Movie Trailers - September 1938

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Popular trailers for movies released in September 1938

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Boys Town Trailer (1938)

09 September 1938

Against all odds Father Flanagan starts "Boys' Town" after hearing a convict's story. Whitey Marsh comes there.

Billy The Kid Returns Trailer (1938)

04 September 1938

After Pat Garrett kills Billy the Kid, Billy's look-alike Roy Rogers arrives and is mistaken for him.

If I Were King Trailer (1938)

28 September 1938

In 1463, Paris is besieged by the Duke of Burgundy, arch-rival of the king, who is content to sit tight while the poor starve.

Carefree Trailer (1938)

02 September 1938

Dr. Tony Flagg's friend, Steven, has problems in the relationship with his fiancee, Amanda, so he persuades her to visit Dr.

The Childhood of Maxim Gorky Trailer (1938)

27 September 1938

The Childhood of Maxim Gorky (Detstvo Gorkovo) was the first of Russian director Mark Donski's trilogy based upon Gorky's memoirs.

Fugitives for a Night Trailer (1938)

23 September 1938

A faded star is suspected of killing a studio executive.

Brave Little Tailor Trailer (1938)

23 September 1938

When a giant threatens the land, the cityfolk mistake Mickey's boast of killing seven flies with one blow to be giants.

Mickey's Parrot Trailer (1938)

09 September 1938

A parrot belonging to an escaped killer washes up in Mickey's basement. Mickey hears it talking and thinks the parrot is the killer he's just heard about on the radio.

Room Service Trailer (1938)

30 September 1938

The Marx Brothers try and put on a play before their landlord finds out that they have run out of money.

Valley of the Giants Trailer (1938)

17 September 1938

A lumberman takes on pirates out to plunder the forest.

Breaking the Ice Trailer (1938)

22 September 1938

Breaking The Ice begins while Tommy Martin (Bobby Breen) and his mother, Martha Martin (Dolores Costello) say goodbye to Henry and Reuben Johnson ( John 'Dusty' King and Delmar Watson ).

Too Hot to Handle Trailer (1938)

16 September 1938

Chris Hunter is a sly newsreel reporter. While in Shanghai doing reports on the Chinese-Japanese war, he meets pilot Alma Harding.

The Drum Trailer (1938)

29 September 1938

Set in the India of the British Raj, the evil and untrustworthy Prince Guhl (Raymond Massey) plans to wipe out the British troops as they enjoy the hospitality of Guhl's spacious palace.

Cracked Ice Trailer (1938)

10 September 1938

It's ice skating time. After a few generic ice-skating gags, we get to the main story. An animal falls through the ice, and a pig doing W.

The Baker's Wife Trailer (1938)

07 September 1938

In this little Provencal village, a new baker, Aimable, settles down. His wife Aurelie is beautiful and much younger than he.

Porky in Wackyland Trailer (1938)

24 September 1938

Porky Pig goes on a hunt to catch the surreal elusive last Do-Do bird.

King of Alcatraz Trailer (1938)

30 September 1938

A convict who has just escaped from Alcatraz Prison takes over a passenger ship. Two of the ship's crew hatch a plot to overpower him and rescue the ship's passengers.

Mutiny Ain't Nice Trailer (1938)

22 September 1938

Popeye is leaving on his sailing ship, much to Olive's chagrin. She ends up accidentally stowing away in a trunk.

Personal Secretary Trailer (1938)

09 September 1938

Two rival newspaper columnists battle over whether or not a woman murdered her playboy husband.

The Challenge Trailer (1938)

14 September 1938

Dramatization of the first climbing of the Matterhorn in 1865.

Dollar Trailer (1938)

05 September 1938

Ludvig and Sussi Battwyhl, Louis and Katja Brenner and Julia and Kurt Balzar are upper class millionaires.

The Great Library Misery Trailer (1938)

10 September 1938

A man desiring to join the Grouch Club describes the terrible experience of trying to check out a book from a public library.

Paweł & Gaweł Trailer (1938)

15 September 1938

Two neighbours with similar names, Paweł and Gaweł, meet a violinist girl Violetta who pretends to be a child.

Campus Confessions Trailer (1938)

23 September 1938

This comical campus romance showcases the fancy footwork of All-American basketball player Hank Luisetti while it tells the story of a dean's son who does his very best to become a good student.

Girls' School Trailer (1938)

30 September 1938

Wealthy high school girls are sent to a boarding school to learn proper etiquette. Linda Simpson stays out all night.

Tsuruhachi and Tsurujiro Trailer (1938)

29 September 1938

Drama about a couple and how they found themselves related with music, their egos and each other.

The Tree of Love Trailer (1938)

15 September 1938

A young doctor, Kozo Tsumura, falls for young nurse Katsue Takaishi. But she's got a secret: she's a widow with a son.

Sing, You Sinners Trailer (1938)

02 September 1938

Of the singing Beebe brothers, young Mike just wants to be a kid; responsible Dave wants to work in his garage and marry Martha; but feckless Joe thinks his only road to success is through swapping and gambling.

Overland Stage Raiders Trailer (1938)

20 September 1938

After gold shipments from a mining town have been hijacked, the three Mesquiteers buy a plane to fly the gold out.

