Movie Trailers - September 1939

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Popular trailers for movies released in September 1939

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Golden Boy Trailer (1939)

05 September 1939

Despite his talent as a musician, a city boy decides to become a boxer. He's successful as a fighter -- much to the dismay of his parents.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Trailer (1939)

01 September 1939

Professor Moriarity has a scheme for stealing the crown jewels from the Tower of London. To get Holmes involved, he persuades a gaucho flute player to murder a girl.

Dust Be My Destiny Trailer (1939)

16 September 1939

Embittered after serving time for a burglary he did not commit, Joe Bell is soon back in jail, on a prison farm.

The Old Maid Trailer (1939)

02 September 1939

Delia marries Jim, not Joe After Delia breaks her engagement to Clem and marries Jim, Clem promises to marry Delia's cousin Charlotte, but he dies at the battle of Vicksburg leaving Charlotte an unwed mother.

The Rains Came Trailer (1939)

15 September 1939

Indian aristocrat Rama Safti returns from medical training in the U.S. to give his life to the poor folk of Ranchipur.

The Real Glory Trailer (1939)

29 September 1939

In the wake of the Spanish-American war, military doctor Bill Canavan (Cooper) arrives at a war-torn Filipino outpost.

Blackmail Trailer (1939)

08 September 1939

A fugitive from a chain gang becomes an oil-well firefighter and meets the man who framed him.

Honeymoon in Bali Trailer (1939)

29 September 1939

Bill Burnett, a resident of Bali, visits New York City, meets and falls in love with Gail Allen, the successful manager of a Fifth Avenue shop, who is determined to remain free and independent.

My Apprenticeship Trailer (1939)

12 September 1939

My Apprenticeship (V lyudyakh) was the second entry in Russian director Mark Donskoy's "Maxim Gorki" trilogy.

Life Begins for Andy Panda Trailer (1939)

09 September 1939

Walter Finchell, the tattletale gossip of the jungle, broadcasts from the treetop that Mr. and Mrs. Panda were presented with a baby boy, whom Mrs.

5th Ave Girl Trailer (1939)

22 September 1939

A wealthy man hires a poor girl to play his mistress in order to get more attention from his neglectful family.

The Arizona Kid Trailer (1939)

28 September 1939

Roy is a Confederate officer stationed in Missouri during the Civil War. He must put an end to outlaw gangs working under the pretense of service to the Confederacy.

No Place to Go Trailer (1939)

23 September 1939

An elderly war veteran feels lonely and unwanted while living with his son and daughter-in-law, but he learns his life still has purpose when he befriends a neighborhood child with a troubled family life.

Jeepers Creepers Trailer (1939)

23 September 1939

Police officer Porky is called to investigate strange noises at a house that might be haunted. Before he arrives, we tour the house and hear some evil-sounding cackles, which, it turns out, are coming from a radio one that a ghost was listening to.

Follie del secolo Trailer (1939)

10 September 1939

An aging count courts a beautiful singer who is also wooed by his son-in-law.

Outpost of the Mounties Trailer (1939)

12 September 1939

In this adventure, a courageous Canadian Mountie must bring peace an embattled miner and an unscrupulous trader whose price mark-ups are beginning to hurt the community.

The Autograph Hound Trailer (1939)

01 September 1939

While trying to collect autographs at a Hollywood studio, Donald meets a number of movie stars, and runs afoul of a security guard.

Tropic Fury Trailer (1939)

01 September 1939

An investigator checks into the rumors of harsh working conditions on an Amazon rubber plantation.

Here I Am a Stranger Trailer (1939)

29 September 1939

The story of a young man's discovery of his father.

Dick Tracy's G-Men Trailer (1939)

02 September 1939

A mad doctor named Zanoff uses a drug to bring himself back from the dead after his execution in prison.

Shipyard Sally Trailer (1939)

30 September 1939

A lancashire singer buys a pub in Clydebank and hits money troubles when the shipbyards are closed. She takes a petition to London to try to get them reopened.

Those High Grey Walls Trailer (1939)

21 September 1939

Dr. MacAuley, a kindly, beloved country doctor, is sent to Fillmore Prison. His crime was for removing a bullet from a young man who was escaping from the police.

Little Brother Rat Trailer (1939)

01 September 1939

Sniffles the mouse has to get an owl's egg for a scavenger hunt, but once he's gotten it, the egg hatches and draws the attention of the mouse-eating father owl.

A Girl Must Live Trailer (1939)

24 September 1939

A run-away school-girl falls among chorus girls planning to marry into the nobility.

Dancing Co-Ed Trailer (1939)

29 September 1939

Right before the dancing Tobius' ought to film a new production, his wife tells Freddy Tobius that she's pregnant.

The Five-Forty Trailer (1939)

12 September 1939

Set in Paris (which looks more like Budapest), the story concerns a murder investigation conducted by one Judge Henri Tessier.

Sky Patrol Trailer (1939)

11 September 1939

"Tailspin Tommy" Tompkins and "Skeeter" Milligan are training young U. S. Army fliers for the newly-formed 'Sky Patrol,'a branch of the Army Reserves which operates along the borders and coast-lines, on the lookout for smugglers.

Kristian Trailer (1939)

07 September 1939

Alois Novák (Oldrich Nový), a minor clerk in a travel agency and the husband of a dowdy housewife Marenka (Natasa Gollová), lives a run-of-the-mill, dull life.

Range War Trailer (1939)

08 September 1939

Buck Colins heads a group of local ranchers who are trying to prevent the railroad from completing its line through their property.

