Movie Trailers - June 1931

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Popular trailers for movies released in June 1931

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The Delivery Boy Trailer (1931)

12 June 1931

Delivery boy Mickey encounters Minnie washing clothes and singing. He stops for a quick song and dance with her.

Charlie Chan in The Black Camel Trailer (1931)

21 June 1931

Movie star Shelah Fane is seeing wealthy Alan Jaynes while filming in Honolulu, Hawaii, but won't marry him without consulting famed psychic Tanaverro first.

The Busy Beavers Trailer (1931)

29 June 1931

A group of beavers cheerily build a dam in this Silly Symphony.

Transgression Trailer (1931)

27 June 1931

When British mining engineer Paul Cavanagh is sent to India on an extended business trip, his wife Kay Francis finds romance with Spanish playboy Ricardo Cortez.

Just A Gigolo Trailer (1931)

06 June 1931

A playboy pretends to be a paid escort in order to court--and test the moral character of--a young British socialite.

A Free Soul Trailer (1931)

02 June 1931

An alcoholic lawyer who successfully defended a notorious gambler on a murder charge objects when his free-spirited daughter becomes romantically involved with him.

Five and Ten Trailer (1931)

13 June 1931

John owns the largest chain of five and ten cent stores in the country. He moves his family to New York from Kansas City and their life, though grand, is falling apart due to his constant working.

Everything’s Rosie Trailer (1931)

13 June 1931

A little orphan girl walks into the life of a hand-to-mouth carnival huckster. He teaches her the ropes and raises her as his own.

On purge bébé Trailer (1931)

21 June 1931

A little boy won't go to the bathroom, which leads to all sorts of complications for his parents and their friends.

Big Business Girl Trailer (1931)

12 June 1931

A young woman goes to New York and finds success in advertising thanks to her legs while her boyfriend spends the summer in Europe with his band.

Yodeling Yokels Trailer (1931)

01 June 1931

Bosko and Honey yodel happily in the Alps until a series of disasters end with Honey rushing downriver on an ice floe.

The Vanishing Legion Trailer (1931)

01 June 1931

A mysterious master criminal known as The Voice plots with his gang to sabotage the Milesburg Oil Company, but the rightful heir has a secret army of her own to protect her rights.

Arizona Trailer (1931)

27 June 1931

A West Point graduate (John Wayne) jilts his girlfriend (Laura La Plante) but runs into her later at an Army outpost.

Daphnis and Chloe Trailer (1931)

27 June 1931

In Lesvos, shepherd Lamonas someday finds an abandoned baby boy suckling a goat and adopts it, and names him Daphnis.

Gold Dust Gertie Trailer (1931)

27 June 1931

Early 30s pre-code comedy about a woman attempting to get her two ex-husbands to pay back alimony.

Goldie Trailer (1931)

27 June 1931

Sailor Spike dates girls whose names he finds in an address book. Each girl has the same tatoo, placed there by another sailor Bill.

I Take This Woman Trailer (1931)

26 June 1931

A wealthy New York socialite falls for and marries a cowboy while out West. Her father disinherits her, and after trying to make a go of it as a cowboy's wife, they agree to divorce and she returns back east to her family.

Autour d'une enquête Trailer (1931)

05 June 1931

Wir schalten um auf Hollywood Trailer (1931)

09 June 1931

A German reporter visits Hollywood and is escorted through the MGM Studio by a German nobleman, who is working there as an extra.

Daddy Long Legs Trailer (1931)

05 June 1931

Wealthy Jervis Pendleton acts as benefactor for orphan Judy Abbott, anonymously sponsoring her in her boarding school.

Screen Snapshots (Series 10, No. 8) Trailer (1931)

01 June 1931

Pola Negri, Bebe Daniels, Mitzi Green, Polly Moran, Mack Sennett and Marjorie Beebe are seen relaxing at Palm Springs, a California winter resort; Barbara Stanwyck and Ricardo Cortez play golf; other celebrities are shown at Malibu Beach.

The Viking Trailer (1931)

21 June 1931

Originally called White Thunder, American producer Varick Frissell's 1931 film was inspired by his love for the Canadian Arctic Circle.

Success Trailer (1931)

30 June 1931

Elmer proposes to Molly, but she says he needs her fathers permission. He wants Elmer to become a ballplayer, but his eyesight keeps getting him into trouble.

