Movie Trailers - April 1942

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Popular trailers for movies released in April 1942

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Saboteur Trailer (1942)

24 April 1942

Aircraft factory worker Barry Kane goes on the run across the United States when he is wrongly accused of starting a fire that killed his best friend.

There Was a Father Trailer (1942)

01 April 1942

Shuhei Horikawa, a poor schoolteacher, struggles to raise his son Ryohei by himself, despite neither money nor prospects.

My Gal Sal Trailer (1942)

30 April 1942

Biopic chronicling the early life of gay nineties-era songwriter Paul Dresser as he outgrows his job as carnival entertainer and moves up into New York society, writing one hit song after another.

Dog Trouble Trailer (1942)

18 April 1942

Tom's chasing Jerry when he runs, literally, right into the sleeping (and quite nasty) dog later known as Spike.

Jungle Book Trailer (1942)

03 April 1942

Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book is given the full treatment in this lavish retelling filled with huge sets, exotic animals, a large cast and the incomparable Sabu, starring as Mowgli, the young orphan boy raised by wolves.

One of Our Aircraft Is Missing Trailer (1942)

24 April 1942

During the Allied Bombing offensive of World War II the public was often informed that "A raid took place last night over .

Kings Row Trailer (1942)

18 April 1942

Five children in an apparently ideal American small town find their lives changing as the years pass near the turn of the century in 1900.

Donald's Snow Fight Trailer (1942)

10 April 1942

It's snowed, and Donald Duck is going sledding. Meanwhile, his nephews have built a snowman at the bottom of the hill.

Spy Smasher Trailer (1942)

04 April 1942

Alan Armstrong fights Nazi agents operating in the USA.

The Great Man's Lady Trailer (1942)

15 April 1942

In Hoyt City, a statue of founder Ethan Hoyt is dedicated, and 100 year old Hannah Sempler Hoyt (who lives in the last residence among skyscrapers) is at last persuaded to tell her story to a 'girl biographer'.

Blondie's Blessed Event Trailer (1942)

09 April 1942

Cookie is born, producing unmitigated joy in the Bumstead household. Adding to the chaos a new baby always creates is the appearance of Hans Conried as a cynical author who becomes caught up in the Bumstead lifestyle.

The Male Animal Trailer (1942)

04 April 1942

The trustees of Midwestern University have forced three teachers out of their jobs for being suspected communists.

Mashenka Trailer (1942)

09 April 1942

The tumultuous life of a young telegraph operator during the war years.

Obliging Young Lady Trailer (1942)

01 April 1942

A woman attempts to shelter a young girl from the publicity surrounding her socialite parents' divorce.

About Face Trailer (1942)

16 April 1942

Two Army sergeants (William Tracy, Joe Sawyer) disrupt a bar, a party and an Army-Navy dance.

Horton Hatches the Egg Trailer (1942)

11 April 1942

Horton the elephant agrees to watch over lazy Maisie bird's egg while she vacations. Much later, after.

The Mystery of Marie Roget Trailer (1942)

23 April 1942

A detective investigates the mysterious death of a young actress.

Listen to Britain Trailer (1942)

01 April 1942

A depiction of life in wartime England during the Second World War. Director Humphrey Jennings visits many aspects of civilian life and of the turmoil and privation caused by the war, all without narration.

Secret Agent of Japan Trailer (1942)

03 April 1942

World War II espionage drama, starring Preston Foster and Lynn Bari.

So's Your Aunt Emma! Trailer (1942)

17 April 1942

Director Jean Yarbrough's 1942 comedy, about a small town spinster with an unusually avid interest in prizefighting, stars ZaSu Pitts, Roger Pryor, Warren Hymer, Douglas Fowley, Gwen Kenyon, Elizabeth Russell abd Dick Elliott.

The Strange Case of Doctor Rx Trailer (1942)

17 April 1942

Private eye Jerry Church is hired by a criminal defense lawyer after five mobsters he has gotten acquitted are apparently strangled by a serial killer.

Larceny Inc. Trailer (1942)

24 April 1942

A hoodlum tries to go legit to buy a dog tract but needs investment money which he plans to get by robbing a bank, tunning in from a neighboring luggage shop.

Cactus Makes Perfect Trailer (1942)

23 April 1942

The stooges are living with their mother who persuades them its time to leave home and seek their fortune.

La Symphonie fantastique Trailer (1942)

01 April 1942

The film is biographical, telling the story of the life and artistic struggles of the French composer Hector Berlioz.

Sunset on the Desert Trailer (1942)

01 April 1942

Judge Kirby is being blackmailed and forced to let outlaws go free. He was once the partner of Roy's father and when Roy reads in the paper that he is in trouble he heads out to help him.

Rio Rita Trailer (1942)

01 April 1942

Doc and Wishey run into some Nazi-agents, who want to smuggle bombs into the USA from a Mexican border hotel.

Kid Glove Killer Trailer (1942)

17 April 1942

Van Heflin stars as the head of a city crime lab who tries to solve the murder of the town mayor by scientifically analyzing evidence.

My Favorite Blonde Trailer (1942)

02 April 1942

Larry Haines, a mediocre vaudeville entertainer, boards a train bound for Los Angeles. Is Hollywood waiting for him with open arms? Not really as the one he signed a contract for is Percy, his roller-skating penguin partner! But, as the proverb says, the shadow of glory is better than no glory at all! Anyway, doesn't Larry meet a woman on the train? And a blonde one! And a British agent into the bargain! The delicious creature who is carrying a coded message hidden in a brooch and is being pursued by Nazi agents.

