Movie Trailers - July 1939

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Popular trailers for movies released in July 1939

Total trailers found: 70

The Oregon Trail Trailer (1939)

04 July 1939

15 chapter western serial.

Goodbye, Mr. Chips Trailer (1939)

28 July 1939

A shy British teacher looks back nostalgically at his long career, taking note of the people touched his life.

Beau Geste Trailer (1939)

24 July 1939

Academy Award winners Gary Cooper and Ray Milland star along with Robert Preston in the epic adventure Beau Geste.

Way Down South Trailer (1939)

21 July 1939

In the pre-Civil War South, a plantation owner dies and leaves all his possessions, including his slaves, to his young son.

Blondie Takes a Vacation Trailer (1939)

20 July 1939

Blondie and Dagwood are in charge of operations at a mountain motel. The elderly owners of the establishment are in danger of losing their life savings.

The Pointer Trailer (1939)

21 July 1939

Mickey and Pluto go hunting for quail. Pluto scares away the first ones they see; Mickey scolds him, then relents.

The Man in the Iron Mask Trailer (1939)

13 July 1939

The Three Musketeers rescue the king's unjustly imprisoned twin.

Traktoristy Trailer (1939)

02 July 1939

The story takes place in a Soviet placed in what is now Ukraine. A mechanic arrives in the Soviet, lead by a young independent woman driving tractors and, between many comedy sketches and propaganda mottoes, a love comes to light.

Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation Trailer (1939)

07 July 1939

All work and no play makes Mr. Moto a busy detective! Mr. Moto heads to Egypt to thwart a criminal mastermind determined to steal the priceless crown of the Queen of Sheba.

Overland with Kit Carson Trailer (1939)

21 July 1939

When Pegleg and his Black Raiders threaten the westward expansion of the United States, the government sends Kit Carson and David Brent to straighten things out.

Poison Pen Trailer (1939)

03 July 1939

A small, sedate British village is shocked when its residents begin receiving hate-filled diatribes, known as "poison pen letters".

Dangerous Dan McFoo Trailer (1939)

15 July 1939

An arctic saloon. The tiny dog, Dan McFoo, is playing a pinball-like marble game in the back. His girlfriend, Sue, sounding like Katharine Hepburn, stands by.

Mutiny on the Blackhawk Trailer (1939)

31 July 1939

Story deals with slave-running between Hawaii and California in 1840, featuring a wild mutiny aboard a slave ship on the high seas, the bartering of natives for slavery in a tropical paradise, and battle scenes between enraged California settlers and the Mexican Army.

Man About Town Trailer (1939)

07 July 1939

Producer Bob Temple, who's brought an American show to London, loves his star Diana, but she won't take him seriously as a lover.

Quiet, Please Trailer (1939)

01 July 1939

Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever Trailer (1939)

21 July 1939

Young Andy develops a crush on his drama teacher. When his play is chosen as the school's annual production, Andy seizes the opportunity to spend as much time as possible with his pretty teacher.

Frontier Marshal Trailer (1939)

28 July 1939

Earp agrees to become marshal and establish order in Tombstone in this very romanticized version of the gunfight at the O.

Paradies der Junggesellen Trailer (1939)

31 July 1939

Bad Boy Trailer (1939)

10 July 1939

Johnny Fraser (Johnny Downs) leaves his mother (Helen MacKellar) in their small home town and sets out for the big city.

Renegade Trail Trailer (1939)

25 July 1939

Hoppy goes to town to help Marshal Windy with some rustlers and winds up helping the widow Joyce when confidence men try to take her herd.

On Borrowed Time Trailer (1939)

07 July 1939

Young Pud is orphaned and left in the care of his aged grandparents. The boy and his cantankerous old grandfather become inseparable friends.

Career Trailer (1939)

07 July 1939

Set in a tiny midwestern town, this sentimental drama centers on the rivalry between two life-long acquaintances whose early friendship falls apart when they woo the same woman.

The Cowboy Quarterback Trailer (1939)

29 July 1939

Football scout for the Chicago Packers Rusty Walker signs Harry Lynn, a legendary broken-field runner.

Hell's Kitchen Trailer (1939)

03 July 1939

A paroled convict's efforts to improve conditions at a boys' reform school alarm the school's corrupt warden, who has been embezzling funds from the institution.

This Man in Paris Trailer (1939)

01 July 1939

A British reporter and his wife, on vacation in Paris, run into a gang of counterfeiters.

The Magnificent Fraud Trailer (1939)

19 July 1939

A Chicago con man (Lloyd Nolan) pays an actor (Akim Tamiroff) to pose as a slain South American dictator.

Winter Carnival Trailer (1939)

28 July 1939

This romance is set during the Dartmouth College Winter Carnival and follows the exploits of a woman recently divorced from a count who has returned to her alma mater for the annual carnival.

She Married a Cop Trailer (1939)

11 July 1939

This comedy is set in New York and centers upon a singing Irish cop who causes quite a sensation among two producers when he sings at the annual Policeman's Ball.

