Movie Trailers - November 1941

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Popular trailers for movies released in November 1941

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Sullivan's Travels Trailer (1941)

30 November 1941

Successful movie director John L. Sullivan, convinced he won't be able to film his ambitious masterpiece until he has suffered, dons a hobo disguise and sets off on a journey, aiming to "know trouble" first-hand.

The Maltese Falcon Trailer (1941)

18 November 1941

A private detective takes on a case that involves him with three eccentric criminals, a gorgeous liar, and their quest for a priceless statuette.

Shadow of the Thin Man Trailer (1941)

21 November 1941

Nick and Nora are at their wise-cracking best as they investigate murder and racketeering at a local race-track.

Suspicion Trailer (1941)

14 November 1941

Wealthy, sheltered Joan Fontaine is swept off her feet by charming ne'er-do-well Cary Grant. Though warned that Grant is little more than a fortune-hunter, Fontaine marries him anyway.

Two-Faced Woman Trailer (1941)

30 November 1941

While at a ski lodge, Larry Blake sees instructor Karin Borg and decides to sign up for private lessons.

Go West, Young Lady Trailer (1941)

27 November 1941

A young woman arrives in the western town of Headstone and helps the locals outsmart a gang of outlaws.

One Foot in Heaven Trailer (1941)

01 November 1941

Episodic look at the life of a minister and his family as they move from one parish to another.

49th Parallel Trailer (1941)

24 November 1941

A damaged U-boat is stranded in a Canadian bay in the early years of World War II. The Fanatical Nazi captain and his crew must reach the neutral United States or be captured.

They Died with Their Boots On Trailer (1941)

01 November 1941

The story follows General George Armstrong Custer's adventures from his West Point days to his death.

The Mechanical Monsters Trailer (1941)

28 November 1941

Superman battles a criminal mastermind and his robot army.

Keep 'Em Flying Trailer (1941)

28 November 1941

When a barnstorming stunt pilot decides to join the air corps, his two goofball assistants decide to go with him.

The Miracle Kid Trailer (1941)

14 November 1941

A young boxer finds his life turned upside down when he meets with sudden success in the ring.

Montmartre-sur-Seine Trailer (1941)

19 November 1941

Unholy Partners Trailer (1941)

01 November 1941

A crusading newsman (Edward G. Robinson) starts up a tabloid with a gangster (Edward Arnold) as his 50-50 partner.

Blues in the Night Trailer (1941)

15 November 1941

Members of a traveling jazz band try to keep their talented leader from dying after he breaks from the band and begins drinking and taking drugs.

Birth of the Blues Trailer (1941)

07 November 1941

Jeff grows up near Basin Street in New Orleans, playing his clarinet with the dock workers. He puts together a band, the Basin Street Hot-Shots, which includes a cornet player, Memphis.

Fancy Answers Trailer (1941)

01 November 1941

In this Pete Smith Speciality, the audience is asked a series of multiple-choice questions on various subjects.

The Art of Skiing Trailer (1941)

14 November 1941

Goofy, staying at the Sugar Bowl resort, demonstrates the basics of downhill skiing, which the titles and announcer insist is pronounced "SHEEing".

Secrets of the Lone Wolf Trailer (1941)

13 November 1941

Michael Lanyard, the reformed criminal known as the Lone Wolf, is played in this Columbia B picture by the suave Warren William.

Sierra Sue Trailer (1941)

12 November 1941

To fight a poisonous weed, ranchers are burning their land. Gene is the Inspector brought in and he recommends spraying.

Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring Trailer (1941)

18 November 1941

Ralph Bellamy made his fourth and final appearance as literary sleuth Ellery Queen in Columbia's Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring.

The Mexican Spitfire's Baby Trailer (1941)

28 November 1941

The fourth of the eight films in the comic "Mexican Spitfire" series of films.

Swing It Soldier Trailer (1941)

07 November 1941

In this musical comedy, a pregnant disc jockey misses her husband who is fighting overseas. Stressed out by the situation and her job, she decides to take some time off and convinces her twin sister to trade places with her.

The Common Touch Trailer (1941)

15 November 1941

The Common Touch is a 1941 British drama film directed by John Baxter and starring Geoffrey Hibbert, Harry Welchman, Greta Gynt and Joyce Howard.

Unexpected Uncle Trailer (1941)

07 November 1941

An elderly gentleman comes to a young woman's aid by pretending to be her uncle. Comedy.

Outlaws of the Desert Trailer (1941)

01 November 1941

Hoppy, Johnny and California go to Arabia to buy some horses. There they get involved with a sheik and a harem and a kidnapping plot.

A Missouri Outlaw Trailer (1941)

25 November 1941

Don "Red" Barry is unjustly accused of being a Missouri Outlaw. The real bad guys are a gang of crooks who've been conning the local merchants and farmers out of their hard-earned dollars.

The Corsican Brothers Trailer (1941)

28 November 1941

The bloody hostility of two noble families on Corsica determines the destiny of two brothers who were divided - as Siamese twins born, successfully operated and apart grown up - by the love to a woman.

The Mighty Navy Trailer (1941)

14 November 1941

Popeye is on a training ship, but his seat-of-the-pants ways don't fit in with modern equipment.

