Movie Trailers - August 1974

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Popular trailers for movies released in August 1974

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Immoral Tales Trailer (1974)

17 August 1974

Four erotic tales from in various historical eras. The first, 'The Tide', is set in the present day, and concerns a student and his young female cousin stranded on the beach by the tide, secluded from prying eyes.

The Centerfold Girls Trailer (1974)

08 August 1974

Police try to halt a psychotic killer's (Andrew Prine) rampage against women who posed nude in men's magazines.

The Longest Yard Trailer (1974)

21 August 1974

In this rough-and-tumble yarn, actually filmed on-location at the Georgia State Prision, the cons are the heroes and the guards are the heavies.

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia Trailer (1974)

14 August 1974

An American bartender and his prostitute girlfriend go on a road trip through the Mexican underworld to collect a $1 million bounty on the head of a dead gigolo.

Harry and Tonto Trailer (1974)

12 August 1974

Harry is a retired teacher in his 70s living in the Upper West Side of New York City where his late wife and he raised his children--where he's lived all his life.

Dead of Night Trailer (1974)

28 August 1974

A young soldier is killed in the line of duty in Vietnam. That same night, he returns home, brought back by his mother's wishes.

2069: A Sex Odyssey Trailer (1974)

23 August 1974

Five sexy females from the planet Venus are sent to Earth to bring back sperm samples to their planet, which is dying out because there are no men left on it.

Shaolin Martial Arts Trailer (1974)

03 August 1974

After the destruction of the Shaolin Temple, the Chings are in control and send their best students to wipe out all of the remaining Shaolin practioners.

The Truce Trailer (1974)

01 August 1974

Santomé Martin, a widower with three children, began to record in a diary everyday, nondescript office and strains of family life.

La Paloma Trailer (1974)

28 August 1974

This heady exercise in excess mixes the operatic passion of La Traviata, stylish decadence of Stroheim and Sternberg, and the macabre glee of Grand Guignol.

Poker In Bed Trailer (1974)

14 August 1974

A poker player on a losing streak meets a beautiful young woman. He's attracted to her, but she appears to be perfectly content with her boyfriend, a somewhat wussy writer.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: Live At The Capital Centre Trailer (1974)

20 August 1974

This concert film features eight songs filmed at the Capital Center in Landover, Maryland and Wembley Stadium in 1974.

Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll Trailer (1974)

05 August 1974

An ex-convict, troubled by dreams that he strangles women, is hired as the caretaker on an estate owned by three very strange sisters.

Once Upon a Scoundrel Trailer (1974)

15 August 1974

After falling for Alicia, greedy and powerful Mexican landowner Carlos has her fiancé thrown in prison on a bogus charge.

The House of the Lost Dolls Trailer (1974)

21 August 1974

A luxurious house stands in a deserted region, contrasting with its surroundings. It is a house of prostitution and its inmates are brought there against their will.

Open Season Trailer (1974)

01 August 1974

Three Vietnam vets have become so conditioned to violence that they have developed psychotic tendencies.

Grandeur nature Trailer (1974)

21 August 1974

When Michel (Michel Piccoli) gets the life-sized sex doll he ordered, shipped directly from Japan, he is only intrigued by it at first.

Occult Sex Trailer (1974)

03 August 1974

Pinku from 1974.

Cockfighter Trailer (1974)

01 August 1974

Warren Oates plays a world-weary gambler trying to make big money cockfighting. Always on the road, he works inside and outside the rules to try to work up to the biggest fight of the year.

What Have They Done to Your Daughters? Trailer (1974)

10 August 1974

Police investigate apparent suicide of teen girl and uncover details of a teenage prostitution racket.

Female Ninja Magic: 100 Trampled Flowers Trailer (1974)

03 August 1974

In historical times, the Shogun family employs a group of Iga ninjas to take over the Akizuki clan's lands.

Blood for Dracula Trailer (1974)

13 August 1974

A sickly and dying Count Dracula, who must drink virgin blood to survive, travels from Transylvania to Italy, thinking he will be more likely to find a virgin in a Catholic country.

Pisito de solteras Trailer (1974)

19 August 1974

The shy professor Emilio is about to celebrate a wedding nobody wants. At the last minute he escapes and settles in a Madrid apartment shared by four friends of his ex-fiancee.

Almost Human Trailer (1974)

08 August 1974

A psychotic small-time criminal realizes that the everyday robberies, rapes and murders he commits aren't profitable enough, so he figures to hit the big time by kidnapping the daughter of a rich man.

Blackmail Trailer (1974)

16 August 1974

A spoiled rich girl hatches a plot with her hippie friends to "kidnap" her so they can get a large ransom from her wealthy father.

Bacchanales Sexuelles Trailer (1974)

04 August 1974

Valerie watches over her cousin's place while he's away for six months. She spends her first night there reading, playing records, and calling her girlfriend Sophie over.

Shaolin Long Arm Trailer (1974)

12 August 1974

In the tradition of Bruce Lee's THE CHINESE CONNECTION and FISTS OF FURY comes this scenic, blood-flecked clash of cultures.

California Split Trailer (1974)

07 August 1974

A down on his luck gambler links up with free spirit Elliot Gould at first to have some fun on, but then gets into debt when Gould takes an unscheduled trip to Tijuana.

Littlefoot the Policeman Trailer (1974)

12 August 1974

Pasqualino Cammarata... capitano di fregata Trailer (1974)

14 August 1974

The Great Funk Trailer (1974)

07 August 1974

Two writers and their girlfriends visit the castle of an actor who specializes in playing vampire roles.

