Movie Trailers - May 1957

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Popular trailers for movies released in May 1957

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The Curse of Frankenstein Trailer (1957)

02 May 1957

Baron Victor Frankenstein has discovered life's secret and unleashed a blood-curdling chain of events resulting from his creation: a cursed creature with a horrid face — and a tendency to kill.

Gunfight at the O.K. Corral Trailer (1957)

30 May 1957

Lawman Wyatt Earp and outlaw Doc Holliday form an unlikely alliance which culminates in their participation in the legendary Gunfight at the O.

Crazy in the Noodle Trailer (1957)

14 May 1957

Pierre Cousin, a depressive compositor, wants to die. After five vain attempts at committing suicide, he decides to hire professional hit men to do the job on him.

He Who Must Die Trailer (1957)

03 May 1957

Greece, in the 1920's, is occupied by the Turks. The country is in turmoil with entire villages uprooted.

The Oklahoman Trailer (1957)

19 May 1957

After his wife dies in childbirth, a doctor (Joel McCrea) settles down in the small Oklahoma town of Cherokee Wells to raise his newborn daughter.

Designing Woman Trailer (1957)

16 May 1957

A sportswriter who marries a fashion designer discovers that their mutual interests are few, although each has an intriguing past which makes the other jealous.

Fire Down Below Trailer (1957)

30 May 1957

Tony and Felix own a tramp boat, and sail around the Caribbean doing odd jobs and drinking a lot. They agree to ferry the beautiful but passportless Irena to another island.

Carry on Admiral Trailer (1957)

14 May 1957

Two friends get drunk and decide to switch identities. One is a Parliamentary Secretary, and the other is the captain of a ship.

The Deadly Mantis Trailer (1957)

01 May 1957

The calving of an Arctic iceberg releases a giant praying mantis, trapped in suspended animation since prehistoric times.

Saint Joan Trailer (1957)

08 May 1957

Young Joan of Arc comes to the palace in France to make The Dauphin King of France and is appointed to head the French Army.

Quatermass II Trailer (1957)

24 May 1957

Quatermass is the director of an important scientific base, where he builds nuclear rockets for the colonization of the Moon.

The Little Hut Trailer (1957)

03 May 1957

Sir Philip Ashlow (Stewart Granger), his neglected wife, Lady Ashlow (Ava Gardner) and his best friend Henry Brittingham-Brett (David Niven) are shipwrecked on a desert island.

Don Quixote Trailer (1957)

22 May 1957

Senor Quexana has read so many books on chivalry that he believes that he is the knight Don Quixote de la Mancha.

The D.I. Trailer (1957)

30 May 1957

Gunnery Sergeant Jim Moore is one of the toughest Drill Instructors on Parris Island. But he's got a thorn in his side: Pvt.

Nightfall Trailer (1957)

13 May 1957

An innocent man turns fugitive as he reconstructs events that implicate him for a murder and robbery he did not commit.

El último cuplé Trailer (1957)

06 May 1957

A musical drama featuring a tragic love story. Relates a singer's rise to fame and her subsequent downfall because of the death of her lover.

Letter from Siberia Trailer (1957)

16 May 1957

One of Chris Marker's earliest documentaries (1957) and probably one of his best, the hour-long Letter From Siberia mixes new and found footage with inventive commentary, and is especially memorable for a passage in which footage is repeated while the offscreen commentary transforms its meaning with a different ideological interpretation.

Ma and Pa Kettle in The Kettles on Old MacDonald's Farm Trailer (1957)

10 May 1957

Ma and Pa do their bit to hook lumberman Brad Johnson up with spoiled socialite Sally Flemming. Ma teaches Sally how to behave like a hick so she'll be compatible with Brad.

Sierra Stranger Trailer (1957)

01 May 1957

A prospector becomes a small town outcast after he rescues a man about to be lynched.

This Could Be the Night Trailer (1957)

14 May 1957

To earn extra money, a prim schoolteacher takes a second job as secretary to the uncouth owner of a boisterous nightclub.

Something of Value Trailer (1957)

10 May 1957

As Kenya's Mau Mau uprising tears the country apart, former childhood friends Kimani (Sidney Poitier), a native, and Peter (Rock Hudson), a British colonist, find themselves on opposite sides of the struggle in this provocative drama.

China Gate Trailer (1957)

22 May 1957

Near the end of the French phase of the Vietnam War, a group of mercenaries are recruited to travel through enemy territory to the Chinese border.

Faustina Trailer (1957)

13 May 1957

A conquering woman of love, power, and fame is challenged by the devil, as he too wants to conquer all.

Gun Duel In Durango Trailer (1957)

01 May 1957

A former outlaw must prove himself innocent after he's accused of bank robbery. Western.

Untamed Youth Trailer (1957)

10 May 1957

Sisters Jane and Penny are arrested for hitchhiking on their way to Los Angeles when they stop for a quick skinny dip in a rural town.

Teeth Smile Trailer (1957)

20 May 1957

A man walks down the exterior staircase of building of flats; he's dressed to go out, taking care to wrap a scarf around his neck.

The Restless Breed Trailer (1957)

01 May 1957

Texas-border gunrunners kill a federal agent, whose son (Scott Brady) comes looking for revenge.

The Wayward Bus Trailer (1957)

27 May 1957

From the John Steinbeck book.

Whom God Forgives Trailer (1957)

05 May 1957

Set in rural South of Spain in the 19th century, tells the story of group of outlaws, from very different origins, trying to survive, hiding from the law enforcement officers in caves in a hilly area, and their struggle against the evil mining company that exploits the poor people of their home village.

