Movie Trailers - May 1926

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Popular trailers for movies released in May 1926

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The Boob Trailer (1926)

17 May 1926

To impress the girl he loves, a poor country boy dons Tom Mix attire and tries to capture a group of local bootleggers.

Sparrows Trailer (1926)

14 May 1926

Evil Mr.Grimes keeps a rag-tag bunch orphans on his farm deep in a swamp in the US South. He forces them to work in his garden and treats them like slaves.

The Sign of the Claw Trailer (1926)

01 May 1926

A police dog and his cop track a gang of bank robbers, one of which is the dog's former abusive owner.

Soldier Man Trailer (1926)

01 May 1926

After the armistice, one U.S. soldier remains unaccounted for: he's wandering the fields of Bomania, hungry, thinking the war is still on.

Brown of Harvard Trailer (1926)

02 May 1926

Tom Brown shows up at Harvard, confident and a bit arrogant. He becomes a rival of Bob McAndrew, not only in football and rowing crew, but also for the affections of Mary Abbott, a professor's daughter.

The Volga Boatman Trailer (1926)

23 May 1926

During the Russian Revolution Princess Vera, though betrothed to Prince Dimitri, is attracted to the peasant Feodor.

The Palm Beach Girl Trailer (1926)

17 May 1926

Emily Bennett, arriving in Palm Beach on a train, puts her head out of the window and her face is smudged black from the locomotive's coal smoke.

Mum's the Word Trailer (1926)

09 May 1926

A widow has married rich, but didn't tell her husband about her son. And he's coming for a surprise visit.

Aloma of the South Seas Trailer (1926)

15 May 1926

A young South Seas native boy is sent to the U.S. for his education. He returns to his island after his father dies to try to stop a revolution.

Silken Shackles Trailer (1926)

13 May 1926

The wife of an American diplomat falls in love with a young Hungarian violinist.

Spirals Trailer (1926)

23 May 1926

Abstract film.

The Gorilla Hunt Trailer (1926)

25 May 1926

Mr. Burbridge's party slew three giant gorillas, one weighing something like 450 pounds. Two of these were sent to the Belgian Government and one to the Smithsonian Institution.

The Overcoat Trailer (1926)

10 May 1926

Soviet film based on Nikolai Gogol stories "Nevsky Prospekt" and "The Overcoat".

Officer '444' Trailer (1926)

14 May 1926

Heroic Officer 444 battles The Frog and his criminal gang for possession of Haverlyte, a powerful formula that, if it fell into the wrong hands, would give its owner enough power to control the world.

Film Study Trailer (1926)

21 May 1926

Entertaining Dadaist experimental short, similar to Man Ray's work, full of shifting geometric shapes, stock footage of seagulls, flying eyeballs, and glaring floating heads.

Matrimony Blues Trailer (1926)

02 May 1926

Jungle Woman Trailer (1926)

22 May 1926

Englishman Martin South (Eric Bransby Williams) is leading an expedition into the Dutch New Guinea hinterland to search for gold, being joined by George Mardyke (Jameson Thomas), who he thinks is his friend.

The Shamrock Handicap Trailer (1926)

02 May 1926

The first film having an Irish motif that John Ford directed, a six reel delight set in Eire's County Kildare and in the United States, with a steeplechase background, mixing charged elements of comedy and sentimental drama, benefiting from a sterling cast including Leslie Fenton, Janet Gaynor, and Ford favourite J.

The Heavy Parade Trailer (1926)

15 May 1926

Ton of Fun in a wild World War 1 slapstick comedy!

A Plantation Act Trailer (1926)

20 May 1926

Al Jolson's first picture, he sings three of his hits.

Uncle Tom's Uncle Trailer (1926)

29 May 1926

The Gang stages their own revisionist version of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" in Mickey's barn. But Joe's mother thinks the back yard needs cleaning, and there are several interruptions when they lose a leading character.

Raisin' Trouble Trailer (1926)

02 May 1926

This silent comedy short stars Jack Cooper--not to be confused with the child actor, Jackie Cooper. Cooper and his friend are making a batch of homemade beer--something illegal during the days of Prohibition.

The Mikado Trailer (1926)

02 May 1926

A short, hand-tinted promotional film made by the D'Oyly Carte Opera company to show off the new wardrobe and set dressing for the 1926 production of The Mikado.

The Unknown Soldier Trailer (1926)

29 May 1926

The Unknown Soldier is a 1926 American silent drama film directed by Renaud Hoffman and written by Richard Schayer and James J.

Creeps Trailer (1926)

30 May 1926

Phil and Lou inherit property left by an eccentric uncle with the provision they occupy the house for thirty days.

The Wolf Trailer (1926)

31 May 1926

A short film starring Fearless the dog and directed by Lou Carter.

Say It with Babies Trailer (1926)

16 May 1926

Casper is the baby-expert at a large department store and his life is less than peaceful as he provides much amusement for the babies at his own expense.

O Fauno das Montanhas Trailer (1926)

07 May 1926

This film is the pearl of his pioneer work in Madeira Island and captures the most of his methodology: good stories taking the most of Madeira's natural scenery, and provoking the audience with some ironic and "double-sense" scenes.

The Flute of Krishna Trailer (1926)

08 May 1926

Early Colour Film made by Eastman Kodak itself. Martha Graham's dance "The Flute of Krishna" is performed in front of the camera by students from the Eastman School of Music.

Med 'Maud' over Polhavet Trailer (1926)

17 May 1926

A documentary of Roald Amundsen's explorer boat 'Maud' and it's expedition from 1922-1925 of the Polar area.

Madre Trailer (1926)

22 May 1926

A young innocent girl, jealously guarded and protected by his mother, is in the midst of the conflict between two suitors.