Movie Trailers - November 1938

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Popular trailers for movies released in November 1938

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The Shining Hour Trailer (1938)

18 November 1938

A nightclub chorus girl (Joan Crawford) marries into a rich family, and some of its members resent her.

Angels with Dirty Faces Trailer (1938)

26 November 1938

In New York, the boys Rocky Sullivan and Jerry Connelly are best friends and small time thieves. After a robbery, Rocky is arrested and sent to a reformatory school, where he begins his criminal career.

Alexander Nevsky Trailer (1938)

24 November 1938

It is the 13th century, and Russia is overrun by foreign invaders. A Russian knyaz', or prince, Alexander Nevsky, rallies the people to form a ragtag army to drive back an invasion by the Teutonic knights.

Just Around the Corner Trailer (1938)

11 November 1938

Penny helps her idealistic architect father get his dream of a slum clearance project; The little miss dances with Corporal Jones.

Philips Broadcast of 1938 Trailer (1938)

13 November 1938

Puppet animation of Bert Ambrose and His Orchestra performing. A Puppetoon animated short film.

Ferdinand the Bull Trailer (1938)

23 November 1938

This Oscar-winning short tells of a bull who preferred to sit under trees and smell flowers to clashing horns with his fellow animals.

Blondie Trailer (1938)

30 November 1938

Blondie and Dagwood are about to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary but this happy occasion is marred when the bumbling Dagwood gets himself involved in a scheme that is promising financial ruin for the Bumstead family.

Ernest the Rebel Trailer (1938)

08 November 1938

In South America anything can happen: the consul might give you as a snack to the sharks, you can wind up as a working man (slave) in a banana plantation or as a recruit in the governor's navy.

Submarine Patrol Trailer (1938)

25 November 1938

A naval officer is demoted for negligence and put in command of a run-down submarine chaser with a motley crew.

You're an Education Trailer (1938)

04 November 1938

The brochures in a travel agency come to life. After a series of quick gags (flying fish in airplanes, a wave washing swimmers out to sea and back, etc).

Annabel Takes a Tour Trailer (1938)

10 November 1938

Annabel Allison, star of Wonder Pictures, is irked at her poor publicity, especially when a rival gets engaged to a Marquis; so she makes studio head Webb re-hire disgraced publicity agent Morgan for her personal appearance tour.

Spring Madness Trailer (1938)

11 November 1938

A young college man and his best friend both vie for the affections of the same woman while on their Spring Break vacation.

The Law West of Tombstone Trailer (1938)

18 November 1938

A blustering gunfighter talks himself into the position of mayor in a small western town.

The Cowboy and the Lady Trailer (1938)

17 November 1938

Mary Smith decides after a lifetime of being a shut-in to do something wild while her father is out campaigning for the presidency, so she takes off for the family's home in West Palm Beach and inadvertently becomes romantically entangled with earnest cowboy Stretch Willoughby.

It's in the Air Trailer (1938)

01 November 1938

George Brown (George Formby) is rejected as an Air Raid Warden and in doing so sees his potential to join the Royal Air Force.

Sharpshooters Trailer (1938)

18 November 1938

Ace newsreel cameraman is working in a mythical European country when the king is assassinated. He gets his negatives out of the country and finds the young crown prince who is also in danger.

The Great Waltz Trailer (1938)

04 November 1938

Composer Johann Strauss risks his marriage over his infatuation with a beautiful singer.

Illegal Traffic Trailer (1938)

02 November 1938

G-Man Charles Bent Martin is sent out to break up a nationwide racket. A transport company is aiding fugitives making a getaway in exchange for the lion's share of their loot.

Santa Fe Stampede Trailer (1938)

18 November 1938

The Mesquiteers capture a horse thief who escapes justice through a crooked judge. They gather signatures urging the governor to investigate but a friend with the petition is murdered.

The Night Watchman Trailer (1938)

18 November 1938

A little cat must take his sick father's place as night watchman, but is bullied by a tough mouse and his gang, leaving the rest of the mice free to eat all the food and stage a musical floor show.

Little Tough Guys in Society Trailer (1938)

01 November 1938

A society matron invites the gang to her estate as playmates for her spoiled brat son.

Tambora Trailer (1938)

16 November 1938

Images of work, nature and living in the "Swedish" city Tambora in the East Indies.

Nancy Drew: Detective Trailer (1938)

19 November 1938

Nancy Drew and Ted Nickerson solve a kidnapping case of a wealthy elderly lady. Ted has to disguise himself as a nurse while Nancy beomse a "widow" in order to locate the lady they are rescuing.

Gang Bullets Trailer (1938)

10 November 1938

Gang Bullets was one of a myriad of late-1930s Monogram crime pictures, bearing such interchangable titles as I Am a Criminal, Convict's Code and Federal Bullets.

Luck of the Navy Trailer (1938)

27 November 1938

With Britain on the brink of war, an enemy spy plans to steal secret documents and lay the blame on Clive Stanton.

På kryss med Albertina Trailer (1938)

14 November 1938

John is the skipper of the Albertina which is moored in Mariehamn. Nearby is luxury yacht Sea Star, where Ann-Mari boards.

Come On, Rangers Trailer (1938)

21 November 1938

A Texas Ranger (Roy Rogers) and his pals come out of forced retirement to do what the cavalry cannot.

