Movie Trailers - April 1939

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Popular trailers for movies released in April 1939

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Wuthering Heights Trailer (1939)

13 April 1939

The Earnshaws are Yorkshire farmers during the early 19th Century. One day, Mr. Earnshaw returns from a trip to the city, bringing with him a ragged little boy called Heathcliff.

The Four Feathers Trailer (1939)

20 April 1939

A disgraced officer risks his life to help his childhood friends in battle.

Dark Victory Trailer (1939)

22 April 1939

Judith Traherne is at the height of young society when Dr. Frederick Steele diagnoses a brain tumor. After surgery she falls in love with Steele.

The Ugly Duckling Trailer (1939)

07 April 1939

The Ugly Duckling is an animated short film produced by Walt Disney and the 75th and final entry in the Silly Symphonies series.

The Hockey Champ Trailer (1939)

28 April 1939

Donald shows his nephews the moves that won him his hockey trophy. But the boys have a few moves of their own.

Bars and Stripes Forever Trailer (1939)

08 April 1939

A collection of gags set inside a prison.

Love Affair Trailer (1939)

07 April 1939

French playboy Michel Marnet and American Terry McKay fall in love aboard ship. They arrange to reunite 6 months later, after Michel has had a chance to earn a decent living.

Mr. Moto in Danger Island Trailer (1939)

07 April 1939

Danger has a special sparkle when Mr. Moto heads to Puerto Rico to put a stop to the glut of contraband diamonds that are flooding the world's jewel market! But his smuggling investigation quickly turns into a murder mystery when both an undercover government agent and a top political figure wind up dead—and Moto begins to suspect that he is going to need a gem of a plan.

The Hardys Ride High Trailer (1939)

21 April 1939

Sixth of the Judge Hardy series. Judge James K. Hardy is brought the fabulous news from attorney George Irving, that he could be the heir to 2 million dollars.

The Kid From Texas Trailer (1939)

14 April 1939

A loud-mouthed Texas cowpuncher tries his hand at polo finding himself at odds with high society and trying to save a floundering Wild West show.

The Story of Alexander Graham Bell Trailer (1939)

04 April 1939

Alexander Graham Bell falls in love with deaf girl Mabel Hubbard while teaching the deaf and trying to invent means for telegraphing the human voice.

Zenobia Trailer (1939)

21 April 1939

A modest country doctor in the antebellum South has to contend with his daughter's upcoming marriage and an affectionate medicine show elephant.

Streets of New York Trailer (1939)

12 April 1939

Jimmy, an idealistic and hard-working young man, has just arrived in New York City with dreams of making his fortune.

Wonder Bakers at the World's Fair Trailer (1939)

30 April 1939

Animated segments which might have originally framed live action footage of bakers at work making Wonder Bread and Hostess cakes.

Never Say Die Trailer (1939)

14 April 1939

Bob Hope is being stalked by a predatory widow who is a widow of wealthy husbands many times over. Martha Raye is a Texan heiress who wants to marry her boyfriend Andy Devine, but her father is determined that she marry into royalty.

East Side of Heaven Trailer (1939)

07 April 1939

A man finds himself the father, by proxy, of a ten-month-old baby and becomes involved in the turbulent lives of the child's family.

Undercover Agent Trailer (1939)

19 April 1939

A railway postal clerk goes after a sweepstakes counterfeiting ring.

The Vyborg Side Trailer (1939)

01 April 1939

The final part of trilogy about the life of a young factory worker, Maxim. Following the Russian Revolution, Maksim is appointed state commissar in charge of the national bank.

Mesquite Buckaroo Trailer (1939)

30 April 1939

It's time for the big rodeo and it's Bob of the Allen ranch against Luke Williams of the Barns ranch.

Buck Rogers Trailer (1939)

10 April 1939

Buck Rogers and Buddy Wade are in the middle of a trans-polar dirigible flight when they are caught in a blizzard and crash.

Animali Pazzi Trailer (1939)

01 April 1939

After several unsuccessful suicide attempts, Totò finds himself in an animal asylum.

Ask a Policeman Trailer (1939)

29 April 1939

The mirthful adventures of Police-Sergeant Samuel Dudfoot and his two constables, Albert Brown and Jeremias Harbottle, who stage a fabricated crime-wave to save their jobs---and then find themselves involved in the real thing.

Forged Passport Trailer (1939)

23 April 1939

Dan Frazier is a U. S. Border Patrolman on the California-Mexico border whose hot temper and ready-fists keep him in trouble, both of which indirectly lead to the death of a fellow trooper.

The Rookie Cop Trailer (1939)

28 April 1939

Using his trained dog, a rookie cop tries to prove his friend innocent of a robbery, despite the police commissioner's objection.

Porky and Teabiscuit Trailer (1939)

22 April 1939

Porky Pig is sent out by his father with $11.00 spending money for help on the farm, unfortunately, he accidentally spends it on an auction, for a sickly, broken-down race horse known as Tea Biscuit.

Walt Disney's Silly Symphony: The Ugly Duckling Trailer (1939)

07 April 1939

A remake of an earlier Silly Symphony retells the story of an outcast duckling whose search for a family to accept him leads to constant rejection before learning his true identity as a swan.

They Made Her a Spy Trailer (1939)

14 April 1939

When her brother is killed by sabotage, Irene Eaton (Sally Eilers) joins the secret service and goes undercover to unroot the culprits.

Every Madman to His Specialty Trailer (1939)

28 April 1939

Julio Cesar (Enrique Herrera), writer of soap operas, is very upset nerves. Dr. Jimenez (Alberto Galán) recommends an institution that will give he a therapy to cure these scares.

