Movie Trailers - March 1928

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Popular trailers for movies released in March 1928

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Easy Virtue Trailer (1928)

05 March 1928

Larita Filton is named as correspondent in a scandalous divorce case. She escapes to France to rebuild her life where she meets John Whittaker.

Spies Trailer (1928)

22 March 1928

The mastermind behind a ubiquitous spy operation learns of a dangerous romance between a Russian lady in his employ and a dashing agent from the government's secret service.

The Farmer's Wife Trailer (1928)

02 March 1928

Successful middle-aged farmer Samuel Sweetland becomes widowed, then his daughter marries and leaves home.

KoKo's Earth Control Trailer (1928)

31 March 1928

Ko-Ko the Clown and his dog Fitz walk into a building where levers that control various aspects of the Earth are located.

The Fireman of the Folies-Bergere Trailer (1928)

01 March 1928

After a lengthy period of watching the dancers at the Folies Bergères, a fireman stops in for a drink.

From Soup to Nuts Trailer (1928)

24 March 1928

Inexperienced waiters (Laurel & Hardy) are hired for a swank dinner party.

Two Lovers Trailer (1928)

23 March 1928

Set during the 16th-century Spanish occupation of Flanders, the story concentrates on the fiercely patriotic Mark Van Ryke (Colman).

Came the Dawn Trailer (1928)

03 March 1928

Papa, Mama, Daughter and Son Gimplewort move into their new house. Two movers are talking to each other about the murder of a saxophone player that took place in the house.

Rival Romeos Trailer (1928)

18 March 1928

Oswald is off to see his sweetheart when he is passed by a rival in a faster car. He takes the lead, though, when both drivers encounter a mud puddle; Oswald isn't afraid to get a little dirty, while his competitor is.

Bright Lights Trailer (1928)

05 March 1928

Oswald would like to see Mlle. Zulu the Shimmy Queen but he's short on cash. Seeing the more stately gentlemen being admitted without tickets, he tries to fool the bouncer into thinking he's important by puffing up his chest and striding in.

Moulin Rouge Trailer (1928)

21 March 1928

An odd and tightly directed tale of a singer/dancer at the Moulin Rouge, who meets her daughter's fiance, only to have him fall obsessively in love with her and she with him.

The Smart Set Trailer (1928)

24 March 1928

A cocky, arrogant young playboy is expelled from his American polo team shortly before the big match with England.

The Trail of '98 Trailer (1928)

20 March 1928

Fortune hunters from all over the country rush to the Klondike in 1897 to seek their fortunes in the gold are tested by hardships of the journey.

The Awakening Trailer (1928)

14 March 1928

THE AWAKENING was nominated by the Academy for its Art Direction in the first transitional year of the talkies.

Bringing Up Father Trailer (1928)

18 March 1928

The wealthy Jiggs is tired of being left out of the swanky parties thrown by his social-climbing wife Maggie and their daughter.

Little Devil May Care Trailer (1928)

03 March 1928

Ludivine, a lttle tomboy, takes on the too polite Delphin. Being caught, and punished, she wants him and his father to be dead.

The Matinee Idol Trailer (1928)

14 March 1928

The famous matinee idol and blackface comedian, Don Wilson, heads out of town to escape adulation. There, calling himself Harry Mann, he accidentally joins a traveling acting troupe, and falls in love with Ginger Bolivar, who runs the troupe and stars in their Civil War melodrama.

The White Stadium Trailer (1928)

19 March 1928

A documentary about the 1928 St. Moritz Olympics.

Midnight Madness Trailer (1928)

25 March 1928

In Midnight Madness millionaire diamond miner Michael Bream (Clive Brook) discovers that the woman he’s marrying — funfair shooting-gallery hostess Norma Forbes — is a gold digger.

The Big Noise Trailer (1928)

25 March 1928

John Stoval, a guard in a New York subway, thinks that Philip Hurd, who owns a concession at Coney Island, would make a good husband for his daughter Sophie.

The Legion of the Condemned Trailer (1928)

10 March 1928

Finding his sweetheart, Christine, in the arms of a German officer, Price joins the French Air Legion.

Dressed to Kill Trailer (1928)

17 March 1928

A mob boss' gang gets suspicious about their boss' new girlfriend, a beautiful young girl who doesn't seem to be the type who'd hang out with gangsters.

Almenrausch und Edelweiss Trailer (1928)

28 March 1928

Partners in Crime Trailer (1928)

01 March 1928

After being dismissed for imitating his boss's voice on radio, former Assistant District Attorney Richard Deming witnesses a store robbery and is taken captive by the criminals.

The Big City Trailer (1928)

23 March 1928

Heut tanzt Mariett Trailer (1928)

15 March 1928

The Port of Missing Girls Trailer (1928)

19 March 1928

Neglected by her moneyed parents and disillusioned with her boyfriend Buddie Larkins, vocalist Ruth King joins a school for stage and fancy dancing, thus playing into the hands of DeLeon, .