The Kiss of Death Trailer (1974)

22 August 1974

Adaptation of a novel by Carolina Invernizio.

Dashing Girls Trailer (1974)

13 August 1974

A musical farce about women in the canning factory. The pretty Brigitta tries to commit suicide, because Laci left her, pregnant, but her mates save her.

The Executioner Trailer (1974)

10 August 1974

Three street toughs are hired to take down a Tokyo drug dealer in this hard-hitting Toei karate action film.

Blood River Trailer (1974)

18 August 1974

A bunch of unscrupulous men make havoc of a tribe of Indians to take their land. A survivor of the massacre decides to avenge his people by killing the whole bunch one by one.

Slaughter in San Francisco Trailer (1974)

16 August 1974

A Chinese-American cop, skilled in martial arts, battles the most powerful criminal gang in San Francisco that is responsible for the death of his partner.

Monsieur seul Trailer (1974)

12 August 1974

No overview found.

Lupin the Third: Strange Psychokinetic Strategy Trailer (1974)

03 August 1974

A lost descendant of a French master thief, Lupin is recovered and put into action by his father's former associate, Jigen, who wishes to rebuild the family's thieving syndicate.

Mama's Dirty Girls Trailer (1974)

17 August 1974

Mama loves men, but she loves money even more. She's trained her three teenager daughters to meet, marry and murder men for their money.

Run, Run, Joe! Trailer (1974)

31 August 1974

When a don who they were suppose to protect ends up dead, his bodyguard and bodyguard's friend must go under cover to escape the wrath of mob.

Snowfall Trailer (1974)

12 August 1974

In the summer of 1944 soldier Csorba is rewarded with furlough at a price of having committed a murder.

Viu-hah hah-taja Trailer (1974)

30 August 1974

Q Trailer (1974)

09 August 1974

Gilles (Philippe Gaste), who operates a money losing garage, teams up with his friends Max (Pierre Danny), who operates a scrap yard, and lawyer Xavier (Jean Roche) to open a brothel catering to women.

Percy's Progress Trailer (1974)

01 August 1974

Percy, the man with the world's first penis transplant, discovers that there is a chemical in the city's water that makes men impotent.

House of the Living Dead Trailer (1974)

12 August 1974

On a South African plantation, a maniac is on the loose, first killing the estate's animals, then starting on the human members.

Tender Loving Care Trailer (1974)

01 August 1974

Teenage nurses give love therapy. Lots of action when they try to straighten out the corrupt hospital staff.

Amore libero - Free Love Trailer (1974)

13 August 1974

Young engineer Francesco Ferraro (Enzo Bottesini) is sent to Smeraldo Island in the Seychelles to oversee the tests necessary to dig a silver mine.

Las correrías del Vizconde Arnau Trailer (1974)

26 August 1974

The actual Viscount Arnau wants to acquire the power and fame that had their ancestors. For this reason decided to hav many children, preferably males, to revive the Empire.

La Mary Trailer (1974)

08 August 1974

A sexually-repressed girl of the Buenos Aires slums slowly goes mad after marrying.

Santo in the Revenge of the Crying Woman Trailer (1974)

29 August 1974

In 1658, a beautiful woman named Eugenia discovers that her lover is going to marry someone else. Brokenhearted and scorned, she decides to make a deal with the devil to get revenge, vowing to return as La Llorona and take every firstborn child of her lover’s descendants.

Buster e Billie Trailer (1974)

21 August 1974

Dimwitted but sweet high school girl of easy virtue and the most popular boy in the school share an improbable romance.

Nineteen Red Roses Trailer (1974)

17 August 1974

After his girlfriend is killed in an automobile accident, a man decides the best revenge on those responsible is to murder their loved ones.

Sinful Confession Trailer (1974)

16 August 1974

Arguably the funniest of the four famous Hui brothers, Michael has a tour-de-force vehicle in this naughty little comedy playing four different characters, each one in a compromising situation.

The Virgin Mart Trailer (1974)

02 August 1974

Innocent girls are lured to Hong Kong and trapped in a prostitution ring.

Patthar Aur Payal Trailer (1974)

13 August 1974

Ajit Singh is a leader of gang of bandits. He has his younger brother, Ranjeet, also in the gang. Ranjeet meets with a beautiful young woman named Aasha, and decides he does not want to be a bandit anymore, and much to the anger of Ajit and his henchman, Sarju, re-locates to the city, in order to live a peaceful life.

Lucrezia Giovane Trailer (1974)

23 August 1974

In the early 16th century Italy is ruled by the powerful Borgia family, led by Cesare Borgia and his sister Lucrezia.

5 Rifles Trailer (1974)

09 August 1974

Film starring Rakesh Khanna, Rajesh Khanna and Ambika Johar

Naked Weekend Trailer (1974)

31 August 1974

Angustias, a hotel maid, and Rodolfo, play boy who will spend a few days in that hotel with Octavia, witness how a wealthy lady, seeking to steal her jewelry by thieves, is accidentally killed by her lover in a discussion.

Black Panther Bitch M Trailer (1974)

14 August 1974

Reiko Ike's first appearance in a Nikkatsu film.

Someone is Bleeding Trailer (1974)

28 August 1974

On a beach in Nice, François meets the mysterious Peggy and falls in love with her. Following her to a villa, he meets Marc, a lawyer who has a strange relationship with the girl.