Movie Trailers - March 1976

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Popular trailers for movies released in March 1976

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The Man Who Fell to Earth Trailer (1976)

18 March 1976

Thomas Jerome Newton is an alien who comes to Earth to get water for his dying planet. He starts a high technology company to get the billions of dollars he needs to build a return spacecraft.

The Summer I Turned 15 Trailer (1976)

04 March 1976

The story Peter is telling the about a special summer, when he is invited over to summer holiday from bickering parents, to his aunt and uncle in the country.

Salon Kitty Trailer (1976)

02 March 1976

Kitty runs a brothel in Nazi Germany where the soldiers come to "relax". Recording devices have been installed in each room by a power hungry army official who plans to use the information to blackmail Hitler and gain power himself.

The Best Way to Walk Trailer (1976)

03 March 1976

In a vacation camp somewhere in the French country, 1960. Marc et Philippe are two of the counsellors.

Black Maid Trailer (1976)

06 March 1976

Prime example of the very silly humor / sexploitation genre coming out of Italy in the 70's. A black women (Carla Brait) begins work as a maid in an apartment complex filled with wacky characters.

Nobody's Daughter Trailer (1976)

04 March 1976

An orphan girl suffers abuse from her adopting parents.

Je t'aime moi non plus Trailer (1976)

10 March 1976

A waitress with boyish looks and the gay driver of a garbage truck fall in love.

Robin and Marian Trailer (1976)

11 March 1976

Whatever became of Robin Hood after his famed tale of good deeds ended? Now you can find out, in this sequel that takes place years after Robin and his merry men bested the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Happy Family Trailer (1976)

01 March 1976

UFO Robot Grendizer vs. Great Mazinger Trailer (1976)

20 March 1976

Alien invaders take over Great Mazinger who is at the entrance of a museum next to Mazinger Z as symbols of peace.

Killer Clans Trailer (1976)

19 March 1976

As two rival clans vie for dominance in a martial world where loyalty and honor can be bought and friends become enemies, a peerless swordsman (Chung Wa) discovers that the only thing truly worth fighting for is love.

To the Devil a Daughter Trailer (1976)

04 March 1976

An American occult novelist battles to save the soul of a young girl from a group of Satanists, led by an excommunicated priest, who plan on using her as the representative of the Devil on Earth.

The Opening of Misty Beethoven Trailer (1976)

01 March 1976

Inspired by My Fair Lady, this pornographic interpretation of Pygmalion is about a sexologist who attempts to transform Misty from a hooker into sensuous instrument of passion.

Creature from Black Lake Trailer (1976)

01 March 1976

Two men exploring the Louisiana swamps run into a Bigfoot-type creature.

Kings of the Road Trailer (1976)

04 March 1976

Itinerant projection-equipment repairman Bruno Winter (Rüdiger Vogler) and depressed hitchhiker Robert Lander (Hanns Zischler)--a doctor who has just been through a break-up with his wife and a half-hearted suicide attempt--travel along the Western side of the East-German border in a repair truck, visiting worn-out movie theaters, learning to communicate across their differences.

Foxtrot Trailer (1976)

01 March 1976

Liviu (Peter O'Toole) and Julia (Charlotte Rampling) decide it's best to hide out on an island of paradise until the war ends.

The Loves and Times of Scaramouche Trailer (1976)

17 March 1976

Small Change Trailer (1976)

17 March 1976

Various experiences of childhood are seen in several sequences that take place in the small town of Thiers, France.

Them and Us Trailer (1976)

04 March 1976

Lasse & Geir, two suburban boys in their late teens, kick up a row on the bus into town, making the driver call the police.

Les oeufs brouillés Trailer (1976)

30 March 1976

Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man Trailer (1976)

11 March 1976

Fred and Tony are members of an elite 'special squad' of police in Rome, Italy who are licensed-to-kill, undercover cops and who love to live dangerously.

Hand No.2 Trailer (1976)

27 March 1976

Using video technology as an extension of his body, Yamamoto interacts with a pre-recorded image of his hand displayed on a monitor.

One of My Wives Is Missing Trailer (1976)

05 March 1976

Vacationing in a small town, a frantic Daniel Corban (James Franciscus) shows up at the local police station, declaring that his wife has disappeared.

Jackson County Jail Trailer (1976)

31 March 1976

This is a powerful drama about a young woman who stumbles into a nightmare land of hijacking and humiliation while driving cross-country from California to New York.

Africa Express Trailer (1976)

11 March 1976

John Baxter (Giuliano Gemma) is a freewheeling trader of goods in Africa with a pet chimpanzee and one dream: to save enough money to buy a gas station in Detroit.

Allegro non troppo Trailer (1976)

12 March 1976

The film is a parody of Disney's Fantasia, though possibly more of a challenge to Fantasia than parody status would imply.

Percy Is Killed Trailer (1976)

29 March 1976

The story is about a man with family problems, try to solve everything with drugs, later his girlfriend died of an overdose .

Police Python 357 Trailer (1976)

31 March 1976

A tough but honest cop must clear his name after a corrupt colleague implicates him in a murder in this French thriller.

Boys Will Be Boys Trailer (1976)

03 March 1976

Funny family comedy based on "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" by Mark Twain.