Die Pflicht zu schweigen Trailer (1928)

02 March 1928

Domestic Troubles Trailer (1928)

27 March 1928

A Silent film comedy directed by Ray Enright.

The City of Youth Trailer (1928)

01 March 1928

A silent drama film directed by E. H. Calvert.

Tenderloin Trailer (1928)

14 March 1928

Rose Shannon, a dancing girl at "Kelly's," in the 'Tenderloin' district of New York City, worships at a distance Chuck White, a younger member of the gang that uses the place as their hangout.

La Madonnina de' marinai Trailer (1928)

01 March 1928

The Treasurer's Report Trailer (1928)

11 March 1928

Assistant Treasurer Benchley reports on the annual expenditures of the club for its home for "boys between the ages of 14", and other projects.

Der Biberpelz Trailer (1928)

09 March 1928

Die Hotelratte Trailer (1928)

08 March 1928

Japanicky Trailer (1928)

05 March 1928

Felix can't afford to get in to the theatre so he makes a hole in the wall to peep through. There are two wrestlers.

The Vortex Trailer (1928)

25 March 1928

A young man is shocked to discover that his fiancé is the mistress of his mother's lover.

Behind the Counter Trailer (1928)

03 March 1928

Eddie, a prim store salesman, gets locked in overnight and battles hoodlums.

Sensations-Prozess Trailer (1928)

23 March 1928

The Road to Ruin Trailer (1928)

23 March 1928

A controversial, low-budget drama about the life of a young teenage girl that goes on the "road to ruin.

Chushingura: The Truth Trailer (1928)

14 March 1928

Lord Asano Takumi-no-Kami Naganori was charged with receiving a group of envoys from the Imperial Court in Kyoto.

Chicago After Midnight Trailer (1928)

04 March 1928

Chicago After Midnight (1928)

The Speech of Prime Minister Tanaka Trailer (1928)

01 March 1928

The only surviving film produced by Showa Kinema, the first company of pioneering sound-film producer Yoshizo Minagawa, records a speech by conservative Prime Minister Giichi Tanaka, who served from from 1927 to 1929, when he resigned after a dispute with the Emperor.

Polly-tics Trailer (1928)

18 March 1928

Felix is homeless so he has to provide for himself if he wants to eat. He finds some milk sitting out on someone's doorstep, when he decides to snatch it.

Earl Burtnett and His Biltmore Hotel Orchestra (I) Trailer (1928)

03 March 1928

Vitaphone must have really enjoyed Earl Burtnett because they made four shorts together in 1928 and this here was the first.

Under the Black Eagle Trailer (1928)

24 March 1928

A German Shepherd Dog and the people he loves are entangled in World War One.

Stories in Song Trailer (1928)

31 March 1928

Veteran Broadway performer Adele Rowland sings four songs in this Vitaphone short.

Red Hair Trailer (1928)

10 March 1928

A free-spirited young girl has three middle-aged admirers, each of whom sees her from a completely different perspective.

Der Fremdenlegionär Trailer (1928)

01 March 1928

Gustaf Wasa, Part One Trailer (1928)

04 March 1928

The story takes its beginning in 1518 , the Danish King Christian II has taken Sweden. Sten Sture the younger appeal to all loyal subjects to resist.

Gustaf Wasa, Part Two Trailer (1928)

18 March 1928

King Christian II rides busy street by Sweden which he now put under him, while he remembers what he did against the Swedes at the Stockholm Bloodbath.

Character Studies (II) Trailer (1928)

15 March 1928

Montagu Love pretty much plays himself in this Vitaphone short where he starts off by introducing himself to the viewer and saying most probably remember him for playing villains.

Drums of Love Trailer (1928)

30 March 1928

A princess is betrothed to a deformed monarch, but falls hard for his handsome brother.

Le tourbillon de Paris Trailer (1928)

29 March 1928

The Blue Danube Trailer (1928)

11 March 1928

Marguerite, the beauty of an Austrian village, loves the poverty-stricken Baron Erich von Statzen, although her mother is opposed to the affair, having been made suspicious by the hunchback Ludwig, who is smitten by Marguerite's charms and insanely jealous of Statzen.

Earl Burtnett and His Biltmore Hotel Orchestra (IV) Trailer (1928)

30 March 1928

This short was the fourth of four that Earl Burtnett would make at Vitaphone in 1928. As with the previous ones, this here features three songs by Burtnett and his ten-man orchestra.

Phantom of the Turf Trailer (1928)

01 March 1928

When a wealthy recluse apparently commits suicide, his trusted friend John Nichols (Rex Lease) is put in charge of the estate.

Vanka i 'Mstitel' Trailer (1928)

05 March 1928

A Soviet adventure film directed by Aksel Lundin and starring Volodya Nolman as Vanka.

Fashions of Fifty Years Ago Trailer (1928)

08 March 1928

Fashion newsreel

Tillie's Punctured Romance Trailer (1928)

03 March 1928

The ring master is plotting to get the circus owner done away with in a lion cage so he can take over.