Sunset Murder Case Trailer (1938)

11 November 1938

A nightclub dancer (Sally Rand) seeks vengeance for the murder of her father.

School Is the Foundation of Life Trailer (1938)

11 November 1938

Seventh form pupils at a grammar school in Přívlaky are preparing for a secondary school sports competition.

Katia Trailer (1938)

07 November 1938

Mother Love Trailer (1938)

03 November 1938

Six-Gun Trail Trailer (1938)

25 November 1938

Chasing jewel thieves, Captain Carson and Magpie head for the border where Carson, posing as a Chinaman, opens a store that buys jewelry.

Rhythm of the Saddle Trailer (1938)

06 November 1938

Gene is the foreman at the ranch owned by wealthy rodeo owner Maureen. She will lose her rodeo contract unless sales improve.

Hard to Get Trailer (1938)

05 November 1938

When spoiled young heiress Maggie Richards tries to charge some gasoline at an auto camp run by Bill Davis, he makes her work out her bill by making beds.

His Exciting Night Trailer (1938)

11 November 1938

In this comedy, a milquetoast clerk is betrothed to the socialite whose aunt holds a big account with his company.

The Ghost Cat and the Mysterious Shamisen Trailer (1938)

02 November 1938

A quintessential example of the period "ghost cat" (bakeneko or kaibyo) movie, this was one of at least six such titles released by the studio Shinko Kinema between 1937-40 featuring Japan's first scream queen, Sumiko Suzuki.

Adventure in Sahara Trailer (1938)

15 November 1938

Agadez is a lonely French outpost baking under the desert sun and commanded by the cruel and oppressive Captain Savatt.

What Do You Think? Tupapaoo Trailer (1938)

16 November 1938

"The film recounts pretty much what happened to the director Murnau in Tahiti, during the shooting of Tabu.

Porky in Egypt Trailer (1938)

05 November 1938

Porky is a tourist. He's missed the main camel, so he rents one of his own. Both of them are soon overcome by the hot desert sun; the camel starts hallucinating, and marches off, playing the bagpipes.

The Daffy Doc Trailer (1938)

26 November 1938

After being thrown out as Doctor Quack's assistant, Daffy Duck makes Porky Pig his own -- unwilling -- patient.

Nanon Trailer (1938)

15 November 1938

An operetta directed by Herbert Maisch.

Midnight Frolics Trailer (1938)

02 November 1938

A mouse and a cuckoo bird, skeptical about the existence of ghosts, are startled by a midnight visit from a sextet of spirits, all men who once wooed a Florador show-girl.

The City of Little Men Trailer (1938)

21 November 1938

The story of Boys Town, founded by Father Edward Flanagan in 1917 as a haven for wayward, homeless, and neglected boys.

Donald's Golf Game Trailer (1938)

04 November 1938

Uncle Donald goes golfing on a course by the beach, insisting on total quiet for his concentration, not even a singing bird.

Thanks for the Memory Trailer (1938)

11 November 1938

Steve Merrick is an out of work writer who stays home and plays house husband while his wife goes to work for her former fiancé and Merrick's publisher who is still carrying a torch for her.

Perjura Trailer (1938)

11 November 1938

Musical romance set in 1880s Mexico.

Je chante Trailer (1938)

30 November 1938

Storm Over Bengal Trailer (1938)

14 November 1938

This being a Republic picture, it should come as no surprise that Storm Over Bengal was filmed in its entirety in the San Fernando Valley.

The Declaration Of Independence Trailer (1938)

26 November 1938

This historical featurette focuses on Caesar Rodney of Delaware, who cast the deciding vote so that the Declaration of Independence was adopted in 1776.

Exposed Trailer (1938)

05 November 1938

A magazine reporter exposes a crooked District Attorney, resulting in his trial. Complications ensue, however, when the man is acquitted.

Baby Kittens Trailer (1938)

27 November 1938

It concerns these kittens who befriend a dog who initially tries to scare them. The mother of these kittens isn't thrilled about the dog "taking" her children and decides to do something about it.

Paix sur le Rhin Trailer (1938)

10 November 1938

The Great Dawn Trailer (1938)

05 November 1938

In 1917, the people of the Russian Empire are no longer willing to fight Germany, but the bourgeois government of Alexander Kerensky is unwilling to defy its imperialist allies and stop the war.

Sixty Glorious Years Trailer (1938)

18 November 1938

Continuing the story of 'Victoria the Great'.

The Road of Health Trailer (1938)

13 November 1938

The lecturer shows a microcinematographic sequence of spirochaetes and drawings of the gonoccus (the bacteria responsible for syphilis and gonorrhea).

Balletten danser Trailer (1938)

02 November 1938

Tanz auf dem Vulkan Trailer (1938)

30 November 1938

Paris, 1830: Jean-Gaspard Debureau performs on the stage and delights his audience with song, wit and charm.

Canto A Mi Tierra Trailer (1938)

11 November 1938

Theatrical producers discover a new musical-theatre star in a small farming town.

Turkey Mourns Kemal Ataturk Trailer (1938)

25 November 1938

Various shots of Kemal Ataturk sat around a table with other politicians, he speaks, M/S profile of him.

Kautschuk Trailer (1938)

01 November 1938