Movie Trailers - May 1974

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Popular trailers for movies released in May 1974

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Thunderbolt and Lightfoot Trailer (1974)

23 May 1974

With the help of an irreverent young sidekick, a bank robber gets his old gang back together to organise a daring new heist.

Going Places Trailer (1974)

12 May 1974

Two whimsical, aimless thugs harass and assault women, steal, murder, and alternately charm, fight, or sprint their way out of trouble.

Dirty Mary Crazy Larry Trailer (1974)

17 May 1974

Two lovers, Mary and Larry, in their Dodge Charger are chased by the police after robbing a grocery store.

The Spikes Gang Trailer (1974)

01 May 1974

After escaping home, three young friends form a dynamic alliance of untamed youth. They meet an old man named Spikes with the experience only a master gunfighter can offer.

Zero Woman: Red Handcuffs Trailer (1974)

21 May 1974

Agent Zero (Miki Sugimoto) is a cop that uses her own methods for dealing with criminals. After she unlawfully kills a rapist in a violent fashion, she is sent to prison and stripped of her badge.

The Lords of Flatbush Trailer (1974)

01 May 1974

Directed by Martin Davidson and Stephen Verona, The Lords of Flatbush is a low budget film starring Perry King, Henry Winkler and Sylvester Stallone (who also wrote additional dialog).

Bibi Trailer (1974)

10 May 1974

Sixteen year old Bibi comes to her aunt Toni's boarding house where she is seduced by lesbian women.

The Amulet of Ogum Trailer (1974)

21 May 1974

This story is narrated by an ubiquitous folk singer and tells of a young boy whose mother arranges for him to have an amulet bearing Ogum's blessings which would make him immune to gunfire.

Alice in the Cities Trailer (1974)

17 May 1974

German journalist Philip Winter has a case of writer’s block when trying to write an article about the United States.

The Killer Reserved Nine Seats Trailer (1974)

21 May 1974

A rich man gathers together friends and relatives at the abandoned theatre he owns, but the party isn't fun for long since apparently one of them is a murderer.

Cat's Play Trailer (1974)

10 May 1974

Karoly Makk's heartbreaking story of two unmarried sisters who cast wistful glances back at their lives, but still believe in hope and love, earned an Academy Award Nomination for Best Foreign Language Film in 1974.

A Dirty Western Trailer (1974)

31 May 1974

Set in the western plains circa 1890, A Dirty Western opens upon a series of unique visuals and effects depicting the escape of three dangerous convicts.

Mousey Trailer (1974)

24 May 1974

A high school teacher separated from his son plots revenge on his ex-wife.

Stavisky Trailer (1974)

15 May 1974

Irrestisible charm and talent helps Serge Alexandre alias Stavisky, small-time swindler, to make friends with even most influential members of French industrial and political elite during the early 30s.

Poor Cecily Trailer (1974)

17 May 1974

Cecily is a lovely young woman, so lovely in fact people can't help but be drawn to her beauty. This becomes a problem for the naive girl once her Uncle passes away and she is sold off to pay for his debts.

La bonzesse Trailer (1974)

24 May 1974

Laß jucken, Kumpel 3: Maloche, Bier und Bett Trailer (1974)

22 May 1974

German sex comedy

Devi Kanyakumari Trailer (1974)

01 May 1974

Doctor Who: Planet of the Spiders Trailer (1974)

04 May 1974

The blue crystal that the Doctor took from Metebelis III in a previous adventure is desperately sought by the Eight Legs, a race of mutated spiders, as the final element in their plan for universal domination.

A Quiet Day in Belfast Trailer (1974)

17 May 1974

Andrew Angus Dalrymple's realistic portrait of a British soldier, his Irish lover and her twin sister amidst the strife of Northern Ireland.

Welcome to Arrow Beach Trailer (1974)

01 May 1974

A hippie girl wandering on a California beach is taken in by a Korean War veteran who lives in a nearby mansion with his sister.

Guns And Guts Trailer (1974)

23 May 1974

Rene Cardona Jr.'s bloody Mexi-Western is the story of a hired gun that wants to complete his last big job so he can retire with his prostitute.

The Infernal Trio Trailer (1974)

22 May 1974

Marseilles, 1919. Georges Sarret is a distinguished and respected lawyer, recently honoured for his services in the First World War.

The Lustful Amazons Trailer (1974)

15 May 1974

In medieval France, traveler Pygar tells he-man Karzan (Maciste in the French version) of his recent journey to a place called Antigua, and of its entire community of Amazons promising undreamed of sexual satisfaction to any man who comes upon them.

Naan Avanillai Trailer (1974)

24 May 1974

Gemini Ganesan, the protagonist appears in the film as a man who travels to many places and marries many women.

Oktoberfest! Da kann man fest... Trailer (1974)

16 May 1974

Guys from the small village decide to go to the famous Oktoberfest in Munich. Besides beer, they're also interested in girls.

