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Popular trailers for movies released in June 1953

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The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms Trailer (1953)

13 June 1953

The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms is a 1953 science fiction film directed by Eugène Lourié and stars Paul Christian, Paula Raymond and Cecil Kellaway with visual effects by Ray Harryhausen.

The Return of Don Camillo Trailer (1953)

05 June 1953

After his battles with the communist mayor Peppone, Don Camillo is sent in exile by his bishop in a remote village.

Dream Wife Trailer (1953)

19 June 1953

Clemson Reade, a business tycoon with marriage on his mind, and Effie, a U.S. diplomat, are a modern couple.

Malta Story Trailer (1953)

01 June 1953

In 1942 Britain was clinging to the island of Malta since it was critical to keeping Allied supply lines open.

South Sea Woman Trailer (1953)

27 June 1953

Marine Sergeant James O'Hearn is being tried at the San Diego Marine base for desertion, theft, scandalous conduct and destruction of property in time of war.

Julius Caesar Trailer (1953)

04 June 1953

The assassination of the would be ruler of Rome at the hands of Brutus and company has tragic consequences for the idealist and the republic.

Four Sided Triangle Trailer (1953)

15 June 1953

A young man, in love with a woman who can never be his, discovers a way to fulfil his dreams. In their childhood the three were the best of friends, the perfect triangle.

Mesa of Lost Women Trailer (1953)

17 June 1953

A mad scientist, Dr. Aranya (Jackie Coogan), has created giant spiders in his Mexican lab in Zarpa Mesa to create a race of superwomen by injecting spiders with human pituitary growth hormones.

The Wayward Wife Trailer (1953)

08 June 1953

The ever-growing popularity of Gina Lollobrigida was a decided box-office asset when the Italian La Provinciale was distributed to the U.

Let's Do It Again Trailer (1953)

16 June 1953

Color remake of The Awful Truth.

The Vanquished Trailer (1953)

03 June 1953

A man returns to his home -- a post Civil-War village -- and finds the law is in the hands of a few scrupulous people.

Doña Mariquita de mi corazón Trailer (1953)

04 June 1953

Adolfo, the son of Dona Mariquita, is committed to Marisa to please his mother, but his real love is Paz.

Tarzan and the She-Devil Trailer (1953)

18 June 1953

The king of the jungle fights off ivory poachers.

Robot Monster Trailer (1953)

25 June 1953

Ro-Man, an alien robot who greatly resembles a gorilla in a diving helmet, is sent to earth to destroy all human life.

Arena Trailer (1953)

24 June 1953

Left by his wife (Polly Bergen), a vain rodeo star (Gig Young) picks up a floozy (Jean Hagen) and rides a bad Brahman bull.

Affair With A Stranger Trailer (1953)

20 June 1953

Director Roy Rowland's 1953 drama, depicting the rocky marriage of a young model and her Broadway playwright-husband, stars Victor Mature, Jean Simmons, Jane Darwell, Dabbs Greer, Nicholas Joy, Lillian Bronson and George Cleveland.

Father's Week-End Trailer (1953)

20 June 1953

Goofy plays everyman again. He's an average working joe who demonstrates "the up on time/work on time/bed on time" routine while going from work to home every weekday.

Wuthering Heights Trailer (1953)

30 June 1953

Gone several years, the brooding Alejandro returns to the hacienda of his foster sister, Catalina, whom he loves, to find her married to the wealthy and effete Eduardo.

Powder River Trailer (1953)

07 June 1953

Ex-marshal Chino Bull has hung up his guns until his prospecting partner is shot dead. Chino then takes over as the law in town, forming a friendship with gun-man Mitch Hardin and making enemies of the Logan brothers.

All I Desire Trailer (1953)

25 June 1953

In 1910, a wayward mother re-visits the family she deserted.

Chuk and Gek Trailer (1953)

02 June 1953

Followed by his two sons, Chuk and Gek, an engineer-explorer heads for a geologists'camp lost in the Ural white wilderness.

Take Me to Town Trailer (1953)

19 June 1953

Saloon entertainer Vermilion O'Toole and her former partner in crime Newt Cole escape from a train ride to prison and hide out in logging town Timberline.

The Battleship Yamato Trailer (1953)

15 June 1953

The film is about the Yamato's suicide mission to Okinawa in March 1945 to defend the homeland threatened by U.

A Queen Is Crowned Trailer (1953)

02 June 1953

A lavish documentary film of Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation in 1953.

Spooks! Trailer (1953)

15 June 1953

The stooges are private detectives hired to find a missing girl. The boys disguise as pie salesmen and end up wandering around a mad scientist's mansion, trying to find the girl.

Sailor of the King Trailer (1953)

11 June 1953

A British naval officer has a brief affair with a woman in England and never knows that she bears him a son.

The Neanderthal Man Trailer (1953)

19 June 1953

A scientist develops a formula which will cause animals to regress to the form of their primitive ancestors, and tries it on himself with disastrous results.

Anatahan Trailer (1953)

28 June 1953

Twelve Japanese seamen are stranded on an abandoned and forgotten island called Anatahan for seven tense years of internal strife.

A Day in Court Trailer (1953)

06 June 1953

Magistrate (Judge) Del Russo presides over four cases brough before him during a period of one day. "Adultery in 16mm" focus on Elena who brings her salesman husband to court on charges of abandonment where he springs surprise evidence involving her affair with her lawyer.

