Movie Trailers - September 1957

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Popular trailers for movies released in September 1957

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Paths of Glory Trailer (1957)

18 September 1957

During World War I, commanding officer General Broulard (Adolphe Menjou) orders his subordinate, General Mireau (George Macready), to attack a German trench position, offering a promotion as an incentive.

Seven Thunders Trailer (1957)

04 September 1957

Escaping British prisoners of war hide out in German occupied France.

Cat Girl Trailer (1957)

01 September 1957

A psychiatrist (Robert Ayres) treats a young woman (Barbara Shelley) who turns into a killer leopard because of a family curse.

Guest at One's Own Home Trailer (1957)

30 September 1957

Eva Dahl, a doctor's wife, starts an affair with a younger man.

Witwer mit fünf Töchtern Trailer (1957)

06 September 1957

No overview found.

Forty Guns Trailer (1957)

01 September 1957

An authoritarian rancher, Barbara Stanwyck, who rules an Arizona county with her private posse of hired guns.

Lucky Jim Trailer (1957)

17 September 1957

Jim Dixon feels anything but lucky. At the university he has to do the bidding of absent-minded and boring Professor Welch to have any hope of keeping his job.

Appointment with a Shadow Trailer (1957)

01 September 1957

George Nader plays a reporter whose career is ruined by liquor. A comeback opportunity presents itself when Nader is a bystander at the arrest of a well-known criminal.

The Brothers Rico Trailer (1957)

01 September 1957

The Rico brothers are mobsters in the employ of syndicate head Sid Kubick. Richard Conte plays the one Rico brother who has forsaken crime.

Interlude Trailer (1957)

27 September 1957

A young woman touring Germany is caught between a married symphony conductor and a doctor from back home.

High Flight Trailer (1957)

17 September 1957

The Commanding Officer of an RAF Training School must deal with a difficult cadet, but the cadet reminds the C.

The Deerslayer Trailer (1957)

10 September 1957

Director Kurt Neumann's 1957 film version of the James Fenimore Cooper tale set in colonial America stars Lex Barker, Forrest Tucker, Rita Moreno, Cathy O'Donnell and Jay C.

Gunsight Ridge Trailer (1957)

01 September 1957

An undercover agent takes the job of sheriff in order to find the men responsible for a series of stagecoach robberies.

Run of the Arrow Trailer (1957)

05 September 1957

A veteran leaves the army, and finds a home with the Sioux.

Campbell's Kingdom Trailer (1957)

03 September 1957

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Hammond Innes. Bruce Campbell (Dirk Bogarde) inherits "Campbell's Kingdom" in the Canadian Rockies on the death of his grandfather.

Tip on a Dead Jockey Trailer (1957)

06 September 1957

Broke and about to divorce his wife (Dorothy Malone), a pilot (Robert Taylor) joins a smuggling scheme in postwar Madrid.

Death in Small Doses Trailer (1957)

15 September 1957

A government agent investigates the use of illegal amphetamines among long-haul truck drivers.

Monpti Trailer (1957)

12 September 1957

A poor 22 years old Hungarian man who's recently arrived in Paris meets a seemingly wealthy 17 years old Parisian girl.

Quantez Trailer (1957)

06 September 1957

A gang of bank robbers with a posse in hot pursuit. Riding into the desert, they take refuge in Quantez, a small town they find deserted.

Pawnee Trailer (1957)

07 September 1957

Pale Arrow is a white man raised since a boy by the Pawnee Chief. With wagon trains now encroaching on Pawnee land, the Chief sends Pale Arrow to be with the white people.

Joe Dakota Trailer (1957)

01 September 1957

A stranger rides into town and says he is looking for a local Indian. Told he left town, the truth everyone has been hiding comes out including the stranger's true identity.

The Parson and the Outlaw Trailer (1957)

23 September 1957

Billy the Kid fakes his own death at the hands of Pat Garret, but is forced to come out of hiding to stop a ruthless cattle baron from destroying a small frontier community.

The Tanks of el Alamein Trailer (1957)

19 September 1957

Italian move on the battle of El Alamein

Sharks and Little Fish Trailer (1957)

26 September 1957

Four young German naval cadets begin their military service in 1940; only one of them will survive.

Calypso Heat Wave Trailer (1957)

22 September 1957

A jukebox operator helps promote a calypso craze.

The Girl in Black Stockings Trailer (1957)

24 September 1957

A young girl's murder leaves a hotel full of suspects.

Elegy of the North Trailer (1957)

01 September 1957

A sensitive young woman aged 22 fell in love with a middle aged man who was troubled by his unfaithful wife.

Zwei Bayern im Harem Trailer (1957)

25 September 1957

No overview found.

Woman in a Dressing Gown Trailer (1957)

12 September 1957

A married, middle-aged woman is shocked to discover that her husband, who she thought was content in their marriage, has become infatuated with a beautiful younger woman and is planning to leave his family for her.

Natlogi betalt Trailer (1957)

19 September 1957

"Natlogi betalt" behandler emnet om de purunge såkaldte "amerikanerpiger", som søger selskab med de amerikanske orlovssoldater, der kommer til København.