The Night Riders Trailer (1939)

12 April 1939

Talbot uses a phony land grant to rule thirteen million acres, taxing everyone heavily and evicting those who won't pay.

Calling Dr. Kildare Trailer (1939)

28 April 1939

Young Dr. Kildare (Lew Ayres) treats a hoodlum for gunshot wounds without telling Dr. Gillespie (Lionel Barrymore).

The Lady and the Mob Trailer (1939)

03 April 1939

A woman sets out to break a criminal gang controlling the dry cleaning business.

The Man from Texas Trailer (1939)

19 April 1939

Hall is after Dennison's land and hires the Shooting Kid to finish him off. The Marshal sends Tex to help Dennison, but the Kid has been helped by Tex in the past and changes sides.

Shors Trailer (1939)

30 April 1939

The year is 1919. German troops retreat from Ukraine. The Directory, the Ukrainian national government lead by Symon Petliura, takes control of Kyiv.

Lenin in 1918 Trailer (1939)

07 April 1939

Lenin in 1918 is a 130-minute long Soviet propaganda film released in 1939. It gives the background of the Russian Civil War after the October Revolution.

Hotel Sacher Trailer (1939)

15 April 1939

Vienna is celebrating New Year’s Eve 1913/14. It is the year, which will see the outbreak of the First World War.

En lille tilfældighed Trailer (1939)

10 April 1939

For Love or Money Trailer (1939)

27 April 1939

To dim-bulb accountants find themselves working for a bookie in this comedy. Their jobs and their lives are placed in jeopardy when they accidently fumble $50,000 worth of the bookie's cash over to the secretary who wastes no time in spending $44,000 of it in less than 8 hours.

Code of the Streets Trailer (1939)

13 April 1939

Frankie Thomas plays Bob Lewis, leader of a gang consisting of Sailor (Harris Berger), Murph (Hally Chester), Monk (Charles Duncan), Trouble (Billy Benedict) and Yap (David Gorcey).

Aktivistit Trailer (1939)

08 April 1939

Directed by Risto Orko, and written by Risto Orko and Ilmari Unho, «Aktivistit» (also known as "Activists", "Aktivisterna") is a 1939 Drama film .

Fixer Dugan Trailer (1939)

21 April 1939

Actor Lee Tracy plays the title role in director Lew Landers' 1939 drama, about the quick-thinking boss of a traveling circus playing small towns in Missouri and Kansas.

Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur Trailer (1939)

22 April 1939

Casper Caveman is hungry, so he tries to hunt for a duck, Daffy Duck.

Eva Fools Around Trailer (1939)

01 April 1939

Eva's aunt is jealous of her neighbor's excellent roses and wants to know the secret. To help auntie out Eva applies for secretarial work at the neighbor's house in order to find out the formula.

Okayo's Preparedness Trailer (1939)

01 April 1939

A young student of traditional dance falls in love with a handsome young man who visits the dance school in order to take photographs.

The Flying Irishman Trailer (1939)

07 April 1939

This is the story of the historic 1938 flight of Douglas 'Wrong Way' Corrigan. Mr. Corrigan starred in this film, which chronicled his infamous flight.

Doktór Murek Trailer (1939)

08 April 1939

At Home Trailer (1939)

15 April 1939

Outlaws' Paradise Trailer (1939)

18 April 1939

Bill Carson assumes the identity of gang leader Trigger Mallory in order to fool his gang and his girlfriend.

Spoilers of the Range Trailer (1939)

26 April 1939

Hero Jeff Strong (Starrett) comes to the rescue of a group of victimized ranchers. The villains are a gang of crooked gamblers, who demand a valuable dam as payment for a $50,000 debt.

Berlingot and Company Trailer (1939)

27 April 1939

Song of Aixa Trailer (1939)

08 April 1939

Two Muslims, members of rival families, fall in love with the beautiful half-cast Aixa at the same time.

Department Store Trailer (1939)

01 April 1939

In a massive department store the driver romances the shopgirl. The problem is that the manager also has his eye on her, and some employees seem to be pilfering goods from the place.

Women in the Wind Trailer (1939)

15 April 1939

A famous aviator (William Gargan) helps an amateur (Kay Francis) enter a cross-country air race for women.

Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp Trailer (1939)

07 April 1939

Olive Oyl's screenplay for an Aladdin movie comes to life and Popeye battles for control of a genie,s

While America Sleeps Trailer (1939)

14 April 1939

An episode in the "Crime Does Not Pay" series. Dave Miller, an aircraft plant worker, is actually selling secret bomber plans to foreign agents.

A Ducking They Did Go Trailer (1939)

07 April 1939

The stooges, tricked by some con men into selling memberships to a phony duck hunting club, sell all the memberships to the police department.

Back Door to Heaven Trailer (1939)

19 April 1939

The life of a young kid, who starts stealing small things to fit in with the "cool crowd".

Broadway Serenade Trailer (1939)

07 April 1939

Mary Hale (a singer) and Jimmy Seymour (pianist/composer), are a show biz couple working in The Big Apple in small night clubs hoping to hit it big.

Black Eyes Trailer (1939)

08 April 1939

Ivan Petrov has one weakness in his life, and one love: his little black-eyed daughter, Tania. In fact, his entire career is devoted to her future happiness, though Tania remains ignorant as to his vocation.

A Star Is Shorn Trailer (1939)

20 April 1939

Danny Webb plays wanna-be Hollywood agent, Speedy Williams, while Mary Treen plays Patsy, the best friend of Hazel Hackenschmitt (Ethelreda Leopold).

Weather Wizards Trailer (1939)

08 April 1939

Modern meteorology and a hard-working government weather team put their science and organization to work as a cold front moves from Alaska toward the citrus groves of Southern California.