Movie Trailers - February 1976

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Popular trailers for movies released in February 1976

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Taxi Driver Trailer (1976)

07 February 1976

A mentally unstable Vietnam War veteran works as a night-time taxi driver in New York City where the perceived decadence and sleaze feeds his urge for violent action, attempting to save a preadolescent prostitute in the process.

Karamurat Trailer (1976)

22 February 1976

An adventure movie directed by Ernst Hofbauer and Natuk Baytan.

Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks Trailer (1976)

29 February 1976

Ilsa works for an Arab sheik who enjoys importing females to use as sex slaves.

House of Mortal Sin Trailer (1976)

03 February 1976

A troubled young girl goes to confession at the local church. Unfortunately, the sexually frustrated priest she confesses to becomes obsessed with her.

Milk Brothers Trailer (1976)

01 February 1976

Shaban is Ramadan's best friend whom he met whilst serving as a marine in the Ottoman navy forces. Br

Illustrious Corpses Trailer (1976)

12 February 1976

A detective (inspector Rogas) is assigned to investigate the mysterious murders of some Supreme Court judges.

Could We Maybe Trailer (1976)

16 February 1976

15-year-old Kim - an ordinary teenager, given mostly to himself, living with an unmarried mother in a small apartment.

Bad Starters Trailer (1976)

11 February 1976

15-year old schoolboy Denis and the nun Clotilde fall in love with each other. During the war the two of them take shelter at an abandoned farm and live happily together until the locals start to become suspicious.

The Killing of a Chinese Bookie Trailer (1976)

15 February 1976

A proud strip club owner is forced to come to terms with himself as a man, when his gambling addiction gets him in hot water with the mob, who offer him only one alternative.

Confessions of a Lady Cop Trailer (1976)

12 February 1976

Gianna Amicucci works in the house of the head of her hometown police force and enters the academy with a kickback from him.

Hunter Will Get You Trailer (1976)

01 February 1976

L'Alpagueur is a free-lance spy from the French secret agency. He's put on the investigation about L'epervier, a serial-killer who employs young boys to help him robbing banks before killing them.

Sweet Teen Trailer (1976)

19 February 1976

A middle-age businessman marries a much younger woman, but is still carrying on with his sexy secretary.

Il soldato di ventura Trailer (1976)

19 February 1976

No overview found.

La professoressa di lingue Trailer (1976)

28 February 1976

Michael, the son of a wealthy family, suffers from stuttering, and this leads him to be sent back to English and French.

Hostess Trailer (1976)

13 February 1976

No overview found.

Galaxer i mina braxer sa Kapten Zoom Trailer (1976)

14 February 1976

Farsighted for Two Diopters Trailer (1976)

20 February 1976

Dimo Manchev (Partsalev), a 50-year-old head of family, has a conservative notion of upbringing and morality.

The Farm in the Small March Trailer (1976)

04 February 1976

War arrives to a small secluded village in Vojvodina. The Germans take a group of hostages through the village and on their way molest a small boy.

The Great Adventure of Zorro Trailer (1976)

12 February 1976

The De La Vega's are a wealthy and prestigious family known throughout the territory. When Diego, the youngest son of Don Alejandro de La Vega, returns from his 4 year stay in Spain, he finds him hometown oppressed by the corrupt military forces.

The Phantom on Horseback Trailer (1976)

24 February 1976

A ghost is haunting Lubló: Kaszparek Mihály, trader of wines, does not refrain from haunting his native town even in broad daylight.

Peccatori di provincia Trailer (1976)

17 February 1976

The Italian Machine Trailer (1976)

02 February 1976

This TV play, written and directed David Cronenberg, explores one of his enduring themes: obsessive relationships with technology.

Next Stop, Greenwich Village Trailer (1976)

04 February 1976

An aspiring Jewish actor moves out of his parents' Brooklyn apartment to seek his fortune in the bohemian life of Greenwich Village in 1953.

Virgin Breaker Yuki II: Western Liscensed District Trailer (1976)

14 February 1976

The sequel depicts Yuki's love affair with a young brothel owner who was once a Noh singer, and his complicated relationship with a woman who follows him around.

The Middleman Trailer (1976)

20 February 1976

After months of unemployment, recent college graduate Somnath enters business as a middleman, but he finds out when success means finding a client's weak spot, the price is more than mere rupees.

The Himalayan Trailer (1976)

20 February 1976

The Tseng family is one of the most noble and respected clans in a small village in Tibet. The patriarch of the Tseng family wants to marry off his daughter Ching Lan into the Kao clan.

The Pact Trailer (1976)

26 February 1976

Unwholesome family dynamics between father, son, schizophrenic daughter and son-in-law.

Calmos Trailer (1976)

11 February 1976

Two men, fortyish, worn out by their wives, abandon everything to go and live in the back of beyond. There they meet a truculent priest, a boozer, Émile who recalls them to life's simple pleasures.

Big Times for the Crazy Bumpkins Trailer (1976)

07 February 1976

In 1974, John Lo Mar co-directed The Crazy Bumpkins, a new variation on the time-tested, beloved Cantonese comedy "Country Bumpkin" tradition.