Walk Into Paradise Trailer (1957)

08 September 1957

Steve McAllister, an Australian official for The New Guinea Administration, gets orders to investigate an oil discovery by Ned 'Shark-Eye' Kelly in the interior.

The Hired Gun Trailer (1957)

20 September 1957

A rich Texan hires a gunman (Rory Calhoun) to bring an escaped woman (Anne Francis) back to hang.

Retour de manivelle Trailer (1957)

18 September 1957

Adapted from James Hadley Chase’s novel, plot finds Robert Mabillon Gelin as a struggling artist who saves Eric Freminger (van Eyck) from a drunken suicide attempt, and promptly gets offered employment as a chauffer by way of gratitude.

The Devil Strikes at Night Trailer (1957)

19 September 1957

A serial killer terrorizes Hamburg, Germany, during World War II. When the local police can't seem to catch him, the SS is brought into the case.

The Gates of Paris Trailer (1957)

27 September 1957

Juju, a drunken oaf who feels the need of being important to someone---anyone---and his friend The Artist are forced at gunpoint to house a fugitive, Pierre Barbier, in Juju's broken-down home.

Escape from San Quentin Trailer (1957)

01 September 1957

Singing star Johnny Desmond (Calypso Heat Wave, China Doll) goes dramatic in this Sam Katzman production.

The Joker Is Wild Trailer (1957)

26 September 1957

Frank Sinatra stars in director Charles Vidor's 1957 film biography of nightclub entertainer Joe E. Lewis.

Slaughter on Tenth Avenue Trailer (1957)

01 September 1957

A rookie assistant DA is assigned to investigate the murder of a longshoreman, killed for exposing gangster involvement on the piers, and meets up with a "code of silence" amongst all potential witnesses.

The Circle Trailer (1957)

01 September 1957

When Dr Howard Latimer finds the German Actress that he has just met at London Airport murdered in his flat, it leads him into the world of murder, blackmail and a fake passport scam.

Naked In The Sun Trailer (1957)

20 September 1957

In the 1830s a Florida slave trader captures the wife of Chief Osceola, setting off a war between the Seminoles and the U.

Die große Chance Trailer (1957)

26 September 1957

Round Trip to Mars Trailer (1957)

22 September 1957

Woody's vacation in the desert [is] interrupted by a German-accented scientist who thinks he has landed on Mars and wants to take Woody back as a specimen.

Der schönste Tag meines Lebens Trailer (1957)

27 September 1957

Johnny Trouble Trailer (1957)

24 September 1957

An elderly woman becomes convinced that a trouble-making college student is her grandson she's never met.

La Polka des Menottes Trailer (1957)

04 September 1957

Elisabeth is persuaded to have killed her noisy upstairs neighbor, scientist Charles Magne. To save her, Mr.

Black Patch Trailer (1957)

15 September 1957

A New Mexico Town Marshal, Clay Morgan, known as 'Black Patch' since he had lost an eye in the Civil War, takes his job seriously, especially after an old friend, Hank Danner, arrives in .

Esposa te doy Trailer (1957)

13 September 1957

Chofi marry Alberto and very much in love, but her mother continues to intervene in the couple's relationship, which will lead to divorce.

Grave Robbers Trailer (1957)

26 September 1957

A wrestler and a detective team up to stop a mad scientist who is kidnapping athletes and replacing their brains with those of animals to make them stronger and live longer.

The Careless Years Trailer (1957)

02 September 1957

The Careless Years is a 1957 film from United Artists directed by Arthur Hiller and produced by Edward Lewis.

Mucho Mouse Trailer (1957)

06 September 1957

A Spanish cat is more interested in playing flamenco guitar than trying to catch the mouse El Magnifico (Jerry).

The Big Chance Trailer (1957)

01 September 1957

A clerk sees his big chance to escape a humdrum existence, but his resolve is tested as many unexpected obstacles arise.

Bäckerei Zürrer Trailer (1957)

25 September 1957

Widowed baker Zürrer has to raise his three children, who all turn out to be disappointments to him in various ways.

Asesinos, S.A. Trailer (1957)

16 September 1957

Incompetent clown is drafted into a Murder Incorporated style squad of hitmen.

Greedy for Tweety Trailer (1957)

27 September 1957

Sylvester Cat chases Tweety Bird into busy city streets as he himself is being chased by a bulldog. All three are in an accident and taken to an animal hospital, each with a broken leg.

El jinete sin cabeza Trailer (1957)

18 September 1957

A mute phantom hero takes on skull-masked killers, a disembodied living hand and a corpse that won't stay in its grave.

I sogni nel cassetto Trailer (1957)

04 September 1957

An Eye for an Eye Trailer (1957)

13 September 1957

Director Andre Cayatte's first film in two years, Oeil pour Oeil (An Eye for an Eye) was adapted from a novel by Vahe Katcha.

Teenage Doll Trailer (1957)

19 September 1957

The Black Widows, a teenage girl gang, find one of their number killed; they suspect Barbara, sometime girlfriend of the leader of rival gang The Vandals.

The Man Who Wagged His Tail Trailer (1957)

27 September 1957

Man in the Shadow Trailer (1957)

01 September 1957

The wife (Faith Domergue) of a condemned man tries to save him in England by finding the real killer (Zachary Scott).