Waterfront Trailer (1939)

15 July 1939

A hard-living dockworker finds religion until his brother is murdered.

Young Man's Fancy Trailer (1939)

31 July 1939

An aristocrat falls in love with a human cannonball

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Trailer (1939)

15 July 1939

An MGM cartoon adaptation of the classic fairy tale featuring Hugh Harman's Bear Family.

Daughters Courageous Trailer (1939)

22 July 1939

Nan Masters, a single mother living with her four marriageable daughters, plans to marry Sam Sloane, businessman.

Snowman's Land Trailer (1939)

28 July 1939

In the Canadian north, a little Mountie runs afoul of the dread outlaw, Dirty Pierre.

Die Geliebte Trailer (1939)

27 July 1939

A love story between officer von Warp coming from a wealthy family and salesgirl Therese. When the social rules of the time would force the officer to resign from service in order to marry Therese the situation becomes tense.

The Movies March On Trailer (1939)

03 July 1939

A "March of Time" presentation of the evolution of movies compiled primarily from film clips of silent movies through the early sound pictures to the present (1939) date.

Hello How Am I Trailer (1939)

13 July 1939

Olive invites Popeye over for a hamburger dinner. His roommate Wimpy hears this and disguises himself as Popeye.

Circonstances atténuantes Trailer (1939)

26 July 1939

The Spellbinder Trailer (1939)

28 July 1939

Jed Marlowe is a brilliant, scheming, unscrupulous criminal lawyer whose specialty is defending criminal he knows is guilty but gets them off through loop-holes or bribery.

The Curtain Falls Trailer (1939)

12 July 1939

Behind Prison Gates Trailer (1939)

28 July 1939

An agent (Brian Donlevy) for the state attorney general poses as a convict to learn about bank loot.

Der arme Millionär Trailer (1939)

11 July 1939

Bulldog Drummond's Bride Trailer (1939)

12 July 1939

Capt. (ret.) Hugh “Bulldog” Drummond is on the precipice of matrimony to his beloved Phyllis--but a bank robbery and a daring escape is going to get in their way before they reach the altar in this brisk-paced finale to the Paramount Drummond series.

Old Glory Trailer (1939)

07 July 1939

Porky balks at learning the Pledge of Allegiance until Uncle Sam appears to him in a dream and gives him a lesson in American history.

News Is Made at Night Trailer (1939)

20 July 1939

Newspaper editor (Foster) will do almost anything to increase circulation. He campaigns to free a condemned man while accusing a wealthy ex-criminal of a string of murders.

Million Dollar Legs Trailer (1939)

13 July 1939

At Middleton College, controlled by rich donor Melton, only paying sports are allowed. But Freddie Frye, conniving student body president, has to get a letter in some sport to win back his girl Susie; he schemes to revive crew boat racing.

It's the Natural Thing to Do Trailer (1939)

29 July 1939

Popeye's fan club sends a telegram asking them to tone down the violence and act civilized, so everyone dresses up and acts formal for a while, at least.

Fräulein Trailer (1939)

19 July 1939

Colorado Sunset Trailer (1939)

30 July 1939

When his well-meaning sidekick (Smiley Burnette) buys a cow farm instead of a cattle ranch, singing cowpoke Gene Autry prepares to embrace the dairy business.

Five Times Five Trailer (1939)

19 July 1939

Cicile, Annette, Yvonne, Emile and Marie, the Dionne Quintuplets, turn five-years-old and have a private birthday party in their garden.

Rattling Romeo Trailer (1939)

14 July 1939

Charley buys a wreck of an automobile that's been made to appear new by a disreputable used car dealer, but he soon realizes it's literally falling apart.

Mickey the Kid Trailer (1939)

03 July 1939

A bank robber and his boy make a run for it during winter in a bus full of children.

The Man from Sundown Trailer (1939)

14 July 1939

The hero, Texas Ranger Larry Whalen (Charles Starrett), is on the trail of a mysterious outlaw leader.

The Fisherman's Son Trailer (1939)

12 July 1939

Rita Rio and Her Orchestra Trailer (1939)

01 July 1939

Her doctor thinks Rita Rio is crazy for loving music too much, but she proves him wrong by becoming a successful bandleader.

Porky's Picnic Trailer (1939)

15 July 1939

Porky Pig goes on a picnic.

Dog Daze Trailer (1939)

01 July 1939

The gang round up stray dogs for reward money

Should Husbands Work? Trailer (1939)

26 July 1939

A Higgins Family comedy

Hollywood Sweepstakes Trailer (1939)

27 July 1939

This is not a "Scrappy" cartoon - A two-year-old horse is trained and primed to run in the Hollywood Sweepstakes, but catches cold and has to be scratched from the race.

Arabs with Dirty Fezzes Trailer (1939)

31 July 1939

A Cartune cartoon featuring Baby Face Mouse.

Robert und Bertram Trailer (1939)

06 July 1939

After the two vagabonds Robert and Bertram flee from prison, they get to know the innkeeper’s daughter Lenchen at the “Silver Swan” Inn.