Movie Trailers - August 1939

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Popular trailers for movies released in August 1939

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The Wizard of Oz Trailer (1939)

15 August 1939

One of the most famous musical films and the first film from Hollywood to use color. Young Dorothy finds herself in a magical world where she makes friends with a lion, a scarecrow and a tin man as they make their way along the yellow brick road to talk with the Wizard and ask for the things they miss most in their lives.

Each Dawn I Die Trailer (1939)

19 August 1939

A corrupt D.A. with governatorial ambitions is annoyed by an investigative reporter's criticism of his criminal activities and decides to frame the reporter for manslaughter in order to silence him.

In Name Only Trailer (1939)

18 August 1939

A wealthy man falls for a widow but is locked into a loveless marriage with a woman who has contrived to convince his parents she is the ideal wife.

Donald's Penguin Trailer (1939)

11 August 1939

Admiral Byrd ships Donald a penguin from the South Pole. Donald is amused by it, until he thinks it has eaten his goldfish.

Hotel for Women Trailer (1939)

03 August 1939

Guests at a women's residence club help a jilted small-town girl turn to modelling.

They Shall Have Music Trailer (1939)

18 August 1939

The future is bleak for a troubled boy from a broken home in the slums. He runs away when his step father breaks his violin, ending up sleeping in the basement of a music school for poor children.

Calling All Curs Trailer (1939)

25 August 1939

The Stooges are skilled veterinarians at a pet hospital who are the proud surgeons of Garçon, a prized poodle of socialite Mrs.

A Haunting We Will Go Trailer (1939)

27 August 1939

The introduction of Lantz's little black-boy character, L'il Eight Ball, finds him going to bed in his small cabin and being visited by a baby ghost.

Stanley and Livingstone Trailer (1939)

18 August 1939

When American newspaperman and adventurer Henry M. Stanley comes back from the western Indian wars, his editor James Gordon Bennett sends him to Africa to find Dr.

Girl from Rio Trailer (1939)

07 August 1939

A newsman helps a Brazilian singer get her brother out of trouble in New York.

The Man They Could Not Hang Trailer (1939)

17 August 1939

Dr. Henryk Savaard is a scientist working on experiments to restore life to the dead. When he is unjustly hanged for murder, he is brought back to life by his trusted assistant.

These Glamour Girls Trailer (1939)

18 August 1939

A drunken college student invites a dance hostess to the big college dance and then forgets he asked her.

Charlie Chan at Treasure Island Trailer (1939)

31 August 1939

Charlie's investigation of a phony psychic during the 1939 World Exposition on San Francisco's Treasure Island leads him to expose a suicide as murder.

Miracles For Sale Trailer (1939)

14 August 1939

A maker (Robert Young) of illusions for magicians protects an ingenue (Florence Rice) likely to be murdered.

Torchy Blane.. Playing with Dynamite Trailer (1939)

12 August 1939

Torchy Blane and Steve McBride try to nab a gangster by tracking his moll.

Detouring America Trailer (1939)

23 August 1939

This travelogue across America is filled with sight gags such as the 'Old Reliable' geyser spitting into a spittoon, cliff-dwelling Indians who walk horizontally up and down the faces of cliffs to get to their homes, and a Texas cow puncher who really punches cows.

Coast Guard Trailer (1939)

04 August 1939

Steady, dependable Coast Guard Lieutenant Raymond "Ray" Dower and reckless aviator Thomas "Speed" Bradshaw are the closest of friends.

Five Little Peppers And How They Grew Trailer (1939)

22 August 1939

The first of four films in the "Five Little Peppers" series, based on Margaret Sinclair's popular book, about a widowed mother and her five children.

Bad Lands Trailer (1939)

28 August 1939

A sheriff and his posse set out to catch a murderer, but their mission proves more dangerous than anyone suspected after they become stranded in the desert and attacked by Apaches.

Chicken Wagon Family Trailer (1939)

10 August 1939

Addie Fippany, her father Jean Paul Batiste Fippany, her mother Josephine and her sister Cecile roam the country-side in a mule-drawn wagon, trading trinkets to farmers for chickens which they sell in the cities.

Nurse Edith Cavell Trailer (1939)

31 August 1939

British nurse Edith Cavell (Anna Neagle) is stationed at a hospital in Brussels during World War I. When the son of a former patient escapes from a German prisoner-of-war camp, she helps him flee to Holland.

New Frontier Trailer (1939)

10 August 1939

The Three Mesquiteers convince a group of settlers to exchange their present property for some which, unbeknownst to our goodguys, is going to be worthless.

They All Come Out Trailer (1939)

04 August 1939

A down on his luck young man stumbles into a gang of robbers who all get landed in prison. Will he be reformed, or is he ensnared into a life of crime?

Hare-um Scare-um Trailer (1939)

12 August 1939

Facing high meat prices, a man decides to take his dog and go hunt for his own, but the crazy rabbit they are after is not very easy to catch.

Lady of the Tropics Trailer (1939)

11 August 1939

Playboy Bill Carey woos a half-caste beauty in French Indochina, but her second-class legal status makes a formidable barrier.

It Was a Gay Ballnight Trailer (1939)

12 August 1939

1865. Katharina goes to a ball in Moscow. There she meets again Tchaikowsky, her first and only love.

Mr. Wong in Chinatown Trailer (1939)

01 August 1939

A pretty Chinese woman, seeking help from San Francisco detective James Lee Wong, is killed by a poisoned dart in his front hall, having time only to scrawl "Captain J" on a sheet of paper.

The Angels Wash Their Faces Trailer (1939)

26 August 1939

A young man just released from a reformatory moves to a new neighborhood with his sister, intending to start a new life.