Time Travelers Trailer (1976)

19 March 1976

In 1976, there's an outbreak of a disease that no one has seen before. All what they know is that resembles a disease that existed at around 1871, and that a Dr.

Super Bowl Trailer (1976)

01 March 1976

A behind-the-scenes documentary about the events and personalities surrounding Superbowl X in Miami between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Dallas Cowboys.

Krach im Hochhaus Trailer (1976)

21 March 1976

The Judge and the Assassin Trailer (1976)

10 March 1976

France, 1893. Joseph Bouvier attempts to shoot his love who refused to marry him and to commit suicide.

Young Pioneers Trailer (1976)

01 March 1976

Pilot for TV series of the same name released in 1978. The film told the tale of Molly and David Beaton, two teenage newlyweds, in the Dakota Territory in the 1870s.

Midnight Desires Trailer (1976)

09 March 1976

Four friends on a weekend getaway to Long Island are siting around a fireplace and each relates a sexual fantasy that he or she has had for a long time but kept secret.

Love Lips Trailer (1976)

13 March 1976

A mysterious wheelchair bound man brings a group of strangers together for an unknown purpose. Hilariously bizarre dialog makes this film a treasure for cult porn fans!

Farewell to Manzanar Trailer (1976)

11 March 1976

Fact based drama about one of the internment camps used by the American military during World War II to detain some 100,000 Japanese Americans (most of them U.

Werewolf Woman Trailer (1976)

18 March 1976

A woman has dreams that she is a werewolf so she goes out and finds men. She proceeds to have sex with them and then rip their throats out with her teeth.

Exposé Trailer (1976)

01 March 1976

A paranoid writer is unable to get started on his second novel. He hires a secretary and then his troubles really begin.

I Only Want You to Love Me Trailer (1976)

23 March 1976

The story of the young man Peter, who grew up during the economic miracle, bereft of parental care and love.

What Now, Catherine Curtis? Trailer (1976)

30 March 1976

Following twenty years of marriage to a philandering husband, divorcee Catherine Curtis begins life anew as a single woman.

The Night of Submission Trailer (1976)

23 March 1976

These women are in for a very long night! This 70’s vintage film features intense bondage practices on these delightful beauties and it’s going to go all night for them! Rough sex auteur director, Joe Davian, delivers a straight faced black magic story.

The Cop in Blue Jeans Trailer (1976)

11 March 1976

A top undercover cop finds and arrests a series of purse snatchers until he discovers an American at the top of an evil ring of thieves.

Canoa: A Shameful Memory Trailer (1976)

04 March 1976

A group of students take a bus to go to a small town, in order to finish a professional practice. All of them are friends, and they decide to sing some modern songs, while the other passengers are trying to sleep.

Ohnsorg Theater - Frauen an Bord Trailer (1976)

05 March 1976

The Battle of Chile - Part II Trailer (1976)

13 March 1976

Chronicles the events immediately surrounding the CIA- supported coup itself.

Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw Trailer (1976)

01 March 1976

A young country-star wannabe takes off from her carhop career to join with a young, modern Billy the Kid wannabe for an adventure in theft, murder and mayhem.

Victory March Trailer (1976)

12 March 1976

The drawbacks and difficulties of military life are explored in this film. Paolo Passeri (Michele Placido) is a college graduate, somewhat spoiled, somewhat effete, who finds himself in an officer training program under the stern martinet, Captain Asciutto (Franco Nero).

Northville Cemetery Massacre Trailer (1976)

01 March 1976

The bikers are the heroes and the lawmen are the villains in this vintage action drama. The Spirits are a motorcycle club who ride the highways and country roads of Michigan; while they look rough, wear beat-up denim and favor Harley Davidsons, the Spirits are good guys at heart, more likely to help a stranger change a flat tire than rough him up.

Semi-Documentary: Runaway Sex Gang Trailer (1976)

19 March 1976

Not available for the time

Albino Trailer (1976)

15 March 1976

A colonial police officer in Rhodesia hunts down the albino terrorist who raped and murdered his fiancee.

El hombre desnudo Trailer (1976)

11 March 1976

Indian child grows up to seek revenge on the man that raped and murdered his parents.

The Slipper and the Rose Trailer (1976)

24 March 1976

In the tiny kingdom of Euphrania, the King and his court are most anxious to get Prince Edward wed. But Edward wants to marry for love.

Das blaue Licht Trailer (1976)

14 March 1976

No overview found.

Easy Come, Easy Go Trailer (1976)

05 March 1976

Con man and gigolo Harry Korda decides he has to strike it big by finding a millionaire's daughter to marry so he can gather enough money to move to the Bahamas.

Dragonfly Trailer (1976)

01 March 1976

A man, recently released from a mental hospital, tries to track down his family.

Stangata in famiglia Trailer (1976)

27 March 1976

Sexy Comedy Italian 70's Style - Must See Performance By Femi Benussi as well as Cristea Avram.

A la legión le gustan las mujeres... y a las mujeres, les gusta la legión Trailer (1976)

16 March 1976

A lieutenant and four others are having a little party before entering combat. Ensign has his girlfrn

Sidewinders Delta Trailer (1976)

20 March 1976

A film by Pat O'Neill

Premiera Trailer (1976)

05 March 1976