Movie Trailers - July 1931

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Popular trailers for movies released in July 1931

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The Cat's Out Trailer (1931)

28 July 1931

A cat, being sent out for the night, begins to make trouble for some birds. He later has a nightmare that the birds grow and begin to extract their revenge.

Smart Money Trailer (1931)

11 July 1931

Silver-screen icons Edward G. Robinson and James Cagney star in this classic drama as Nick and Jack Venizelos, two brothers whose fateful trip to the big city to do a little gambling results in a tragic turn of events.

Night Nurse Trailer (1931)

15 July 1931

Lora Hart manages to land a job in a hospital as a trainee nurse. Upon completion of her training she goes to work as a night nurse for two small children who seem to be very sick, but something much more sinister is going on.

Night in Montmartre Trailer (1931)

16 July 1931

A young couple live under a café in Paris that, unknown to them, is owned by a brutal blackmailer. When he is murdered, they fall under suspicion.

Movie-Town Trailer (1931)

04 July 1931

In this fictional film with fictional characters, Baron Gonzola (Luis Alberni)is trying to sell Mack Sennett (Mack Sennett) and William Beaudine (William Beaudine)on the idea of starring his new prodigy, Marge (Marjorie Beebe) in one of their films.

Alias: The Bad Man Trailer (1931)

15 July 1931

A ranger joins the outlaw gang whose boss he believes is a murderer.

Mickey Steps Out Trailer (1931)

06 July 1931

Mickey heads over to see Minnie, but Pluto won't leave him alone. He gets there and watches through the window, standing on Pluto, while Minnie plays piano.

Mother and Son Trailer (1931)

31 July 1931

A woman loses all her money in the 1929 stock market crash, and in order to support her family, goes back to her previous occupation--owner of a gambling house--which her son is dead set against.

Three Who Loved Trailer (1931)

03 July 1931

A bank teller's love life falls apart when he's accused of embezzling.

The Common Law Trailer (1931)

24 July 1931

A woman (Constance Bennett) models for an artist (Joel McCrea). They fall in love, but can he (and his family) overcome her past as 'the other woman'?

Fascination Trailer (1931)

14 July 1931

Madeleine Carroll stars as a vampish actress who comes between a happily married couple, in this light-hearted melodrama from Miles Mander.

Their Mad Moment Trailer (1931)

12 July 1931

Dorothy Mackaill stars in this old-fashioned melodrama set in the Basque country of Spain. She is Emily Stanley, betrothed to foppish Englishman Sir Harry Congers (Lawrence Grant), but in love with Basque peasant Esteban Cristera (Warner Baxter).

The Nevada Buckaroo Trailer (1931)

28 July 1931

When the Nevada Kid gets caught in a stage robbery, the gang leader Cherokee gets him released by forging a petition to the Governor.

The Great Lover Trailer (1931)

18 July 1931

An aspiring classical singer is romanced by both a famous opera star and his younger understudy.

The Night Angel Trailer (1931)

18 July 1931

In this crime drama, a Prague DA must close down a house of prostitution masquerading as a cafe. He sends the owner's daughter to a nurse's home until her mother is released.

A Severa Trailer (1931)

17 July 1931

Based on the novel of the same name, by Júlio Dantas, this is the first Portuguese all-talking sound film, dramatization of the story of the Fado singer Maria Severa Onofriana, known as A Severa.

Partners of the Trail Trailer (1931)

21 July 1931

A playboy travels west after having killed his wife's lover. By chance, he happens to run into the man who has been falsely accused of the crime, who is himself on the run.

Chances Trailer (1931)

17 July 1931

Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Anthony Bushell are the Prescott brothers in 1931's "Chances," and both are in love with the same woman, Molly (Rose Hobart).

Bimbo's Initiation Trailer (1931)

24 July 1931

Bimbo finds himself surrounded by a mysterious group of robed figures who invite him to become a member of their secret organisation.

Too Many Cooks Trailer (1931)

18 July 1931

A young couple, soon to wed, begin building their dreamhouse, but their interfering relatives cause no end of trouble.

A Holy Terror Trailer (1931)

19 July 1931

Eastern millionaire's son Bard finds his father murdered and flies west to see rancher Drew who may know something about it.

Makin' 'Em Move Trailer (1931)

04 July 1931

A sassy cat visits a cartoon studio and learns the mysteries of animation.

A Son of the Plains Trailer (1931)

04 July 1931

Brokaw, the Polka Dot Bandit, asks Farrell to help rob Wells Fargo. Farrell plans to capture Brokaw for the reward but is assumed to be one of the bandits and shot.

