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Popular trailers for movies released in June 1974

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Emmanuelle Trailer (1974)

25 June 1974

Emmanuelle, a svelte, naive young woman, is en route to Bangkok where she'll join her new husband. He works for the French Embassy and has a lovely home, several dedicated servants, and an expensive car at his disposal.

Chinatown Trailer (1974)

20 June 1974

Private eye Jake Gittes lives off of the murky moral climate of sunbaked, pre-World War II Southern California.

The Parallax View Trailer (1974)

14 June 1974

An ambitious reporter, investigating a senator's assassination, realizes witnesses to the shooting are systematically dying and discovers a multi-million dollar corporation which serves as a front for the recruitment of political assassins.

Arabian Nights Trailer (1974)

20 June 1974

The final part of Pasolini's Trilogy of Life series is rich with exotic tales of slaves and kings, potions, betrayals, demons and, most of all, love and lovemaking in all its myriad forms.

Lovers and Other Relatives Trailer (1974)

06 June 1974

Sandro dreams about a woman older than himself. He works as a lifeguard at the beach and at the same time he's caring for a large number of sexually unsatisfied women who are coming for the weekend without their husbands.

Sweet Movie Trailer (1974)

12 June 1974

The winner of the Miss World Virginity contest marries, escapes from her masochistic husband and ends up involved in a world of debauchery.

Passionate Trailer (1974)

06 June 1974

Two teenage friends conspire to find out how much their youthful sensuality can disrupt one of their households, headed by a dentist and his mentally-ill wife.

Confessions of a Young American Housewife Trailer (1974)

11 June 1974

An attractive but conservative mid-30's housewife stays at the house of her sexually open daughter and soon becomes involved in her daughter's swinger lifestyle.

How to Seduce a Virgin Trailer (1974)

19 June 1974

Martine Bressac is released from a psychiatric clinic after a year's treatment and is driven home by her chauffeur, Mathias.

Lady Snowblood 2: Love Song of Vengeance Trailer (1974)

15 June 1974

Lady Snowblood is caught by the police and sentenced to death for her crimes. As she is sent to the gallows she is rescued by the secret police who offer her a deal to assassinate some revolutionaries.

Gold Trailer (1974)

08 June 1974

Rod Slater is the newly appointed general manager of the Sonderditch gold mine, but he stumbles across an ingenious plot to flood the mine, by drilling into an underground lake, so the unscrupulous owners can make a killing in the international gold market.

Shapoklyak Trailer (1974)

06 June 1974

Third animation movie about Gena and Cheburashka.

Flower and Snake Trailer (1974)

22 June 1974

Shizuka is the aristocratic wife of the president of a large company. When she wants to divorce her domineering husband, he orders his employee Yoshi, the son of an adult toy store owner, to train his wife to become sexually submissive.

The Ghost Galleon Trailer (1974)

28 June 1974

After a pair of models go missing from a boat, a rescue party discover an empty galleon carrying the coffins of the long dead Knights Templar.

Where the Red Fern Grows Trailer (1974)

21 June 1974

Where the Red Fern Grows is the heartwarming and adventurous tale for all ages about a young boy and his quest for his own red-bone hound hunting dogs.

The Terminal Man Trailer (1974)

19 June 1974

As the result of a head injury, brilliant computer scientist Harry Benson begins to experience violent seizures.

For Pete's Sake Trailer (1974)

26 June 1974

Henry (Streisand) is a woman who would do anything for her husband Pete-- including borrow money so he has a chance of making his dreams come true.

Effi Briest Trailer (1974)

20 June 1974

A German-made film based on one of the most famous German novels by Theodor Fontane. Effi Briest (Hanna Schygulla) is a socially ambitious, 17-year-old German girl who accepts a proposal of marriage from Baron Geert Von Instetten, a much older diplomat.

Swallows and Amazons Trailer (1974)

01 June 1974

On holiday with their mother in the Lake District in 1929 four children are allowed to sail over to the nearby island in their boat Swallow and set up camp for a few days.

Trapped Trailer (1974)

13 June 1974

A man is accidentally locked in a department store overnight and finds himself held at bay by six vicious Doberman guard dogs.

That's Entertainment! Trailer (1974)

21 June 1974

Various MGM stars from yesterday present their favorite musical moments from the studio's 50 year history.

The Yakuza Papers, Vol. 5: Final Episode Trailer (1974)

29 June 1974

Battles Without Honor and Humanity: Final Episode is part five and the final installation of a series of yakuza films directed by Kinji Fukasaku.

Flavia the Heretic Trailer (1974)

14 June 1974

After a cult besieges her convent, a young nun goes with an army of Muslims to destroy the convent and kill who wronged her.

The Swinging Cheerleaders Trailer (1974)

01 June 1974

In order to write an expose on how cheerleading demeans women, a reporter for a college newspaper infiltrates the cheerleading squad.

'Gator Bait Trailer (1974)

01 June 1974

Desiree lives deep in the swamp and supports herself and her siblings by poaching. Ben and deputy Billy hope to get a little sexual comfort from the "Cajun swamp rat" when they catch Desiree trapping 'gators, and give chase.

The Groove Tube Trailer (1974)

23 June 1974

Chevy Chase makes his film debut in this riotous collection of live skits. Directed by Ken Shapiro and featuring Chase, Richard Belzer and others, The Groove Tube mocks TV Land and its trappings by spoofing kids' shows -- from a marijuana-smoking Koko the Clown who resides in Make Believe Land, to Safety Sam, the penis with a plan who gleefully informs the audience of the perils of casual sex.

