Movie Trailers - July 1938

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Popular trailers for movies released in July 1938

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Mother Carey's Chickens Trailer (1938)

29 July 1938

Fay Bainter stars in this 1938 film, based on the novel by Kate Douglas Wiggin, about a financially-strapped mother and her children who relocate from the city to a small rural town.

The Lady Vanishes Trailer (1938)

27 July 1938

Hitchcock classic, based on Ethel Lina White's novel "The Wheel Spins". Travellers on a trans-European train are delayed for a night due to bad weather in a small fictional country called Mandrika.

Good Scouts Trailer (1938)

08 July 1938

Donald is leading a scout troop consisting of his nephews on a hike in the woods. Donald isn't nearly the expert on the woods that he thinks he is, much to the amusement of the boys.

Having Wonderful Time Trailer (1938)

01 July 1938

Teddy, an overworked New York office girl, seeks 2 weeks of rest and relaxation at a camp in the Catskills.

Always Goodbye Trailer (1938)

01 July 1938

Following the death of her fiancé, Margot Weston is left pregnant and unmarried. Former doctor Jim Howard helps the desperate Margot.

The Shopworn Angel Trailer (1938)

15 July 1938

During WWI Bill Pettigrew, a naive young Texan soldier is sent to New York for basic training. He meets worldly wise actress Daisy Heath when her car nearly runs him over.

The Adventures of Marco Polo Trailer (1938)

04 July 1938

The Venetian traveler (Gary Cooper) meets Kublai Khan and foils a plotter (Basil Rathbone) with fireworks in medieval China.

Men with Wings Trailer (1938)

16 July 1938

Reporter Nicholas Ranson is jubilant when, on 17 Dec 1903, in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, Orville and Wilbur Wright take their first airplane flight.

The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse Trailer (1938)

30 July 1938

A wealthy society doctor decides to research the medical aspects of criminal behaviour by becoming one himself.

I'll Give a Million Trailer (1938)

27 July 1938

After saving a tramp from suicide, a millionaire takes his clothing and disappears. Word is out that he will give a million dollars to anyone who is kind to a tramp.

The Fox Hunt Trailer (1938)

29 July 1938

Donald controls the hounds (or maybe they control him), and Goofy is riding on Horace Horsecollar, as the fox outwits both of them.

Love Finds Andy Hardy Trailer (1938)

22 July 1938

A 1938 romantic comedy film which tells the story of a teenage boy who becomes entangled with three different girls all at the same time.

On the Great White Trail Trailer (1938)

22 July 1938

Death stalked Garou's Landing, in the Canadian frozen north, but who was the killer who murdered two men and left them huddled in the snow.

Booloo Trailer (1938)

29 July 1938

White hunters in a Malayan jungle stalk a white tiger and bait their trap with a native girl. Captain Rogers to the rescue but falls for the Colonel's daughter.

Bulldozing the Bull Trailer (1938)

18 July 1938

Popeye visits the bullfight only because of lovely Senorita Olive. He finds himself accidentally in the toreador box, even though he doesn't want to fight because it's cruelty to animals.

Penrod's Double Trouble Trailer (1938)

23 July 1938

When a young boy disappears, a man desperate for the offered reward money turns up with an identical child.

Fast Company Trailer (1938)

08 July 1938

Married book-dealers Joel and Gerda Sloane try to clear a friend in the murder of a rival book-seller.

Little Miss Broadway Trailer (1938)

29 July 1938

An orphan is provisionally adopted by the manager of a hotel populated by show business people. The hotel's owner doesn't like the entertainers and wants the girl returned to the orphanage.

Flaming Frontiers Trailer (1938)

05 July 1938

Tom Grant has found a rich gold vein and Bart Eaton is after it. Tom's sister Mary heads for the gold fields and Eaton and his men follow.

They're Always Caught Trailer (1938)

03 July 1938

Shows the role the crime laboratory plays in the solving of cases, and how even the smallest detail can become a major clue.

City Streets Trailer (1938)

01 July 1938

When her mother dies, wheel-chair bound Winnie Brady is taken in by shopkeeper and neighbor "Uncle" Joe Carmine.

Racket Busters Trailer (1938)

16 July 1938

A trucker (George Brent) with a pregnant wife (Gloria Dickson) fights a New York mobster's (Humphrey Bogart) protection racket.

Cowboy from Brooklyn Trailer (1938)

09 July 1938

A singing cowboy turns out to be a tenderfoot.

Passport Husband Trailer (1938)

15 July 1938

At the Club Habana, Henry Cabot, a bumbling busboy, is infatuated with the club's dancer, Conchita Montez.

Little Tough Guy Trailer (1938)

22 July 1938

The son of a man sentenced to death for a murder he didn't commit vows to become a criminal himself. He starts his own street gang, and their crime spree is financed by a mysterious young man--who turns out to be the son of the District Attorney who sent the boy's father to the electric chair.

Men Are Such Fools Trailer (1938)

16 July 1938

The romantic hills and valleys of advertising agency secretary Linda Lawrence (Priscilla Lane) provide the basis of this comedy drama.

Rollin' Plains Trailer (1938)

08 July 1938

It's cattlemen versus sheepmen and Trigger Gargan appears to be the leader of the gang causing the trouble.

Rebellious Daughters Trailer (1938)

01 July 1938

Girl moves out of her parents house against their wishes. Gets a job in a dress shop, gets mixed up with dirty pictures and blackmail.