L'incantevole nemica Trailer (1953)

14 June 1953

The owner of a cheese factory fears communists and mistakes a meek youth who works for him for one of them.

The Lone Hand Trailer (1953)

26 June 1953

Western starring Joel McCrea as a law enforcement officer who goes undercover and pretends to be an outlaw.

The Lost Planet Trailer (1953)

04 June 1953

Dr. Ernst Grood , having already dominated the planet Ergro, now intends to take over the control of the Earth.

Run for the Hills Trailer (1953)

01 June 1953

Fearing nuclear war, an insurance man (Sonny Tufts) moves to a cave with his wife (Barbara Payton) and family.

A Japanese Tragedy Trailer (1953)

17 June 1953

At the close of the war in Japan, a widowed mother makes every possible sacrifice to bring up her ungrateful son and daughter who are unimpressed with their poor standard of living at home.

City That Never Sleeps Trailer (1953)

12 June 1953

Chicago cop Johnny Kelly, dissatisfied with his job and marriage, would like to run away with his stripper girlfriend Angel Face, but keeps getting cold feet.

The Farmer Takes a Wife Trailer (1953)

12 June 1953

Erie Canal, N.Y., 1850: Molly Larkins, cook on Jotham Klore's canal boat, has a love-hate relationship with her boss.

The Phantom Stockman Trailer (1953)

19 June 1953

Kim Marsden inherits a cattle station near Alice Springs after the death of her father. Kim becomes convinced her father was murdered.

Julietta Trailer (1953)

17 June 1953

Julietta is a French comedy comedy romance film from 1953, directed by Marc Allégret, written by Françoise Giroud, starring Dany Robin and Jean Marais.

Miss Robin Hood Trailer (1953)

08 June 1953

In this delightful fantasy adventure, a mild-mannered newspaper columnist (Richard Hearne) finds himself presented with an intriguing proposition from an elderly fan (Margaret Rutherford).

A Slight Case Of Larceny Trailer (1953)

05 June 1953

Two nitwits decide to open a gas station. Comedy.

The Slappiest Days of Our Lives Trailer (1953)

15 June 1953

Laurel is a Scottish reporter suspected of being a spy by police detective James Finlayson. Although trailed by the latter, Stan, who is reporting on the movie world, manages to be hired by Mack Sennett.

Rimskiy-Korsakov Trailer (1953)

06 June 1953

Biographical film about the composer Rimskiy-Korsakov. Belongs to the gallery of costume historical and biographical films of the postwar cinema of the Soviet Union.

Glad Tidings Trailer (1953)

13 June 1953

An English colonel finds love with an American widow, to the displeasure of his children.

Hare Trimmed Trailer (1953)

19 June 1953

Yosemite Sam hears that Granny has inherited fifty million dollars. Good guy Bugs tries to save Granny from Sam's clutches.

The Sea Around Us Trailer (1953)

30 June 1953

Irwin Allen explores the mysteries of the deep blue sea in this Technicolor documentary. Based on Rachel L.

Bot-chan Trailer (1953)

15 June 1953

1953 Toho adaptation of Natsume's novel.

Johnny on the Run Trailer (1953)

01 June 1953

A Polish boy runs away from his unkind foster mother in Edinburgh and finds a new home in a lakeside village for orphans of all nations, after encountering trouble through his innocent implication in a robbery.

Rossana Trailer (1953)

08 June 1953

The title of this grim Emilio Fernandez-directed character study translates to The Net. On the lam from the police, Antonio (Crox Alvaredo) and Jose Luis (Armando Sylvestre) find refuge in a friendly seaside village.

T.V. of Tomorrow Trailer (1953)

06 June 1953

A variety of fanciful innovations in "future" T.V. sets, including a model with a built-in stove, and a number of highly interactive models.

Christopher Crumpet Trailer (1953)

25 June 1953

Through drawings, an illustrator tells his dog the story of a boy named Christopher Crumpet. Christopher can at will change himself from a little boy into a chicken.

Desert Killer Trailer (1953)

27 June 1953

A hunter tracks a sheep-killing cougar.

The Marshal's Daughter Trailer (1953)

25 June 1953

Green Magic Trailer (1953)

08 June 1953

Green Magic (Italian: Magia verde) is a 1953 Italian documentary film directed by Gian Gaspare Napolitano.

Passionate Life of Clemenceau Trailer (1953)

08 June 1953

The life and work of French statesman Georges Clemenceau is detailed in this 80-minute documentary. Using family photographs, newspaper layouts, newsreel clips and other such sources, the film traces Clemenceau from his earliest political triumphs to his dotage.

Murder Without Tears Trailer (1953)

14 June 1953

A man hires someone to murder his wife and use a legal loophole to get away with it.

Jirochô sangokushi: Jirochô to Ishimatsu Trailer (1953)

03 June 1953

The Magic shop Trailer (1953)

06 June 1953

A school student finds a magical store where he can buy things which help to get straight A's with no working at all.

Son of Belle Starr Trailer (1953)

26 June 1953

The son of the notorious female bandit Belle Starr wants to live an honest life, but finds himself getting drawn into his mother's old profession.

Barabbas Trailer (1953)

13 June 1953

The story about the thief who didn't get crucified because Jesus was choosen to take his place.

Wee-Willie Wildcat Trailer (1953)

19 June 1953

Barney, outraged by his neighbor William Wildcat spanking his son, borrows the lad to try applying child psychology.