Movie Trailers - December 1941

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Popular trailers for movies released in December 1941

Total trailers found: 130

Ball of Fire Trailer (1941)

02 December 1941

A group of academics have spent years shut up in a house working on the definitive encyclopedia. When one of them discovers that his entry on slang is hopelessly outdated, he ventures into the wide world to learn about the evolving language.

Babes on Broadway Trailer (1941)

31 December 1941

Penny Morris and Tommy Williams are both starstruck young teens but nobody seems to give them any chance to perform.

Tarzan's Secret Treasure Trailer (1941)

01 December 1941

A scientific expedition happens to discover that gold exits on Tarzan's escarpment. The villainous Medford and Vandermeer kidnap Jane and Boy to extort from Tarzan the location of the gold.

The Wolf Man Trailer (1941)

12 December 1941

The Wolf Man is a classic horror about a man who returns home to his father after his brothers death, while staying with his father and trying to make amends with him he meets an array of new people and he seems to like it.

Among the Living Trailer (1941)

19 December 1941

A mentally unstable man, who has been kept in isolation for years, escapes and causes trouble for his identical twin brother.

All Through the Night Trailer (1941)

02 December 1941

Broadway gambler 'Gloves' Donahue wants to find who killed the baker of his favorite cheesecake. He sees nightclub singer Leda Hamilton leaving the bakery.

The Shanghai Gesture Trailer (1941)

25 December 1941

A gambling queen uses blackmail to stop a British financier from closing her Chinese clip joint.

Wabbit Twouble Trailer (1941)

20 December 1941

The sign greeting campers says, "Welcome to Jellostone National Park: A Restful Retreat." Elmer Fudd finds this to be a dirty lie when Bugs Bunny torments him for the fun of it.

The Night Before Christmas Trailer (1941)

06 December 1941

It's snowy and cold outside, and warm inside where Jerry squeezes past a mousetrap to cavort under a present-laden Christmas tree.

Quax, der Bruchpilot Trailer (1941)

16 December 1941

No overview found.

The 47 Ronin Trailer (1941)

08 December 1941

Produced over a two-year period, Kenji Mizoguchi's version of the oft-filmed Seika Mayama story The 47 Ronin was too big to be confined to a single film.

Johnny Eager Trailer (1941)

09 December 1941

A charming racketeer seduces the DA's daughter for revenge, then falls in love.

Mr. Bug Goes to Town Trailer (1941)

09 December 1941

The happy tranquility of Buggsville is shattered when the populace learns that a colossal skyscraper is to be built over their tiny town.

Forbidden Trails Trailer (1941)

25 December 1941

Trapped in a burning cabin by ex-cons Fulton and Howard, Roberts has his horse Silver drag him to safety.

Red River Valley Trailer (1941)

12 December 1941

To bring water to their valley, ranchers have raised money to build a dam. When that money is stolen, Allison suggests the ranchers sell their stock to a friend of his thereby getting the money needed to complete the dam.

Hellzapoppin' Trailer (1941)

26 December 1941

Ole and Chick are making a movie, but the director is not satisfied. So he brings them to a young writer, who outlines them an absurd story.

No Hands on the Clock Trailer (1941)

01 December 1941

A wise-cracking private detective's honeymoon is interrupted by a kidnapping case.

Steel Against the Sky Trailer (1941)

13 December 1941

Steel-worker brothers compete for the same woman.

$21 a Day – (Once a Month) Trailer (1941)

01 December 1941

$21 a Day (Once a Month) Release Date: 12/1/41 Direction: Walter Lantz Artists: Alex Lovy and Frank Tipper Story: Ben Hardaway and L.

The Art of Self Defense Trailer (1941)

26 December 1941

Goofy takes a lighthearted look at self defense through the ages: cavemen, knights, the age of chivalry, and finally boxing.

The Betrothed Trailer (1941)

19 December 1941

An adaptation of the 1827 novel The Betrothed by Alessandro Manzoni, considered the greatest Italian novel of the 19th century.

Glamour Boy Trailer (1941)

05 December 1941

Former child star Jackie Cooper headlines this sentimental behind-the-scenes comedy drama. He plays an ex-child star who now jerks sodas for a living in Hollywood.

Honolulu Lu Trailer (1941)

11 December 1941

While in Hawaii, Velez begins the film as a risque nightclub act and due to her involvement with a group of sailors becomes a beauty queen.

Chef Donald Trailer (1941)

05 December 1941

Donald decides to try cooking along with a radio show.

The Perfect Snob Trailer (1941)

19 December 1941

When a small town veterinarian discovers that his just-graduated daughter is a gold-digging elitist, he devises a plan to help her rediscover old-fashioned family values.

Onnellinen ministeri Trailer (1941)

21 December 1941

Tauno Palo plays an artist who bases a painting for a revealing lingerie ad on a photo of a girl he had found torn from a magazine, not knowing that the girl is in fact the daughter of the Finnish minister of finance.

Bahama Passage Trailer (1941)

10 December 1941

A girl, Carol whom the audience is quickly informed "has been around," and her father arrive to take over the business management of an island in the Bahamas owned by Adrian Ainsworth, descendant of many ancestors who have handled it over the years to the satisfaction of its 250 native residents.

Confessions of Boston Blackie Trailer (1941)

08 December 1941

A murder is committed during the auction of a valuable statue. The prime suspect is Boston Blackie, whose reputation for living on the edge of the law makes him an easy target for the police.

