Movie Trailers - September 1926

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Egged On Trailer (1926)

06 September 1926

Charley invents a machine that turns ordinary, breakable eggs into rubbery, unbreakable ones for transport.

The Adventures of Prince Achmed Trailer (1926)

03 September 1926

Based on stories from "The Arabian Nights." A wicked sorcerer tricks Prince Achmed into riding a magical flying horse.

Battling Butler Trailer (1926)

19 September 1926

Alfred's father feels his son has grown up too comfortably and as a result has not become what a man should be.

A Page of Madness Trailer (1926)

24 September 1926

A man takes a job at an asylum with hopes of freeing his imprisoned wife.

The Son of the Sheik Trailer (1926)

05 September 1926

Ahmed, son of Diana and Sheik Ahmed Ben Hassan, falls in love with Yasmin, a dancing girl who fronts her father's gang of mountebanks.

Bardelys the Magnificent Trailer (1926)

30 September 1926

Rafael Sabatini's story of the swashbuckling era and of Bardeleys, the handsome courtier who could win any woman he set his mind to.

Bromo and Juliet Trailer (1926)

19 September 1926

A young man puts on the play "Romeo and Juliet" as a fundraiser, but has to keep a close eye on his dad, who's had several drinks too many, and a pesky cab driver who's determined to collect his fare.

Die Unehelichen Trailer (1926)

05 September 1926

If watching a fellow facing indifference/rejection in the slums of Berlin didn't convey enough pathos, Gerhard Lamprect gathered much of the same crew from Die Verrufenene and turned his attention to the city's population of unwanted children for the heart-tugging Die Unehelichen, released the following year.

The Duchess of Buffalo Trailer (1926)

04 September 1926

An American dancer on a tour of pre-Boleshevik Russia falls for a young army officer, and the feeling is mutual.

The Block Signal Trailer (1926)

15 September 1926

Disaster strikes when a train engineer is conspired against by enemies.

The Fake Sweetheart Trailer (1926)

24 September 1926

The film depicts the troubles of Herr Verner ( Herr Karel Hasler ), a middle-aged bachelor dentist who wants to marry.

For Alimony Only Trailer (1926)

20 September 1926

A stormy marriage of 6 months between Narcissa and Peter Williams ends in a bitter quarrel, and to gain his freedom Peter offers her more alimony than he can afford.

Fearless Harry Trailer (1926)

08 September 1926

Beautiful Belinda is kidnapped by Relentless Rudolph; Hairbreadth Harry must race to her rescue.

You'd Be Surprised Trailer (1926)

24 September 1926

A diamond is stolen at a houseboat party given by the district attorney. He gives the thief a chance to return it by putting an empty box on a table and turning out the lights.

Girl in Tails Trailer (1926)

05 September 1926

Ludwig von Battwhyl has conducted his studies so carelessly that the chances are very small that he'll graduate.

Crossed Signals Trailer (1926)

28 September 1926

A federal agent is sent to a small town to bust up a counterfeiting ring, which is apparently headquartered in the local railway station.

The Blue Eagle Trailer (1926)

12 September 1926

Waterfront rivals George Darcy (O'Brien) and Big Tim Ryan (Russell) are both in love with Rose Kelly (Gaynor), and continue their feud when they join the Navy.

Almost a Lady Trailer (1926)

27 September 1926

Marcia, a pretty young girl, goes to work as a model for a lecherous dress-shop owner. She resists his advances, despite his giving her expensive gifts.

Dog Gone Trailer (1926)

14 September 1926

Mutt has been appointed the judge at a dog show. He persuades Jeff to dress in a dog costume and they will split the prize money.

The Doughboy Trailer (1926)

21 September 1926

The film begins with Snub going off to war in WWI. He manages to get lost behind enemy lines and spends most of the movie hiding or just barely escaping encounter after encounter with German soldiers.

The Devil Horse Trailer (1926)

11 September 1926

A boy's family is wiped out in an Indian massacre of a wagon train and he is captured. He befriends a wild colt.

Alice Charms the Fish Trailer (1926)

05 September 1926

Alice and Julius go fishing where Alice charms the fish ashore with a tune from her flute.