Fox-Terror Trailer (1957)

10 May 1957

Foghorn's going fishing, but a fox has other plans for him. Posing as a racetrack tout, he suggests Foggy get a hunting dog and go hunting.

Monster from Green Hell Trailer (1957)

17 May 1957

A scientific expedition in Africa investigates wasps that have been exposed to radiation and mutated into giant, killing monsters.

The Twilight Girls Trailer (1957)

03 May 1957

A beautiful and sophisticated teenager is placed in a regimented French girls' boarding school after her father apparently commits suicide over a business scandal.

Monkey on My Back Trailer (1957)

29 May 1957

The painfully true story of welterweight boxing champion Barney Ross is detailed in Monkey on My Back.

The Weapon Trailer (1957)

17 May 1957

A boy accidentally shoots a friend with a gun he found in the rubble of a destroyed building. The gun turns out to be a clue in a ten-year-old murder case.

Hellcats of the Navy Trailer (1957)

01 May 1957

Future "first couple" Ronald Reagan and Nancy Davis made their only joint film appearance in Hellcats of the Navy.

The Severed Heads Trailer (1957)

01 May 1957

Lost for nearly 50 years the movie was found 2006 by the son of Ruth Michelly and Saul Gilbert on his mom's attic in Munich.

Tweety and the Beanstalk Trailer (1957)

15 May 1957

Jack's mother throws Jack's magic beans outside under Sylvester Cat's sleeping box, and the cat is whisked to the world above, where he finds a huge Tweety Bird in the castle of the legendary Giant.

..und die Liebe lacht dazu Trailer (1957)

23 May 1957

Trubachyov's Detachment Is Fighting Trailer (1957)

05 May 1957

The Trubachyov's pioneers detachment is stuck in the occupied territories during WWII. The children are trying to fight the enemy.

Cabo de Hornos Trailer (1957)

15 May 1957

The whaling captain, Antonio Grez, meets in a bar in the port of Valparaiso a very beautiful woman who lives haunted by the tragic premonition that fate will give her a violent death.

Cada hijo una cruz Trailer (1957)

09 May 1957

Empty nest syndrome, #1388.

The Man Without a Body Trailer (1957)

01 May 1957

A wealthy business man discovers he has a brain tumor and seeks medical help. The business man finds a scientist experimenting with transplanting monkey heads on different monkey bodies.

Let's Be Happy Trailer (1957)

07 May 1957

On receiving an inheritance from her grandfather, Canadian Jeannie MacLean decides to visit the family's Scottish roots.

Quiéreme con música Trailer (1957)

07 May 1957

Slalåm under himmelen Trailer (1957)

15 May 1957

Three young freshly educated pilots are about to start their career.

Badlands of Montana Trailer (1957)

01 May 1957

Directed by Daniel B. Ullman in 1957. Wanting to follow in his late father's footsteps, eager reformer Steve Brewster (Rex Reason) runs for mayor of a small Montana town but is forced to flee and join a gang of notorious outlaws after he's provoked into killing two corrupt officials in self-defense.

The Persuader Trailer (1957)

04 May 1957

In one of his rare movie starring assignments, William Talman (Hamilton Burger on TV's Perry Mason) plays a dual role in The Persuader.

Lissy Trailer (1957)

29 May 1957

DEFA film by Konrad Wolf.

The Vintage Trailer (1957)

08 May 1957

A young Italian fugitive and his older protective brother hide among the grape pickers at a vineyard in Provence.

Torero Trailer (1957)

09 May 1957

The life of the famed Mexican bullfighter Luis Procuna, from his boyhood through his training and the triumphs that followed as Procuna rose to the peak of his profession.

Nikutai no hankou Trailer (1957)

08 May 1957

Early pinku.

Manalane Mangayin Bhagyam Trailer (1957)

24 May 1957

Patriotic Popeye Trailer (1957)

10 May 1957

Two of Popeye's nephews get caught playing with fireworks on the Fourth of July. Popeye takes them away, and they spend the rest of the picture trying to get them back (mostly by getting Popeye away from them).

Every Day Except Christmas Trailer (1957)

25 May 1957

Every Day Except Christmas is a 37-minute documentary film filmed in 1957 at the Covent Garden fruit, vegetable and flower market, then located in the Covent Garden area of East central London.

Shoot-Out At Medicine Bend Trailer (1957)

04 May 1957

Director Richard L. Bare's 1957 revenge western stars Randolph Scott as an army veteran seeking the men who sold defective ammunition that caused his brother's death.

Ikebana Trailer (1957)

14 May 1957

The history and art of ikebana, a centuries old Japanese art of flower arrangement and a look inside the Sogetsu School of Ikebana, where the director's father Sofu Teshigahara worked as the grand master of the school.

Piker's Peak Trailer (1957)

24 May 1957

In the Alps Bugs and Yosemite Sam vie for 50,000 Cronkites, the prize for the who "climbs the Schmatterhorn.

The Counterfeit Plan Trailer (1957)

11 May 1957

An escaped murderer (Zachary Scott) flees France to England, where he forces an ex-forger (Mervyn Johns) to copy 5-pound notes.

Les Etoiles ne meurent jamais Trailer (1957)

07 May 1957

Lure of the Swamp Trailer (1957)

01 May 1957

Simon Lute ekes out a modest living chartering his skiff to tourists and guiding them through the labyrinthine bayou.