Movie Trailers - April 1926

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Popular trailers for movies released in April 1926

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For Heaven's Sake Trailer (1926)

05 April 1926

The Uptown Boy, J. Harold Manners (Lloyd) is a millionaire playboy who falls for the Downtown Girl, Hope (Ralston) who works in Brother Paul's (Weigel) mission.

Baby Clothes Trailer (1926)

24 April 1926

Mr. and Mrs. Weedle are desperate to find two babies, for their rich uncle has sent them money for years thinking they have children.

Kiki Trailer (1926)

04 April 1926

Kiki, a poor young woman who sells newspapers on the street corners of Paris, is able to land a job singing and dancing at a nearby theater.

Silence Trailer (1926)

25 April 1926

Jim Warren, a crook, is married to Norma, but there was a flaw in their marriage papers and he must marry her gain to protect their unborn child.

Skinner's Dress Suit Trailer (1926)

18 April 1926

Honey Skinner is proud of her successful husband. When he tells her he's going to ask for a raise, she knows he'll get it.

The Bride of Glomdal Trailer (1926)

15 April 1926

Tore takes over the rundown family farm. Applying his youthful energy, he intends to make it into a big farm like Glomgården on the other side of the river, where beautiful Berit loves.

Moonland Trailer (1926)

28 April 1926

The Man in the Moon invites little Mickey and his dog over for a visit. They go on a magical trip and meet strange characters along the way.

The Case of the Three Million Trailer (1926)

28 April 1926

History of theft and double crossing when two thieves fall out over the theft of the money of the proceeds of the sale of a house by a banker to a religious community.

The Iron Rider Trailer (1926)

28 April 1926

After he loses his money and horse in a poker game, Yak learns he was cheated. But then he learns that the men that cheated him are wanted and have a price on their heads.

The Runaway Trailer (1926)

04 April 1926

A movie actress, mistakenly thinking she has killed a fellow actor, goes on the run and finds herself taken in by a Kentucky mountain family.

Dog Shy Trailer (1926)

04 April 1926

Charley is chased into a phone booth by a dog and agrees to help a young woman on the phone avoid getting married.

Dürfen wir schweigen? Trailer (1926)

05 April 1926

Menschen untereinander Trailer (1926)

03 April 1926

The story of a Berlin tenement and its inhabitants. A silent drama by Gerhard Lamprecht.

The Imaginary Voyage Trailer (1926)

30 April 1926

In a strange bank, a young clerk, in love with a typist, gets asleep after a minor incident. His dream sarries him into the retirement house of old fairies, that he will manage to help to grow younger.

Paris at Midnight Trailer (1926)

17 April 1926

In a Paris boarding house, a mysterious stranger seems to somehow solve the problems and conflicts of the residents, all the while hiding a secret of his own.

Love's Berries Trailer (1926)

28 April 1926

Dovzhenko's debut film, it deals with a dandified barber's attempts to get rid of his "love berry" - his illegitimate offspring.

Lightning Hutch Trailer (1926)

18 April 1926

A scientist invents a poison gas; the villain and his gang will do anything to get the formula; our hero, "Lightning Hutch", is sent to save the scientist, the scientist's beautiful daughter, and the formula.

The Love Fighter Trailer (1926)

30 April 1926

A short film about a man who rescues a wounded dog from the battlefields of WWI and brings him home to America.

Beverly of Graustark Trailer (1926)

18 April 1926

Beverly Calhoun impersonates the Prince of Graustark to claim his birthright while he recovers from a skiing injury.

The Lucky Lady Trailer (1926)

25 April 1926

Convent-bred to assume her position of nobility when the time comes, Princess Antoinette plays hooky from school one day to attend a theatrical performance.

The Fighting Stallion Trailer (1926)

28 April 1926

Yak arrives at the Gilmore ranch where rustling has occurred. Gilmore blames a wild horse when it is actually his foreman Mays.

Benya Krik Trailer (1926)

28 April 1926

The seamy Jewish underworld of Odessa is the setting for Isaac Babel's story based on the life of gangster king Mishka Yaponchik "Mike the Jap" Vinnitsky.

Sandy Trailer (1926)

10 April 1926

Sandy McNeil adopts strictly unconventional jazz ethics and against the wishes of her parents runs with a fast young set.

Walter Tells the Tale Trailer (1926)

28 April 1926

A UK slapstick comedy with Walter Forde.

Walter's Paying Policy Trailer (1926)

28 April 1926

Uninsured collector of rare pottery is pursued by two employees of the Busy Bee Insurance Company.

Spiel der Wellen Trailer (1926)

28 April 1926

Promotional film for "AEG".

Miner's Happiness Trailer (1926)

28 April 1926

This movie is about a miner who works in Rakita coal mine in South-East Serbia, surrounded by untouched beauty of a rural region, where only a narrow-gauge railway occasionally disturbs the pastoral symphony of a creek hum and shepherd flute.

Karen Jeppe Trailer (1926)

28 April 1926

A tragic side-issue of the Armenian genocide of 1915 and 1916, was the imprisonment of women and children in Turkish and Kurd harems, a fate which overtook probably a full 200,000 women and children.

Namus Trailer (1926)

12 April 1926

Namus (Armenian: Նամուս, meaning "honor") is a 1925 silent film by Hamo Beknazarian, based on Alexander Shirvanzade's 1885 novel of the same name, which denounces the despotic rites and customs of Caucasian families.

Dinky Doodle in Egypt Trailer (1926)

17 April 1926

The artist, Walter Lantz, goes to a masquerade ball and Dinky and his dog take a nap. Dinky dreams he is a cartoon character in Egypt where he falls in love with a princess.

When Naples Sings Trailer (1926)

28 April 1926

Most likely made for the large Neapolitan immigrant population in the States, Roberto Leone Roberti’s love poem to Naples more than captures the heartache of the countless émigrés who were forced by economic circumstances to leave their homeland.

Buy an Electric Refrigerator Trailer (1926)

28 April 1926

Advertising film hawking refrigerators.

Clara Cleans Her Teeth Trailer (1926)

28 April 1926

Clara stands outside the playground watching the other children play. A teacher invites her in and she has lunch with the others; when one of the kids advises her not to eat so fast, she explains she must do so because the food hurts her teeth.

Mode de Paris Trailer (1926)

28 April 1926

At the end of the First World War, women had a strong desire to assert themselves and claim their femininity.

The Border Sherriff Trailer (1926)

24 April 1926

Carter Brace is out to murder Belden. Collins who was sent to bring in the border gang led by Brace, saves Belden's life in San Francisco.

Walter the Prodigal Trailer (1926)

28 April 1926

Walter comes home drunk from a fancy dress ball he has attended as a convict. His father announces that he has been a wastrel long enough and throws him out.