Movie Trailers - September 1927

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Popular trailers for movies released in September 1927

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Berlin: Symphony of a Great City Trailer (1927)

23 September 1927

Berlin is Walter Ruttmanns black and white documentary of Berlin in 1927. The big city symphony shows a day in the life of metropolitan Berlin.

College Trailer (1927)

10 September 1927

To reconcile with his girlfriend, a bookish college student tries to become an athlete.

The Cat and the Canary Trailer (1927)

09 September 1927

Rich old Cyrus West's relatives are waiting for him to die so they can inherit. But he stipulates that his will be read 20 years after his death.

Sailors, Beware! Trailer (1927)

25 September 1927

A con artist and a midget dressed as her infant son, are unmasked aboard a ship by a steward (Laurel)

Sugar Daddies Trailer (1927)

10 September 1927

After a night of carousing, a rich oil tycoon awakes to find that he was married the night before. He calls in his lawyer (Laurel) to straighten things out.

Two Arabian Knights Trailer (1927)

23 September 1927

Director Lewis Milestone's 1927 comedy follows the exploits of two American soldiers during WWI. Starring William Boyd, Mary Astor and Louis Wolheim.

At the Edge of the World Trailer (1927)

18 September 1927

A mill situated on the border between two unnamed countries and the residents therein become pawns in a future war.

The Drop Kick Trailer (1927)

25 September 1927

College football player Jack Hamill finds his reputation on the line when he pays an innocent visit to a woman whose husband kills himself.

Trolley Troubles Trailer (1927)

05 September 1927

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit runs a trolley, but finds the job is more trouble than its worth in his debut

The Magic Flame Trailer (1927)

17 September 1927

The Magic Flame (1927) is a feature film directed by Henry King, produced by Samuel Goldwyn, and based on the play Konig Harlekin by Rudolph Lothar.

The Wheel of Destiny Trailer (1927)

30 September 1927

National Treasure Trailer (1927)

18 September 1927

A group of bandits look for a treasure map.

Hazel Green & Company Trailer (1927)

15 September 1927

Hazel Green & Company play a few songs.

Potseluy Meri Pikford Trailer (1927)

08 September 1927

Goga is a Russian man who has no luck with women. He has a chance meeting with Mary Pickford. She kisses him in full view of several and he instantly becomes attractive to them.

Hindle Wakes Trailer (1927)

12 September 1927

A young working-class girl causes a stir when she sneaks off for a romantic getaway with the wealthy heir of the mill where she works.

The Joy Girl Trailer (1927)

03 September 1927

Though she loves one man, an ambitious Palm Beach girl marries another, whom she thinks is rich. He turns out to be a fraud who thought she was an heiress.

The Loves of Carmen Trailer (1927)

03 September 1927

The Loves of Carmen is a 1927 American silent romantic drama film directed by Raoul Walsh. The film, based on the novella Carmen by Prosper Mérimée, stars Dolores del Río in the title role, and Don Alvarado as Jose.

Smile, Brother, Smile Trailer (1927)

11 September 1927

A hot young salesman at a cosmetics company finds out that, because the company is losing a lot of money, he may soon be out of a job.

Smith's Pony Trailer (1927)

17 September 1927

The Smith's visit San Francisco to attend a horse show only to have their precocious daughter cause some minor comical mishaps and their over-sized canine refusing to obey commands.

Off Again Trailer (1927)

24 September 1927

Jack Lloyd and his girl get chased around the amusement park.

Barbed Wire Trailer (1927)

09 September 1927

During WWI, a French farm girl and a German P.O.W. fall in love.

The Patent Leather Kid Trailer (1927)

01 September 1927

The Patent Leather Kid is a 1927 silent film which tells the story of a boxer who scoffs at fighting outside the ring.

A Gentleman of Paris Trailer (1927)

30 September 1927

Le Marquis de Marignan is a French aristocrat and seducer who flirts with every Parisian girl he meets.

The Golf Nut Trailer (1927)

03 September 1927

Many of its members are spending a leisurely day at the the El Caballero Golf Club, the most beautiful in California.

Mickey's Circus Trailer (1927)

03 September 1927

Mickey Rooney's first starring role.