Professor Beware Trailer (1938)

29 July 1938

Egyptologist, Dean Lambert (Lloyd), accused of car-theft, skips bail and begins a cross-country trek to join a group in New York headed for Egypt.

We're Going to Be Rich Trailer (1938)

03 July 1938

A perpetual dreamer talks his wife into moving with him from their home in Australia to South Africa, where he hopes to discover gold and finally become wealthy.

If There Is a War Tomorrow Trailer (1938)

13 July 1938

Prison Break Trailer (1938)

12 July 1938

Barton MacLane stars as a tuna fisherman who has been wrongfully convicted of a murder he did not commit.

Gold Mine in the Sky Trailer (1938)

04 July 1938

As executor of the owner's will, singing ranch foreman Gene must see that the daughter/heiress doesn't marry without his approval.

Panamint's Bad Man Trailer (1938)

07 July 1938

A hero goes undercover to uncover outlaws while singing to a heroine and being sneered at by a bad guy.

Violent Is the Word for Curly Trailer (1938)

02 July 1938

The stooges are left in charge of a gas station and manage to blow up the car of their first customers, three famous European professors.

The Masseurs and a Woman Trailer (1938)

07 July 1938

A pair of blind masseurs, an enigmatic city woman, a lonely man and his ill-behaved nephew—The Masseurs and a Woman is made up of crisscrossing miniature studies of love and family at a remote resort in the mountains.

Delinquent Parents Trailer (1938)

15 July 1938

A woman is forced to keep her marriage and past indiscretions a secret from those she loves.

Port of Seven Seas Trailer (1938)

01 July 1938

In the French port of Marseille, a young woman named Madelon is in love with a young sailor, Marius. Discovering she is pregnant after Marius sets out to sea for several years, she marries another man to prevent the child being born out of wedlock.

Think It Over Trailer (1938)

24 July 1938

Dwight Frye (Renfield in Tod Browning’s 1930 “Dracula”) as an arsonist who proves to be too good at his job.

Saturday Night Swing Club Trailer (1938)

30 July 1938

Featuring Leith Stevens and Bobby Hackett.

Sky Giant Trailer (1938)

22 July 1938

Given the job of training young pilots for important post-war cargo flights, hard-boiled Col. Stockton forces ex-officer Stag Cahill back into the military to be his aide at the academy.

The Spider and the Fly Trailer (1938)

04 July 1938

"I am the bones of a bad little boy"

Hollywood Goes to Town Trailer (1938)

07 July 1938

This short shows how Hollywood gets ready for the world premiere of an "important" movie. The film celebrated here is Marie Antoinette (1938), which had its premiere at the Carthay Circle Theatre.

Pride of the West Trailer (1938)

07 July 1938

Caldwell and Nixon have their men rob the stage and then critcize the Sheriff for not catching the robbers.

Ich liebe Dich Trailer (1938)

21 July 1938

Percy, a young, rich American, is on vacation in Germany and thinks that every girl wants his sorry ass.

Three Missing Links Trailer (1938)

29 July 1938

The stooges are janitors working in a movie studio. After wrecking the bosses office, they get jobs as actors in an African movie.

Porky's Spring Planting Trailer (1938)

24 July 1938

Porky and his dog, Streamline, plant a large garden in creative ways. The neighbor chickens see the garden as one big buffet/cafeteria.

Love and Curses Trailer (1938)

08 July 1938

An aging hero is looking through the photo album and remembering the Gay 90's, and in particular a picnic interrupted by villainous Roger St.

Mrs. O'Leary's Cow Trailer (1938)

21 July 1938

Mrs. O'Leary's cow is brought to the witness stand in court to explain how she started a great fire. Her testimony fades into a very routine fire brigade cartoon.

My Bill Trailer (1938)

08 July 1938

Francis is the mother of four kids, three of whom are ungrateful to their widowed mom and move in with their wealthy aunt.

Crime Ring Trailer (1938)

08 July 1938

Fake fortunetellers win the confidence of clients and then get them to part with their money by buying mining stocks which are worthless.

Night Intruder Trailer (1938)

23 July 1938

Andalusische Nächte Trailer (1938)

04 July 1938

Carmen, la de Triana Trailer (1938)

05 July 1938

The story of a beautiful, vivacious gypsy girl and the two doomed men who fall for her. It was directed by Florián Rey after he accepted an invitation to make films in Nazi Germany and was adapted from the muscial Carmen by Georges Bizet.

Incident in Shanghai Trailer (1938)

24 July 1938

An unhappy wife falls for an injured pilot.

Gargousse Trailer (1938)

27 July 1938

The peace of Trépigny is shattered when the new mayor Lebrennois sets out to modernise the little village and make it more attractive to tourists.

What a Lion! Trailer (1938)

06 July 1938

The Captain and Inspector are hunting lions in Africa, though their attempts to sneak up are hampered by alarm clocks and squeaky shoes.

Eine Frau kommt in die Tropen Trailer (1938)

27 July 1938

Tropic Holiday Trailer (1938)

01 July 1938

Dorothy Lamour and Ray Milland, a popular Paramount screen team specializing in south-sea extravaganzas, don "civilized" garb (at least briefly) for Tropic Holiday.

Buzzy Boop Trailer (1938)

29 July 1938

Betty's young cousin, Buzzy, takes the train to visit Betty.