A Knife for the Ladies Trailer (1974)

02 May 1974

A mutilating knife-killer haunts the small Southwest-desert town of Mescal. Though most victims have been prostitutes, the first was none other than Travis Mescal, the only son of the town's first family.

Fe, Esperanza, Caridad Trailer (1974)

10 May 1974

A trilogy featuring Nora Aunor giving life to the stories of 3 women: Fe - an emerging movie Superstar who has an invalid husband, Esperanza - a young wife living in a middle class neighborhood in the city & Caridad - a young novice who was seduced by the devil himself.

The Black Connection Trailer (1974)

01 May 1974

Black dude fleeces the mob, goes on the run. Whadaya need, a road map?

Martha Trailer (1974)

27 May 1974

A single woman in her early thirties, Martha (Margit Carstensen) is on vacation with her father in Europe when he has a heart attack and falls down dead.

Alluri Seetha Ramaraju Trailer (1974)

01 May 1974

Cinematic version of the life of the legendary freedom fighter.

The Colors of Iris Trailer (1974)

07 May 1974

A mysterious disappearance takes place during the shooting of a commercial on the beach in the early morning hours.

Weighed But Found Wanting Trailer (1974)

30 May 1974

The son of a wealthy man, Junior has everything he could possibly want. But the emptiness of his extravagant lifestyle and the hypocrisy of the town's so-called leading citizens weigh heavily on him, and he reaches out to the village outcasts.

The Tongfather Trailer (1974)

10 May 1974

The violent tale of an undercover agent's mission to topple a Chinese opium ring that is headed by a ruthless kingpin known only as "The Tongfather.

Daisy Miller Trailer (1974)

22 May 1974

In this comedy of manners, the American Winterbourne tries to figure out the bright and bubbly Daisy Miller, only to be helped and hindered by false judgments from their fellow friends.

And Now My Love Trailer (1974)

15 May 1974

The movie follows the lives of a woman and a man starting from several generations earlier. The story spans a whole century and several continents.

Le soldat Laforêt Trailer (1974)

01 May 1974

Football stars Trailer (1974)

13 May 1974

La preda Trailer (1974)

02 May 1974

A Banana Mecânica Trailer (1974)

24 May 1974

Devil Times Five Trailer (1974)

31 May 1974

Five extremely disturbed, sociopathic children escape from their psychiatric transport and are taken in unwittingly by a group of adult villagers on winter vacation.

Dirty O'Neil Trailer (1974)

01 May 1974

A police officer has very little work as there is virtually no crime in his small California town...until three hoodlums appear and rape a young woman.

Ulzana Trailer (1974)

16 May 1974

Sedução - A Mulher Fatal Trailer (1974)

19 May 1974

Il était une fois dans l'Est Trailer (1974)

26 May 1974

Two women and a transvestite gay man cross paths in this French Canadian drama. The transvestite is preparing for a drag-queen beauty pageant, and has decided to present himself as Cleopatra.

The Black Windmill Trailer (1974)

17 May 1974

A British agent's son is kidnapped and held for a ransom of diamonds. The agent finds out that he can't even count on the people he thought were on his side to help him, so he decides to track down the kidnappers himself.

Craze Trailer (1974)

15 May 1974

Jack Palance stars as a demented art dealer & antique-shop owner who performs nightly rituals in honor of the African god Chuku, whom he believes will reward him with unimaginable wealth and power if he merely offers up human sacrifice.

Käpt'n Senkstakes Abenteuer: Ehrenhäuptling der Watubas Trailer (1974)

31 May 1974

Chattakkari Trailer (1974)

10 May 1974

Chattakkari is a 1974 Malayalam-language Indian feature film directed by K. S. Sethumadhavan and produced by M.

Pink Aye Trailer (1974)

16 May 1974

The Pink Panther stows away on the S.S. Luxitania, only to be chased by the ship's waiter (the Little Man).

A Coffin for the Bride Trailer (1974)

31 May 1974

Mark Walker is in the lucrative business of marrying wealthy older women and murdering them after the honeymoon.

Number 96 Trailer (1974)

01 May 1974

Further adventures of the "Number 96" (1972) crew, on the big screen.

Imtihan Trailer (1974)

31 May 1974

Camberwell Junction Trailer (1974)

13 May 1974

Filmed before traffic lights were installed at Melbourne's busy five-way intersection Camberwell Junction.

Naya Din Nai Raat Trailer (1974)

07 May 1974

Sushma believes that she is too young to get married, but her father, Lalla Banarsilal insists, and she runs away.

Candy Stripe Nurses Trailer (1974)

01 May 1974

Young, sexy nurses and their hospital adventures.

Quebracho Trailer (1974)

16 May 1974

The Female Chivalry Trailer (1974)

18 May 1974

Beyond Erotica Trailer (1974)

29 May 1974

A young Hacienda-owner abuses women due to his traumatic youth while his mother covers for his sadistic actions.

Bread and Chocolate Trailer (1974)

05 May 1974

Italian immigrant tries to become a member of Swiss society but fails as a waiter and even as a chicken plucker.