Racing Luck Trailer (1941)

21 November 1941

Bluey (George Lloyd) and Darkie (Joe Valli) are first world war veterans who save an ailing racehorse from destruction.

Arizona Cyclone Trailer (1941)

14 November 1941

Crenshaw and Randolph are competing freight haulers and Randolph's lead man Tom Baxter has given him an advantage.

Ships with Wings Trailer (1941)

10 November 1941

Before the war, a Fleet Air Arm pilot is dismissed for causing the death of a colleague. Working for a small Greek airline when the Germans invade Greece, he gets a chance to redeem himself and rejoin his old unit on a British carrier.

The Thrifty Pig Trailer (1941)

19 November 1941

The Three Little Pigs sell Canadian war bonds.

Stormy Waters Trailer (1941)

27 November 1941

A married tugboat captain falls for a woman he rescues from a sinking ship.

Dream Trailer (1941)

11 November 1941

The spiritual and material misery of a group of people inhabiting the hotel of the title during the War.

Porky's Midnight Matinee Trailer (1941)

21 November 1941

Working backstage at a theater, Porky frees a little ant he finds in a cage, only to learn that it's a rare and valuable trained pygmy ant.

The Devil Pays Off Trailer (1941)

10 November 1941

A former Navy man attempts to redeem his honor by exposing a shipping tycoon's dealings with the enemy.

Das andere Ich Trailer (1941)

21 November 1941

Double Trouble Trailer (1941)

21 November 1941

Harry Langdon and Charley Rogers star in this 1941 Monogram comedy, about two bumbling brothers who take jobs at a New York food cannery and accidentally lose a valuable diamond inside a can of pork-and-beans.

Skylark Trailer (1941)

21 November 1941

As her fifth wedding anniversary approaches, a woman realizes that she is fed up with always coming in second to her husband's advertising business.

Look Who's Laughing Trailer (1941)

21 November 1941

Fibber McGee enlists the help of Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy in enticing an aircraft manufacturer to build a factory in the small town of Wistful Vista.

Breakdowns of 1941 Trailer (1941)

14 November 1941

Blooper out-takes from Torrid Zone, Four Mothers, _Wagons Roll at Night, The (1941)_ , _Sea Wolf, The (1941)_ , No Time for Comedy, _Bride Came C.

La fuggitiva Trailer (1941)

02 November 1941

The Royal Mounted Patrol Trailer (1941)

13 November 1941

Western star Charles Starrett makes one of his periodic forays into the Great White North in Columbia's Royal Mounted Patrol.

The Chocolate Soldier Trailer (1941)

01 November 1941

The Chocolate Soldier is a 1941 American musical film directed by Roy Del Ruth.

Marry the Boss's Daughter Trailer (1941)

28 November 1941

Young man from Kansas goes to New York to work for his tycoon-hero. His superiors won't listen to his ideas about business, but the boss and his daughter do.

The Rookie Bear Trailer (1941)

01 November 1941

In a humorous report, "Strife" magazine follows a bear who gets drafted and goes through the rigors of Army basic training.

Secrets of the Wastelands Trailer (1941)

15 November 1941

Hoppy is leading a scientific expedition and the Chinese who have a hidden settlement nearby are trying to stop them.

Saddle Silly Trailer (1941)

07 November 1941

A Pony Express rider's adventures in getting the mail through Indian country.

The Night of January 16th Trailer (1941)

28 November 1941

Accused of killing her employer, financier Bjorn Faulkner (Nils Asther), Kit is championed by wisecracking sailor-on-leave Steve Van Ruyle (Robert Preston), who has a vested interest in the outcome of the trial.

How War Came Trailer (1941)

07 November 1941

1941 animated short film by Paul Fennell that was nominated for an Oscar

Miss Polly Trailer (1941)

14 November 1941

A small-town spinster, who's a born romantic, takes on the strict members of the local "Purity League" by spilling a few of their well-kept secrets.

I Killed That Man Trailer (1941)

28 November 1941

A condemned inmate's premature death places officials under suspicion.

The Flying Bear Trailer (1941)

11 November 1941

Barney's an aviation mechanic for the Army, though his technique is more like a bartender. His plane is a cute little prop that's not only much smaller than the jets but much more anthropomorphic.

Mail Early Trailer (1941)

01 November 1941

This publicity clip for Canada Post is Norman McLaren's first film for the NFB. For this animated short, McLaren drew symbols by pen onto clear 35 mm stock, which was then superimposed on a photographed painted background.

More Dangerous Than Dynamite Trailer (1941)

07 November 1941

A short film warning the unaware housewife of the dangers of “dry cleaning” with gasoline at home.

Kaugurieši Trailer (1941)

26 November 1941

Rise and Shine Trailer (1941)

21 November 1941

The college president, the head cheerleader and a gambling gangster try to keep a flunking football e

Pantry Panic Trailer (1941)

23 November 1941

Woody's friends warn him that the groundhog has predicted a blizzard. Unconcerned, Woody decides not to go South with his pals.

She's Oil Mine Trailer (1941)

20 November 1941

Buster fights a duel over a girl.