Movie Trailers - September 1931

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Popular trailers for movies released in September 1931

Total trailers found: 84

Monkey Business Trailer (1931)

19 September 1931

Four stowaways get mixed up with gangsters while running riot on an ocean liner.

Five Star Final Trailer (1931)

26 September 1931

An unscrupulous newspaper editor searches for headlines at any cost.

Come Clean Trailer (1931)

19 September 1931

The Hardys wish to have a quiet evening in their apartment, but are interrupted when the Laurels pay a visit.

Smart Woman Trailer (1931)

11 September 1931

Wife turns tables on cheating hubby.

Waterloo Bridge Trailer (1931)

01 September 1931

In World War I London, Myra is an American out of work chorus girl making ends meet by picking up men on Waterloo Bridge.

Sundown Trail Trailer (1931)

11 September 1931

Dorothy, and her big city lawyer boyfriend, return to the Lazy 'B' ranch to read her late father's will.

The Squaw Man Trailer (1931)

04 September 1931

Jim Wyngate, an English aristocrat, comes to the American West under a cloud of suspicion for embezzlement actually committed by his cousin Lord Henry.

Murder at Midnight Trailer (1931)

01 September 1931

Wealthy Mr. Kennedy shoots his secretary, Channing, during a parlor game, but it turns out the gun was loaded with real bullets.

Smile, Darn Ya, Smile! Trailer (1931)

05 September 1931

The wacky/jolly/hair-raising adventures of singing streetcar conductor Foxy.

The Mad Parade Trailer (1931)

18 September 1931

The story of eight women and how they served their country during World War I.

I Surrender Dear Trailer (1931)

13 September 1931

A short musical comedic romance starring Bing Crosby as ... Bing Crosby. This 2 reel short was directed by Mack Sennett.

The Smart Set-Up Trailer (1931)

30 September 1931

A womanizing night club singer who has his pick of many beautiful showgirls tries to climb socially and break into society but soon discovers the social and class differences are insurmountable.

The Pagan Lady Trailer (1931)

07 September 1931

Dot starts out as a bartender in Havana when in walks Dingo Mike (Charles Bickford) and orders up a drink that sounds like something you'd consume on a dare.

You're Driving Me Crazy Trailer (1931)

18 September 1931

This short starts and ends very well, with animated sequences and a great deal of jazzy scat singing being done by various animals, all to the musical strains of the song, "You're Driving Me Crazy".

Isle of Intrigue Trailer (1931)

26 September 1931

The pearling schooners of a trading firm are being robbed by a mysterious pirate. The son of the owner of the firm (James Alexander) goes to the South Pacific island of Avita to investigate and uncover the pirate's identity, vindicating a man who has been unjustly accused.

Weenie Roast Trailer (1931)

13 September 1931

Krazy Kat and his unidentified female companion go to the beach for a picnic

One Night Trailer (1931)

13 September 1931

The Beckius family is living near the border to Russia. The youngest son, Armas, is living a wild life that eventually leads to a break with the family after which he joins the Russian Revolution.

Fishin' Around Trailer (1931)

24 September 1931

Mickey takes Pluto fishing in a boat on a lake, but they aren't too successful. The fish mock them, and even steal the bait can.

10 Condemned Trailer (1931)

19 September 1931

The Clock Store Trailer (1931)

28 September 1931

The various clocks and watches in a clock store dance, ring alarms musically, and otherwise entertain us in an after hours presentation.

Bosko Shipwrecked! Trailer (1931)

19 September 1931

Bosko is shipwrecked on an island where he is chased by a lion and pursued by simian cannibals.

The Village Specialist Trailer (1931)

12 September 1931

This cartoon about how Flip, the village handyman gets called in to deal with a piece of plumbing that won't stop leaking is well constructed, paced and drawn -- the Rube Goldberg pipes in the cellar are quite a sight.

The Big Gamble Trailer (1931)

27 September 1931

A gambler fakes his death so he can pay off his creditors with the insurance money.

The Spider Trailer (1931)

27 September 1931

Lowe plays Chatrand the Great, a magician with great hypnotic and magical powers. During his evening performance at an upscale theater, a murder occurs.

Caught Plastered Trailer (1931)

05 September 1931

Set in a drugstore the boys take on to save a nice old lady from the clutches of the local charming crook.

Gloria Trailer (1931)

29 September 1931

This is the German version of Gloria with Gustav Fröhlich & Brigitte Helm in the leads. A French version was filmed simultaneously with André Luguet & Brigitte Helm in the leads.

Graft Trailer (1931)

21 September 1931

Cub reporter Dusty investigates the murder of the District Attorney and stumbles into a plot involving a kidnapping and a crooked election.

Mickey's Wildcats Trailer (1931)

11 September 1931

Mickey and the gang come across a baby. Billy Barty plays a dual role.

Rebound Trailer (1931)

17 September 1931

A woman struggles to rekindle the affection of her husband.

Alexander Hamilton Trailer (1931)

12 September 1931

The founding father (George Arliss) has an extramarital affair and meets with the likes of Thomas Jefferson (Montagu Love).

A Lesson in Love Trailer (1931)

25 September 1931

Helen Kane, who went on to provide the voice of the cartoon character Betty Boop, is featured singing that classic co-dependent anthem, "I Love Myself Because You Love Me.