The Under-Pup Trailer (1939)

31 August 1939

A young city girl from a poor family is invited to spend the summer at a camp for girls from wealthy families.

Wall Street Cowboy Trailer (1939)

06 August 1939

When his ranch falls on hard times, Cowboy Roy Roger has trouble making his mortgage payment and he takes his song and dance to Wall Street to try to raise cash fast.

Straight Shooter Trailer (1939)

12 August 1939

Before he was killed, Martin hid a half million dollars worth of bonds on his ranch. Brainard, who killed him, Inspector Carson posing as Sam Brown, and Martin's niece Margaret all want the ranch, and it's being sold at auction.

Indianapolis Speedway Trailer (1939)

05 August 1939

This 1939 drama, a reworking of the 1932 James Cagney film "The Crowd Roars", stars Pat O'Brien as a champion auto racer who unhappily learns his kid brother (John Payne) wants to enter the same profession rather than finish school.

Skilsmissens børn Trailer (1939)

10 August 1939

When Tomorrow Comes Trailer (1939)

11 August 1939

Romance and heartbreak walk hand-in-hand when Philip Chagal accidentally meets Helen Lawrence in a restaurant where she is a waitress.

Wise Quacks Trailer (1939)

04 August 1939

Mr. (and Mrs.!) Daffy Duck are expecting four ducklings; Daffy plays the nervous father, and Porky drops by to offer congratulations.

Hochzeit mit Hindernissen Trailer (1939)

03 August 1939

In Old Monterey Trailer (1939)

14 August 1939

The (pre-WWII) Army takes over a large area of land, over the objection of citizens and corporations who live and work there.

Irrtum des Herzens Trailer (1939)

28 August 1939

On the afternoon of Christmas Eve, Sister Angelika bids her boss, Professor Reimers, farewell, for she has quit her post.

Conspiracy Trailer (1939)

01 August 1939

American Steve Kendall, a freighter's radio officer, discovers seaman Carlson sending an unauthorized message ashore as the ship approaches his war-poised homeland.

Genboerne Trailer (1939)

20 August 1939

Port of Hate Trailer (1939)

21 August 1939

A group of American adventurers discover a bed of black pearls off a South Pacific island. When one of them is shot dead, a young girl in the group is accused of the crime.

Old Mother Riley, MP Trailer (1939)

15 August 1939

Old Mother Riley loses her laundry job and then battles her ex-boss in a parliamentary election.

Prisioneros de la tierra Trailer (1939)

17 August 1939

By 1915, a contractor traveling to Posadas looking for new staff. Among the music and drinks in a bar and shipped to the mill.

Seeing Red Trailer (1939)

25 August 1939

When he is fired from his job, Red puts a hex on his boss. That evening, the boss goes to a nightclub and discovers that the hex worked.

Unseen Guardians Trailer (1939)

26 August 1939

The "unseen guardians" of the title are the Postal Inspection Service, which investigates mail order racketeering; the Underwriters' Laboratories, which are shown testing electrical equipment, fire extinguishers, and large floor safes; and those who run orphanages, who assure that the children in their care are placed in proper adoptive homes.

Daughter of the Tong Trailer (1939)

28 August 1939

A detective matches wits with the female leader of a crime ring.

Victor and Klara Trailer (1939)

20 August 1939

The film revolves around Vihtori's clandestine involvement with an attractive and rather worldly young woman named Ritva, who is planning to marry boxing champion and garage owner Klasu Tullari, son of Vihtori's friend Tomi, and their interactions with daughter Vappu and her fiancé, Peter von Schaslick, a mechanic in Klasu's garage, under the nose of the threatening and suspicious Klaara, with lazy son Nisse acting as a rather sardonic Greek chorus.

Everybody's Hobby Trailer (1939)

26 August 1939

A hobby-mad family makes their obsessions pay off.

Trois de Saint-Cyr Trailer (1939)

13 August 1939

Mooching Through Georgia Trailer (1939)

11 August 1939

Man relates how he outwitted the Yankee army during the Civil War.

Ehe in Dosen Trailer (1939)

17 August 1939

Nora and Peter constantly fight and wish to divorce. Nora's uncle Eberhard, however, believes the two belong together and comes up with a plan to bring the two back together again: as a lawyer, who is processing the divorce, he explains to them that the paperwork for the divorce is completed, but will only go into effect once they undertake a reconciliation attempt.

Heimatland Trailer (1939)

24 August 1939

Le club des fadas Trailer (1939)

02 August 1939

Island of Lost Men Trailer (1939)

16 August 1939

A Chinese general's daughter (Anna May Wong) tracks her father to a slave-labor tyrant's (J. Carrol Naish) jungle empire.

Rejoice While You're Young, Fellow Cadets Trailer (1939)

14 August 1939

Venice Film Festival 1939

The Bookworm Trailer (1939)

25 August 1939

Three witches need a worm to complete their potion; they dispatch a raven to catch one, and he goes after a bookworm.

Riders of the Frontier Trailer (1939)

15 August 1939

The Rancho Grande, a Texas border ranch, cut off from the law by a gang of outlaws led by ranch foreman Bart Lane, who is holding the elderly owner of the ranch, Sarah Burton, a prisoner.

Quick Millions Trailer (1939)

25 August 1939

In Hollywood the Jones family runs into crooks who convince them they have inherited a gold mine at the Grand Canyon.

Oklahoma Terror Trailer (1939)

24 August 1939

Cartwright's racket is to sell a ranch and then have Mason and his men drive the ranchers away so he can resell it.

Irish Luck Trailer (1939)

22 August 1939

A spunky young bellhop investigates the murder of a hotel guest.