Movie Trailers - February 1927

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Popular trailers for movies released in February 1927

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The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog Trailer (1927)

14 February 1927

A landlady suspects her new lodger is the madman killing women in London.

It Trailer (1927)

15 February 1927

Shopgirl Betty Lou Spence is in love with her handsome employer, Cyrus Waltham, Jr. However, he is already romantically linked to socialite Adela Van Norman.

Why Girls Say No Trailer (1927)

21 February 1927

A short comedy by Leo McCarey about a jewish father who is worried about his daughter.

Seeing the World Trailer (1927)

12 February 1927

In this Our Gang film, James Finlayson plays the gang's schoolteacher who takes the kids to Europe after winning a local contest.

Getting Gertie's Garter Trailer (1927)

28 February 1927

Attorney Ken Walrick, not quite realizing the difference between a garter and a bracelet, gives Gertie Darling a bejewelled garter with his photograph in miniature attached.

Ankles Preferred Trailer (1927)

27 February 1927

Nora, a department store clerk, is determined to succeed on the basis of her brain power despite her attractive ankles.

The Monkey Talks Trailer (1927)

20 February 1927

In 1927 Olive Borden starred in Fox drama The Monkey Talks directed by Raoul Walsh. She played a circus performer who meets a man pretending to be a talking monkey.

Rubber Tires Trailer (1927)

07 February 1927

When the Stack family suffers some financial setbacks, daughter Mary Ellen suggests they buy a car and relocate to California.

White Gold Trailer (1927)

24 February 1927

A sheep farmer brings his new wife to his father's ranch and the old man takes an instant dislike to her.

Alice at the Carnival Trailer (1927)

07 February 1927

Alice and Julius visit a carnival where they ride the rides and take in the sideshow.

The Diplomatic Pouch Trailer (1927)

28 February 1927

A Soviet diplomat is being pursued by the evil British police and is fatally injured by a railway line (incidently the visuals certainly hint at what Dovzhenko was to achieve in the way of memorable imagary) and finds shelter with a railway worker.

Oh Boy Trailer (1927)

01 February 1927

Oh Boy!, the sixth McDougall entry, inherited most of its cast from an earlier Our Gang knockoff, the Arrow Kids.

Die Familie ohne Moral Trailer (1927)

18 February 1927

Coming soon

Hills of Kentucky Trailer (1927)

19 February 1927

Adapted from Dorothy Yost's story, "The Untamed Heart"

Alice at the Rodeo Trailer (1927)

21 February 1927

Julius wins a bronc-riding contest at the rodeo. However, Pete steals his prize money, so Julius must go after him to get it back.

Hello Sailor Trailer (1927)

24 February 1927

A Lupino Lane comedy short based around Lane being a sailor.

Kreutzerova sonáta Trailer (1927)

24 February 1927

We have a liberal, modern Czech flapper bound to a serious and bored husband and don't forget the important fact that the wife has a lover so soon the widening gulf between husband and wife leads to stress and resentment and we get a tormented psychological study of irreconcilable differences that will lead to tragedy.

Rinaldo Rinaldini Trailer (1927)

25 February 1927

A gentleman trades place with a notorious gangster who's his dead ringer to prevent an evil baron to marry his fiancée.

The Sea Tiger Trailer (1927)

27 February 1927

Silent Film a lost film.

Stark Love Trailer (1927)

28 February 1927

"Man is absolute ruler. Woman is working slave.” Such are the rigid attitudes framing this tale ofs

Die Geliebte Trailer (1927)

10 February 1927

a silent movie by Robert Wiene

Easy Pickings Trailer (1927)

20 February 1927

Simeon Van Horne is poisoned by Stewart, his lawyer, who hopes to get a part of the estate to be divided between young Peter Van Horne and Dolores, Peter's cousin.

Listen Lena Trailer (1927)

12 February 1927

Al St John loves Lena, but he also loves to sleep. Will he get out of bed soon enough to take Lena from his dull rival, so he can have an argument with the girl where he cries "LISTEN, LENA"?

Mikan-bune Trailer (1927)

11 February 1927

Die erwachende Sphinx. Mit Colin Ross vom Kap nach Kairo Trailer (1927)

02 February 1927

Travelogue style documentary about a journey through Africa.

Schwester Veronica Trailer (1927)

12 February 1927

The Denver Dude Trailer (1927)

13 February 1927

A cowboy begins to do such un-cowboylike things as dressing up and taking baths in order to impress a pretty young girl.

Altars of Desire Trailer (1927)

15 February 1927

Mae Murray plays a willful American lass whose wealthy dad (Robert Edeson) sends her to Paris so that she may pick up some "refinement.

Quartette from 'Rigoletto' Trailer (1927)

02 February 1927

A musical short with Beniamino Gigli singing with Jeanne Gordon mezzo, soprano Marion Talley and baritone Giuseppe De Luca.

The Village Priest Trailer (1927)

14 February 1927

First film adaptation of the play by Enrique Pérez Escrich.

Hitting the Trail Trailer (1927)

27 February 1927

A silent cartoon short produced by Mason Wadsworth and animated by John R. McCory.