Movie Trailers - March 1960

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Popular trailers for movies released in March 1960

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Breathless Trailer (1960)

16 March 1960

A young car thief kills a policeman and tries to persuade a girl to hide in Italy with him.

The Savage Innocents Trailer (1960)

20 March 1960

An Eskimo who has had little contact with white men goes to a trading post where he accidentally kills a missionary and finds himself being pursued by the police.

The Big Risk Trailer (1960)

23 March 1960

On crowded Milan streets, two men execute a split-second payroll heist-in broad daylight-then begin a lightning-paced getaway, via every conveyance available.

Please Don't Eat the Daisies Trailer (1960)

31 March 1960

Drama critic Larry McKay, his wife Kay, and their four sons move from their crowded Manhattan apartment to an old house in the country.

Seven Thieves Trailer (1960)

12 March 1960

A discredited professor and a sophisticated thief decide to join together and pick a team to pull off one last job--the casino vault in Monte Carlo.

Exodus Trailer (1960)

27 March 1960

The theme is the founding of the state of Israel. The action begins on a ship filled with Jewish immigrants bound for Israel who are being off loaded on Cyprus.

Le Trou Trailer (1960)

18 March 1960

An imprisoned man, awaiting trial for the attempted murder of his wife, is transferred to another cell, where his fellow prisoners are planning a jailbreak.

Purple Noon Trailer (1960)

10 March 1960

Tom Ripley is a talented mimic, moocher, forger and all-around criminal improviser; but there's more to Tom Ripley than even he can guess.

Can-Can Trailer (1960)

09 March 1960

1896, Montmartre: the Can-Can, the dance in which the women lift their skirts, is forbidden. Nevertheless Simone has it performed every day in her night club.

Comanche Station Trailer (1960)

01 March 1960

A man saves a woman who had been kidnapped by Comanches, then struggles to get both of them home alive.

The Red Circle Trailer (1960)

02 March 1960

Home from the Hill Trailer (1960)

03 March 1960

Captain Wade Hunnicutt is the wealthiest and most powerful citizen in his Texan town; he is also a notorious womanizer, which has turned his wife Hannah against him.

Bottoms Up! Trailer (1960)

25 March 1960

An incompetent boarding school headmaster, Professor Jim Edwards, devises a bizarre plot to raise the profile of his boarding school, and thus save his job, by passing off his bookie's son as a Middle Eastern prince.

Heller in Pink Tights Trailer (1960)

01 March 1960

Nineteenth century Wyoming: the wild West. Mild-mannered Tom Healy has a two-wagon theater troupe hounded by creditors because Angela, his leading lady and the object of his affection, constantly buys clothes.

School for Scoundrels Trailer (1960)

24 March 1960

Hapless Henry Palfrey is patronised by his self-important chief clerk at work, ignored by restaurant waiters, conned by shady second-hand car salesmen, and, worst of all, endlessly wrong-footed by unspeakably rotten cad Raymond Delauney who has set his cap at April, new love of Palfrey's life.

Foxhole in Cairo Trailer (1960)

09 March 1960

A German agent in Libya is allowed to get back to Rommel with false information.

Siege of Syracuse Trailer (1960)

17 March 1960

Syracuse lies between the warring nations of Rome and Carthage; as long as the balance of power between the nations remains intact, both nations are willing to preserve the neutrality of Syracuse.

Il bell'Antonio Trailer (1960)

04 March 1960

Problems arise for Antonio Magnano (Marcello Mastroianni) when he is unable to consummate his marriage to the beautiful Barbara Puglisi (Claudia Cardinale) and his virility is called into question.

Oklahoma Territory Trailer (1960)

01 March 1960

Temple Houston (Sam Houston's son) who is the DA with a sense of Justice. He is located in Fort Smith, Ark and works with Judge Parker in 1872.

Howlers of the Dock Trailer (1960)

13 March 1960

Follows the adventures of a group of friends, teddy boys and rock and roll chicks whose crazy, fun-loving habits inspire jiving from some of Rome's citizens, and bitter complants from others which inspire a group of corrupt officials determined to bring the group down.

5 Branded Women Trailer (1960)

15 March 1960

Yugoslav partisans grimly crop the hair of a village quintet of women believed to have consorted with the occupational Nazis.

Intimidation Trailer (1960)

23 March 1960

Koreyoshi Kurahara’s ingeniously plotted, pocket-size noir concerns the intertwined fates of a desperate bank manager, blackmailed for book-cooking, and his resentful but timid underling, passed over for a promotion.

The Big Bounce Trailer (1960)

11 March 1960

The story of the Echo communications satellite program, developed by Bell Laboratories, that eventually resulted in telephone calls being able to be made through satellites.

El murra el maghoula Trailer (1960)

07 March 1960

The Angry Silence Trailer (1960)

10 March 1960

A young factory worker stands alone against a proposed strike.

