Movie Trailers - February 1926

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Torrent Trailer (1926)

08 February 1926

A young girl and her father are kicked out of their house by a cruel noblewoman, and the girl's heart is broken when her sweetheart, the noblewoman's son, won't go to Paris with them.

Wandering Papas Trailer (1926)

21 February 1926

A cook for bridge constructors is told to collect food for dinner-Ritz style trout, Palmer house rabbit and a 15cm frosted cake.

The Late Mathias Pascal Trailer (1926)

12 February 1926

Mathias Pascal, only son of a once-rich family, marries beautiful Romalinda, who has a terrible mother-in-law.

Mare Nostrum Trailer (1926)

15 February 1926

The story of a female German spy who willingly sacrifices her life for her country.

The Tough Guy Trailer (1926)

01 February 1926

The Grand Duchess and the Waiter Trailer (1926)

21 February 1926

Albert Durant, a young millionaire, poses as a waiter in order to woo an exiled Grand Duchess, who does not object since she knows who he is and he doesn't know she knows.

Partners Again Trailer (1926)

15 February 1926

Goldwyn produced a 1923 film adaptation of Potash and Perlmutter, and a 1924 sequel called In Hollywood with Potash and Perlmutter.

Behind the Front Trailer (1926)

22 February 1926

During World War I a young man joins the army and winds up befriending another young recruit, not knowing that it's the same pickpocket who stole his watch.

Mama Behave Trailer (1926)

27 February 1926

A man finds out that his wife wishes he would act more like his twin brother, so he decides to impersonate his twin in an attempt to determine his wife's fidelity.

Maciste in Africa Trailer (1926)

28 February 1926

A young girl is abducted by her tutor, and they set off in a ship which has a sheik on board, who tries to molest her, but she is saved by a sailor.

Dinky Doodle in Lost and Found Trailer (1926)

19 February 1926

The animator tries to lose Dinky Doodle and Weakheart in the countryside. But they're kidnapped and taken to the moon by a witch.

The Devil's Circus Trailer (1926)

14 February 1926

The action begins in 1913, where our hero Carl (Charles Emmett Mack) is released from prison, where he served a sentence for stealing.

Page Me Trailer (1926)

28 February 1926

Comedy Short

Das Blumenwunder Trailer (1926)

25 February 1926

A new spin on the art of macroprojection, the “film symphony of the life and death of flowers” premiered on February 25th, 1926 in Berlin’s Piccadilly-Theater with an original music score and elaborate frame narrative.

What Happened to Jones Trailer (1926)

08 February 1926

On the night before his wedding, a young man plays poker with friends. When the game is raided by the police, he escapes into a Turkish bath on ladies night, ending up disguised in drag and with difficult explanations to make.

Manon Lescaut Trailer (1926)

15 February 1926

A French adventurer fights to save a woman in the life of prostitution. Manon Lescaut is a 1926 silent German feature film based on the oft-filmed novel by Abbe Prevost.

The Johnstown Flood Trailer (1926)

28 February 1926

A dramatic recreation of the Johnstown Flood of 1889.

The Bay of Death Trailer (1926)

05 February 1926

A machinist on a Navy ship has two sons, both bolcheviks. When the revolution comes the Tsarist police captures the machinist to put pressure on his sons.

Are Golfers Cuckoo? Trailer (1926)

02 February 1926

Charles Dorety and Gene Layman play two poor idiots who decide to become caddies to make some extra money.

The Road to Glory Trailer (1926)

07 February 1926

May McAvoy is a woman who is blinded in an auto accident and relies on prayer to regain her sight.

The Song and Dance Man Trailer (1926)

08 February 1926

Song and Dance Man was based on the play of the same name by George M. Cohan. Tom Moore plays vaudevillian Happy Farrell, who gives up show biz to take a "civilian" job.

Time Flies Trailer (1926)

07 February 1926

The short starts with a duel in the Old South wherein a man inadvertently saves one of the duelist's lives for which he is given a watch.

The Night Cry Trailer (1926)

27 February 1926

A giant condor decimates a herd of sheep, and Rin-Tin-Tin is accused of having turned killer.

His Taking Ways Trailer (1926)

02 February 1926

His Taking Ways is one of four films made for Biff Comedies, owned by independent producer Samuel Bischoff.

Heavy Love Trailer (1926)

21 February 1926

No Overview

Koko's Paradise Trailer (1926)

27 February 1926

Max Fleischer is going to a shooting gallery, so he practices on Koko and Fitz, sending them both to Paradise in this slightly erratic but funny cartoon.

A Bankrupt Honeymoon Trailer (1926)

06 February 1926

A Bankrupt Honeymoon is a 1926 American silent comedy film starring Harold Goodwin and featuring Oliver Hardy.

Buried Treasure Trailer (1926)

13 February 1926

Buried Treasure is a 1926 short silent comedy film directed by Robert F. McGowan.[1][2] It was the 47th Our Gang short subject released.

Behind the Scenes with the Bootleggers Trailer (1926)

27 February 1926

This newsreel depicts the inner-workings of a bootleggers' facility for making and distributing illegal bootleg liquor.

Virginian Types: Blue Ridge Mountaineers Trailer (1926)

03 February 1926

Virginia Types: Blue Ridge Mountaineers (ca. 1926) is taken from the Pathé Review, a weekly "screen magazine.

The Pearl Necklace Trailer (1926)

09 February 1926

Based on Guy de Maupassant’s short story "The Necklace”. This is one of the earliest surviving Chinese features.

Maciste nella gabbia dei leoni Trailer (1926)

11 February 1926

Bartolomeo Pagano as Maciste in Maciste in the Lions' Den. A Italian silent from 1926.