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Popular trailers for movies released in July 1976

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Gus Trailer (1976)

07 July 1976

The California Atoms are in last place with no hope of moving up. But by switching the mule from team mascot to team member, (He can kick 100 yard field goals!) they start winning, and move up in the rankings, Hurrah! The competition isn't so happy.

Lifeguard Trailer (1976)

23 July 1976

Rick is a Los Angeles County lifeguard who is in his thirties. At his 15-year high school reunion, he sees his old girlfriend who is now a divorced mother.

New Fist of Fury Trailer (1976)

08 July 1976

A brother and sister escape from Japanese-occupied Shanghai to Japanese-occupied Taiwan, to stay with their grandfather who runs a Kung-Fu school there.

The Gumball Rally Trailer (1976)

28 July 1976

A group of people from different backgrounds have one thing in common: when they hear the world "gumball" whispered by one of the others, they know that it's time for the Gumball Rally: a no-holds barred, secret, winner-take-all rally across the USA.

Girls in the Night Traffic Trailer (1976)

13 July 1976

Three prostitutes living together in a large apartment and tells stories about their quirky cods. Then tricked into white slavery by the murky Turk Mustafa and taken to a harem in the Middle East! They use their cunning and seduction skills to try to escape.

At the Earth's Core Trailer (1976)

01 July 1976

A huge burrowing machine tunnels out of control at ferocious speed, cutting clean through to the center of the earth, to the twilight world of pellucidar.

The Hand of Death Trailer (1976)

15 July 1976

A survivor of an attack on a rebel group opposing the Manchu invasion of China creates the Goose Fist fighting technique and tries for revenge on a traitor.

Squirm Trailer (1976)

30 July 1976

At the beginning of the film, we learn from one of the characters that earthworms can be called to the surface with electricity, but somehow it turns them into vicious flesh-eaters.

In the Dust of the Stars Trailer (1976)

01 July 1976

A retro '70s vision of the future, IN THE DUST OF THE STARS was made by the DEFA film studio. A radio signal attracts a team of astronauts to a mysterious planet.

Mad Dog Morgan Trailer (1976)

09 July 1976

The true story of Irish outlaw Daniel Morgan, who is wanted, dead or alive, in Australia during the 1850s.

Won Ton Ton: the Dog Who Saved Hollywood Trailer (1976)

26 July 1976

Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood is a 1976 film directed by Michael Winner.

Hot Summer In The City Trailer (1976)

14 July 1976

A gang of black militants kidnap a white virgin, hold her hostage and ravish her.

Marecek, Pass Me the Pen! Trailer (1976)

01 July 1976

This comedy is about one average family. The father works as master in the factory and his son is studying on high school.

Cannonball Trailer (1976)

06 July 1976

Coy "Cannonball" Buckman (David Carradine) and his blazing red Pontiac enter the Trans-America Grand Prix, an underground road race spanning the continent in which there are no rules, no speed limits and no heed for the law.

El señor está servido Trailer (1976)

26 July 1976

Three stories of three housemaids: Martina, shop steward, serves a marriage that can not have children because she entered the house with that condition.

Les pornocrates Trailer (1976)

27 July 1976

This is a documentary on the 70's French porn industry. There are generally two kinds of porn documentaries--those that actually take an insightful look behind the scenes, and those that are just an excuse to show a lot of nudity and XXX porn footage.

Spermula Trailer (1976)

07 July 1976

The story is based around "spermulites", the alien inhabitants of a dying planet. The only way they can save their planet is by sucking the men of planet earth dry of sperm, kind of like horny vampires.

Emmanuelle on Taboo Island Trailer (1976)

01 July 1976

Daniel is washed ashore after a shipwreck and discovers the beautiful Haydee in a tropical island paradise.

The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings Trailer (1976)

16 July 1976

Tired of the slave-like treatment of his team's owner, charismatic star Negro League pitcher Bingo Long takes to the road with his band of barnstormers through the small towns of the Midwest in the 1930's.

Fantasm Trailer (1976)

16 July 1976

Jurgen Noetafreud is a professor of the psyche of human sexuality, who introduces 10 short segments from his case studies of the most common female sexual fantasies.

Drum Trailer (1976)

30 July 1976

A mid-19th century mulatto slave is torn between his success as a pit-fighter and the injustices of white society.

Sorbole... che romagnola! Trailer (1976)

07 July 1976

Due to a mistake by the travel agency she works for, a young woman finds herself deeply in debt and stranded in a tourist resort full of incredibly stuck-up travelers.

Black Emanuelle 2 Trailer (1976)

31 July 1976

Emanuelle is now confined to a Manhattan psychiatric clinic with an acute case of extreme amnesia and depraved fantasies.

La figliastra (Storia di corna e di passioni) Trailer (1976)

29 July 1976

A long time ago in Sicilia, there was a common, unwritten law that linked the hereditary rights to unequivocal demonstrations of virility.

Liebesfallen Trailer (1976)

01 July 1976

Meine beste Freundin Trailer (1976)

11 July 1976

Mako: The Jaws of Death Trailer (1976)

01 July 1976

A man accidentally learns that he has a mystical connection with sharks, and is given a strange medallion by a shaman.

Chelsia My Love Trailer (1976)

27 July 1976

For many years, Mr. Lee has been keeping a secret from his wife and two daughters that his elder daughter, Chelsia, is having some serious heart disease.

Pomporrutas imperiales Trailer (1976)

04 July 1976

Two middle aged Spanish men bump into each other at a music store: Calvo, who is a TV actor, and Casado.