The Witness Vanishes Trailer (1939)

22 September 1939

In this mystery, a newspaper executive and three of his colleagues conspire to have the owner of the highly-respected London Sun committed to an insane asylum.

Old Mother Riley Joins Up Trailer (1939)

18 September 1939

Mother Riley plays a nurse who was forced to volunteer for the Auxiliary Territorial Service. Mayhem ensues until she is able to prevent German spies from acquiring important documents.

Thunder Afloat Trailer (1939)

15 September 1939

A tugboat captain (Wallace Beery) serves under his rival (Chester Morris) as a U-boat chaser in World War I.

The Phantom Carriage Trailer (1939)

07 September 1939

French version of the Selma Lagerlof story, most famously filmed in 1921 by Victor Sjostrom, about a poor sinner who only realizes what misery he's wrought when he dies on New Year's Eve and is collected by Death in his carriage.

Skinny the Moocher Trailer (1939)

08 September 1939

A Charley Chase short, produced at Columbia.

In letzter Minute Trailer (1939)

07 September 1939

A retired rail official and his wife Amalie purchase a disused railroad wagon to convert it into a villa in the countryside.

Stop, Look and Love Trailer (1939)

22 September 1939

Daughter has trouble holding onto boyfriends because of her critical mother until understanding father comes to her aid.

Drei Väter um Anna Trailer (1939)

13 September 1939

Zwölf Minuten nach zwölf Trailer (1939)

26 September 1939

Land of the Midnight Fun Trailer (1939)

24 September 1939

A cruise to Nome, Alaska, starts with some cruise-ship jokes: the ship pulls out of the harbor like a car, raising anchor also raises the front of the boat, the ship follows the coast by curving around it.

Sheep in the Meadow Trailer (1939)

21 September 1939

The sheep are gazing in a rustic little meadow and their herder falls asleep. The wolf sneaks up, steals his horn and lures the sheep to his place, but they escape.

Mr. Lahtinen Takes French Leave Trailer (1939)

09 September 1939

Conscientious middle-class clerk, Mr. Lahtinen tries to find the melody of his life...

Captain Spanky's Show Boat Trailer (1939)

08 September 1939

An abandoned old show boat is moored in a lazy creek. The Our Gang put the old vessel back to use when they stage a show featuring "Darla's Dancin' Dandies" and a "meller dramer" entitled "Out in the Snow You Go.

La noche de los mayas Trailer (1939)

15 September 1939

White man seduces local girl in an isolated Mayan village. The gods are unhappy to see this.

The Fresh Vegetable Mystery Trailer (1939)

29 September 1939

Crime strikes the vegetable world when Mrs. Mama Carrot awakens and finds her children have been carrot-napped.

The Day the Bookies Wept Trailer (1939)

15 September 1939

A pigeon breeder is hired to train a racehorse that wins only when it drinks beer. Comedy.

Hawaiian Nights Trailer (1939)

08 September 1939

Bandleader Tim Hartley's father objects strongly to his son's occupation choice and packs him off to Hawaii to manage the family hotel holdings.

A Night in September Trailer (1939)

21 September 1939

Film deals with Stakhanovite movement. Old miners try to sabotage young man's plan to renew methods of getting coal.

Think First Trailer (1939)

08 September 1939

Episode 24 of the Crime Does Not Pay series. Margie Smith (Laraine Day) works as a waitress at a drive in restaurant.

Sincerity Trailer (1939)

10 September 1939

Drama about the relationship of a mother and her daughters.

One Mother's Family Trailer (1939)

29 September 1939

A mother hen is taking her brood for a walk. They encounter obstacles along the way, such as traffic.

Porky's Hotel Trailer (1939)

01 September 1939

Porky runs a hotel in the small town of Donut Center ("what a hole"). A goat with gout checks in for a rest, but a talkative duck child will prevent him from getting it particularly when he starts chasing after a fly with a hammer.

Rivals Trailer (1939)

19 September 1939

Two hyper-competitive salarymen let their workplace rivalry spill over into their private lives, as both men try to one-up each other on a luxurious beach vacation neither's family can afford.

If War Should Come Trailer (1939)

17 September 1939

Produced shortly before the outbreak of World War II in September 1939, If War Should Come was one of the last films to be produced by the GPO Film Unit before it was re-named the Crown Film Unit and incorporated into the Films Division of the Ministry of Information.

Fasching Trailer (1939)

13 September 1939

Vincent Lopez and His Orchestra Trailer (1939)

29 September 1939

This musical short begins with Vincent Lopez leading his orchestra in "Nola", the group's theme song.

Desperate Trails Trailer (1939)

30 September 1939

A young boy helps a marshal in his battle against outlaws.

Seven Brothers Trailer (1939)

30 September 1939

Based on a novel by Aleksis Kivi. Tells the growth story of seven brothers of Jukola in 19th century Finland.

Rhumba Rhythm at the Hollywood La Conga Trailer (1939)

02 September 1939

Two starstruck visitors to Hollywood sneak into the famous nightclub end up in a Conga contest and get more than they expected.

A Day on Treasure Island Trailer (1939)

02 September 1939

This Traveltalks entry visits the Golden Gate International Exposition. Sponsored by 11 western states of the United States and 28 foreign countries, this "world's Fair of the West" was built on Treasure Island, a man-made island in San Francisco Bay.

Full Confession Trailer (1939)

08 September 1939

A Catholic priest must convince a man to step forward to save the wrong person from being sent to the electric chair.