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Roman Holiday Trailer (1953)

02 September 1953

Overwhelmed by her suffocating schedule, touring European princess Ann takes off for a night while in Rome.

The Fake Trailer (1953)

25 September 1953

An American has to guard da Vinci's "Madonna and Child" when it is being shown in Britain. When it arrives, he suspects it is not the real painting.

Laughing Anne Trailer (1953)

01 September 1953

Story of love affair of captain who runs ship in Java Seas and a French saloon singer. From a story "Because of the dollars" by Joseph Conrad.

The Earrings of Madame de... Trailer (1953)

16 September 1953

In France of the late 19th century, the wife of a wealthy general, the Countess Louise, sells the earrings her husband gave her on their wedding day to pay off debts; she claims to have lost them.

Sawdust and Tinsel Trailer (1953)

14 September 1953

On a gray morning, a circus caravan arrives in the town where Albert the ringmaster's family lives. He hasn't seen them for three years and has taken a mistress, the young and buxom Anne.

The Robe Trailer (1953)

16 September 1953

Marcellus is a tribune in the time of Christ. He is in charge of the group that is assigned to crucify Jesus.

Project Moon Base Trailer (1953)

04 September 1953

In the future (1970) the US sends a mission to the moon to investigate the building of a moon base.

The Captain's Paradise Trailer (1953)

28 September 1953

Mediterranean ferryboat captain Henry St James has things well organized - a loving and very English wife Maud in Gibraltar, and the loving if rather more hot-blooded Mistress, Nita in Tangiers.

Blowing Wild Trailer (1953)

16 September 1953

Wildcatter Jeff Dawson does his best to bring in a gusher in Mexico despite continual bandit raids. He asks for help from his ex-employer Ward Conway, but Conway, now married to Dawson's ex-lover Marina refuses, fearing that his wife will want to renew her romance with the other man.

The Actress Trailer (1953)

25 September 1953

The true story of Ruth Gordon's early struggles on the road to stage stardom.

A Blueprint for Murder Trailer (1953)

01 September 1953

Two orphans, Polly and Doug, live with their stepmother Lynn; Polly collapses with the same mystery symptoms that killed her father.

Island in the Sky Trailer (1953)

05 September 1953

A C-47 transport plane, named the Corsair, makes a forced landing in the frozen wastes of Labrador, and the plane's pilot, Captain Dooley, must keep his men alive in deadly conditions while waiting for rescue.

I Was a Parish Priest Trailer (1953)

30 September 1953

A young priest encounters major problems in the diocese where he must preach the word of the Lord, ms

Donovan's Brain Trailer (1953)

30 September 1953

A scientist takes a the brain of dead man and revives it via electrodes as it lays suspended in a tank of liquid.

Sabre Jet Trailer (1953)

04 September 1953

The story of jet pilots flying over Korea by day, from their Itazuke Air Base in Japan, and of their wives, on station with them, who have dinner ready when they return.

City of Bad Men Trailer (1953)

11 September 1953

Outlaws plan a robbery to take place during a championship prizefight in Carson City, Nevada.

Thy Neighbor's Wife Trailer (1953)

23 September 1953

In 1841, in the small Morovian village of Skalni Hradec, a judge makes his much younger wife witness the public humiliation of an unfaithful wife who is bound with ropes to a wooden half-cross.

Zipping Along Trailer (1953)

18 September 1953

Hypnosis doesn't help the Coyote catch the Road Runner, nor do a clutch of string-controlled rifles or dozens of mousetraps, but they all manage to backfire on him, naturally.

A Street Cat Named Sylvester Trailer (1953)

04 September 1953

The title of this cartoon is a misnomer, because it is in fact Tweety Bird who is the homeless one here, and Sylvester is Granny's pet.

Fermi tutti... arrivo io! Trailer (1953)

03 September 1953

A private detective and a girl obsessed with thriller novels investigate the murder of a rich entrepreneur.

Cat-Women of the Moon Trailer (1953)

03 September 1953

Astronauts travel to the moon where they discover it is inhabited by attractive young women in black tights.

A Lion Is in the Streets Trailer (1953)

23 September 1953

A charismatic peddler from the bayous finds his true calling in politics. Is he a demagogue in the making?

Little Boy Lost Trailer (1953)

21 September 1953

A war correspondent who was stationed in Paris during WW II married a French girl who was murdered by the Nazis.

¡Ay, pena, penita, pena! Trailer (1953)

24 September 1953

Carmela is a Gypsy singer who sells lottery tickets. She meets two penniless Mexican brothers and they buy a ticket between the three: if it is awarded, could share the prize and go to Mexico, they to return to their homeland and her for bullfighter boyfriend whom has no news.

Shadows of Tombstone Trailer (1953)

18 September 1953

Rancher Rex Allen captures a bandit, Delgado, a henchman for crooked Sheriff Webb and saloon owner Mike, who run the town to suit themselves, but Rex forces the sheriff to jail Delgado.

Halloween Party Trailer (1953)

28 September 1953

This movie starts with a Mother and her two children nonchalantly going to the window when someone knocks on the window.

