Movie Trailers - February 1942

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Popular trailers for movies released in February 1942

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Mickey's Birthday Party Trailer (1942)

07 February 1942

The gang throws Mickey a surprise birthday party; his present is an electric organ, which Minnie plays while Mickey does a jazzy dance.

The Arctic Giant Trailer (1942)

26 February 1942

A frozen Tyrannosaurus rex is found and put on display in a museum, but when he thaws out and revives, Superman has to stop his rampage!

Pluto Junior Trailer (1942)

28 February 1942

While Pluto naps, his son gets into scrapes with various other animals and other hazards. Pluto eventually wakes up and comes to his rescue.

Castle in the Desert Trailer (1942)

02 February 1942

Paul Manderley, eccentric historian, and his wife, descendant of the Borgias, live in an isolated castle-like mansion in the Mojave Desert.

Roxie Hart Trailer (1942)

20 February 1942

To try and kick-start her show-business career, our heroine admits to a Chicago murder. But although Cook County don't seem to let dames swing, and even with top slippery lawyer Billy Flynn, it's all something of a gamble.

Captains of the Clouds Trailer (1942)

21 February 1942

Inspired by Churchill's Dunkirk speech, brash, undisciplined Canadian bush pilot Brian MacLean and three friends enlist in the RCAF.

The Adventures of Martin Eden Trailer (1942)

26 February 1942

Author writes about his experiences sailing at sea, struggles to get his work published.

Ride 'Em Cowboy Trailer (1942)

13 February 1942

Two peanut vendors at a rodeo show get in trouble with their boss and hide out on a railroad train heading west.

South of Santa Fe Trailer (1942)

17 February 1942

To get the three needed business men to visit the Stevens mine, Roy stages a ride with the Vacaros and has them as honored guests.

Valley of the Sun Trailer (1942)

06 February 1942

An Arizona frontiersman (James Craig) steals an Indian agent's girlfriend (Lucille Ball), followed by trouble.

Western Mail Trailer (1942)

13 February 1942

Working undercover, Allen and sidekick Mendoza are out to stop the mail train robberies. Rivers and his gang are the culprits and by joining up with them, they hope to get the evidence they need.

En sjöman i frack Trailer (1942)

22 February 1942

First mate Karlsson is mistaken for famous actor Linde.

Rock River Renegades Trailer (1942)

27 February 1942

Having trouble with outlaws, Marshal Graham sends for his friends the Range Busters. Newspaper editor Ross, dissatisfied with Graham, forms a vigilante committee and puts Jim Dawson in charge not knowing he is the leader of the outlaw gang.

The Lucky Ghost Trailer (1942)

10 February 1942

An all-black horror comedy starring Mantan Moreland and sometimes partner (and straight man) F.E. Miller, Lucky Ghost is amusing low-brow fare that exploits the more base, stereotypical elements of old-time black life (chicken thievin', gamblin', runnin' from ghosteses) for laughs -- sort of like the BET of its day.

The Lady Is Willing Trailer (1942)

17 February 1942

Bold, eccentric Broadway performer Lisa Madden befuddles her handlers by coming home with a baby she picked up on the street.

Headlights in the Fog Trailer (1942)

15 February 1942

Hatter's Castle Trailer (1942)

02 February 1942

The year is 1880. On the outskirts of the fictional small Scottish town of Levenford there stands a strange building, half cottage, half castle, embraced with thick stone walls.

Billy the Kid Trapped Trailer (1942)

27 February 1942

Stanton breaks Billy and his two friends Fuzzy and Jeff out of jail. He wants them free so three of his men can impersonate them for the robberies and murders he has planned.

Mr. Wise Guy Trailer (1942)

20 February 1942

Mr. Wise Guy (the eighth in the East Side Kids series) finds the gang sent to the Wilton Reform School after they are unjustly convicted of stealing a truck.

People of the Mountains Trailer (1942)

28 February 1942

Seeking a better life, a Hungarian woodcutter moves his family to the peaceful mountains of Transylvania, but finds only tragedy.

Gert and Daisy's Weekend Trailer (1942)

16 February 1942

Gert and Daisy accompany a crowd of Cockney children who are being evacuated to a stately home in the country.

Vårat gäng Trailer (1942)

02 February 1942

A gang of friends lose their club house and collect money for a new one by singing in public.

Captain Midnight Trailer (1942)

15 February 1942

Secret Service Major Steel is one of the few men in America aware of the fact that Captain Albright is also Captain Midnight, daring masked aviator dedicated to fighting gangsters and enemies of America.

Jasper and the Watermelons Trailer (1942)

25 February 1942

Jasper's desire for a ripe, red watermelon leads him to fabulous Watermelonland where he meets adventures that lessen his desire for watermelon and increases his wish to be back in the security of his Mammy's arms.

The Black Sheep of Whitehall Trailer (1942)

23 February 1942

A professor teaching at a correspondence school discovers that a Nazi agent is trying to prevent a trade treaty being signed between England and South America.

El hombre que se quiso matar Trailer (1942)

16 February 1942

Law of the Jungle Trailer (1942)

06 February 1942

Nona Brooks, former member of a stranded theatrical troupe, earns a temporary living singing in a café in Duakwa, British Rhodesia, Africa.

Blunder Below Trailer (1942)

12 February 1942

Popeye's on a battleship. He's in class to learn artillery, but it's way too technical for him; when he gets his hands on the gun, he fires everywhere, including at his own ship.

