Movie Trailers - April 1957

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Popular trailers for movies released in April 1957

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Kanal Trailer (1957)

20 April 1957

September, 1944. It's the 56th day of Warsaw's uprising against the Nazis. The third Platoon of the Resistance is down to 43 heroic men and women, and they're penned in.

The Spirit of St. Louis Trailer (1957)

19 April 1957

Charles 'Slim' Lindbergh struggles to finance and design an airplane that will make his New York to Paris flight the first solo transatlantic crossing.

The Tall T Trailer (1957)

02 April 1957

Having lost his horse in a bet, Pat Brennan hitches a ride with a stagecoach carrying newlyweds, Willard and Doretta Mims.

Yangtse Incident: The Story of H.M.S. Amethyst Trailer (1957)

01 April 1957

While sailing lawfully up the Yangste in 1949, the British warship Amethyst found its return to the open sea blocked by Communist Chinese shore batteries that unexpectedly opened fire.

The Affairs of Julie Trailer (1957)

16 April 1957

Getting Engaged in Zürich...

The Witches of Salem Trailer (1957)

26 April 1957

Salem, 1692. Industrious farmer, John Proctor, has twice made love to 17-year-old Abigail, a youth he and his wife have taken in.

Boy on a Dolphin Trailer (1957)

18 April 1957

Phaedra is a poor sponge diver on the lovely Greek isle of Hydra. While diving, she discovers an ancient brass and gold stature of a boy riding a dolphin, which is said to have the magical power to grant wishes.

The Guns Of Fort Petticoat Trailer (1957)

01 April 1957

Opposing his commanding officer's decision to attack a group of innocent Indians and wipe them out, Lt.

Tokyo Twilight Trailer (1957)

30 April 1957

Two sisters find out the existence of their long-lost mother, but the younger cannot take the truth of being abandoned as a child.

Lust of the Vampire Trailer (1957)

05 April 1957

A mad scientist captures young women and drains their blood, in order to keep alive an ancient, evil duchess.

The Garment Jungle Trailer (1957)

25 April 1957

Alan Mitchell (Kerwin Mathews) returns to New York to work for his father Walter (Lee J. Cobb), the owner of a fashion house that designs and manufactures dresses.

Timid Tabby Trailer (1957)

19 April 1957

Tom's cousin, George, comes to visit, even though he's terribly afraid of mice. When Jerry gets out of Tom's ineffective prison, he discovers this and takes full advantage of it though he's rather confused, since Tom and George look alike.

Lizzie Trailer (1957)

04 April 1957

A psychiatrist (Richard Boone) treats a woman (Eleanor Parker) of three faces: neurotic Elizabeth, wanton Lizzie, charming Beth.

The Way Back Trailer (1957)

28 April 1957

A troubled sheriff, a failure at everything in his life, tries to redeem himself by extraditing a popular gunfighter from Mexico to stand trial for murder.

Voodoo Woman Trailer (1957)

11 April 1957

Deep in the jungles a mad scientist is using the natives' voodoo for his experiments to create an indestructible being to serve his will.

Kara Çalı Trailer (1957)

02 April 1957

The Smallest Show on Earth Trailer (1957)

09 April 1957

Jean and Bill are a married couple trying to scrape a living. Out of the blue they receive a telegram informing them Bill's long-lost uncle has died and left them his business - a cinema in the town of Sloughborough.

Kronos Trailer (1957)

01 April 1957

Scientists investigate what appears to be a meteorite that crashes into the ocean. After a few days and nights of mysterious lights and noises, a giant machine comes out of the ocean.

The Bachelor Party Trailer (1957)

09 April 1957

Five office friends meet up for a night on the town to celebrate the forthcoming marriage of one of them.

Seven Waves Away Trailer (1957)

17 April 1957

Ship's officer finds himself in command of a lifeboat full of survivors of a sunken luxury liner.

Le Rouge est mis Trailer (1957)

12 April 1957

The Strange One Trailer (1957)

12 April 1957

A military school student develops a destructive power over his fellow cadets.

Fury at Showdown Trailer (1957)

18 April 1957

After serving a year for a killing in self-defense, gunfighter Brock Mitchell tries to help his younger brother save his ranch but a crooked lawyer has other ideas.

The Baby and the Battleship Trailer (1957)

23 April 1957

After a quayside mix-up with the Italian family of his fiancée, Able Seaman Knocker White finds himself literally left holding the baby.

Rivalen am Steuer Trailer (1957)

25 April 1957

Ten Thousand Bedrooms Trailer (1957)

03 April 1957

In this musical-comedy, Dean Martin plays an American hotel mogul who becomes smitten with a young Italian woman (Anna Maria Alberghetti) when buying a hotel in Rome.

Confessions of Felix Krull Trailer (1957)

24 April 1957

Tarzan and the Lost Safari Trailer (1957)

12 April 1957

Tarzan leads five passengers from a downed airplane out of the jungle. En route white hunter Hawkins tries to sell them to the Oparian chief.

Souvenir d'Italie Trailer (1957)

08 April 1957

Hrátky s čertem Trailer (1957)

06 April 1957

Space Ship Sappy Trailer (1957)

18 April 1957

An eccentric scientist tricks the stooges into joining himself and his daughter on an expedition to Venus.

