Movie Trailers - March 1927

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Popular trailers for movies released in March 1927

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Slipping Wives Trailer (1927)

03 March 1927

Neglected by her husband, our heroine decides to make him jealous by getting the handyman (Laurel) to play a literary genius at a party and flirt with her.

Mr. Wu Trailer (1927)

26 March 1927

Raised by his grandfather to adhere to the ancient laws of China, Mandarin Wu is a strict authoritarian.

Duck Soup Trailer (1927)

13 March 1927

Fleeing a group of forest rangers, who are rounding up tramps to serve as firefighters, they take refuge in a mansion.

Orchids and Ermine Trailer (1927)

06 March 1927

Set in New York City, flapper Pink Watson (Colleen Moore) works a telephone operator at a cement factory who dreams of marrying rich.

Long Pants Trailer (1927)

26 March 1927

Harry Shelby has been kept in knee pants for years by his overprotective parents, but the day finally comes when Harry is given his first pair of long pants.

Bed and Sofa Trailer (1927)

15 March 1927

Russian writer/director Abram Room never again made anything as good--or as highly individual--as his 1927 silent film Bed and Sofa.

A Sorority Mixup Trailer (1927)

10 March 1927

Girls’ school hazing leads to human and animal drag. (MoMA)

Tarzan and the Golden Lion Trailer (1927)

20 March 1927

Flora Hawks is in love with the overseer of Tarzan's African estate. After a search for a legendary city of diamonds, Tarzon races with his pet lion Jad-bal-ja to save Haws from being sacrificed to a lion-god.

Charleston Parade Trailer (1927)

19 March 1927

Shot in three days, this surreal, erotic silent short shows a native white girl teaching a futuristic African airman the Charleston dance.

The Beloved Rogue Trailer (1927)

12 March 1927

François Villon, in his lifetime the most renowned poet in France, is also a prankster, an occasional criminal, and an ardent patriot.

Resurrection Trailer (1927)

19 March 1927

Katusha, a country girl, is seduced and abandoned by Prince Nekludov. Nekludov finds himself, years later, on a jury trying the same Katusha for a crime he now realizes his actions drove her to.

The Notorious Lady Trailer (1927)

26 March 1927

A British Army officer kills a man he finds in his wife's room. Although she is innocent of any wrong the wife claims to be guilty to save her husband from a death sentence.

Alice in the Alps Trailer (1927)

21 March 1927

Alice and Julius go ice-skating in the Swiss Alps, and later go on a mountain-climbing expedition with Pete.

Old Tin Sides Trailer (1927)

06 March 1927

This is translated from a 'Cine-club' catalog Ufoleis (France) 1973-1974. The Three Fatty (A ton of fun) are salesmen in a grocery.

Alice the Collegiate Trailer (1927)

07 March 1927

Alice gets a job teaching football at a local college, where the star quarterback is none other than Julius.

The Love of Sunya Trailer (1927)

11 March 1927

A young woman at life's crossroads is granted mystic visions of how her decisions will affect her future life.

Jingle Bells Trailer (1927)

31 March 1927

From the Fleischer Brothers, creators of Betty Boop, comes this "Screen Song." Screen Songs were early sound shorts designed for patrons to sing along with in the cinema.

Captain Salvation Trailer (1927)

14 March 1927

A young divinity student protects the name of a down and out prostitute, at the cost of his own standing in the community.

Sensation Seekers Trailer (1927)

21 March 1927

Ray Sturgis, leader of the fashionable Long Island jazz set, is engaged to "Egypt" Hagen, an up-to-date girl in every respect.

Three Hours Trailer (1927)

05 March 1927

Three Hours was based on the short story Purple and Fine Linen. Corinne Griffith stars as Madeline, the freshly-divorced wife of elderly Jonathan Durkin (Hobart Bosworth).

Tearin' Into Trouble Trailer (1927)

19 March 1927

Add a Plot.

Garras de oro Trailer (1927)

12 March 1927

The film is a fierce critique of United States policy towards Latin America, focusing in particular on the United States' backing of Panamanian separatists that led to the partition of the former Isthmus Department from Colombia.

I'm the Sheriff Trailer (1927)

06 March 1927

Eleventh episode, third series, of The Gumps 2-reel series.

Blighty Trailer (1927)

01 March 1927

A chauffeur becomes an officer and later cares for his master's widow and child.

Chuji's Travel Diary I: Koshu tate hen Trailer (1927)

10 March 1927

The first of Chuji's Travels.

Koko in 1999 Trailer (1927)

07 March 1927

This Out of the Inkwell cartoon features the Fleischer Studios continuing character, Ko-Ko, seeming to draw himself, and to battle with the environment created for him.

Kare wo meguru gonin no onna Trailer (1927)

18 March 1927

Directed by Yutaka Abe.

Somebody's Fault Trailer (1927)

12 March 1927

In this one, we are introduced to a pretentious and uppity family who we just KNOW will be brought down to size later in the short.

Casey at the Bat Trailer (1927)

08 March 1927

Casey is a slovenly junk man in a turn of the twentieth century hick town who has a remarkable ability to play baseball.

Lunch Hound Trailer (1927)

03 March 1927

The film starts with Lantz in person slapping some paint on the bottom of a canvas, turning it over and the paint drips down to create a forest that his dog pal can live in.

The Club of the Big Deed Trailer (1927)

22 March 1927

The film tells about the Decembrists’ revolt in the south of Russia. Right before the Decembrist Revolt 1825 a chevalier of fortune decides that it's time for a game.

The Mysterious Rider Trailer (1927)

05 March 1927

Children's Souls Accuse You Trailer (1927)

24 March 1927

Children's Souls Accuse You is a 1927 German silent drama film directed by Curtis Bernhardt and starring Albert Steinrück, Nathalie Lissenko and Walter Rilla.

Birds of Prey Trailer (1927)

27 March 1927

Helen Wayne and Archie Crossley, two clever pickpockets, rob J. Hamilton Smith, a well-known metropolitan banker, and he is later recognized by one of their gang as a former prisonmate; they demand a price for their silence, and he is forced to accede.

Slide, Kelly, Slide Trailer (1927)

12 March 1927

A minor league pitcher lets pride get the better of him after he joins the New York Yankees.

Almost Human Trailer (1927)

01 March 1927

A silent short film.

The Thief Trapper Trailer (1927)

31 March 1927

Last of the series of short films starring "Fearless the Famous Police Dog."

Ten Years Old Trailer (1927)

13 March 1927

Ten Years Old is a 1927 American short silent comedy film directed by Robert A. McGowan. It was the 58th Our Gang short subject released.

Bela Trailer (1927)

11 March 1927

Pechorin is deprived of the officer’s rank and gets transferred to one of the mountain villages of the Caucasus.

The Jolly Jilter Trailer (1927)

13 March 1927

Silent comedy short film starring Ben Turpin

A Dozen Socks Trailer (1927)

12 March 1927

A poor sap tries to impress his girl by fighting the great boxing champion Jack Dempsey.