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Das Mädchen Marion Trailer (1956)

24 October 1956

The Perjured Farmer Trailer (1956)

19 October 1956

Durch die Wälder durch die Auen Trailer (1956)

18 October 1956

Fulano y Mengano Trailer (1956)

18 October 1956

Eudosio and Carlos were imprisoned by mistake. Now out of prison, are trying to get a job and to adapt to a society that rejects them.

Forbidden Area Trailer (1956)

04 October 1956

Why are so many B-99 bombers from Hibiscus Air Base crashing or simply disappearing? Colonel Price cm

Hurra - die Firma hat ein Kind Trailer (1956)

11 October 1956

Paris, Palace Hotel Trailer (1956)

18 October 1956

Ektemann alene Trailer (1956)

07 October 1956

Treffpunkt Aimée Trailer (1956)

04 October 1956

DEFA crime film about the smuggling of PVC across the (still open) border from East to West Berlin.

Heredero en apuros Trailer (1956)

01 October 1956

Paco, a Sevillian living in Paris who works as a music hall singer, receives news of the death of his uncle named him heir to his fortune.

House of Secrets Trailer (1956)

23 October 1956

Police in Paris recruit an English ship's officer (Michael Craig) to help trap counterfeiters by joining them.

Was die Schwalbe sang Trailer (1956)

18 October 1956

The Bride Is Much Too Beautiful Trailer (1956)

25 October 1956

A country girl is discovered by a Paris magazine, and becomes a top model.

Anakku Sazali Trailer (1956)

27 October 1956

The movie tells us the story of Hassan who has great passion for music. Hassan and Ani fell in love and ran away to Singapore knowing that their marriage will never be approved by Ani's parents.

Bodas de oro Trailer (1956)

24 October 1956

On their anniversary, a lomg-married couple reminisce about the history of their marriage

Tsukigata Hanpeita: Hana no maki; Arashi no maki Trailer (1956)

16 October 1956

japanese movie made in 1956, directed by Teinosuke Kinugasa

Kleines Zelt und große Liebe Trailer (1956)

05 October 1956

Yaqui Drums Trailer (1956)

13 October 1956

Johannisnacht Trailer (1956)

29 October 1956

Fuhrmann Henschel Trailer (1956)

25 October 1956

Heidemelodie Trailer (1956)

05 October 1956

Auf Wiedersehn am Bodensee Trailer (1956)

25 October 1956

The Flaming Teenage Trailer (1956)

01 October 1956

A small town boy heads for the lights of the big city and discovers the delights of hard liquor and fast women.

Amor y pecado Trailer (1956)

03 October 1956

A dramatic encounter between passionate love and fraternal love. Two brothers fall in love with the same woman, played by the beautiful dancer Ninón Sevilla, an orphan they rescued during their childhood.

Keiner stirbt leicht Trailer (1956)

14 October 1956

Die deutsche Bundeswehr Trailer (1956)

15 October 1956

A critical documentary about the rearmament of the German armed forces.

Dry Rot Trailer (1956)

31 October 1956

A trio of not particularly bright bookmakers tries to fix a horse race.

Scheming Schemers Trailer (1956)

04 October 1956

The stooges are three incompetent plumbers who foul up the plumbing in a fancy mansion where a society party is going on.

The Hardy Boys: The Mystery of the Applegate Treasure Trailer (1956)

02 October 1956

Frank and Joe Hardy are the sons of Fenton Hardy, a famous private detective. Finding everyday life at home in Bayport dull, the boys hope their father will let them work on one of his cases.

Den kloge mand Trailer (1956)

15 October 1956

In the small idyllic town Randrup, lives on nature-loving and friendly thatcher Rasmus Thomsen (Oswald Helmuth).

Ratkaisun päivät Trailer (1956)

11 October 1956

Besos prohibidos Trailer (1956)

20 October 1956

Nightclub singer has to choose between marrying again or reuniting with her divorced husband.

Encrucijada Trailer (1956)

18 October 1956

Three men in a mining community end up competing for the same woman.

Shozo, a Cat and Two Women Trailer (1956)

09 October 1956

Shozo is plagued by the needs of his ex-wife and his current one, but prefers the company of his cat.

Kontakt! Trailer (1956)

03 October 1956

Moglie e buoi Trailer (1956)

23 October 1956

Parlez Vous Woo Trailer (1956)

11 October 1956

Olive is so captived by "The International", a radio personality with a French accent, that she'd rather stay home than go out on a date with Popeye.

Project XX: The Great War--World War I Trailer (1956)

15 October 1956

Alexander Scourby narrates this fascinating look at Western culture between the years 1914 and 1918, when the nations of Europe, and later America, plunged into a level of warfare unlike any known before.

Liebe, Sommer und Musik Trailer (1956)

10 October 1956

Ein Herz kehrt heim Trailer (1956)

25 October 1956