Movie Trailers - May 1939

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Popular trailers for movies released in May 1939

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Only Angels Have Wings Trailer (1939)

15 May 1939

Geoff Carter is the head of a crumbling air freight service in desperate need of a replacement pilot.

Jamaica Inn Trailer (1939)

11 May 1939

In coastal Cornwall, England, during the early 19th Century, a young woman discovers that she's living with a gang of criminals who arrange shipwrecking for profit.

Confessions of a Nazi Spy Trailer (1939)

06 May 1939

FBI agent Ed Renard investigates the pre-War espionage activities of the German-American Bund.

Donald's Cousin Gus Trailer (1939)

19 May 1939

Donald's cousin Gus Goose arrives unexpectedly. Despite the note from his mother saying "he don't eat much," he's soon eating Donald out of house and home.

Union Pacific Trailer (1939)

05 May 1939

One of the last bills signed by President Lincoln authorizes pushing the Union Pacific Railroad across the wilderness to California.

Some Like It Hot Trailer (1939)

18 May 1939

Nicky Nelson is a fast-talking sideshow barker with a wax-and-alive concession on Atlantic City's boardwalk.

It's a Wonderful World Trailer (1939)

19 May 1939

Detective Guy Johnson's client, Willie Heywood, is framed for murder. While Guy hides him so he can catch the real killer, both of them are nabbed by the police, tried, convicted and sentenced to jail: Guy for a year with Willie to be executed.

The Mikado Trailer (1939)

01 May 1939

In a mythical Japan, Ko-Ko, a cheap tailor, has been appointed Lord High Executioner and must find someone to execute before the arrival of the ruling Mikado.

Sons of Liberty Trailer (1939)

20 May 1939

Set during the American Revolution, this colorful 2 reel short tells the story of Haym Salomon, American patriot and financier of the American Revolution.

Captain Fury Trailer (1939)

26 May 1939

An Irish convict sentenced to hard labor in Australia escapes into the outback, and organizes a band of fellow escapees to fight a corrupt landlord.

The Kid From Kokomo Trailer (1939)

23 May 1939

Fast-talking promoter Pat O'Brien and his loyal sidekick Edward Brophy, aided by bubble-dancer Joan Blondell and elderly shoplifter May Robson, attempt to turn strapping but naive hayseed Wayne Morris into a championship prizefighter.

Blue Montana Skies Trailer (1939)

03 May 1939

Gene Autry follows a clue written on a rock by his murdered partner and discovers a fur smuggling operation near the Canadian border.

Salonwagen E 417 Trailer (1939)

04 May 1939

In a transport museum, the items on display begin to tell their stories. Most interesting is the history of the Pullman car.

Three Texas Steers Trailer (1939)

12 May 1939

Nancy Evans, lovely circus owner, has a ranch that she's never visited, but for sentimental reasons won't sell to Mike Abbott.

Lucky Night Trailer (1939)

05 May 1939

Schizophrenic writing dominates "Lucky Night," a 1939 film starring Robert Taylor and Myrna Loy. Loy is Cora, an heiress who gives it all up for the excitement of looking for a job and living on her own; she meets up with unemployed and flat broke Dick (Taylor).

Torchy Runs for Mayor Trailer (1939)

13 May 1939

Torchy conducts a one woman campaign against a corrupt mayor and crime boss, and when the reform candidate is murdered, she takes up the banner.

Sorority House Trailer (1939)

05 May 1939

A young girl begins to wonder if she really fits into the upper-class sorority she's trying to join.

Wolf Call Trailer (1939)

22 May 1939

A spoiled New York playboy learns the values of life when he's sent by his father to work in a rural mining community in Canada.

Parkstrasse 13 Trailer (1939)

03 May 1939

The beautiful Evelyne Schratt, who has many admirerers, and whose two husbands both died under mysterious circumstances, is giving a reception.

The Wise Mother in Law Trailer (1939)

30 May 1939

The feisty boss of a chain of cafes wants to push the youngest of her daughters off on a husband, who would be well-suited to take over the business one day.

Hotel Imperial Trailer (1939)

11 May 1939

It is the fate of a small frontier town, adjoining the no-man's-land where the Russians and Austrians are fighting out one of the final campaigns of World War I, to be occupied one day by the Russians, the next by the Austrians, and the inhabitants soon acquire a complacent view of the changing allegiances.

Angel of Mercy Trailer (1939)

20 May 1939

Story of Clara Barton, the founder of the Red Cross.

The Gorilla Trailer (1939)

26 May 1939

When an escaped circus gorilla appears to have gone on a murderous rampage, a threatened attorney calls on the detective trio of Garrity, Harrigan and Mullivan to act as bodyguards.

Blind Alley Trailer (1939)

11 May 1939

A gangster takes a doctor and his family hostage.

Boys' Reformatory Trailer (1939)

01 May 1939

A tough street kid takes the rap for a burglary committed by the son of his foster family and is sent to a boys reformatory, where the inmates are under the thumb of corrupt guards and a brutal prison doctor.

Panama Lady Trailer (1939)

12 May 1939

A weary dance-hall girl in a Panama saloon is given the choice of jail or going with a rough-and-tumble oil driller's jungle oil-field in order to pay him back for being slipped a mickey and robbed.

Thugs with Dirty Mugs Trailer (1939)

06 May 1939

Killer and his gang are robbing every bank in town in numerical order, except they skip the 13th National Bank.

Bridal Suite Trailer (1939)

26 May 1939

A carefree playboy with an aversion to marriage falls for a lass he meets in the French Alps.

Hollywood Hobbies Trailer (1939)

03 May 1939

Two starstruck movie fans hire a tour guide and see a plethora of Hollywood stars.

