938)

20 May 1938

A Gypsy band takes lots of stuff but always in a good cause. Led by Jane Withers, they pick up a socialite (Hundson) who has amnesia.

El indio Trailer (1938)

05 May 1938

Social-justice movie about exploitation of Indians by white people in pre-Revolution Mexico.

Scotland for Fitness Trailer (1938)

04 May 1938

One of a group of seven documentaries made for the 1938 Empire Exhibition under the supervision of John Grierson, the film was part of a campaign to improve the fitness of the Scots.

Doctor Rhythm Trailer (1938)

06 May 1938

Dr. Bill Remsen pretends to be a policeman, and ends up being assigned to guard Judy Marlowe. Amazingly, he falls in love with her.

The Big Top Trailer (1938)

11 May 1938

Puddy goes to a circus where he watches the various acts, but misinterprets Apaché dancing canines as an assault on the girl.

Wealth of a Nation Trailer (1938)

04 May 1938

A documentary examining the industries of Scotland, new and old.

Money on Your Life Trailer (1938)

13 May 1938

This fun little piece has Danny Kaye as man who buys a life insurance policy. What the insurance salesman doesn't know is that Danny is on the hit list by assassins so he has to do everything he can to keep him alive or else pay up on the policy.

Western Trails Trailer (1938)

31 May 1938

Freddie Rich and His Orchestra Trailer (1938)

28 May 1938

A musical short subject in which band leader Freddie Rich conducts three musical numbers with his orchestra, with solos by Nan Wynn with the Three Symphonettes.

The Awful Tooth Trailer (1938)

26 May 1938

When one of the Our Gang kids finds money under his pillow after losing a tooth, all the kids decide to get rich by having all their teeth pulled.

Phantom Ranger Trailer (1938)

27 May 1938

A Treasury Department engraver is being held captive by a counterfeiting gang that wants him to make counterfeit plates for them.

Lost Paradise Trailer (1938)

15 May 1938

A Soviet drama about class differences in a rural farm town