Movie Trailers - June 1926

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Popular trailers for movies released in June 1926

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Nana Trailer (1926)

25 June 1926

A government official, Count Muffat, falls under the spell of Nana, a young actress. She becomes his mistress, living in the sumptuous apartment which he provides for her.

Ella Cinders Trailer (1926)

06 June 1926

Poor Ella Cinders is much abused by her evil step-mother and step-sisters. When she wins a local beauty contest she jumps at the chance to get out of her dead-end life and go to Hollywood, where she is promised a job in the movies.

Der Aufstieg Trailer (1926)

03 June 1926

Commercial for the GESOLEI health and art exhibition in Düsseldorf.

Long Fliv the King Trailer (1926)

13 June 1926

This offbeat comedy from future Hollywood screwball director McCarey is about a princess who must find a husband in 24 hours or forfeit her throne.

The Road to Mandalay Trailer (1926)

26 June 1926

Joe, a former sea captain whose wife died during the birth of their child at sea, is now a pockmarked, disreputable divekeeper in Singapore where he indulges in shady operations with Herrick, known as The Admiral.

The Invincible Shuar People of the Upper Amazon Trailer (1926)

11 June 1926

Scenes of daily life in the Indian communities of Ecuador.

My Old Kentucky Home Trailer (1926)

26 June 1926

This 1926 Fleischer Song Car-Tune encouraged movie going audiences to follow the bouncing ball, or racist caricature, and join in on a minstrel classic.

Good and Naughty Trailer (1926)

07 June 1926

Four middle-aged actors jointly adopt an orphaned baby girl, raising her in a backstage milieu.

Burglars of "Baghdad" Castle Trailer (1926)

15 June 1926

In order to win the hand of a princess, a man must defeat an evil dragon and claim its treasured magic stone.

Hard Boiled Trailer (1926)

06 June 1926

Silent movie

Sweeney Todd Trailer (1926)

30 June 1926

In the Good Old Summer Time Trailer (1926)

26 June 1926

Ko-Ko Song Car-Tunes is a series of short three-minute animation films produced by Max Fleischer and Dave Fleischer between May 1924 and September 1927, pioneering the use of the "Follow the Bouncing Ball" device used to lead audiences in theater sing-alongs.

Detective K-9 Trailer (1926)

30 June 1926

"Fearless" the dog catches rum runners.

Sweet Daddies Trailer (1926)

12 June 1926

Stage comedian Patrick O'Brien is fired from his job because of his drinking celebration of his son, Jimmy, graduating from college.

Tallinna turg Trailer (1926)

01 June 1926

Tallinn market 1926.

Four Square Steve Trailer (1926)

26 June 1926

Four Square Steve is a roaming cowboy who saves Milly from the rude advances of a dyed-in-the-wool villain.

A Prodigal Bridegroom Trailer (1926)

25 June 1926

Ben returns from the big city with his pockets full of cash. A hard-hearted, gold-digging vamp ensnares him.

Black Sunday Trailer (1926)

12 June 1926

Silent film footage of the Black Sunday Valentine's Day Bushfires of 14th February 1926 which swept the regions of Dandenongs and Gippsland in Victoria, Australia.

Dinky Doodle's Bed Time Story Trailer (1926)

05 June 1926

An artists, trying to tune into a certain radio station, gets Fairyland instead. Humpty Dumpty, Mary and her little lamb and Tom the Piper's Son are all there.

Three Of A Kind Trailer (1926)

12 June 1926

A young woman is taken to a fancy nightclub by her uncle, but is stuck with the bill when the stingy uncle gets into an argument with a waiter and leaves without paying.

Footloose Widows Trailer (1926)

19 June 1926

Department-store models Flo and Marian set their sights on wealthy young soft-drink magnate J. A. Smith.

Chase Yourself Trailer (1926)

26 June 1926

Jimmie, Lavoris and Turpentine, three Knights of the Road (Bums/tramps), have just arrived in the West where Two-Gun Joe, the local bad man, surprises them while they eat.

O Novo Palácio da Câmara dos Deputados Trailer (1926)

12 June 1926

The new Palace of the Chamber of Deputies of Rio de Janeiro, still unoccupied: exteriors, interiors and facilities.

Fightin' Jack Trailer (1926)

04 June 1926

Jack is accused of horse stealing and trespassing after saving a girl from drowning.

Eve's Leaves Trailer (1926)

13 June 1926

After forming his own studio in 1925, Cecil B. DeMille produced this exuberant blend of orientalist melodrama and gender-bending comedy featuring his THE TEN COMMANDMENTS leading lady Leatrice Joy.

The Fire Barrier Trailer (1926)

12 June 1926

An irascible and brutal boss, Will King, owner of the Deux Croix ranch, sends his employees back on the slightest pretext.

It's the Cats Trailer (1926)

01 June 1926

“Out of the Inkwell” cartoon by Fleischer Studios.

Miss Nobody Trailer (1926)

27 June 1926

The father of an heiress dies broke leaving her destitute without inheritance. She falls in with a group of hobos traveling incognito cross country dressed as a man.

Koko's Toot Toot Trailer (1926)

05 June 1926

Max is taking a railroad trip and pulls out his pen to draw Koko, Fitz and a railroad. Maybe the trip is too bumpy, because nothing works as it is supposed to.

Ice Cold Cocos Trailer (1926)

20 June 1926

Billy and Andy impersonate two ice-delivery men in a suburban town. Billy takes a fancy to a newly-wed bride and most of his loose cash is liquidated as he flirts with her.

Up in Mabel's Room Trailer (1926)

20 June 1926

Mabel catches her husband buying lingerie, and he won't explain who it's for. She divorces him, but later learns he was buying her an anniversary gift.

Puppets Trailer (1926)

20 June 1926

Nicola Riccobini, a puppet master in New York's Italian quarter, is an energetic and domineering man in the family, in contrast to his dreamy, poetic cousin Bruno.

Michel Strogoff Trailer (1926)

30 June 1926

Adapted from Jules Verne's 1876 novel Michael Strogoff, the film tells the tale of a Russian courier named Michael Strogoff who has to dash across Russia with a vital message for the tsar's brother, wrestling with bears and fighting off ferocious Tatar rebels along the way.

The Call of the Klondike Trailer (1926)

24 June 1926

A desert prospecter, Dick Norton, decides to head to the Klondike in search of gold. In the Klondike, Norton becomes a mining engineer whose honesty upsets a crooked Mortimer Pearson.

The Sporting Lover Trailer (1926)

16 June 1926

Captain Terrance Connaughton loses his stable of horses in a card game with Algernon Cravens.