Nostradamus and the Queen Trailer (1953)

09 September 1953

An old Catherine de Medici reflects back on how the prophecies of Nostradamus accurately predicted the fates of her husband, her three sons and herself.

The All American Trailer (1953)

23 September 1953

A family tragedy causes a college football quarterback to re-think his goals in life.

China Venture Trailer (1953)

07 September 1953

Director Don Siegel's 1953 World War II drama, about American soldiers undertaking a mission to capture a Japanese admiral who had survived an air crash in China, stars Edmond O'Brien, Barry Sullivan, Jocelyn Brando, Leo Gordon, Philip Ahn, Richard Loo, Frank Wilcox, Dabbs Greer, Alvy Moore, Leon Askin, Todd Karns and Dayton Lummis.

Staré pověsti české Trailer (1953)

10 September 1953

A monumental piece of art bringing the heroes of the ancient Czech myths back to life. The picture consists of seven parts: Cech the Forefather, Bivoj, Libuse, Premysl, Girls War, Horymir, Lucka War.

Mexican Manhunt Trailer (1953)

13 September 1953

Los Angeles, 1953. The author David L. "Dave" Brady wants to bring a missed ex-newspaperman back to Los Angeles.

The Joe Louis Story Trailer (1953)

18 September 1953

The life and career of Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis, who held the title for 12 years--longer than any other boxer in history--and who had to not only battle opponents inside the ring and racism outside it.

Girls in the Orchard Trailer (1953)

15 September 1953

Pekka Puupää kesälaitumilla Trailer (1953)

08 September 1953

Südliche Nächte Trailer (1953)

07 September 1953

Conquest of Cochise Trailer (1953)

01 September 1953

A cavalry officer tries to keep a lid on a volatile situation when Indian leader Cochise is being prodded into starting a war.

Abbott and Costello Go to Mars Trailer (1953)

16 September 1953

Captain Scarlett Trailer (1953)

12 September 1953

Captain Scarlett rescues Princess Maria from being abducted while travelling. She's not exactly grateful.

Rip, Sew and Stitch Trailer (1953)

03 September 1953

The stooges run a tailor shop and need money to pay their creditors. A bank robber leaves his coat in the shop with a combination to a safe.

Wirbel um Irene Trailer (1953)

18 September 1953

East of Sumatra Trailer (1953)

22 September 1953

Duke Mullane, manager of a Malayan tin mine, goes to a little-known island to open a new mine in the jungle.

The Great Adventure Trailer (1953)

28 September 1953

A vixen mother invades a chicken coop to provide food for her cubs. She continues to raid the coop until she is shot by a farmer.

Saginaw Trail Trailer (1953)

20 September 1953

Hamilton's Rangers, led by our hero Gene, must keep the Indians in the northern Michigan territory from attacking the settlers.

The Vanquished Trailer (1953)

04 September 1953

A film by Michelangelo Antonioni composed of three episodes: a French episode set in Paris, an Italian episode set in Rome and an English episode set in London.

Your Name Is? Trailer (1953)

15 September 1953

Set at the end of World War II, the picture features a relationship of a man and a woman who meet and share time without ever revealing their names.

Aeropuerto Trailer (1953)

14 September 1953

Different kind of people arrives to Madrid airport. Some goes with their heads and others just landed.

The Flaming Urge Trailer (1953)

27 September 1953

A pyromaniac tries to fight his obsession with fire.

Der Feldherrnhügel Trailer (1953)

24 September 1953

Napoletani a Milano Trailer (1953)

05 September 1953

Just Ducky Trailer (1953)

05 September 1953

Jerry Mouse befriends a newly hatched duck who can't swim and ends up protecting him against his feline nemesis, Tom.

The Unicorn in the Garden Trailer (1953)

24 September 1953

Based on James Thurber's short-story about a mild, henpecked man who, while preparing his breakfast, looks out the window and sees a unicorn eating flowers in the garden.

Fantasía española Trailer (1953)

09 September 1953

Two adventurers without economic resources create an amateur theater company and want to succeed, posing as aristocrats.

The Fighting Lawman Trailer (1953)

20 September 1953

A US Marshal hunts down three bank robbers that are living under new identities.

Wenn am Sonntagabend die Dorfmusik spielt Trailer (1953)

24 September 1953

No overview found.

Tom and Jerry Classic Collection Volume 6 Trailer (1953)

05 September 1953

Tom and Jerry Classic Collection Volume 6

Vi tre debutera Trailer (1953)

07 September 1953

Three young poets are about to make their debuts

The Moonlighter Trailer (1953)

19 September 1953

A savage story of hate turned love and frenzy turned loose!

Los dineros del diablo Trailer (1953)

11 September 1953

Los dineros del diablo (The Devil's Money) is a Mexican drama film directed by Alejandro Galindo. It was released in 1953 and starring Amalia Aguilar and Roberto Cañedo.

El Paso Stampede Trailer (1953)

06 September 1953

The cattle that are being rustled apparently vanish as no one is able to find them. But Rocky Lane, in his last B western, is on the job and he is assisted as usual by Nugget Clark.

Auf der grünen Wiese Trailer (1953)

24 September 1953