Movie Trailers - January 1957

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Popular trailers for movies released in January 1957

Total trailers found: 311

Throne of Blood Trailer (1957)

15 January 1957

Returning to their lord's castle, samurai warriors Washizu and Miki are waylaid by a spirit who predicts their futures.

Les Girls Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

After writing a tell-all book about her days in the dance troupe "Barry Nichols and Les Girls", Sybil Wren is sued for libeling her fellow dancer Angele.

Quiet Flows the Don Trailer (1957)

05 January 1957

A six-hour long epic (original director's cut) about the life of Don Cossacs in a village in southern Russia between 1912 and 1922.

The Incredible Petrified World Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

When the cable breaks on their diving bell four people find themselves trapped in a hidden underwater world.

Night Passage Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

Grant MacLaine, a former railroad troubleshooter, lost his job after letting his outlaw brother, the Utica Kid, escape.

Banner of Youth Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

A short film advertising the newspaper Sztandar Młodych (The Banner of Youth), noteworthy for its abstract elements painted directly onto film stock.

Crime of Passion Trailer (1957)

09 January 1957

Kathy leaves the newspaper business to marry homicide detective Bill but is frustrated by his lack of ambition and the banality of life in the suburbs.

Revolt at Fort Laramie Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

At the breaking of the Civil War the garrison of Fort Laramie splits between the sympathezers of the two different factions, but when the fort is attacked by the Sioux, they unite their forces to fight them.

The Iron Petticoat Trailer (1957)

07 January 1957

Captain Vinka Kovelenko defects from Russia, but not for political reasons. She defects because she feels discriminated against as a woman.

Gun for a Coward Trailer (1957)

30 January 1957

A young cowboy, whose dedication to the principles of peace and reason has earned him a reputation for cowardice, overcomes his psychological aversion to violence after his elder brother unjustly censures him for not joining in a foolhardy gunfight in which their youngest brother is killed.

This Angry Age Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

Twenty-year-old Joseph (Perkins) and his sixteen-year-old sister Suzanne (Mangano) live in the merciless conditions of an intemperate foreign land with their widowed mother (Van Fleet).

The Curse of the Aztec Mummy Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

The evil Dr. Krupp, once again trying to get possession of the Aztec princess Xochitl's jewels, hypnotizes her current reincarnation, Flor, to get her to reveal the jewels' location - Xochitl's tomb.

Operation Mad Ball Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

In this wacky military spoof, Lemmon plays a terminally bored Army private waging a war of wits as he tries to throw a party under the nose of his obnoxious commanding officer.

Girl without an Address Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

A provincial girl who failed to enter a theatre institute learned all advantages and disadvantages of living in the capital working alternatively as a lift operator, a housemaid and even a model at the Fashion House.

Slander Trailer (1957)

18 January 1957

A tabloid magazine threatens to ruin a television performer's career.

1/57: Experiment with Synthetic Sound (Test) Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

Mostly dark, rejecting images which are repeated. A stone wall, the chamber of a revolver which is, at first not recognizable, a close-up of a cactus.

The Halliday Brand Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

Sheriff Halliday doesn't approve of his children dating or marrying half-breeds and his blind hate threatens to alienate his whole family.

Robbery Under Arms Trailer (1957)

10 January 1957

During the mid 1860s, brothers Dick and Jim Marston are drawn into a life of crime by their ex-convict father Ben and his friend, infamous cattlethief Captain Starlight.

The Girl in the Picture Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

A crime reporter investigating a murder discovers the case hinges on a mysterious woman he had photographed earlier.

Rock All Night Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

Cloud Nine, the local teen hangout, has been taken over by a pair of escaped killers, who hold the local teens hostage.

Inn of the Floating Weeds Trailer (1957)

09 January 1957

5 Steps to Danger Trailer (1957)

30 January 1957

Can a couple keep important secrets from Communist spies?

Feliz año, amor mío Trailer (1957)

31 January 1957

Man and woman have a couple of one-night-stands spread out over 15 or 20 years.

Scrambled Aches Trailer (1957)

25 January 1957

Wile E. Coyote uses, among other things, a dehydrated boulder to try to catch the Road Runner. He applies a drop of water to enlarge it from pebble-size to usual boulder dimensions, but it enlarges as Wile E.

The Adventures of * Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

Life drums the playfulness out of a boy as he grows up.

Three Little Bops Trailer (1957)

04 January 1957

Three hip, Little Pigs are travelling entertainers, moving from straw to wood, to brick nightclubs, playing swinging tunes for high-class, "with it" crowds, but an uncool Big Bad Wolf keeps intruding on their act with with his "corny horn" and uses it to blow their nightclubs down when they throw him out- until they are playing in their brick club and the Wolf tries a more drastic, explosive method for destroying the "House of Bricks".

The Barretts of Wimpole Street Trailer (1957)

16 January 1957

Director Sidney Franklin's 1957 remake of his own 1934 film, about the romance of poets Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning.

