Movie Trailers - December 1926

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Popular trailers for movies released in December 1926

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The General Trailer (1926)

31 December 1926

The General is a 1927 American silent film comedy from Buster Keaton. The film flopped when first released but is now regarded as the height of silent film comedy.

The Cruise of the Jasper B Trailer (1926)

12 December 1926

The film stars actor Rod La Rocque as 'Jerry Cleggert', a good-natured descendant of an infamous clan of pirates who resides aboard the rickety ship Jasper B.

Flesh and the Devil Trailer (1926)

26 December 1926

Leo and Ulrich are life long friends. Home, on leave from their military training, Leo sees the beautiful Felicitas at the railroad station.

The Cheerful Fraud Trailer (1926)

27 December 1926

A young man fakes his identity to impress a girl.

A Sixth Part of the World Trailer (1926)

31 December 1926

Through the travelogue format, it depicts the multitude of Soviet peoples in remote areas of USSR and details the entirety of the wealth of the Soviet land.

45 Minutes from Hollywood Trailer (1926)

26 December 1926

A young man visiting Hollywood on family business gets into trouble when he sees a bank robbery in progress, and thinks it is a movie scene.

Tell It to the Marines Trailer (1926)

23 December 1926

U.S. Marine Sergeant O'Hara has his hands full training raw recruits, one of whom, 'Skeets' Burns, is a particular thorn in his side.

Le Juif Errant Trailer (1926)

24 December 1926

Schützenliesel Trailer (1926)

21 December 1926

Coming soon

Lásky Kacenky Strnadové Trailer (1926)

24 December 1926

The film depicts the adventures of Kacenka (Zdena Kavková) and Vincek (Vlasta Burian), two innocent country bumpkins who live in a Czech small town, and the various jobs that Kacenka has once she moves to Prague, that beautiful capital city.

The Return of Peter Grimm Trailer (1926)

07 December 1926

"Old Peter Grimm makes his ward Katie promise to marry his nephew Frederik [ sic ] and then dies. Frederik proves to be a scapegrace and Peter's spirit returns to right matters and finally succeeds in doing so by communicating with Jimmie who is in a delirium.

Alice the Lumberjack Trailer (1926)

27 December 1926

Pete schemes to kidnap Alice while she and Julius are working as lumberjacks along the river.

The Globe Trotters Trailer (1926)

01 December 1926

Our heroes Mutt 'n Jeff go on a round-the-world trek.

Now You Tell One Trailer (1926)

27 December 1926

The Liars Club is holding their contest to see who can tell the most unbelievable story, with a gold medallion waiting to be awarded to the winner.

Alice's Brown Derby Trailer (1926)

13 December 1926

Another horse race with Julius riding a mechanical horse and Pete unsuccessfully trying to cheat to win.

Ten Nights in a Barroom Trailer (1926)

27 December 1926

A man pursues the vice lord who killed his daughter, but his journey leads to self-discovery and the desire for a better life.

Blue Streak O'Neil Trailer (1926)

15 December 1926

Die Warenhausprinzessin Trailer (1926)

17 December 1926

a silent movie by Heinz Paul

The Tail of the Monkey Trailer (1926)

12 December 1926

After an organ grinder's monkey grabs a little girl's lollipop with his tail, the musician explains why monkeys are so clever with their tails.

The nickel-hopper Trailer (1926)

04 December 1926

Dance hall Romeos and an irresponsible father create comic complications in the life of a nickel-per-whirl taxi dancer.

The Naked Woman Trailer (1926)

10 December 1926

Directed by Léonce Perret.

Old Ironsides Trailer (1926)

06 December 1926

The film is a wide-ranging ensemble piece, with Farrell and Beery playing equally large roles, and detailed subplots about the country's atmosphere before the conflict as well as Stephen Decatur's early naval exploits.

The Island of Despair Trailer (1926)

27 December 1926

A shipwrecked captain saves a girl from a Spanish murderer by threatening to give him leprosy.

Telling Whoppers Trailer (1926)

19 December 1926

Farina and Joe fib to the gang that they've beaten up the neighborhood bully. Later, they hear he's been murdered and think they'll get the blame.

All Wet Trailer (1926)

21 December 1926

In this film, Snub leaves his extremely tiny town to go live with his aunt, who he doesn't even know.

The Fire Brigade Trailer (1926)

20 December 1926

Terry O'Neill is the youngest of a family of Irish firefighters. He falls in love with Helen Corwin, but complications ensue when Terry learns that her father, a wealthy contractor, has cut costs by putting his buildings in danger of fire.

Golf Widows Trailer (1926)

12 December 1926

Women won't let potential son-in-law marry her daughter unless he can get her husband to quit golfing.

Die Straße des Vergessens Trailer (1926)

19 December 1926

a silent movie by Heinz Paul

Dog of Dogs Trailer (1926)

01 December 1926

A silent short film starring "Fearless."

Camille Trailer (1926)

18 December 1926

Based on the 1852 novel and play La Dame aux Camélias by Alexandre Dumas, fils.

The Bridal Party in Hardanger Trailer (1926)

26 December 1926

Based on the novel "Marit Skjølte" by Kristofer Janson, this Norwegian silent movie tells the story of young Marit and her love, Anders, who travels to America to seek his fortune.

Sunshine of Paradise Alley Trailer (1926)

15 December 1926

A wealthy banker wants to tear down a tenement slum to build a factory, but a charming girl who lives there begins to persuade him otherwise.

Flirty Four-Flushers Trailer (1926)

25 December 1926

With her winnings from an essay contest, a waitress gets dolled up and goes to a swanky resort to snag a millionaire husband.

The Stolen Ranch Trailer (1926)

26 December 1926

Returning home from the Great War, "Breezy" Hart (Fred Humes) and his shell-shocked buddy Frank Wilcox (Ralph McCullough) discover the Wilcox property in the hands of evil Sam Hardy (William Norton Bailey).

Katka's Reinette Apples Trailer (1926)

24 December 1926

A young country girl who becomes an apple seller is seduced and abandoned. She finds a protector but when he is arrested for theft she finds honest work in a factory.

Unsere Emden Trailer (1926)

22 December 1926

The Lost Lutung Trailer (1926)

31 December 1926

Purbasari and Purbararang are sisters and in competition. Purbararang, the elder sister, teases Purbasari about the latter's lover, a lutung named Guru Minang; Purbarang's boyfriend, Indrajaya, is a handsome human.

The Call of the Wilderness Trailer (1926)

05 December 1926

In a small western town, a man meets a girl whose father is a land agent. To please her, he buys a plot of land from her father.

Aroma of the South Seas Trailer (1926)

27 December 1926

In this very politically incorrect and very weird cartoon, Mutt and Jeff run into some unfriendly natives.