Let My Puppets Come Trailer (1976)

14 February 1976

The three chief executives of Creative Concepts Systems & Procedures Brothers Unlimited Inc. of New York are in hot water as their latest venture has been a huge failure, and their Mafia investor, "Mr.

Griffin and Phoenix Trailer (1976)

27 February 1976

Geoffrey Griffin who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer in his chest, meets Sarah Phoenix as they both attend a university lecture on the psychology of dying.

Forever Emmanuelle Trailer (1976)

04 February 1976

At an institute in Manila, researchers and eco-tourists trade stories about the Mara tribe, who live on a remote island and have an annual festival of rebirth in which some of the tribe forget who they are and begin again.

Hera Pheri Trailer (1976)

22 February 1976

Two con men, Vijay and Ajay, manage to hoodwink a number of wealthy people as well as Police Commissioner Khanna.

Addie and the King of Hearts Trailer (1976)

25 February 1976

A young teenage girl becomes jealous when her widowed father when he starts to woo a beautician.

Kjære Maren Trailer (1976)

19 February 1976

Set in Rodeløkka of Kristiania eastside around the year 1900 and is a rough sketch of how it was to be young and unmarried working girl at the time.

Kann ich noch ein bisschen bleiben? Trailer (1976)

01 February 1976

Alle Jahre wieder – Die Familie Semmeling Trailer (1976)

22 February 1976

Deadly Hero Trailer (1976)

15 February 1976

Officer Lacy is an 18-year veteran of the New York Police Department who finds himself demoted from detective back to patrol duty for his violent tendencies and trigger-happy behavior.

Mamie Rose Trailer (1976)

18 February 1976

No overview found.

Virgin Snow Trailer (1976)

06 February 1976

A sexually explicit search of a woman to find the one man, that perfect union, that will give her the always near, and yet very elusive moment of total orgasm.

Crime and Passion Trailer (1976)

06 February 1976

Financier persuades his mistress to marry a rich industrialist for his money, then discovers that he and the new wife are to be murdered by her new husband.

The Killing Machine Trailer (1976)

01 February 1976

Mr. Soh, a righteous man with a cold stare and fists of steel, returns to a lawless post-war Japan in 1946.

I'm Not Feeling Myself Tonight Trailer (1976)

15 February 1976

Cheeky 1970s British sex comedy. Barry Andrews stars as virginal nerd Jon Pigeon, who manages to secure a job in a sex research institute where the patients run about the corridors naked, nude aerobics are encouraged and no man is safe from the crotch-grabbing tea lady.

The Nude Princess Trailer (1976)

05 February 1976

Ajita Wilson plays an African diplomat who comes to Milan to head a trade delegation. At the delegation she feels haunted by her past in which she appeared in a pornographic magazine.

La mujer es cosa de hombres Trailer (1976)

26 February 1976

La trastienda Trailer (1976)

23 February 1976

Attention les yeux ! Trailer (1976)

17 February 1976

Un réalisateur sans beaucoup d'expérience souhaite tourner un film pornographique.

Pallieter Trailer (1976)

26 February 1976

In this film version of the Dutch-language classic ('heimat'-)novel by Flemish author Felix Timmermans, the title character is a city-boy from Lier who after recovering from a life-threatening disease changes his life completely and his name to the self-invented Pallieter.

The Witch Who Came from the Sea Trailer (1976)

06 February 1976

Anger stemming from being abused as a child drives an alcoholic's daughter to kill as an adult.

Manhunt Trailer (1976)

11 February 1976

A tough police detective is falsely accused of corruption, and goes on the run to clear his name. He is assisted by the beautiful daughter of a rich man.

Caesar and Cleopatra Trailer (1976)

01 February 1976

Adaptation of the play by Bernard Shaw.

The Autumn Love Song Trailer (1976)

01 February 1976

When a rich guy met a poor gal and fell in love, his authoritative father disapproved of their relationship owing to his girlfriend’s complicated family background and a retarded brother.

Candice Candy Trailer (1976)

06 February 1976

Candy's Hot!, Candy's Cold!, Candy's Randy!

Sasquatch, the Legend of Bigfoot Trailer (1976)

13 February 1976

Scientists mount an expedition to find a Bigfoot-type creature.

Echoes of a Summer Trailer (1976)

06 February 1976

A young girl with a terminal heart condition plans to celebrate her 12th birthday on one last summer holiday with her parents in Nova Scotia.

The Likely Lads Trailer (1976)

01 February 1976

With the destruction of their previous neighbourhood has inevitably come the destruction of the lads’ favoured watering hole The Fat Ox.

As Granfinas e o Camelô Trailer (1976)

07 February 1976

Help Me... I'm Possessed Trailer (1976)

04 February 1976

A mad doctor runs a sanitarium in the desert, where his hunchbacked servant whips women who are chained in the basement and cuts the legs off bodies so they'll fit in the caskets.

Traídas Pelo Desejo Trailer (1976)

08 February 1976

The Tenants Trailer (1976)

20 February 1976

It proceeds to document the stages of sugar production once in the mill then shifts to the unrest outside where a sakada was shot to death by one of the hacienda's guards.