The Stone Age Trailer (1931)

14 July 1931

A Walter Lantz/Bill Nolan Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon released July 15, 1931.

How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones No. 6: 'The Big Irons' Trailer (1931)

18 July 1931

Bobby Jones gives a truant salesman some driving tips while his angry boss looks on.

Stork Market Trailer (1931)

19 July 1931

A Columbia Krazy Kat cartoon released July 11, 1931.

By the Sea Trailer (1931)

12 July 1931

Tale of a romantic rivalry with a lot of personality humor...and a Betty Boop voice!

The Blue Idol Trailer (1931)

08 July 1931

Baron Lóránt, now bankrupt for reasons for which he cannot be blamed, starts a new life in America, accompanied by Péter, his faithful valet.

The House That Shadows Built Trailer (1931)

08 July 1931

The House That Shadows Built (1931) is a short feature film, roughly 55 minutes long, from Paramount Pictures, made to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the studio's founding in 1912.

Murder by the Clock Trailer (1931)

21 July 1931

A policeman (William Boyd) investigates a woman's (Lilyan Tashman) link to murders that are preceded by a shrilling horn inside a family mausoleum.

Elisabeth von Österreich Trailer (1931)

20 July 1931

Elisabeth of Austria is a German movie with Lil Dagover as royalty Elisabeth who has many men to choose from.

Confessions of a Co-Ed Trailer (1931)

11 July 1931

A young college student gets pregnant by the man she loves, but circumstances prevent their marrying, so she marries a classmate she doesn't love.

Sweepstakes Trailer (1931)

10 July 1931

A popular jockey is disbarred from racing after he's accused of throwing a race.

Bosko's Holiday Trailer (1931)

01 July 1931

Bosko and Honey go on a picnic that ends badly.

Salvation Nell Trailer (1931)

01 July 1931

Young Nell loses everything and her father is sent to prison. She joins the Salvation Army and tries to redeem him when he comes out.

Sally in Our Alley Trailer (1931)

09 July 1931

A woman believes her boyfriend died in the First World War, but he is now looking for her

No More Love Trailer (1931)

26 July 1931

An American millionaire, who had always bad luck with women, bets that he can live without them for five years.

Ex-Bad Boy Trailer (1931)

15 July 1931

A man gets in trouble with his girlfriend when a beautiful movie star and her fiance come to his small town.

Newly Rich Trailer (1931)

04 July 1931

Two small town widows bring their children to Hollywood, where their children become competing film stars.

The Squeeker Trailer (1931)

30 July 1931

Opernredoute Trailer (1931)

25 July 1931

The Praying Mantis Trailer (1931)

26 July 1931

Year: 1931 Filmmaker: Charmian de Forde Music: Duke Ellington, "Mooche", "Black and Tan" Transfer note: copied at 24 frames per second from a 16mm black and white Kodak print with variable density optical sound track.

The Man in Possession Trailer (1931)

04 July 1931

Raymond Dabney returns home after serving a jail sentence for selling a car that is not his. Both his father and brother offered him 500 pounds to get out of the country so he won't bring any trouble to his brother's prospective engagement to a presumably wealthy young lady.

The New Car Trailer (1931)

25 July 1931

No movie overview available.

Radio Rhythm Trailer (1931)

26 July 1931

Oswald is running a one-rabbit radio station, and all the other animals are listening in on their forest radios.

Yelp Wanted Trailer (1931)

21 July 1931

Scrappy's dog, Yippy, isn't feeling well. Scrappy sees a sign for Dr. Woof's Dog Tonic and thinks that's just the thing.

Le Rêve Trailer (1931)

22 July 1931

Believe It or Not #10 Trailer (1931)

24 July 1931

This entry in the Believe It or Not series (#10) finds Mr. Ripley aboard a US naval ship speaking to a group of sailors.

Believe It or Not #11 Trailer (1931)

24 July 1931

In this entry, passengers enter a mockup of an airplane. During the flight, Robert Ripley shows the "passengers" several oddities across the United States.

Alma do Brasil Trailer (1931)

18 July 1931

The film tells the story of the removal of Laguna in the Paraguayan War. The nonlinear storyline starts showing the military visiting the graveyard of heroes of the battle.

The Magnificent Lie Trailer (1931)

25 July 1931

A nightclub singer, taking pity on a blind soldier, pretends that she is the woman he once loved before he was wounded.

Passeport 13.444 Trailer (1931)

08 July 1931

Charles Hackett with Rosa Low in an Excerpt from Gounod's 'Romeo and Juliet' Trailer (1931)

15 July 1931

Charles Hackett & Rosa Low perform scenes from 'Romeo and Juliet'.