The Herring Murder Case Trailer (1931)

26 June 1931

The Herring is murdered, and detective Bimbo is trying to find his killer.

Mairi: The Romance of a Highland Maiden Trailer (1931)

18 June 1931

A tale of smuggling and romance in the Highlands

The Messenger Boy Trailer (1931)

28 June 1931

Benny Rubin is a Messenger Boy who gets into trouble with everyone.

Rodney Steps In Trailer (1931)

30 June 1931

A carefree aristocrat becomes involved with a woman suspected of murder, and assists her in proving her innocence.

Poor Old Bill Trailer (1931)

22 June 1931

A man sponges off an old comrade from the First World War who believes he has saved his life during the war, although this ultimately proves not to be true.

Panic in Chicago Trailer (1931)

22 June 1931

A german movie about gangster life in Chicago

Glamour Trailer (1931)

05 June 1931

A young, ruthless woman falls in love with a rising actor.

Young Donovan's Kid Trailer (1931)

06 June 1931

A crusader tries to keep a dope dealer from corrupting children.

Party Husband Trailer (1931)

06 June 1931

Party Husband finds ex-Ziegfield Girl Dorothy playing the better half of a thoroughly “modern marriage” whose openness threatens to bring about its premature end.

Never Trouble Trouble Trailer (1931)

05 June 1931

A comedy film directed by Lupino Lane.

Annabelle's Affairs Trailer (1931)

14 June 1931

After only 11 hours of marriage, Annabelle and her husband separate-not knowing what each other truly looks like.

Stepping Stones Trailer (1931)

01 June 1931

A musical film directed by Geoffrey Benstead

Mickey's Rebellion Trailer (1931)

23 June 1931

A.k.a. "Mickey's Revolution". Needing to raise money for their caddy friend, Mickey and the gang put on a show.

The Gigolo Racket Trailer (1931)

15 June 1931

As a publicity stunt, a musical comedy star announces her engagement to a young man she believes is a gigolo, with whom she eventually falls in love.

The Lawyer's Secret Trailer (1931)

06 June 1931

Sailor Joe Hart, who is spending his shore leave at a gambling joint, sells his gun to young Laurie Roberts after losing terribly.

Let's Do Things Trailer (1931)

06 June 1931

Zasu & Thelma go out with two idiots to a nightclub.

Cab Waiting Trailer (1931)

19 June 1931

In an erudite driver's taxi, Jack Benny shares a ride with a very pretty and delightfully flirtatious young lady.

Blue Grass Kings Trailer (1931)

13 June 1931

Opens at the C. V. Whitney Farms (the future movie-producer) in the blue-grass area of Lexington, Kentucky and shows the new crop of colts that will be trained for horse racing.

That Old Gang of Mine Trailer (1931)

10 June 1931

An alley cat pining for her tom is cheered up by a friendly mouse; the title song is presented with a Bouncing Ball.

The Wife's Family Trailer (1931)

03 June 1931

Farcical confusions ensue when newlywed bride Peggy Gay overhears her husband Jack discussing the purchase of a piano, and somehow interprets what he has said to mean he is the father of an illegitimate child.

Dugan of the Badlands Trailer (1931)

23 June 1931

Twenty Legs Under the Sea Trailer (1931)

05 June 1931

Bimbo is out on the ocean, fishing in a lifeboat, when he catches a big one -- or it catches him and drags him down to the bottom of the ocean.

Stout Hearts and Willing Hands Trailer (1931)

15 June 1931

Stout Hearts and Willing Hands is a 1931 short comedy film directed by Bryan Foy. It was nominated for an Academy Award in 1932 for Best Short Subject (Comedy), but was disqualified.

Old Man Goichi Trailer (1931)

03 June 1931

Men of the Sky Trailer (1931)

20 June 1931

In the years before World War I, a love affair takes place between an American pilot named Jack Ames and a French spy named Madeleine Aubert.

Ships of Hate Trailer (1931)

15 June 1931

A cruel sea captain (Charles Middleton) oversees a rough crew.

Schachmatt Trailer (1931)

01 June 1931

La stella del cinema Trailer (1931)

19 June 1931

A young woman accidentally becomes a movie star.

Menschen hinter Gittern Trailer (1931)

23 June 1931

How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones No. 4: 'The Mashie Niblick' Trailer (1931)

02 June 1931

Bobby Jones instructs on the use of the Mashie Niblick.