Et skud før midnat Trailer (1942)

06 April 1942

We Were Dancing Trailer (1942)

30 April 1942

A penniless former princess weds an equally cash-strapped baron, so they support themselves by becoming houseguests at the homes of wealthy American socialites.

Back-Room Boy Trailer (1942)

15 April 1942

Jilted by his fiancee, Arthur Pilbeam gets a job as far away from women as possible. Alone in a lighthouse, he soon finds that 12 other people end up living on the tiny island.

Alias Boston Blackie Trailer (1942)

02 April 1942

It is the Christmas Holidays and reformed thief, Boston Blackie goes to Castle Theater to pick up players who will perform for prisoners that are still in prison.

What's the Matador Trailer (1942)

23 April 1942

The stooges are actors traveling to perform at a fiesta in Mexico. After they accidentally switch suitcases with that of Dolores, a lovely senorita they met on trip down, they must sneak into her house to retrieve their suitcase.

El conde de Montecristo Trailer (1942)

29 April 1942

Adaptation of Dumas' swashbuckler classic.

Lady Gangster Trailer (1942)

01 April 1942

An actress gets involved with a criminal gang and winds up taking the rap for a $40,000 robbery. Before being sent to prison, she steals the money from her partners and hides it, she is thinking to use it as a bargaining chip to be released from prison.

A Pilot Returns Trailer (1942)

08 April 1942

The Wife Takes a Flyer Trailer (1942)

28 April 1942

Christopher Reynolds, an American flying with the R.A.F, is shot down over German-occupied Holland and is given shelter by a Dutch family.

Fingers at the Window Trailer (1942)

22 April 1942

The City of Chicago is gripped by an Axe Murderer. The streets are empty at night as there has been six murders and six people have been caught, but they are lunatics.

Murder in the Big House Trailer (1942)

11 April 1942

When a prisoner on Death Row is "accidentally" killed just before his execution, a reporter smells something fishy.

The Magnetic Telescope Trailer (1942)

24 April 1942

When police interfere with a reckless scientist's experiment, it creates a deadly meteor shower only Superman can stop.

The Night in Venice Trailer (1942)

02 April 1942

The marriage of the celebrated operetta diva Vilma and the chamber singer Peter has come to an end. Peter, however, is intent on winning back his now ex-wife.

Banana Ridge Trailer (1942)

20 April 1942

When Susie Long appears, together with her 20 year old son, Pink and Pound are thrown into confusion that one of them could be his father.

Los dos pilletes Trailer (1942)

04 April 1942

Suspicious husband deals with wife's supposed infidelity by making his toddler son disappear into the city's slums, where he grows to boyhood as a thief's apprentice.

Die Erbin vom Rosenhof Trailer (1942)

24 April 1942

A love story, which takes place in an Upper Bavarian mountain village: the young teacher Mathias is very popular among his students for his progressive methods of teaching, but his methods have aroused the displeasure of the head teacher.

We Home Toilers Trailer (1942)

04 April 1942

The stern, but kind-hearted, Kristiana from the country takes place as a maid with the Larsson family in Stockholm, previously (in)famous for its rapid turnover of housemaids.

Saps in Chaps Trailer (1942)

10 April 1942

Sagebrush site gags depicting wild west wackiness.

Viennese Spirit Trailer (1942)

03 April 1942

A musical comedy directed by Willi Forst.

Ring of Steel Trailer (1942)

02 April 1942

Documentary short detailing the American soldier's part in preserving the fundamental ideals of this nation.

Boot Hill Bandits Trailer (1942)

24 April 1942

Bolton's men blow up the wagon carrying the mine payroll and Marshal Crash Corrigan is supposedly killed in the explosion.

Trysil-Knut Trailer (1942)

29 April 1942

Trysil-Knut is a Norwegian film from 1942. Directed by veteran Rasmus Breistein and is a ski themed melodrama about the legendary skier Trysil-Knut from Trysil.

I Was Framed Trailer (1942)

04 April 1942

A reporter (Michael Ames) runs from charges by a corrupt politician only to face them years later.

Westward Ho Trailer (1942)

24 April 1942

The all-purpose title Westward Ho was applied in 1942 to this "Three Mesquiteers" western. This time, the Mesquiteers are Tucson Smith, Stony Brooke and Lullaby Joslin, here played respectively by Bob Steele, Tom Tyler and Rufe Davis.

Retour au bonheur Trailer (1942)

09 April 1942

No overview found

Catene invisibili Trailer (1942)

01 April 1942

Groom and Bored Trailer (1942)

09 April 1942

Johnny tries to keep his marriage a secret from his boss, who feels that matrimony interferes with business.

Down Our Street Trailer (1942)

21 April 1942

A Ministry of Information film, in which three women, all from one street but different class backgrounds, mysteriously congregate at one house.

Oh, Gentle Spring Trailer (1942)

03 April 1942

A Terrytoons cartoon released 3 April 1942.

The Wild and Woozy West Trailer (1942)

29 April 1942

Wild and Woozy West is another of the unsung cartoons from the Columbia studio of the '40s. It concerns the capture of the western wolf villain Angel Face, wanted dead or alive (perferrably dead).

Lights Out Trailer (1942)

16 April 1942

Gandy Goose reads a scary story just before lights out, and suddenly finds himself escorted to a house full of ghosts.

¡Cuando la tierra tembló! Trailer (1942)

04 April 1942

A 1942 film.