Nine Plus Two Makes Eleven Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

A sleep suspense thriller, from Vijay Anand (his directorial debut), Nau Do Gyarah is the story of Madan (Dev Anand) on his way to Bombay to inherit his uncle's estate.

The 27th Day Trailer (1957)

07 January 1957

Five individuals from five nations, including the "Superpowers," USA, USSR, and China, suddenly find themselves on an alien spacecraft.

Do Ankhen Barah Haath Trailer (1957)

04 January 1957

Progressive, reform-minded young warden gets permission to take six surly murderers from prison to dilapidated country farm, to rehabilitate it and themselves through hard work and kindly guidance.

Ferien auf Immenhof Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

Immenhof wurde zu einem Hotel umgestaltet, das Urlaub mit Ponyreiten anbietet und sich deshalb "Ponyhotel" nennt.

Top Secret Affair Trailer (1957)

30 January 1957

A publisher (Susan Hayward) uses her magazine and charm to derail a general (Kirk Douglas) on the Washington fast track.

Teenage Thunder Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

Teenagers rebel and race cars.

Four Girls in Town Trailer (1957)

16 January 1957

Four young starlets, from various parts of the world, are called to Hollywood to test for the lead in a major film.

Guns Don't Argue Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

The actions of various criminals such as Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd, Bonnie and Clyde and Baby Face Nelson are reenacted in this film.

Aasha Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

The story is about Kishore who is good-hearted person and always helps poor people even though he is from rich Zamindar family.

The Thug Trailer (1957)

02 January 1957

Directed by Salah Abouseif

Mr. B Natural Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

A young boy is sitting in a room one day, bored, when suddenly a leotard-clad woman calling herself Mr.

Day of the Dead Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

A portrayal of the Mexican Day of the Dead consisting of still shots and narration. Deals with the special objects and events surrounding the annual Mexican celebration of “All Souls Day”.

Gotoma the Buddha Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

This Indian documentary had its world premiere in Paris. Told simply and straightforwardly, the film traces the life of Buddha, from humble priest to religious icon.

Onore e sangue Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

A humble clerk is forced to take on debts to cure his mother.

Ab Dilli Dur Nahin Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

Ab Dilli Dur Nahin is a journey of a small boy, Rattan, from his small village to New Delhi in the hope of meeting the Prime Minister of India and plead for his father's release from Prison.

It Was Not Useless Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

Boris Buzančić plays an idealistic young doctor who is assigned a nearly deserted village. The backwards residents at first resent Buzančić's new-fangled methods.

El fotogénico Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

Saturday Night Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

Three stories set in Belgrade by night: A loving couple who alarms public uproar for kissing in the street, a lonely boxing handler whose help isn't really appreciated, and two young people who never manage to get to know each other due to dress code issues.

Break Up the Dance Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

Youths get ready for a party, decorating the dance floor, cleaning out the fountain of a pond. That evening, the party starts and guests arrive: everyone has a ticket, and a guy at the gate, wearing a formal shirt, tails, and shorts, makes sure only those with tickets gain entrance.

Arrivano i dollari Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

A widow goes to Italy from South Africa to find out whether or not her late husband's five nephews are worthy of his inheritance.

Don't Wait Until May Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

A young girl, Vesna, goes on a skiing vacation to Slovenian Alps, where she is being looked after by her aunt.

One Droopy Knight Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

Sir Droopalot and Sir Butchalot (Droopy and Butch) vie with each other to kill a dragon that is terrorizing their kingdom.

Rose Bernd Trailer (1957)

31 January 1957

West Germany's entry in the 1957 Cannes Film Festival was this cinemadaptation of the Gerhardt Hauptman play Rose Bernd.

Travel Beyond the Three Seas Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

This first co-production of the Soviet and Indian cinematographers is dedicated to the Tver merchant Afanasy Nikitin who in 1466-1472 blazed the trade way from Europe to India.

Russian Close-Up Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

Albert Maysles' visual diary of the faces and places encountered along a cross country motorscooter ride through the Soviet Union in the late 1950s.

Totò, Vittorio e la Dottoressa Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

Schinderhannes Trailer (1957)

13 January 1957

The Truth About Women Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

Baffled and at a loss to understand the mentality of Diana, his wife, Anthony makes a frantic visit to the home of her parents to discover that she is staying with them.

Once Upon a Time Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

An oddball pair try to find their identity and place in an abstract world.

According to Law Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

A film about the youth prison in Uppsala, which focuses on one interns alienation and anxiety.

Drafty, Isn't It? Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

Ralph Phillips dreams about his future, only to have his dreams interrupted by Willie N. List, using an ACME Anti-Nightmare Machine, to compare military and civilian life.

The Hunters Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

An ethnographic film that documents the efforts of four !Kung men (also known as Ju/'hoansi or Bushmen) to hunt a giraffe in the Kalahari Desert of Namibia.

You Touched Me Trailer (1957)

02 January 1957

Hadrian comes home to find his family and home under the control of his overwhelming spintress aunt. Eventually, Emmie, the spintress, loses control over the family and persues an unsuspecting Reverend.