Movie Trailers - May 1927

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Popular trailers for movies released in May 1927

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Tracked by the Police Trailer (1927)

07 May 1927

The Laguna Dam is to be built in Arizona,to supply water to desert-land unfit for cultivation or stock-raising.

Prudence Trailer (1927)

27 May 1927

Papa Gimplewart is unimpressed by the young lawyer who wants to marry his daughter. 'Win your first case - then you can have her' is his reply.

Vanity Trailer (1927)

09 May 1927

Barbara Fiske, a beautiful girl of social standing, is about to be married to Lloyd Van Courtland. On the eve of their marriage, she foolishly pays a visit to a colorful steamship captain aboard his ship.

Alice's Knaughty Knight Trailer (1927)

01 May 1927

Pete, dressed in a suit of armor, steals away the female that Julius is after. So Julius devises his own suit of armor, made mostly out of junk, to win her back.

Special Delivery Trailer (1927)

06 May 1927

The second and last of Eddie Cantor's silent vehicles, Special Delivery casts the wide-eyed comedian as a hapless mailman.

Breezing Along Trailer (1927)

01 May 1927

This is a better than average Hamilton film thanks to the presence of a bratty kid who makes Lloyd's life miserable.

Eve's Love Letters Trailer (1927)

28 May 1927

Agnes Ayres was apparently a star of feature film who is top billed in this one-off Hal Roach short. She does well as the woman at the centre of the story, but it's pretty plain that it's actually the comic mind and performing talents of Stan Laurel, who plays her butler, that make this two-reel short shine.

L'Ile enchantée Trailer (1927)

13 May 1927

The story takes place in Corsica, where a young business woman (Jacqueline Forzane) tries to construct an electric system for her steel plant.

The Yankee Clipper Trailer (1927)

07 May 1927

A race between a British clipper ship and an American ship of a new design will determine the right to transport Chinese tea.

His First Flame Trailer (1927)

02 May 1927

Fire chief Amos McCarthy, a confirmed misogynist, counsels his nephew Harry Howells to avoid matrimony at all costs.

The Chess Player Trailer (1927)

17 May 1927

In 1776, an inventor conceals a Polish nobleman in his chess-playing automaton, a machine whose fame leads it to the court of the Russian empress.

The Claw Trailer (1927)

08 May 1927

Based on the 1911 novel by Cynthia Stockley, this is the story of Dierdre Saurin (Claire Windsor), whose infatuation with Major Kinsella (Arthur Edmund Carewe) takes her to Africa where native uprisings and the jealous connivings of Maurice Stair (Norman Kerry) await her.

Alice's Three Bad Eggs Trailer (1927)

14 May 1927

Alice and Julius have to hold their western fort against The Three Bad Eggs and a band of marauding Indians.

Skull Trailer (1927)

10 May 1927

A rare film which depicts the tragic fate of a Christian lord who fought for his fate in the Edo period.

Alice's Picnic Trailer (1927)

29 May 1927

Alice and her friends decide to go to the park and have a picnic. Everything is going well until a gang of rats steals their food.

The Cradle Snatchers Trailer (1927)

28 May 1927

To cure their flirtatious husbands of consorting with flappers, three wives -Susan Martin, Ethel Drake, and Kitty Ladd- arrange with three college boys -Henry Winton, Oscar, and Joe Valley- to flirt with them at a house party.

Mine Your Business! Trailer (1927)

02 May 1927

A white man disguises himself as a black man in order to get a job in the city shining shoes. He later travels out west, and gets mixed up with a gold mine and claim-jumpers.

U 9 Weddigen Trailer (1927)

05 May 1927

a silent war movie by Heinz Paul

No Man's Law Trailer (1927)

01 May 1927

Two thugs plot to kill an old miner to get his claim, but one of them lusts after his beautiful daughter and wants her first.

Hell Hounds of the Plains Trailer (1927)

07 May 1927

Horses are being rustled by outlaws known as the Hell Hounds. When the Sheriff is killed, his Deputy Yak takes over the search for the rustlers.

Rough House Rosie Trailer (1927)

14 May 1927

A poor but ambitious young girl is determined to crash high society, but isn't prepared for the reception she receives.

Der Katzensteg Trailer (1927)

31 May 1927

Tired Business Men Trailer (1927)

15 May 1927

Tired Business Men is a 1927 American short silent comedy film directed by Robert A. McGowan. It was the 60th Our Gang short subject released.

A Million Bid Trailer (1927)

27 May 1927

To satisfy her controlling mother and secure both of their futures, a daughter hesitantly enters a loveless marriage to a wealthy businessman.

Crazy to Act Trailer (1927)

15 May 1927

Millionaire film producer Gordon Bagley wants to marry Ethel St. John, the leading lady in his latest film.

Koko Needles the Boss Trailer (1927)

09 May 1927

Artist Max Fleischer draws a spool of thread and a needle. The needle then penetrates a blank canvas and, stitch by stitch, we see Koko the Clown being "drawn.

The King of Charleston Trailer (1927)

05 May 1927

Adventures of an elderly man surrounded by pretty young swimming girls at one of the Belgrade beaches.

The Dixie Flyer Trailer (1927)

23 May 1927

The railroad is building a new line, but the workers are unhappy. That's because one of the board members, hoping to oust the man in charge of the project (Rapley), has a saboteur on site.

Annie Laurie Trailer (1927)

10 May 1927

The story of the famous battle between the Scots clans of Macdonald and Campbell, and the young woman who comes between them, Annie Laurie.

Felix the Cat as Romeeow Trailer (1927)

14 May 1927

Felix is in love with a fair maiden. When serenading her, his rival spots him and tries anything he can come up with to get his girl back.

La proie du vent Trailer (1927)

12 May 1927

A pilot crashes and a beautiful countess of a castle nearby nurses him to health.

The Prairie King Trailer (1927)

15 May 1927

Andy Barden, Edna Jordan, and Dan Murdock are the three claimants to the valuable mine of the late Abner Ferrige.

Felix the Cat Ducks His Duty Trailer (1927)

29 May 1927

Felix the Cat discovers that war is only heck; it's marriage that's hell.

Street of Forgotten Women Trailer (1927)

04 May 1927

For those who thought "Reefer Madness" was the first exploitation movie you'll be interested to know that the genre was alive and well during the silent era.

Maiorul Mura Trailer (1927)

03 May 1927

A certain village nobleman Amédée dies, leaving a substantial legacy, but there is a matrimonial clause.

Horses, Horses, Horses Trailer (1927)

21 May 1927

Milton Mouse, the demon rider, stages a one-man round-up, puts the horses into the barn and then calls on Rita, the rancher's daughter.

Réveil Tam-Tam Trailer (1927)

22 May 1927

Advertising film for "Réveil Tam-Tam". Undoubtedly one of the oldest Belgian advertising films, with a strong colonial connotations present in the product name.

Code of the Range Trailer (1927)

05 May 1927

A cowboy pursues a man who seduced his sister.

North of Nowhere Trailer (1927)

07 May 1927

A silent cartoon short produced by Mason Wadsworth and animated by John R. McCory.

Vigário Sport Club Trailer (1927)

07 May 1927