Il rossetto Trailer (1960)

26 March 1960

A prostitute is robbed and murdered. A fourteen-year-old girl (Laura Vivaldi) sees a suave gigolo come out of the hotel where the murder occurred.

Urge to Kill Trailer (1960)

01 March 1960

A psychopathic killer murders three girls before police catch him.

I piaceri dello scapolo Trailer (1960)

30 March 1960

Two middle-aged bachelors use the same apartment for their romantic meetings.

The Prickly Mouthed Geisha Part 2 Trailer (1960)

01 March 1960

In one of her best movie roles, super-star singer and actress Hibari Misora shines in this romantic film about a young geisha named Koharu.

The 3rd Voice Trailer (1960)

05 March 1960

Marian Forbes has been having an affair with her boss and when he drops her for another woman. In an act of jealousy and greed she convinces an acquaintance to murder her former lover and then impersonate him just long enough to get their hands on a large sum of money.

Never Take Sweets from a Stranger Trailer (1960)

04 March 1960

Peter Carter, his wife Sally and their young daughter Jean move to a sleepy Canadian village, where Peter has been hired as a school principal.

Goldimouse and the Three Cats Trailer (1960)

15 March 1960

Sylvester, his wife, and son go for a walk while their porridge cools, when Goldimouse wanders by to eat the porridge and sleep in their beds.

Am grünen Strand der Spree Trailer (1960)

22 March 1960

Totò, Fabrizi e i giovani d'oggi Trailer (1960)

24 March 1960

Ein Herz braucht Liebe Trailer (1960)

18 March 1960

Black Rebels Trailer (1960)

19 March 1960

"Black Rebels" (also known as "The Rebel Breed") is about juvenile delinquents--in particular, kids who resort to racially motivated crimes.

This Is My Body Trailer (1960)

01 March 1960

A woman takes a leisurely swim in the nude in the great outdoors and reflects upon how the sensations affect her body.

13 Fighting Men Trailer (1960)

31 March 1960

A group of Union Army soldiers is charged with protecting a box of gold and getting it to its rightful place within the government coffers.

This Is Your Life Donald Duck Trailer (1960)

11 March 1960

Jiminy Cricket is all set to give a testimonial to Donald Duck. But alas, Donald is relaxing at home, with no plans to leave any time soon.

Dos gallos en palenque Trailer (1960)

03 March 1960

Venezuelan guy and Mexican rancher get competitive toward each other -- mostly over "the girl".

Ein Student ging vorbei Trailer (1960)

10 March 1960

When Comedy Was King Trailer (1960)

29 March 1960

A compilation featuring comedic stars of the silent era including Fatty Arbuckle, Charles Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Charley Chase, and Laurel and Hardy.

From Dime to Dime Trailer (1960)

24 March 1960

A devil appears on the shoulder of a man who has been down on his luck since his Friday-the-13th birthday.

Apocalipsis sobre el río amarillo Trailer (1960)

25 March 1960

I Passed for White Trailer (1960)

18 March 1960

A young woman falls in love and marries, but withholds from her husband information about her family.

The Devil's Blast Trailer (1960)

21 March 1960

Haroun Tazieff's documentary on the lava lake in the depths of the Nyiragongo Crater.

Kalathur Kannamma Trailer (1960)

15 March 1960

Kalathur Kannamma (English: Kannamma of Kalathur) is an Indian Tamil romantic drama film produced by A.

Afraid to Die Trailer (1960)

22 March 1960

On his release from prison a young yakuza, along with his brother, decides to turn his back on criminal life instead of taking over the position of his recently deceased father, boss of the Asahina clan.

The Cat Shows Her Claws Trailer (1960)

09 March 1960

la fiel infanteria Trailer (1960)

09 March 1960

Vacations in Majorca Trailer (1960)

25 March 1960

Ugly, persistent, and (initially) annoying admirer pursues a beautiful actress. At first he is laughed of, especially by his ultra handsome rival, but with his firm insistence, and gradually emerging charm, he seduces the lady, to the total shocked surprise of his rival.

Three Came to Kill Trailer (1960)

01 March 1960

Assassins take a flight controller's family hostage to force him into revealing the aircraft carrying their quarry.

Zé do Periquito Trailer (1960)

25 March 1960

Duas Histórias Trailer (1960)

31 March 1960

Kvindelist og kærlighed Trailer (1960)

27 March 1960

Dona Violante Miranda Trailer (1960)

10 March 1960

Aesop's Fable: The Tiger King Trailer (1960)

09 March 1960

Animated short from the Terrytoon production company, based on a classic Aesop fable.

Death Row Woman Trailer (1960)

13 March 1960

Arrested for the murder of her wealthy businessman father, convicted on false evidence and sentenced to death, Kyoko is determined to prove her innocence.

Crimen para recién casados Trailer (1960)

07 March 1960

Antonio and Elisa, a newlywed couple go to the Costa Brava to spend their honeymoon. Antonio, a journalist of events, is obsessed with the idea of ​​discovering a major crime.

Kunisada Chûji Trailer (1960)

28 March 1960