Paradise Trailer (1926)

26 September 1926

After a daredevil demonstration of aviator stunts, Anthony Fortescue-Stirling, more familiarly known as Tony, is cast adrift by his father.

My Old Dutch Trailer (1926)

27 September 1926

Silent family drama.

The Texas Streak Trailer (1926)

26 September 1926

Chad Pennington, a movie-cowboy from Hollywood, gets into trouble when he poses as a two-gun outlaw from Texas named Tommy Hawk.

Desert Valley Trailer (1926)

25 September 1926

Seeing cattle dying of thirst, a stranger shoots a hole in Hoades water pipeline. Hoades is hoarding water trying to drive the ranchers away.

Hoboken to Hollywood Trailer (1926)

05 September 1926

Billy Judkins is a naturally gloomy Gus. His life changes when he is transferred from working in his company's Hoboken office to their Hollywood office.

PKP Trailer (1926)

28 September 1926

The defeated remnants of vile Ukrainian nationalists, headed by the leader of the Ukrainian liberation movement, Symon Petliura, cannot accept their historical fate and are plotting an insurrection against the Soviet regime in Ukraine.

Uppercuts Trailer (1926)

05 September 1926

No Overview

The Honeymoon Express Trailer (1926)

01 September 1926

Dick Henderson Trailer (1926)

16 September 1926

British music hall entertainer Dick Henderson sings "I Love Her All the More" and trills out a resounding ode to his beloved in this early sound recording, stopping to aim some rather less romantic jibes at his wife before delivering a rousing encore.

Grandma's Child Trailer (1926)

06 September 1926

A mother comes to visit and see the child that the married couple has made up. A Bobby Ray comedy.

Fadeaway Trailer (1926)

01 September 1926

This fascinating series features Max himself, filmed in live action, sitting at a drawing board and concocting adventures for his star performer Ko-Ko the Clown.

The Flaming Frontier Trailer (1926)

11 September 1926

Bob Langdon, a young Pony Express rider, is given an appointment to West Point, but is forced to leave the academy as the result of political intrigue stirred up by enemies of his friend, General George A.

You Never Know Women Trailer (1926)

20 September 1926

Romantic triangle unfolds at a Circus.

Alice's Monkey Business Trailer (1926)

20 September 1926

Alice and Julius, while out hunting big game, find themselves brought before the court of the Lion King.

The Waning Sex Trailer (1926)

05 September 1926

Nina Duane (Norma Shearer) is a criminal lawyer whose gender was professionally resented by Philip Barry (Conrad Nagel), the District Attorney.

The Silent Trailer Trailer (1926)

30 September 1926

"Fearless" the dog saves the day in this silent short.

Achtung Harry! Augen auf! Trailer (1926)

13 September 1926

Ko-Ko's Queen Trailer (1926)

30 September 1926

Ko-Ko convinces the animator to draw him a woman, but she turns out to be scrawny and ugly. He takes her to a beauty parlor and plumps her up, then shaves the back of her head and slaps a mask onto it.

The Clinging Vine Trailer (1926)

06 September 1926

No Overview

Daily Dozens Trailer (1926)

15 September 1926

The "Joybell Players" consisting of Jack Cooper, Ethelyn Gibson and Jack Richardson star in this very funny comedy from writer/director Robert Tansey.

Playing with Fire Trailer (1926)

01 September 1926

Cartoon classic starring Mutt and Jeff.

Felix the Cat Shatters the Sheik Trailer (1926)

19 September 1926

Felix lands a job as a mascot for an umbrella salesman, and travels to the Arabian desert. They have a hard time selling umbrellas in the desert, until Felix makes a deal with a bird concerning a cloud above a convention of desert sheiks.

King of the Saddle Trailer (1926)

09 September 1926

Comin' Thro' the Rye Trailer (1926)

26 September 1926

This is the cartoon version of Comin' thro' The Rye by fleischer Studios.

El ladrón de guantes blancos Trailer (1926)

05 September 1926

The Marriage Clause Trailer (1926)

12 September 1926

A Broadway actress becomes a star due to the guidance of her director. The two fall in love, but are prevented from marrying due to a clause put into her contract by her producer.

Pests Trailer (1926)

04 September 1926

Aesop's Fables cartoon released 5 September 1926.