Mickey's Thrill Hunters Trailer (1931)

18 September 1931

Mickey and the gang wind up in Harold Lloyd territory, when the kids work as window washers on a dangerous skyscraper.

Devotion Trailer (1931)

25 September 1931

A young Londoner (Ann Harding) disguises herself to become governess of the son of the barrister (Leslie Howard) she loves.

A Dangerous Affair Trailer (1931)

29 September 1931

Holt plays police lieutenant McHenry, while Graves is his friendly rival, crime reporter Wally Cook. After the two men verbally duel over a variety of details, they hunker down to business, that of solving the murder of a lawyer who was in the midst of reading a will to a motley collection of heirs.

Lady, Play Your Mandolin! Trailer (1931)

01 September 1931

In this first Merrie Melodie short, things are hopping at a certain Mexican café. And then Foxy walks in and the customers go really wild.

Who Takes Love Seriously? Trailer (1931)

27 September 1931

Max Hansen and Willi Schur play two small-time criminals who steal dogs from their owners in the hope that they will get a reward.

Jail Birds Trailer (1931)

22 September 1931

Flip is a jail warden who has to deal with an escaped convict. Working with his horse, who seems almost as intelligent as he is, it has some amazing moments.

Sunday Clothes Trailer (1931)

23 September 1931

In this one, the boy character is getting ready to go to Sunday school with his dog. On the way, he encounters bullies not to mention a stereotypical Italian in a manhole.

Kentucky Belles Trailer (1931)

01 September 1931

Oswald the Rabbit and a horse race.

Alice in Wonderland Trailer (1931)

29 September 1931

The first "talking" movie version of "Alice in Wonderland," produced in Fort Lee, New Jersey, in 1931, two years before Paramount's all-star production.

The Phantom of Paris Trailer (1931)

12 September 1931

Bibi is a world class escape artist, but he cannot escape the false murder charge that is placed on him.

A Honeymoon Adventure Trailer (1931)

21 September 1931

An exciting tale of international crooks and stolen plans, in which an inventor is kidnapped by foreign agents whilst honeymooning in Scotland.

I Like Your Nerve Trailer (1931)

12 September 1931

Romance and political intrigue highlight director William C. McGann's 1931 comedy about a playboy smitten with the stepdaughter of a corrupt government official in a fictional Central American country.

Sidewalks of New York Trailer (1931)

26 September 1931

A dim-witted slumlord tries to reform a gang of urban boys (and impress an attractive young woman) by transforming their rough neighborhood into a more decent place.

Street Scene Trailer (1931)

05 September 1931

The setting is one anonyomous city block during a sweltering summer, where the residents - Italian and Jew, Swede and German and Irish - serve as representatives of the not-very-idealized American melting pot.

The Brat Trailer (1931)

19 September 1931

A society novelist brings a brash young chorus girl home in order to study her for inspiration for his new novel.

Douro, Faina Fluvial Trailer (1931)

21 September 1931

Short silent documentary from 1931 about those working on the River Douro in Oporto.

Benares: The Hindu Heaven Trailer (1931)

15 September 1931

Fitzpatrick Traveltalks

The Congress Dances Trailer (1931)

29 September 1931

Vienna glove-sales-lady Christl falls in love to Czar Alexander. Metternich tries to use this to keep him out of the conferences of the Vienna Congress from 1815.

The Family Shoe Trailer (1931)

13 September 1931

This is about the little old lady who lived in a shoe and had so many kids she's didn't know what to do.

Meine Frau, die Hochstaplerin Trailer (1931)

17 September 1931

Madeira: A Garden in the Sea Trailer (1931)

15 September 1931

A Traveltalk visit to Portugal's autonomous island group in the Atlantic Ocean. We learn that many of the things associated with the islands were actually instituted by British explorers who visited the island several hundred years before the Portuguese.

Australian Wines Trailer (1931)

18 September 1931

Propaganda - advertising. Animated titles spelling out the message - "Austalian wines:- In the sunlit vineyards of Australia grow luscious grapes for wines, pressed and bottled into sweet, dry, or sparkling vintages.

Minding the Baby Trailer (1931)

26 September 1931

Bimbo's minding his baby brother, but neighbor Betty Boop (with dog's ears) wants him to come over and play.

Julius Sizzer Trailer (1931)

06 September 1931

After the success of "Little Caesar," "Public Enemy" and "Scarface," here is the inevitable parody, in which Liddle Sizzer engages in a vicious Chicago gang war.

The Galloping Ghost Trailer (1931)

01 September 1931

A gambling ring run out of the Mogul Taxi company is intent on fixing college football games. Football star Harold "Red" Grange is a target for the gamblers, whose thugs try to eliminate Grange from playing.

Football 40 Years Ago Trailer (1931)

30 September 1931

Pop Warner shows 1890s football equipment and explains to his modern 1931 team how the game was played.

Purpur und Waschblau Trailer (1931)

23 September 1931

Daughter of the Dragon Trailer (1931)

05 September 1931

Princess Ling Moy, a young and beautiful Chinese aristocrat lives next door, unbeknownst to her, to Dr.

Mein Herz sehnt sich nach Liebe Trailer (1931)

13 September 1931