7 Wise Dwarfs Trailer (1941)

11 December 1941

7 Wise Dwarfs is an educational short animated film commissioned by the National Film Board of Canada as a short film for educating the Canadian public about war bonds during World War II.

Billy The Kid's Round-Up Trailer (1941)

12 December 1941

When Sheriff Hanley sends for Billy and his pals, they arrive to find him murdered and Ed Slade temporary Sheriff.

Sabapathy Trailer (1941)

14 December 1941

The film tells the story of a happy-go-lucky young man Sabapathy and his man servant (also named as Sabapathy).

Bedtime Story Trailer (1941)

25 December 1941

A Braodway playwright wants to keep on writing plays for his wife to star in, but all she wants is to retire to Connecticut and, following a few 'worlds-apart" discussion of the issue, they get a divorce.

Pacific Blackout Trailer (1941)

31 December 1941

Falsely convicted of murder, young Robert Draper (Robert Preston) escapes custody during a practice blackout drill.

Sweet Spirits of the Nighter Trailer (1941)

25 December 1941

Officers Brendel and Kennedy are dispatched to a house where scientists are conducting experiments to revive the dead.

The Tangled Angler Trailer (1941)

25 December 1941

A pelican fisherman tangles with a wise-cracking fish.

Blonde Comet Trailer (1941)

26 December 1941

A tire manufacturer's daughter becomes a champion auto racer.

Mr. District Attorney in the Carter Case Trailer (1941)

18 December 1941

The Carter Case was the second and last Republic film based on the popular radio series Mister District Attorney.

Dude Cowboy Trailer (1941)

12 December 1941

A Nevada rancher goes undercover for the U. S. Secret Service to help capture a gang of counterfeiters.

Cenerentola e il signor Bonaventura Trailer (1941)

04 December 1941

Frk. Kirkemus Trailer (1941)

26 December 1941

No English overview.

Piccolo mondo antico Trailer (1941)

30 December 1941

Rhapsody in Rivets Trailer (1941)

06 December 1941

A construction foreman conducts his workers like a symphony orchestra as they build a skyscraper to Franz Liszt's "Hungarian Rhapsody No.

Foolish Husbands Trailer (1941)

18 December 1941

By mutual agreement, a man and a woman are separated to allow the wife to join her lover.

Weekend for Three Trailer (1941)

12 December 1941

A loud friend (Philip Reed) gets too friendly and wears out his welcome in a couple's (Dennis O'Keefe, Jane Wyatt) home.

South American George Trailer (1941)

27 December 1941

To help out his exact double, George Formby (in a dual role) takes the place of a noted South American tenor.

Dangerously They Live Trailer (1941)

24 December 1941

A doctor tries to rescue a young innocent from Nazi agents.

Playmates Trailer (1941)

26 December 1941

Lulu Monahan (Patsy Kelly), the press agent for John Barrymore (John Barrymore),is attempting to get a sponsor for a radio program.

Tower of Terror Trailer (1941)

27 December 1941

Wartime Germany: Marie, a concentration camp escapee on the run from the Nazis, narrowly escapes drowing when she is rescued by Wolfe Kristan a half-mad lighthouse keeper.

H.M. Pulham, Esq. Trailer (1941)

18 December 1941

A man who lived his life as he was was told he should, not as he would have chosen to, is brought out of his shell by a beautiful young woman.

Warclouds in the Pacific Trailer (1941)

24 December 1941

Much activity is happening in naval yards on the western shores of the Pacific as tensions rise across the ocean with Nazi Germany's support of the Japanese government and military.

Porky's Pooch Trailer (1941)

26 December 1941

A dog named Rover explains to a black, down-on-his-luck shaggy dog named Andy how he got his master. He went into a hotel room and bothered someone taking a bath--Porky Pig.

Peter Andersen Trailer (1941)

08 December 1941

Riders of the Badlands Trailer (1941)

18 December 1941

Officially a Charles Starrett western, Riders of the Badlands divides its running time fairly evenly between Starrett and second-billed Russell Hayden.

Harvard, Here I Come! Trailer (1941)

18 December 1941

This little masterpiece finds Rosenbloom, playing himself, receiving an award from the satirical Harvard Lampoon for his well-known stupidity.

Scanian Guerilla Trailer (1941)

26 December 1941

In an occupied country, the people rise to throw off the occupants. This includes Jens the farmer and his three sons who successfully perform sneak attacks on the invading army.

Design for Scandal Trailer (1941)

01 December 1941

A newsman (Walter Pidgeon) falls in love on Cape Cod with the judge (Rosalind Russell) his angry boss (Edward Arnold) expects him to discredit.

Holiday Greetings 1941 Trailer (1941)

25 December 1941

Lewis Stone urges movie-goers to appreciate those in the US armed forces who will be spending the holidays overseas, away from their families.

West of Cimarron Trailer (1941)

15 December 1941

The Mesquiteers return to Texas after the Civil War to find Army carpetbaggers fighting the local bushwackers.

Den forsvundne pølsemaker Trailer (1941)

26 December 1941

Private investigators Gløgg and Rask have been hired to trace a butcher (sausage-maker) who has disappeared.

Rush Hour Trailer (1941)

01 December 1941

The British government tries to persuade people not to clog up the wartime (World War II) public transportation system by keeping its use to a minimum during "rush hour".