Jaws of Steel Trailer (1927)

10 September 1927

Rin Tin Tin drama

Olympic Games Trailer (1927)

11 September 1927

While the world watches the Olympic Games in Stockholm, the Rascals gather at the flats for their own games.

Chang: A Drama of the Wilderness Trailer (1927)

03 September 1927

Elephants disrupt the lives of a family deep in the jungles of Northern Siam, and an entire village.

Old San Francisco Trailer (1927)

04 September 1927

A Romance of the Days When 'Frisco Was the Paris of America!---The Barbary Coast!---The Fire of 1906d

Flim Flam Films Trailer (1927)

17 September 1927

Felix and his three kittens sneak into a movie theater to watch "Daddy" on-screen. Upon being kicked out of the show, Felix decides to make his own movies.

Ko-Ko Hops Off Trailer (1927)

17 September 1927

Koko the clown and his dog attempt a round-the-world flight.

The Clown Trailer (1927)

12 September 1927

Silent crime drama Directed by William James Craft.

The Rough Riders Trailer (1927)

30 September 1927

The story of the military unit organized by future U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt and its adventures in Cuba during the Spanish-American War of 1898.

The First Auto Trailer (1927)

18 September 1927

The transition from horses to automobiles at the turn of the century causes problems between a father and son.

Noidan kirot Trailer (1927)

19 September 1927

Silent horror film which in considered one of the first examples of it's genre in Finland. Based on the novel by Väino Kataja (1914).

The Life of Riley Trailer (1927)

03 September 1927

Silent comedy film directed by William Beaudine..

Oh Teacher Trailer (1927)

16 September 1927

Oswald's sweetheart is stolen by a schoolyard bully, so he has to fight him during recess to win her back.

Švejk v civilu Trailer (1927)

22 September 1927

«Svejk v civilu» (also known as "Svejk as a Civilian", "Schweik in Civilian Life", "Schwejk in Zivil") is 1927 Comedy film directed by Gustav Machatý, and written by Jacques Bachrach, Eduard Simácek, and Karel Vanek .

The Courage of Collins Trailer (1927)

04 September 1927

In this rare surviving two-reeler for Edmund Cobb's Universal series, the taciturn star plays Constable Collins, a Northwest Mounted police officer assigned to help pretty Rose Foster (Helen Foster) and her brother, Jack (Newton House), who are in trouble with a gang of claim jumpers.

The Red Raiders Trailer (1927)

27 September 1927

Lone wolf, who is stirring up the Indians against the wishes of his elders, gets the job of scout at the fort.

Foreign Devils Trailer (1927)

03 September 1927

Capt. Robert Kelly holds off the foreign mob single-handed and makes good his escape during the Boxer rebellion.

Fiestas de Plencia Trailer (1927)

01 September 1927

Ferias of Plencia, a small Basque town in Spain.

The Garden of Allah Trailer (1927)

02 September 1927

Father Adrien had taken the vows of eternal silence, prayer and, of course, celibacy, when he entered the Trappist Monastry of Notre Dame d'Afrique in Algeria.

Kaihin no joô Trailer (1927)

29 September 1927

Comedy by Kiyohiko Ushihara. Once a full-length feature film, now only 14 minutes remain.

Boadicea Trailer (1927)

05 September 1927

The life of the Celtic Queen Boudica (Boadicea) and her rebellion against the Roman Empire.

The Poet and the King Trailer (1927)

20 September 1927

Tsar Nicholas I is enamoured by Natalia, the wife of Alexander Pushkin. To cover his tracks, the tsar encourages the suit of Georges d'Anthès, a French officer, with the help of Count Alexander von Benckendorff.

Small Town Sheriff Trailer (1927)

03 September 1927

Farmer Al Falfa takes a strong drink at a speakeasy and floats up to the heavens, where he has crazy misadventures on weird planets.

Ko-Ko the Knight Trailer (1927)

02 September 1927

When a beautiful princess escapes from the ink bottle, only to be captured by a villainous knave, Max draws a stove which he has Ko-Ko use as armor, inflates Fitz into a destrier and sends them off in a deed of daring-do.