Riding the Wind Trailer (1942)

27 February 1942

It's the ranchers whose cattle are dying of thirst versus Henry Dodge whose dam holds all the water. When windmills are built and they start pumping water, Dodge has them blown up.

Under the Shedding Chestnut Tree Trailer (1942)

01 February 1942

A pelican blacksmith is bedeviled by a tree, which drops its burred-covered chestnuts on a horse just as he is trying to shoe it.

Joe Smith, American Trailer (1942)

01 February 1942

Joe Smith is an ordinary American family man who works in an aircraft factory. Shortly after being a promoted to a much higher position, Joe is kidnapped by enemy agents who are determined to get military secrets out of him by any means possible.

Born to Sing Trailer (1942)

18 February 1942

Fledgling entertainers put on a show for Uncle Sam.

A Tragedy At Midnight Trailer (1942)

02 February 1942

The host of a whodunit radio show finds himself involved in his own mystery when he awakens to find a woman with a knife in her back in his bedroom.

The Vanishing Virginian Trailer (1942)

01 February 1942

Lynchburg Virginia is a present day mecca for the influx of Baptists that study there at the world's largest Christian college and for the immigrating retirees that arrive frequently.

Conrad the Sailor Trailer (1942)

28 February 1942

Conrad, a sailor aboard a Navy battleship, is swabbing the deck when he is interrupted and tormented by Daffy Duck.

Man With Two Lives Trailer (1942)

26 February 1942

A man is brought back from death at the same time a vicious criminal dies in the electric chair. However, the man's soul is now taken over by the electrocuted gangster, who embarks on a vengeful crime wave.

Stagecoach Buckaroo Trailer (1942)

13 February 1942

Saved from a lynching party when Molly Denton (Nell O'Day) and Nina Kincaid (Anne Nagel) bring proof of mistaken identity, roving cowpuncher Steve Hardin (Johnny Mack Brown) is offered a job as a stagecoach guard by Molly's father Joseph Denton (Henry Hall).

Too Many Women Trailer (1942)

27 February 1942

Thanks to a fib intended to ward off an annoying real estate developer, a young bachelor finds himself engaged to three different women and pursued by a fourth, a gangster's sister.

Jail House Blues Trailer (1942)

01 February 1942

A prisoner about to be pardoned puts it off until he can put on one last variety show for his fellow inmates.

The Mad Doctor of Market Street Trailer (1942)

27 February 1942

A fugitive doctor (Lionel Atwill) tries to raise the dead for South Sea Islanders.

Allá En El Bajio Trailer (1942)

05 February 1942

Ranchera/western; white hats vs. black hats.

Cat Meets Mouse Trailer (1942)

20 February 1942

A Terrytoons cartoon released 20 February 1942.

Geheimakte W.B. 1 Trailer (1942)

02 February 1942

Dr. Kildare's Victory Trailer (1942)

04 February 1942

Dr. Gillespie (Lionel Barrymore) supports Kildare's (Lew Ayres) crusade against their hospital's deal with a rival hospital.

Call Out the Marines Trailer (1942)

13 February 1942

Two Marine sergeants (Victor McLaglen, Edmund Lowe) flirt with a cafe girl (Binnie Barnes) in San Diego, then find out she's a spy.

Broadway Big Shot Trailer (1942)

06 February 1942

This drama chronicles the extreme measures taken by a determined young crime reporter to get an interview with a notorious convict.

On the Sunny Side Trailer (1942)

13 February 1942

No Overview

The Hollywood Matador Trailer (1942)

08 February 1942

The bull is watching through a knothole as the great bullfighter, Woody Woodpecker, is showing off for the spectators.

Who's Who in the Zoo Trailer (1942)

14 February 1942

A wacky travelogue takes us to the zoo, where Porky Pig is the keeper and goofy animals provide the basis for a series of black-out gags.

Lobos da Serra Trailer (1942)

23 February 1942

Porky's Cafe Trailer (1942)

21 February 1942

Porky uses his mechanical gadgets to fix a meal for a strange little man, while cook Conrad Cat deals with an ant in the pancake mix.

Sex Hygiene Trailer (1942)

01 February 1942

Several servicemen relax by playing pool, but one of them goes off to spend time with a prostitute. Later, he discovers he has contracted a venereal disease.

What's Cookin'? Trailer (1942)

20 February 1942

J. P. Courtney wants to update the music on the radio program he sponsors, but his wife, Agatha Courtney, is the final authority and addicted to the classics and won't allow him to replace Professor Bistell and his symphonic orchestra.

Viel Lärm um Nixi Trailer (1942)

19 February 1942

Caprices Trailer (1942)

16 February 1942

Caprices tells the story of two young rich people. A famous actress poses as a poor florist, and a distinguished society man camouflages himself as forger and swindler.

Don't Talk Trailer (1942)

28 February 1942

This Crime Does Not Pay series entry dramatizes the idea that during wartime, people should not discuss anything related to their work when in public.

Himmelhunde Trailer (1942)

20 February 1942

Moscow Strikes Back Trailer (1942)

23 February 1942

Soviet documentary about the defeat of the Nazis near Moscow. Warning - graphic images. Edward G. Robinson narrates the English language version.

Shut My Big Mouth Trailer (1942)

19 February 1942

A shy horticulturist becomes involved with a local criminal in the old west.

Derailed Trailer (1942)

19 February 1942

A young woman of good family is driven into one of thieves and prostitutes and ends in suicide.