Movie Trailers - November 1975

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Popular trailers for movies released in November 1975

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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Trailer (1975)

18 November 1975

While serving time for insanity at a state mental hospital, implacable rabble-rouser, Randle Patrick McMurphy inspires his fellow patients to rebel against the authoritarian rule of head nurse, Mildred Ratched.

Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom Trailer (1975)

22 November 1975

Four corrupted fascist libertines round up 9 teenage boys and girls and subject them to 120 days of sadistic physical, mental and sexual torture.

The Sunshine Boys Trailer (1975)

06 November 1975

Lewis and Clark, aka The Sunshine Boys, were famous comedians during the vaudeville era, but off-stage they couldn't stand each other and haven't spoken in over 20 years of retirement.

Ah Nerede Trailer (1975)

19 November 1975

Three boys are having their higher education in Istanbul (!). In fact, they are messing around and dealing with radical politics, girls and gamble.

They Fought for Their Motherland Trailer (1975)

01 November 1975

In July 1942, in the Second World War, the rearguard of the Russian army protects the bridgehead of the Don River against the German army while the retreating Russian troops cross the bridge.

A Boy and His Dog Trailer (1975)

20 November 1975

Set in the year 2024 in post-apocalyptic America, 18-year old Vic and his telepathic dog Blood are scavengers in the desolate wilderness ravaged by World War 4, where survivors must battle for food, shelter, and sexual companionship in the desert-like wasteland.

Call Me Savage Trailer (1975)

26 November 1975

Caracas, Venezuela. Just after her engagement with Vittorio, Nelly runs away from him. As he pursued her, she looks for help to Martin, a French middle-aged man she met by accident.

Cousin, Cousine Trailer (1975)

19 November 1975

Two distant cousins meet at a wedding banquet for an elderly couple. Over time, a close friendship develops between them, but their spouses begin to think that they are more than just friends.

Black Emanuelle Trailer (1975)

27 November 1975

In her first onscreen adventure, journalist/photographer Mae Jordan (known to her readers as "Emanuelle") travels to Africa on assignment.

The Private Lesson Trailer (1975)

03 November 1975

Alessandro has a thing or two to learn. Carroll Baker, in her role, is the perfect teacher.

Winterhawk Trailer (1975)

05 November 1975

Smallpox plagues Chief Winterhawk's tribe. He seeks cure from the white men, who in turn, in fear of getting the smallpox, kill two of his companions.

Paper Tiger Trailer (1975)

05 November 1975

A somewhat prim and proper Englishman is hired as the tutor to the son of the Japanese ambassador. His life changes when he and the boy are kidnapped by terrorists for political purposes.

Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band - Hammersmith 75 Trailer (1975)

18 November 1975

The first performance of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in London. Performed at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1975.

Operation Daybreak Trailer (1975)

01 November 1975

Czechoslovakia, 1942. Three brave Czech patriots risk everything to rid their country of its brutal Nazi leader, SS-General Reinhard Heydrich.

Confessions of Lady Mantis Trailer (1975)

01 November 1975

Midori Satsuki stars as a vamp who destroys one poor man’s life after another. Finally she seduces a professional killer, which brings a tiny bit of action into the comedy oriented film.

The Big Space Travel Trailer (1975)

05 November 1975

From the same studio that produced Richard Viktorov's diptych Moscow-Cassiopeia / Adolescents in the Universe comes this second teen-themed sci-fi adventure, in which three youngsters (one of them played by Mila Berlinskaya, who sings the film's theme song and went on to become a world-famous classical pianist) have to take command of a space flight when their adult captain comes down sick and is forced to quarantine himself.

Pussy Talk Trailer (1975)

05 November 1975

One of the most famous and controversial French porno films ever made. This film from director Frederic Lansac tells the incredible story of a gorgeous young woman who discovers that her vagina has developed a life and a voice of its own.

Trotski in Coyoacan Trailer (1975)

17 November 1975

La Pasión Según Berenice Trailer (1975)

10 November 1975

Berenice (Navarro) is a woman with a mysterious past. A scar crosses her face and nightmares of fire and horses fill her lonely nights.

Anno Domini 1573 Trailer (1975)

14 November 1975

Europe in second half of 16th century was very rough place to live. Peasants of Slovenia and Croatia had even rougher times because of the constant threat of Turk raids and being taxed to death in order to provide defence against the Turks.

Rockhounds Trailer (1975)

20 November 1975

Dogfather assigns Pug to steal the Pedigree Diamond from a rich couple, so Puge poses as a butler. However, he has to put up with the couple's spoiled child.

Ride a Wild Pony Trailer (1975)

02 November 1975

Scott, a poor farm boy, is given a wild pony from a wealthy ranch owner's herd to ride to and from school.

The Doll Trailer (1975)

22 November 1975

Thriller based on Francis Durbridge

Inn of the Damned Trailer (1975)

13 November 1975

A sheriff investigates why the guests at a local hostelry check in, but never check out.

The Captivating Star of Happiness Trailer (1975)

11 November 1975

In December 1825, distinguished members of the Russian military, most of whom were quite affluent and of noble lineage, took it upon themselves to stir revolution against the autocratic and tyrannical Czar Nikolai I in the wake of his not honoring the drafting of a constitution for the Russian people.

Blanca's Weddings Trailer (1975)

17 November 1975

A divorced woman is abandoned by her betrothed on the eve of her second marriage, and resigns herself to a humdrum life with her first husband.

The Man Who Couldn't Say No Trailer (1975)

21 November 1975

Young priest returns from America to work in an old Helsinki neighbourhood with idyllic wooden houses.