Himitsu Sentai Gorenger: The Bomb Hurricane! Trailer (1976)

22 July 1976

The Gorenger head for Matsuyama to prevent the Black Cross from firing a missile to destroy Japan. Himitsu Sentai Gorenger: The Bomb Hurricane is a theatrical film based on the Himitsu Sentai Gorenger television series.

Independence Trailer (1976)

04 July 1976

John Huston directs this film giving relevance and life to the hallowed buildings and ground making up Independence National Historical Park.

The Last Winter Trailer (1976)

08 July 1976

Germans come amid snow and winter. In the village only people remained are women, that fight until wounded partisans, sheltered in the village, will retreat deeper and snow will cover their tracks.

Luna di miele in tre Trailer (1976)

31 July 1976

The Fourth Wish Trailer (1976)

16 July 1976

The poignant struggle of a man to grant his terminally ill son three wishes - and the obstacles cast in his way of achieving this goal.

Moving Violation Trailer (1976)

16 July 1976

Eddie Moore is a young drifter passing through the small town of Rockfield when suddenly he gets harassed by corrupt sheriff Leroy Rankin and his Deputy, Tylor.

Forget Me Not Trailer (1976)

29 July 1976

We meet the hero of this musical drama, Dolf Preller, being released on parole after spending two and a half years in prison.

The Far Shore Trailer (1976)

28 July 1976

Set in 1918 Ontario, The Far Shore employs both melodramatic conventions and experimental formal strategies to tell the tale of Eulalie, a Quebecoise woman, and her love affair wit Tom McLeod (a thinly veiled fictionalization of Canadian painter Tom Thomson).

Les emmerdeuses Trailer (1976)

22 July 1976

An adventure comedy directed by Jess Franco.

Death Riders Trailer (1976)

01 July 1976

Documentary goes on the road with state fair daredevils.

38 Parrots Trailer (1976)

13 July 1976

Parrot, Monkey and Elephant are excited to understand how long their friend Boa is. They finally arrive to the result, though it is measured in quite a strange fashion.

Colt 38 Special Squad Trailer (1976)

24 July 1976

When his wife is kidnapped by a local crime lord (Ivan Rassimov), a determined police captain (Marcel Bozzuffi) forms his own squad of rogue cops, each of whom wields a .

Little Girl, Big Tease Trailer (1976)

01 July 1976

A 16 year-old society girl is kidnapped and exploited by a group of people including one of her high school teachers.

Oz Trailer (1976)

29 July 1976

In this 1976 Australian made retelling of The Wizard of Oz, two teens are dancing at a rural gathering when the girl Dorothy (Joy Dunstan) is knocked unconscious.

Tiger of Northland Trailer (1976)

23 July 1976

The Tiger of Northland must help a lady and beat up some people.

Rocky Pink Trailer (1976)

09 July 1976

The Pink Panther adopts a pet rock, who is more trouble than he is worth. Reissued as Pet Pink Pebbles in 1978.

The Snake Prince Trailer (1976)

31 July 1976

Snake Prince (Ti Lung) is wandering with his snake buddies when he happens upon a beautiful maiden (Lin Chen-Chi) singing a prayer for rain.

Pacho, the Brigand of Hybe Trailer (1976)

01 July 1976

A funny outlaw tale inspired by traditional folk humour. Pacho is no ordinary outlaw. He detests injustice and feudal oppression and he copes with each troublesome situation with the help of his cleverness and wit.

God Speed You! Black Emperor Trailer (1976)

01 July 1976

1970s Japan saw the rise of biker gangs, known as Bōsōzoku, which drew the interest of the media. God Speed You! Black Emperor follows a member of the bike gang and his interaction with his parents, after he gets in trouble with the police.

Special Delivery Trailer (1976)

16 July 1976

A gang of thieves plan a daring bank robbery, making their escape across the rooftops of Los Angeles.

Atti impuri all'italiana Trailer (1976)

01 July 1976

Traitorous Trailer (1976)

23 July 1976

The plot is a standard revenge tale told in a concise manner that involves a boy witnessing his parents' murder at the hands of corrupt officials and growing up to achieve vengeance.

Keep It Up Downstairs Trailer (1976)

28 July 1976

The year is 1904; the setting is Cockshute Towers, one of England's stateliest homes. When the household is threatened with bankruptcy, both the masters and the servants are prepared to co-operate in trying to find some cash - after all, most of them are enjoying liaisons of one kind or another among themselves, and none have any desire to give up their rewarding way of life.

Juan que reía Trailer (1976)

15 July 1976

Juan Libonatti, a seller of fine wines, like up in the company where he works. His car, a brand new Citroen, will be an essential tool to sell more wine in less time and be able to move up.

Nāve zem buras Trailer (1976)

12 July 1976

Goole by Numbers Trailer (1976)

26 July 1976

A numerical journey through the quaint village of Goole.

Kiss [1976] The Lost Concert Trailer (1976)

10 July 1976

Kiss The Lost Concert, captures a young and hungry band on the verge of multi-platinum success. Experience they heavy metal masters pounding out scorchers, "Firehouse" and "Black Diamond" along with tracks culled from their then new album "Destroyer".

Die Forelle Trailer (1976)

31 July 1976

Locomotive Trailer (1976)

31 July 1976

1976 “Lokomotywa” / “Train Engine” (after Lokomotywa, a poem by Julian Tuwim). Made with the use of classical cartoon animation and combined photographs, the film adds more humour to Tuwim's rhyme.

Lapse Trailer (1976)

16 July 1976

Film by Phil Denslow

Secrets of a Superstud Trailer (1976)

19 July 1976

In this silly soft-core sex comedy, Tony Kenyon is Custer Firkeshaw, the owner of a girlie magazine. He stands to inherit a fortune… If he can get married and have a baby within a year.