The Shaolin Boxer Trailer (1974)

14 June 1974

Chuan Tai, master of the Shaolin School, hopes that if he can win the annual martial-arts tournamentg

TNT Jackson Trailer (1974)

08 June 1974

A woman encounters thugs and drug dealers after traveling to Hong Kong to search for her missing brother.

Rebellion in Patagonia Trailer (1974)

13 June 1974

In 1920, workmen of Patagonia (Argentina), grouped into anarchist and socialist societies, decide to strike demanding better working conditions.

1974 FIFA World Cup Official Film: Heading For Glory Trailer (1974)

25 June 1974

The 1974 finals in West Germany saw the emergence of "Total Football" in the shape of the classy Dutch led by the legendary Johan Cruyff.

Teenage Bride Trailer (1974)

21 June 1974

Buxom nudist mistress Marie wants her lover to hire a private detective to tape the lover's wife with the lover's college dropout stepbrother.

Virgins of the Seven Seas Trailer (1974)

21 June 1974

Five Western girls are kidnapped by Chinese pirates and sold to a brothel. While they are being trained to become prostitutes, a couple of local citizens take mercy on them and plots their escape by teaching them kung-fu.

O Anjo da Noite Trailer (1974)

14 June 1974

Student girl goes to a mansion in Petrópolis, Brazil, to babysit two children, while their parents are away for the weekend, and is terrorized by anonymous phonecalls originating in the house.

El calzonazos Trailer (1974)

10 June 1974

Don Juan Alcántara, who from a village apothecary became a financier, is ruined. He does not dare to confess it to the family, since the unanimous opinion of those who know him is that he is a squawk.

Sanbaba Trailer (1974)

01 June 1974

A story about being scared of getting old.

La nipote Trailer (1974)

14 June 1974

The summer vacation of a young beautiful girl, at her uncle's country villa.

Deep Purple: California Jam Trailer (1974)

05 June 1974

01. Burn 02. Might Just Take Your Life 03. Lay Down, Stay Down 04. Mistreated 05. Smoke on the Water 06.

Mothers and Daughters Trailer (1974)

01 June 1974

Amalgam I-IV Trailer (1974)

05 June 1974

A series of four films - Cinematographic painting by compounds, mergers of different cinematic levels in multiple exposures.

There Is No 13 Trailer (1974)

01 June 1974

In this wartime drama, a young soldier spends much of stint in Vietnam remembering his life and his 12 love affairs.

A First Confession Trailer (1974)

01 June 1974

A story about the first love set in a Georgian village.

Sarit Trailer (1974)

06 June 1974

The story of Sarit, a young actress and rising star who must leave her theater because of unexpected pregnancy.

Jenaro el de los 14 Trailer (1974)

03 June 1974

Invasion: UFO Trailer (1974)

10 June 1974

The Earth is threatened by an alien race who kidnap and kill humans and even animals and and use them for their body parts.

Look at Me, Unfaithful Trailer (1974)

11 June 1974

Student from Belgrade is shooting amateur melodramatic movie about unfortunate love in Serbian village.

Murder in the First Person Singular Trailer (1974)

10 June 1974

A murder plot by a terminally ill English teacher, to capitalize on the double indemnity clause in his life insurance, hires one of his students to do the deed.

Diary Trailer (1974)

15 June 1974

Souvenirs, memories, nostalgia, alienation, the ephermal quality of life ...these are the subjects of this animated diary.

Bezumnyy Den, ili Zhenitba Figaro Trailer (1974)

06 June 1974

Киноверсия знаменитого спектакля Московского театра Сатиры по еще более знаменитой комедии Пьера Бомарше в исполнении блистательного актерского ансамбля.

Ride in a Pink Car Trailer (1974)

21 June 1974

A man, thought to be dead, returns to his hometown in Florida. He finds his wife re-married and the town now ruled by corrupt forces.

W Trailer (1974)

07 June 1974

Is a young woman being stalked by her ex, or is she imagining things?

Three the Hard Way Trailer (1974)

26 June 1974

The story involves a white supremist plot to taint the United States water supply with a toxin that is harmless to whites but lethal to blacks.

Аutumn Trailer (1974)

06 June 1974

In their youth they loved each other, but then parted. Ilya got married, Alexandra married, but the family life did not work out for both of them.

The Straw Hat Trailer (1974)

06 June 1974

A musical comedy based on the classic play by Eugène Labiche.

Made in Germany and USA Trailer (1974)

24 June 1974

A couple (Karin Thome and Eberhard Klasse), whose relationship can't hold up to the pressure of their financial and career problems, only have their child left as the remaining connecting link.

Voodoo Black Exorcist Trailer (1974)

12 June 1974

The mummy of long dormant, but powerful Caribbean voodoo priest Gatanebo gets revived on a luxury South Seas ocean liner as a big buff bald guy and proceeds to terrorize the passengers.

Italian Sex Trailer (1974)

11 June 1974

A sexy graduate student is giving her thesis presentation, which creates quite a stir since it reveals that she has just posed as a prostitute for several months to do sociological research for her thesis.

A Simple Event Trailer (1974)

01 June 1974

The story of a ten years old Iranian schoolboy living with his mother and his father in Northern coasts of Iran.

Sams Trailer (1974)

19 June 1974

Nine people - three couples, one unmarried mother and two children - try to change and improve their lives by forming big families.

Birds Do It, Bees Do It Trailer (1974)

01 June 1974

Documentary about the sex life of various animals.

The Handsome Devil Trailer (1974)

04 June 1974