Die Pfingstorgel Trailer (1939)

09 May 1939

The residents of the villages Strasslach and Rott are anything but friends. The residents of the “enemy” town are ridiculed at every chance the residents of the other village can get to do so.

Flying 55 Trailer (1939)

01 May 1939

Bill Urquhart, a young wastrel disinherited by his father, tries to get a job as a jockey – just about the only thing he’s really good at.

Prophet Without Honor Trailer (1939)

20 May 1939

The story of Matthew Fontaine Maury (1806-1873), an American Naval officer, who developed the first maps that charted the oceans' winds and currents.

Yes We Have No Bonanza Trailer (1939)

19 May 1939

Set in a western town, the stooges are working as waiters in a saloon with the three girls they hope to marry.

Le dernier tournant Trailer (1939)

17 May 1939

Le Dernier tournant (aka The Last Turning) is a 1939 French drama film directed by Pierre Chenal, written by Charles Spaak and Henri Torrès, based on novel "The Postman Always Rings Twice" by James M.

A Color Print of Edo Trailer (1939)

10 May 1939

The Color Print of Edo is a 1939 black and white Japanese silent film with benshi accompaniment directed by Kazuo Mori.

Code of the Secret Service Trailer (1939)

27 May 1939

Secret Service agents try to solve the theft of treasury banknote plates.

Mandrake the Magician Trailer (1939)

06 May 1939

Mandrake and his team attempt to prevent "The Wasp" from stealing and using a new Radium invention.

Naughty But Mice Trailer (1939)

19 May 1939

Sniffles the mouse, in his first appearance in a Warner Bros. cartoon, goes to a drugstore and gets drunk on a cold remedy, then befriends an electric razor and gets it drunk as well.

The Sun Never Sets Trailer (1939)

31 May 1939

When Clive Randolph finally returns "home" from Gold Coast colony, younger brother John baulks at following the family Colonial Service tradition.

Shors Trailer (1939)

02 May 1939

The year is 1919. German troops retreat from Ukraine. The Directory, the Ukrainian national government lead by Symon Petliura, takes control of Kyiv.

Racketeers of the Range Trailer (1939)

26 May 1939

A large packing company is trying to obtain a monopoly by taking over the last small independent meat packer.

De spooktrein Trailer (1939)

10 May 1939

A group of travelers find themselves stranded for the night at a deserted train station, which according to the old stationmaster, has been haunted for the last 20 years.

Outside These Walls Trailer (1939)

04 May 1939

Walen plays Dan Sparling, a convicted embezzler who becomes editor of his prison newspaper. After serving out his sentence, he sets up an independent newspaper devoted to attacking corruption in public life, encountering various difficulties due to his being an ex-con and opposition from the incumbent administration.

Pete-Roleum and His Cousins Trailer (1939)

15 May 1939

Pete Roleum, an oil droplet, narrates a presentation about the history and uses of oil: He starts by introducing some of his relations, with illustrations of the things that they have done throughout history.

Laurel & Hardy 1 - The Platinum Collection Trailer (1939)

26 May 1939

Moon Over Harlem Trailer (1939)

12 May 1939

Hardworking Minnie (Cora Green) marries "Dollar" Bill (Bud Harris) a shady gambler after her money and her attractive daughter, Sue (Izanetta Wilcois).

Man of Conquest Trailer (1939)

15 May 1939

The story of Sam Houston, hero of the Texas revolution, statesman, and first president of the Republic of Texas.

Unmarried Trailer (1939)

20 May 1939

Helen Twelvetrees stars in this romantic drama.

Wotta Nitemare Trailer (1939)

18 May 1939

Popeye is having a dream: Bluto takes Olive on a picnic. And even though it's Popeye's dream, Bluto still has the upper hand until spinach time.

Boy Friend Trailer (1939)

19 May 1939

A cop pretends to be a crook in order to catch a gang of outlaws. The bad guys run a night club as a front.

Rose of Washington Square Trailer (1939)

05 May 1939

A Roaring '20s singer (Alice Faye) becomes a Ziegfeld Follies star as her criminal husband (Tyrone Power) gets deeper in trouble.

Cas de conscience Trailer (1939)

18 May 1939

No overview found

My Wife's Relatives Trailer (1939)

20 May 1939

My Wife's Relatives is an easy-to-take entry in Republic's "Higgins Family" series. It all begins when Joe Higgins (James Gleason), business manager of a prosperous candy-manufacturing firm, is ordered by his pompous boss Ellis (Purnell Pratt) to break up the romance between Ellis' son Bill (Henry Arthur) and Joe's daughter Jean (Mary Higgins).

La belle revanche Trailer (1939)

12 May 1939

No overview found

The Zero Hour Trailer (1939)

26 May 1939

A celebrated Broadway actress and a wealthy widowed businessman are brought together through their shared affection for a young orphan.

La vida de Carlos Gardel Trailer (1939)

24 May 1939

They Asked For It Trailer (1939)

20 May 1939

In this crime drama, the owner and chief editor of a newspaper gets together with two college pals and begins looking into the strange death of an old hermit who lived on the fringe of town.

Le château des 4 obèses Trailer (1939)

24 May 1939

Baby Daze Trailer (1939)

18 May 1939

Edgar starts out in a non-unfamiliar grumpy mood and tells some people off obnoxiously, then becomes overcome with joy and kindheartedness when he discovers that his wife is about to have a baby.

Hoagy Carmichael Trailer (1939)

05 May 1939

Short musical subject featuring the work of composer Hoagy Carmichael performed by him and featuring Jack Teagarden and his Orchestra, as well as vocalist Meredith Blake.