The Fantastic Sword Trailer (1975)

19 November 1975

Shot in the Philippines with a largely Filipino cast, the film is set in a mythical kingdom called Barangbang, which appears to be just a normal rural Filipino village but for the fact that it is ruled over by a sultan and has a princess.

"Fertility" Bank Trailer (1975)

06 November 1975

Hong Kong sex comedy film.

The Hired Gun Trailer (1975)

13 November 1975

Fabio Testi is an undercover cop doubling as the bodyguard (hence, “Gorilla”) of a cantankerous middle-aged industrialist targeted for extortion.

Melnā vēža spīlēs Trailer (1975)

26 November 1975

Në fillim të verës Trailer (1975)

22 November 1975

In Fascist Albania 1942, Albanian partisans will do all they can to remove the Italian fascists from their country.

Chronicle of the Years of Fire Trailer (1975)

26 November 1975

The beginings of the Algerian Revolution as seen through the eyes of a peasant.

Las fuerzas vivas Trailer (1975)

20 November 1975

Establishment politicians and Revolutionists take turns running a small town circa 1915.

O Rei da Noite Trailer (1975)

20 November 1975

Sought after by several reputable women, a bohemian becomes obsessed with a prostitute.

Welcome Home Brother Charles Trailer (1975)

11 November 1975

One man wronged by a racist law enforcement system takes a highly unusual route to street justice in this bizarre, expressive urban drama.

One Man Against the Organization Trailer (1975)

12 November 1975

An airport employee switches a pack of drugs for baking soda and absconds to Barcelona, meanwhile the drug-runners are on his trail.

A Bride from the North Trailer (1975)

19 November 1975

Popular musical comedy satirising Russian-Armenian relations, featuring Arno Babadzhanyan's hits. Artak has served his military service in the Russian countryside where he meets Valya.

The 11,000 Sexes Trailer (1975)

05 November 1975

Adaptation of the erotic novel by Guillaume Apollinaire.

Black Dragon's Revenge Trailer (1975)

06 November 1975

Three rival gangs embark on a search for Bruce Lee's handwritten "finger fighting " manual.

And Spread the Gloom Trailer (1975)

21 November 1975

Extremely obscure Filipino horror flick centers around an evil Satur.

Banned Book: Flesh Futon Trailer (1975)

22 November 1975

The film is based on 17th century Chinese erotic novel by Li Yu best known as The Carnal Prayer Mat. Mio is a struggling writer who writes a pornographic book entitled Flesh Futon which becomes a surprise best seller.

Return of the Valuables Trailer (1975)

08 November 1975

One criminal gang gets its hands on a stolen 'national treasure', and another gang steals it from then.

Dr. Siva Trailer (1975)

02 November 1975

Dr. Siva (Tamil: டாக்டர் சிவா) is a 1975 Indian Tamil film, directed and produced by A.

Doctor Who: The Android Invasion Trailer (1975)

22 November 1975

After landing on Earth in the bucolic village of Devesham, Sarah Jane and the Doctor discover strange goings on.

Alien Lover Trailer (1975)

25 November 1975

An orphaned teenager becomes involved with an alien who was beamed to Earth from another galaxy in a TV signal.

He Restoreth My Soul Trailer (1975)

01 November 1975

In 1961, a Christian clod named Merrill Womach survived a Thanksgiving plane accident and gas explosion that left his face and body burnt to a crisp.

Protected: The Truth About Palm Island Trailer (1975)

11 November 1975

Exposé of the ill-treatment of Aboriginal workers by white men. A dramatised documentary about the June 1957 Aboriginal strike on Palm Island reserve, off the north Queensland coast.

That Lady from Peking Trailer (1975)

13 November 1975

Max Foster (Carl Betz), an American newspaper reporter, is in Hong Kong to assist a defecting Russian diplomat.

The Spiritual Boxer Trailer (1975)

28 November 1975

Wang Yu plays a vagabond who earn a living on people's superstitions, but also puts things right. (A)

Adultery to the Spanish Trailer (1975)

24 November 1975

Fernando and Marta are an exemplary marriage. Fernando, a tidy and methodical person, working as an executive in a multinational and is highly regarded by his boss and his partners.

Sirius Trailer (1975)

01 November 1975

In SIRIUS, a young boy whose most cherished companion is his loyal German shepherd devises his own form of resistance when the Nazis arrest his father, then order the confiscation of local canines, including his pet, to be retrained as attack dogs against the rebellious populace.

Mans draugs — nenopietns cilvēks Trailer (1975)

26 November 1975

Andharangam Trailer (1975)

27 November 1975

Andharangam is a Tamil language film starring Kamal Haasan. Savithri and Major Sundarrajan played Deepa's parents.

The Devil's Cleavage Trailer (1975)

28 November 1975

"One of Kuchar’s few feature-length works is this ribald pastiche to postwar Hollywood melodrama, that period when the studios were trying very hard to be adult.

New Battles Without Honor and Humanity 2: Boss's Head Trailer (1975)

01 November 1975

The seventh in the shocking "Jingi Naki Tatakai" movie series, which exposes the true lives of the yakuza that is hidden by a mask of "jingi".

Weather Report: Live in Berlin Trailer (1975)

06 November 1975

Giochi erotici di una famiglia per bene Trailer (1975)

22 November 1975

Riccardo comes home early from work one evening and discovers his wife, Elisa, with a lover - who manages to escape through the window.

84 Charing Cross Road Trailer (1975)

04 November 1975

Adaptation of the Helene Hanff memoir, presented as part of Play for Today.

The Legend of Valentino Trailer (1975)

23 November 1975

A "dramatization" of the life of actor Rudolph Valentino, widely regarded as the screen's first male sex symbol.