Movie Trailers - May 1953

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Popular trailers for movies released in May 1953

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Stalag 17 Trailer (1953)

29 May 1953

It's a dreary Christmas 1944 for the American POWs in Stalag 17. For the men in Barracks 4, all sergeants, have to deal with a grave problem - there seems to be a security leak.

It Came from Outer Space Trailer (1953)

26 May 1953

Author & amateur astronomer John Putnam and schoolteacher Ellen Fields witness an enormous meteorite come down near a small town in Arizona, but Putnam becomes a local object of scorn when, after examining the object up close, he announces that it is a spacecraft, and that it is inhabited.

Rough Shoot Trailer (1953)

15 May 1953

An American military officer (Joel McCrea) and his wife (Evelyn Keyes) move to a cottage in what they think is the peaceful English countryside, only to discover the area is a hotbed of spies and secret agents.

The Desert Rats Trailer (1953)

20 May 1953

Richard Burton plays a Scottish Army officer put in charge of a disparate band of ANZAC troops on thm

Pickup on South Street Trailer (1953)

29 May 1953

A pickpocket unwittingly lifts a message destined for enemy agents and becomes a target for a Communist spy ring.

Sea Devils Trailer (1953)

23 May 1953

Gilliatt, a fisherman-turned-smuggler on the isle of Guernsey, agrees to transport a beautiful woman to the French coast in the year 1800.

Split Second Trailer (1953)

02 May 1953

Escaped convicts hold hostages in a ghost town targeted for a nuclear bomb test.

Ant Pasted Trailer (1953)

09 May 1953

Elmer Fudd, on a fourth of July picnic, throws some of his firecrackers into an ant colony, and the ants declare all-out war on him.

The Juggler Trailer (1953)

11 May 1953

A Holocaust survivor moves to Israel and experiences difficulty adjusting to life.

Genevieve Trailer (1953)

28 May 1953

Two friends driving in the London to Brighton vintage car rally bet on which of them will be the first to arrive back home.

Young Bess Trailer (1953)

29 May 1953

The mother died under the executioner's axe; the daughter rose to become England's greatest monarch -- the brilliant and cunning Queen Elizabeth I.

Martin Luther Trailer (1953)

08 May 1953

The dramatic black and white classic film of Martin Luther's life made in the 1950's. This film was originally released in theaters worldwide and nominated for an Academy Award.

Ambush at Tomahawk Gap Trailer (1953)

01 May 1953

Hodiak, Brian, Derek and Teal have just been released from prison. They return to Tomahawk Gap, now a ghost town, to retrieve the money that they stole and was buried by a partner somewhere in the town.

The Sun Shines Bright Trailer (1953)

02 May 1953

John Ford weaves three "Judge Priest" stories together to form a good- natured exploration of honour and small-town politics in the South around the turn of the century.

Thunder Bay Trailer (1953)

21 May 1953

Shrimpers and oilmen clash when an ambitious wildcatter begins constructing an off-shore oilrig.

Scandal at Scourie Trailer (1953)

17 May 1953

After their orphanage burns down, a group of children are being transported west by train to Manitoba.

For Whom the Bulls Toil Trailer (1953)

09 May 1953

Goofy, driving through Mexico, deals with a stubborn bull on the road who eventually charges, and Goofy unwittingly subdues the bull.

Law and Order Trailer (1953)

13 May 1953

Frame Johnson's attempt to settle down in Tombstone is interrupted when a mob tries to mete out some frontier justice.

Don's Fountain of Youth Trailer (1953)

30 May 1953

The boys are more interested in their comic book than the sights on their Florida vacation. When the car breaks down next to the spring "mistaken for the fountain of youth", Donald decides to have some fun with his nephews and hides the part of the sign saying "mistaken for".

Statues Also Die Trailer (1953)

01 May 1953

Short documentary ordered by the magazine "Présence Africaine". From the question "Why is the african in the Human museum while Greek or Egyptian art are in Le Louvre?", the two directors expose and criticise the lack of consideration for African art.

The Desert Song Trailer (1953)

30 May 1953

Shiek Yousseff, poses as a friend of the French while secretly plotting to overthrow them. Apposing Yousseff are the Riffs, whose secret leader, The Red Shadow, is Paul Bonnard, a professor who is studying the desert, and whose attacks on the supply trains intended for Yousseff keep the Riff villages in food.

Melody Trailer (1953)

28 May 1953

An owl teaches his class full of birds about melody. It's all around in nature. Only birds and man can sing; man "sings" even when he speaks.

Never Let Me Go Trailer (1953)

01 May 1953

An American reporter falls in love with a Russian ballet dancer.

Desert Legion Trailer (1953)

08 May 1953

A commander in the Foreign Legion romances a mysterious and exotic princess.

A Lost Letter Trailer (1953)

13 May 1953

The plot take place in 1883 in a small provincial town in Romania, where the corrupt establishment decide everything, including - of course - who will be the "elected" representative to the national Senate.

Tricky Dicks Trailer (1953)

07 May 1953

The stooges are policemen on the trail of a murderer. They unsuccessfully interrogate an Italian organ grinder, among other suspects, and then catch the bad guy after a gun fight that nearly destroys the police station.

Column South Trailer (1953)

20 May 1953

In the weeks prior to the start of the Civil War, Confederate sympathizers hope to help their cause by inciting a Navajo war in the New Mexico Territory.

The Girl Next Door Trailer (1953)

13 May 1953

Stage-and-night club star Jeannie Laird buys her first home, and everyone who is anyone comes to her first garden party only to be blinded by smoke from next door.

Aventura en Río Trailer (1953)

02 May 1953

Tourist gets bonked on the head, suffers an amnesiac fugue, wanders away from her husband and children, becomes an evil prostitute-y thief-y saloon gal.

