Movie Trailers - July 1956

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Popular trailers for movies released in July 1956

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Somebody Up There Likes Me Trailer (1956)

03 July 1956

Rocky Graziano is building a career in crime, when he's finally caught and arrested. In jail, he is undisciplined, always getting into trouble.

Satellite in the Sky Trailer (1956)

21 July 1956

A bomb dooms the first space satellite, manned by a selfless crew, a stowaway reporter (Lois Maxwell) and a mad scientist (Donald Wolfit).

Earth vs. the Flying Saucers Trailer (1956)

04 July 1956

After aliens fail to effectively manage their time-space communications devices and botch an attempt to contact rocket scientist Dr.

High Society Trailer (1956)

17 July 1956

Childhood friends Tracy Lord and C.K. Dexter Haven got married and quickly divorced. Now Tracy is about to marry again, this time to a shrewd social-climbing businessman.

Reach for the Sky Trailer (1956)

05 July 1956

The true story of airman Douglas Bader who overcame the loss of both legs in a 1931 flying accident to become a successful fighter pilot and wing leader during World War II.

Run for the Sun Trailer (1956)

30 July 1956

Mike, a Hemingway-esque adventure novelist, is spending his days in a self-imposed exile somewhere in Central America.

Davy Crockett and the River Pirates Trailer (1956)

18 July 1956

Davy Crockett and his sidekick Georgie compete against boastful Mike Fink ("King of the River") in a boat race to New Orleans.

The Fastest Gun Alive Trailer (1956)

12 July 1956

Whenever it becomes known how good he is with guns, ex-gunman George and his wife Dora have to flee the town, in fear of all the gunmen who might want to challenge him.

The Calculus Affair Trailer (1956)

31 July 1956

It Conquered the World Trailer (1956)

14 July 1956

An alien from Venus tries to take over the world with the help of a disillusioned human scientist.

Dakota Incident Trailer (1956)

23 July 1956

Indians attack a stagecoach, and a disparate band of passengers must band together to fight them off.

Hot Rod Girl Trailer (1956)

04 July 1956

After his kid brother is killed in a street race, a champion drag-racer quits racing. However, a new kid comes to town determined to force him back into racing so he can take his title--and he's already taken his girlfriend.

Foreign Intrigue Trailer (1956)

12 July 1956

Millionaire Victor Danemore, living on the French Riviera, dies suddenly of a heart attack. His secretary, Dave Bishop, wants to know more about his employer's life.

In the Bag Trailer (1956)

27 July 1956

The tourists have left behind lots of trash. Ranger Woodlore enlists his bears to clean up by turning the task into a game (and a dance), but when he takes to his hammock, they see through his ruse.

Plucking the Daisy Trailer (1956)

25 July 1956

When ultra-respectable General Dumont discovers that his nubile daughter Agnes is "A.D.", author of a scandalous under-the-counter novel, he wants her shipped to a convent; but she escapes to Paris, planning to live with her brother, ostensibly a rich artist but really a poor guide in the Balzac Museum.

Jack and Old Mac Trailer (1956)

18 July 1956

Two stylized nursery rhymes are shown. First is "The House That Jack Built" as told with a variety of characters composed of letters that spell out their names (Example: the cow is made up of an intertwined C, O, and W).

Don't Look Back, My Son Trailer (1956)

15 July 1956

Engineer and leftist illegal Neven Novak runs away from a train in which Ustashas transport their prisoners to the prison camp Jasenovac.

Santiago Trailer (1956)

13 July 1956

Two American gun runners at odds with each other and looking to sell guns to the rebels during the Cuban War of Independence navigate a boat to Cuba.

How to Have an Accident in the Home Trailer (1956)

08 July 1956

It's a peaceful day in a local city when suddenly, duck J.J. Fate appears to lecture us on how "fate" isn't to blame for accidents, people are! He uses Donald Duck as an example.

Crazed Fruit Trailer (1956)

12 July 1956

Spending their summer on an exotic beach, two brothers fall for the same beautiful girl, whose charm and looks may hide more than they they bargained for.

Barbary Coast Bunny Trailer (1956)

21 July 1956

After Bugs' giant gold nugget is stolen by Nasty Canasta, he tries to win it back at Canasta's San Francisco gambling hall.

Valley of Peace Trailer (1956)

23 July 1956

When the planes bombed a Slovene town, a Slovene boy and a German girl set on a journey towards the valley, in which there is no war.

Girls in Prison Trailer (1956)

01 July 1956

An inmate is persuaded to take part in a breakout by cellmates anxious to cash in on loot they believe she has hidden.

Stupor Duck Trailer (1956)

06 July 1956

Daffy Duck does Superman as Stupor Duck (aka mild-mannered reporter Cluck Trent) takes on the villainous yet nonexistent Aardvark Ratnik.

Storm Center Trailer (1956)

31 July 1956

Politicians go after a small-town librarian when she refuses to ban a book. She's quickly labeled a Communist.

Big and Small Trailer (1956)

15 July 1956

Under a police pursuit, Pavle tries to transfer a group of illegals on a free liberated territory. Pavle hopes to find a hideaway at an old friend Stevan, but these expectations fail.

Rebel in Town Trailer (1956)

30 July 1956

Ex-Confederate Bedloe Mason and his four sons ride into a small Western town with robbery in mind. Hearing a suspicious "click," Wes Mason whirls and shoots dead a boy playing with a cap pistol.

Fire Maidens of Outer Space Trailer (1956)

01 July 1956

An astronaut (Anthony Dexter) and crew land on Jupiter's 13th moon and find a monster and women from Atlantis.