Demoniac Trailer (1957)

26 April 1957

Les Louves was also released as Demoniaque and She Wolves. By any name, it's a puzzler, at least until the final fast-paced scenes.

The Good Companions Trailer (1957)

22 April 1957

The story revolves around the Dinky Doos, a provincial musical troupe living from hand to mouth.

The River's Edge Trailer (1957)

11 April 1957

Ben Cameron and wife Meg struggle to build their small ranch in the New Mexico desert. Then bad guy Nardo Denning arrives in New Mexico looking for his girlfriend and her husband.

The Case of Dr. Laurent Trailer (1957)

03 April 1957

Le Cas Du Dr. Laurent (The Case of Dr. Laurent) stars Jean Gabin as a Paris-based doctor who tries to spread the gospel of Natural Childbirth.

Footsteps in the Night Trailer (1957)

14 April 1957

Two investigators look into the death of a local gambler.

The Badge of Marshal Brennan Trailer (1957)

14 April 1957

Jim Davis is a man on the run. He comes across the body of a dead man wearing the badge of a marshal.

Bedevilled Rabbit Trailer (1957)

13 April 1957

Hidden in a box of carrots, Bugs lands in Tasmania, where he matches wits with the Tasmanian Devil.

Priests Cira and Spira Trailer (1957)

22 April 1957

Life of the village elite, the two priest families, goes quietly in mutual understanding and friendship.

Felicidad Trailer (1957)

24 April 1957

Directed by Alfonso Corona Blake

Height Trailer (1957)

27 April 1957

The romantic story set during the construction of a huge blast furnace that will supply thousands of jobs in a depressed community.

Mr. Sleeman Is Coming Trailer (1957)

18 April 1957

Herr Sleeman kommer (Mr. Sleeman Is Coming) is a 1917 one-act play by the Swedish author Hjalmar Bergman.

Kelly and Me Trailer (1957)

10 April 1957

Failing vaudeville performer, Len, is taken under the wing of the German Shepherd wonder dog, Kelly, and a new act is born.

Spoilers of the Forest Trailer (1957)

04 April 1957

Une Gosse Sensass' Trailer (1957)

02 April 1957

Viktor und Viktoria Trailer (1957)

16 April 1957

No overview found.

The Horse That Cried Trailer (1957)

01 April 1957

An adaptation of a story by Mikhailo Kotsyubinsky, a Ukrainian writer executed in the Stalinist purges but rehabilitated in 1955, that anticipates the Ukrainian "poetic cinema" of the '60s in its focus on star-crossed lovers and its celebration of nature.

Mazurka der Liebe Trailer (1957)

30 April 1957

High Tide at Noon Trailer (1957)

30 April 1957

After returning home to a rugged island near Nova Scotia, Joanna, daughter of the local bigwig, struggles to choose between three eligible bachelors -- the rebel (Patrick McGoohan), the steadfast friend (Michael Craig) and the poetry-quoting newcomer (William Sylvester).

The Iron Sheriff Trailer (1957)

01 April 1957

The son of a small-town sheriff is charged with murdering a stagecoach driver. 1957.

Stepbrothers Trailer (1957)

01 April 1957

1957 film directed by Miyoji Ieki. Winner of the Crystal Globe at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival.

Snow Country Trailer (1957)

27 April 1957

It's a man's world. Shimamura, an artist, comes to this snowbound town to rejuvenate himself. He connects with Komako, a geisha he met on a previous trip, and it seems like love.

Boyhood Daze Trailer (1957)

20 April 1957

Ralph gets sent to his room for breaking a window. There, he passes the time in Walter Mitty-type fashion, daydreaming that he's a parent-saving jungle explorer, an alien-fighting jet ace and a convict.

Yagyu Secret Scrolls Trailer (1957)

14 April 1957

In the Tokugawa Era, the clan of Lord Yagyu has hidden away three scrolls containing clan secrets which, if revealed, would cause revolution and disaster for the clan.

Box Car Bandit Trailer (1957)

07 April 1957

A bandit and his horse (a bigger crook than the bandit) find out that a big shipment of gold bullion is being shipped by train, so they make immediate plans to hijack it.

An Osaka Story Trailer (1957)

01 April 1957

A satirical comedy about a store clerk who falls in love with his boss's daughter. Mizoguchi Kenji's final project; he died before completing it and directing duties turned over to Yoshimura Kozaburo.

The Crystal Brawl Trailer (1957)

04 April 1957

Bluto muscles out Popeye to take Olive to the fair. Popeye rushes ahead and poses as a fortune teller, luring Olive in.

El Secreto De Pancho Villa Trailer (1957)

04 April 1957

Sequel to El Tesoro De Pancho Villa; masked wrestler battles gangsters trying to take control of five clues to the location of a hidden treasure.

Dragstrip Girl Trailer (1957)

24 April 1957

Girl loves hot cars and a rich dragstrip racer. Her parents don't like either one.

The Night Runner Trailer (1957)

02 April 1957

A mental patient with a violent past is released from the institution, against the advice of his doctors, and sent back to his old neighborhood.