Three Loves Has Nancy Trailer (1938)

02 September 1938

A small-town country homebody goes to New York to find her missing fiancé and gets romantically involved with two sophisticated men.

Time Out for Murder Trailer (1938)

25 September 1938

A bank runner is accused of killing a woman for whom he deposited a large amount. Reporter and bank official investigate.

Crashing Through Danger Trailer (1938)

14 September 1938

Three electrical linemen work through the hazardous conditions of the Depression Era. Sparks fly, and things become truly dangerous, when Ann (Sally Blane) comes between this band of brothers.

The Mysterious Rider Trailer (1938)

21 September 1938

Ben Wade and his partner Frosty return to Bellounds' ranch where twenty years earlier Wade was wanted for murder.

Le joueur Trailer (1938)

06 September 1938

Hold That Co-ed Trailer (1938)

16 September 1938

An egotistical politician believes he can win votes by turning a small college's hapless football squad into a championship team.

Convict 99 Trailer (1938)

26 September 1938

A disgraced school master, Benjamin Twist, is mistaken for a tough prison governor and assigned the charge of a prison for particularly hardened criminals.

In Old Mexico Trailer (1938)

09 September 1938

Escaped criminal "The Fox" hates Hoppy and a Rurales colonel for imprisoning him and lures Cassidy to Mexico in order to exact his vengeance.

Café de Paris Trailer (1938)

28 September 1938

This murder mystery is set in a Parisian cafe and examines the mysterious murder of a famed journalist and extortionist who is killed at his table in the cafe.

Campus Cinderella Trailer (1938)

17 September 1938

This musical comedy has a popular basketball star playing for a different college than what his father wanted after he falls in love with a co-ed.

Frontier Scout Trailer (1938)

16 September 1938

Gen. Ulysses S. Grant has a job for Wild Bill Hickok (George Houston) and his sidekick (Al St. John).

Sue My Lawyer Trailer (1938)

15 September 1938

Comedy. Although he lacks a law degree Harry persistently pesters District Attorney O.T. Hill for a b

Professor Mamlock Trailer (1938)

04 September 1938

Made in Stalin’s Russia, Professor Mamlock was one of the first films worldwide to tackle Nazi anti-Semitism head-on.

Ray Kinney and His Royal Hawaiian Orchestra Trailer (1938)

30 September 1938

In this 'Vitaphone Melody Master,' orchestra leader Ray Kinney sings Hawaiian songs while The Aloha Maids perform native dances.

Wanted by the Police Trailer (1938)

21 September 1938

A young man, Danny, decides to get a job in order to support his mother. He's hired to work in a garage, but soon finds himself being implicated in a stolen-car racket.

Penny Paradise Trailer (1938)

23 September 1938

A Liverpool tug boat captain finds he's won a fortune on the penny pools and it changes his life. However, after giving up his job and throwing a large expensive party, he discovers that he may not really have won after all.

The Renegade Ranger Trailer (1938)

16 September 1938

Two Texas Rangers have their worlds rocked by a wrongfully accused female bandit.

Die 4 Gesellen Trailer (1938)

30 September 1938

Although times are bad financially, four young women decide to go into business for themselves together.

The Mexicali Kid Trailer (1938)

13 September 1938

Looking for the killer of his brother, Jack saves the outlaw known as the Mexicali Kid who had collapsed on the desert.

Gastspiel im Paradies Trailer (1938)

05 September 1938

Dad and Dave Come to Town Trailer (1938)

29 September 1938

Dad and Dave Come to Town is a 1938 Australian comedy film directed by Ken G. Hall, the third in the 'Dad and Dave' comedy series starring Bert Bailey.

The Affairs of Annabel Trailer (1938)

09 September 1938

Wonder Pictures' seedy publicity man Lanny Morgan has put the studio's biggest star, Annabel Allison, in one crazy stunt after another.

Styrman Karlssons flammor Trailer (1938)

18 September 1938

Kalle and his girlfriend Blenda is on his way home from Tivoli, when he says that he will be away for two years as mate on a sailing ship, but swears her eternal fidelity.

A papucshős Trailer (1938)

01 September 1938

Come le foglie Trailer (1938)

28 September 1938

A Night in May Trailer (1938)

14 September 1938

A reckless young woman has her driving license withdrawn, drives home anyway and gets involved in a traffic accident.

Straight, Place and Show Trailer (1938)

30 September 1938

The Ritz Brothers go to the race track. They raise training end entrance money in a wrestling match and help a young man train the horse of his fiancée.

Ghost Town Frolics Trailer (1938)

06 September 1938

In an abandoned hotel, idle ghosts get drunk, play slot machines and line up for their relief checks.

Buried Treasure Trailer (1938)

17 September 1938

While the Captain is fishing, the kids plant a treasure map on his hook. The rather dim Captain follows it to the island, where the kids have made it easy for him to find what they've prepared.

Tricoche et Cacolet Trailer (1938)

06 September 1938

Tricoche and Cacolet

Larry Clinton and His Orchestra with Carol Bruce Trailer (1938)

03 September 1938

Larry Clinton & His Orchestra and two guest vocalists perform several songs popularized by Clinton and his group.