Sju vackra flickor Trailer (1956)

22 July 1956

Unsuccessful composer Stig disguises himself as a woman to play in ex-fiancee Sonja's seven piece women's orchestra, which is temporarily short one member, at a hotel.

Die Fischerin vom Bodensee Trailer (1956)

24 July 1956

Susaki Paradise - Red Light District Trailer (1956)

31 July 1956

A jobless young couple, Yoshigi and Tsutue, wind up at the outskirts of the Suzaki red-light district in Tokyo.

Pulverschnee nach Übersee Trailer (1956)

20 July 1956

The Wages of Sin Trailer (1956)

10 July 1956

Bourgeois melodrama about the family of a wealthy businessman in La Rochelle, who dismisses the marriage of his only daughter with a journalist.

Ghost-Cat of Gojusan-Tsugi Trailer (1956)

19 July 1956

A power struggle in the fief of Okazaki causes the death of Namiji, a nobleman's daughter. As her fiancé seeks revenge, he finds Namiji's cat helping him.

The Ambassador's Daughter Trailer (1956)

26 July 1956

While on leave in Paris, a G.I. pursues an ambassador's daughter. Meanwhile she's out to prove to her father that soldiers can be gentlemen, too.

Frontier Gambler Trailer (1956)

01 July 1956

A deputy marshal arrives in the small western town of Fairweather to investigate the death of a beautiful gambler known as "The Princess".

Disneyland Dream Trailer (1956)

31 July 1956

A home movie made by Robbins and Meg Barstow that documents their family's free trip to the newly opened Disneyland.

Three for Jamie Dawn Trailer (1956)

08 July 1956

An unscrupulous attorney attempts to rig the jury vote in a murder trial. Released in 1956.

The Werewolf Trailer (1956)

01 July 1956

Two scientists inject an unsuspecting auto accident victim with a mysterious serum causing horrible results.

Hold That Rock Trailer (1956)

29 July 1956

Smedley is the manager of Balancing Rock Canyon where various boulders are perched atop high poles. As Smedley explains, the slightest noise is enough to send the rocks tumbling ("You gotta be quieter than a goldfish in a sound-proof aquarium") so it's hardly a surprise that he panics when Chilly Willy arrives selling various loud noisemakers among them firecrackers, a "boomerang brick", a joy buzzer, novelty gun, and exploding telephone.

Depois Eu Conto Trailer (1956)

27 July 1956

Zé da Bomba dreams of being rich, and his neighbour dreams of being an artist and having an affair with him.

Chori Chori Trailer (1956)

06 July 1956

Kammo lives a very wealthy lifestyle with her widowed multi-millionaire dad, Girhdarilal, who would like her to get married to someone who is not after their wealth.

Pedro and Lorenzo Trailer (1956)

12 July 1956

A musical story about a boy and his pet bull. They both grow up and must face each other in the arena.

Edge of Hell Trailer (1956)

01 July 1956

In this heart-warming drama, a beggar and his performing dog, Flip, struggle to eke out a living upon the cruel streets.

Magnificent Roughnecks Trailer (1956)

21 July 1956

Two oilmen coax a cook, an oilwoman and a gusher in South America.

La tercera palabra Trailer (1956)

03 July 1956

The English-language title of this Mexican musical was The Third Word. Singer Pedro Infante stars as a pampered young man who is sheltered by his doting aunts.

Assault and Flattery Trailer (1956)

02 July 1956

Bluto is accusing Popeye in judge Wimpy's courtroom. Bluto tells a sad tale of how Popeye attacked hl

History of the Cinema Trailer (1956)

31 July 1956

A humorously semi-factual account of the history of cinema.

Before Sundown Trailer (1956)

06 July 1956

Based on a play by Gerhardt Hauptmann, the film details a bittersweet May-December romance between ageing Mathias Clausen (Albers) and young, beautiful Inken Peters (Annemarie Dueringer).

The Ghosts of Yotsuya Trailer (1956)

12 July 1956

Oiwa has been searching for the one who killed her father for a long time. She comes to Yedo and sees a man named Naosuke.

Revenge of the Pearl Queen Trailer (1956)

05 July 1956

Kizaki, an upstart at a trading company has one more assignment for the day before meeting his lovely girlfriend, Natsuki for a date.

Hold Back the Night Trailer (1956)

29 July 1956

A Marine officer (John Payne) goes through Korea with the bottle of Scotch that his wife (Mona Freeman) gave him in the last war.

Tante Tut fra Paris Trailer (1956)

23 July 1956

Excursion to Treasure Isle Trailer (1956)

20 July 1956

The story is a dramatization of the Japanese folklore legend of Momotaro, the Peach Boy, who with his trusted companions of dog, monkey and pheasant fought against evil in olden times.

El vividor Trailer (1956)

11 July 1956

Con-artist cleans up his act to score points with a new girlfriend.

Congo Crossing Trailer (1956)

01 July 1956

Director Joseph Pevney's 1956 jungle drama, set in Africa, stars Virginia Mayo, George Nader, Peter Lorre, Michael Pate, Kathryn Givney, Raymond Bailey and Rex Ingram.

The Swamp Trailer (1956)

05 July 1956

Horror film directed by Eiichi Koishi.

Johnny Concho Trailer (1956)

01 July 1956

In Johnny Concho, Frank Sinatra plays a man who goes from the town bully to town coward!

Kein Platz für wilde Tiere Trailer (1956)

02 July 1956

Directed by Bernhard Grzimek & Michael Grzimek

Beichtgeheimnis Trailer (1956)

19 July 1956