Southern Fried Rabbit Trailer (1953)

02 May 1953

Southern Fried Rabbit is a Looney Tunes cartoon by Warner Bros. starring Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam.

Toto in Color Trailer (1953)

21 May 1953

'Totò a colori' was the first Italian movie to be shot with a colour film, but the sensitivity was very low (6 asa!) so the actors had to act under a very strong lighting and high temperature.

Loose in London Trailer (1953)

24 May 1953

The Bowery Boys take on British crooks when one of them thinks he's inherited a title.

Raiders of the Seven Seas Trailer (1953)

27 May 1953

After staging a mutiny and commandeering his own ship, famed pirate Barbarossa (John Payne) takes hostage a spirited Spanish noblewoman named Alida (Donna Reed), intending to trade her to her fiancé, Capt.

Iron Mountain Trail Trailer (1953)

08 May 1953

Rex Allen and Slim Pickens are sent from Washington, D.C. to California in 1850 to speed up deliveries of mail to the goldfields, and find a destructive feud raging between two stage-line owners, Sam Sawyer and John Brockway.

The 49th Man Trailer (1953)

20 May 1953

Two federal agents (John Ireland, Richard Denning) do not believe an atomic-bomb threat is just another war game.

Phantom from Space Trailer (1953)

15 May 1953

The story concerns the sighting of a UFO which appears to have crashed in the San Fernando Valley, after which massive interference with teleradio transmission brings FCC investigators into action.

Sangaree Trailer (1953)

17 May 1953

Lamas plays an indentured servant who rises to power in Georgia shortly after the Revolutionary War.

Goldtown Ghost Riders Trailer (1953)

20 May 1953

A singing frontier judge (Gene Autry) dismisses a case of double jeopardy.

Fast Company Trailer (1953)

21 May 1953

The temperamental Carol Maldon leaves New York behind to take control of her father's stable, she inherited.

Bufere Trailer (1953)

29 May 1953

Adaptation of a play written by Sabatino Lopez.

Serpent of the Nile Trailer (1953)

08 May 1953

Cleopatra (Rhonda Fleming) toys with Mark Antony (Raymond Burr), who wants to merge his Rome with her Egypt.

Death Goes to School Trailer (1953)

01 May 1953

Detective Inspector Campbell (Gordon Jackson) looks into the murder of a teacher at a girls school where there are a number of suspects, including her colleagues and the married man she had been seeing.

Much Ado About Nutting Trailer (1953)

23 May 1953

A squirrel in a downtown park lugs a giant coconut back home, but nothing he does can seem to crack it open.

La bestia magnifica (Lucha libre) Trailer (1953)

22 May 1953

The Magnificent Beast (Free Fight) is a 1953 Mexican film. It was directed by Chano Urueta. The first film of the Luchadores genre.

Remains to Be Seen Trailer (1953)

15 May 1953

A girl vocalist and her apartment manager get mixed up in a creepy Park Avenue murder and find themselves facing danger at every turn.

Siren of Bagdad Trailer (1953)

20 May 1953

Director Richard Quine's 1953 adventure comedy about a magician's efforts to rescue a dancing princess stars Patricia Medina, Paul Henreid, Hans Conried, Laurette Luez and Michael Fox.

Quax in Afrika Trailer (1953)

21 May 1953

Savage Frontier Trailer (1953)

15 May 1953

Sam is a parolee who has paid for his dirty deeds. Now determined to go straight and help take care of his hot headed brother and devoted sister, he becomes set upon by both the law, represented by Federal Marshall Rocky Lane, and by his former outlaw buddies led by the notorious William Oakes.

El lunar de la familia Trailer (1953)

20 May 1953

Fernando Mendez's 1953 Spanish-language melodrama El Lunar de la Familia unfurls against the backdrop of a deceptively innocent-sounding family reunion.

Herman the Catoonist Trailer (1953)

14 May 1953

When the cartoonist takes a coffee break and leaves the office for a spell, Katnip and "Hoiman" break the 4th-dimesion wall (and several dozen real walls)with their escapades and conflicts and ideas exchanges.

I dur och skur Trailer (1953)

22 May 1953

Sid och Filibert are identical twins. Sid is a theater manager and composer and when his brother arrives to Stockholm for a position at the Museum of Natural History, Filibert is mistaken for Sid.

Die Rose von Stambul Trailer (1953)

06 May 1953

The Glory Brigade Trailer (1953)

20 May 1953

During the Korean War Lt. Sam Pryor volunteers his platoon to escort Greek troops to perform a reconnaissance mission behind Communist lines.

When the Redskins Rode Trailer (1953)

29 May 1953

A French spy (Mary Castle) flirts with an Indian chief's son (Jon Hall) amid war in 1753 Williamsburg, Va.

Safety Spin Trailer (1953)

20 May 1953

The near-sighted Mr. Magoo (voice of Jim Backus) decides it is time for him to renew his drivers' license.

Knall und Fall als Detektive Trailer (1953)

28 May 1953

Perfidy Trailer (1953)

01 May 1953

A story about a young man tempted to kill his rival for a girl, only to find out that he may be his illegitimate son.

Below the Sahara Trailer (1953)

29 May 1953

The photographic record of an African expedition led by producer-explorer Armand Denis and his (very) photogenic and camera-toting wife Michaela, who goes bird-riding at an ostrich farm.

Hot Rods Trailer (1953)

18 May 1953

The boy mice of the village become hot rod fans and soon it isn't safe to walk the streets. Three cats seize up the situation and challenge the mice to a race, and then set a trap to catch them and make a meal.

Minuit... Quai De Bercy Trailer (1953)

21 May 1953