Movie Trailers - June 1928

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Popular trailers for movies released in June 1928

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Lonesome Trailer (1928)

20 June 1928

Two lonely people in the big city meet and enjoy the thrills of an amusement park, only to lose each other in the crowd after spending a great day together.

The Little Match Girl Trailer (1928)

07 June 1928

On a cold New Year's Eve, a poor girl tries to sell matches in the street. She is freezing badly, but she is afraid to go home because her father will beat her for not selling any matches.

The Life and Death of 9413, a Hollywood Extra Trailer (1928)

16 June 1928

This short experimental film tells the story of a man who comes to Hollywood to become a star, only to fail and be dehumanized (he is identified by the number 9413 written on his forehead).

The Upland Rider Trailer (1928)

03 June 1928

The honest John Graham (Lafe McKee) and the crooked Ross Cheswick (Sidney Jarvis) battle for supremacy.

The Fox Chase Trailer (1928)

24 June 1928

Oswald is with his mates in a fox hunt, but he finds his horse is stubborn and won't let him ride at first.

Sky Scrappers Trailer (1928)

10 June 1928

'Sky Scrappers' finds three characters -- Oswald, a Big Pete-style bully and a Minnie-ish female character -- all engaged in knockabout humour on a building site.

The Cossacks Trailer (1928)

23 June 1928

Stirring romance, hard riding, desperate fighting with the Cossacks playing their game of war and chivalry.

Balaclava Trailer (1928)

06 June 1928

A British army officer is cashiered, and re-enlists as Private to take part in the Crimean War. He succeeds in capturing a top Russian spy which results in the famous Charge of the Light Brigade to take the Balaclava Heights.

Lace Trailer (1928)

01 June 1928

Since director Sergei Yutkevich was a longtime lover of American slapstick, his first films were imbued with a playfulness and cheeriness not typical of Russian cinema.

Ladies of the Mob Trailer (1928)

30 June 1928

A dead criminal's daughter falls in love with a small-time crook and tries to get him to reform before he winds up like her father.

Shaw Talks for Movietone News Trailer (1928)

24 June 1928

Famous author George Bernard Shaw's monologue to an audience on a variety of topics, including his impression of Mussolini's stern facial expressions.

The Sawdust Paradise Trailer (1928)

28 June 1928

Sawdust Paradise (1928)

Fazil Trailer (1928)

04 June 1928

An Arab prince born and raised in the desert and a beautiful Frenchwoman from Paris fall in love and marry, but the tremendous differences in their backgrounds and the cultural differences between their two different societies put strains on their marriage that may well prove irreparable.

Banjoland Trailer (1928)

01 June 1928

We are treated with two banjo players, Eddie Peabody with assistance from Jimmy Maisel. Tune are: 1. 'On the Bock Row,' 2.

Shinpan Ôoka seidan: Dai-nihen Trailer (1928)

08 June 1928

Silent Japanese film.

Outdoor Indore Trailer (1928)

09 June 1928

Felix tries to join the circus.

The Way of the Strong Trailer (1928)

18 June 1928

A gangster falls for a blind violinist, only for his mobster rivals to kidnap her.

Milak, der Grönlandjäger Trailer (1928)

05 June 1928

The Texas Tornado Trailer (1928)

24 June 1928

Briscoe leases land from Latimer. When oil is found Latimer tries to stop Briscoe from renewing the lease.

Desert Nymphs Trailer (1928)

05 June 1928

Nymphs showing all their beauty in the desert.

Forbidden Hours Trailer (1928)

16 June 1928

Set in the fictitious European kingdom of Balanca, Prince Michael IV is being coerced, by his advisers, to marry a young woman of royal blood.

No Other Woman Trailer (1928)

10 June 1928

No Other Woman

The Mysterious Airman Trailer (1928)

01 June 1928

An inventor adds new innovations to an air company's planes, prompting the owners of a rival company to set out to steal them.

The Adorable Outcast Trailer (1928)

25 June 1928

A Pacific Island romance about a young adventurer, Stephen Conn, and his love for Luya. Only several scenes survive, although heavy nitrate damage is visible.

Futuritzy Trailer (1928)

23 June 1928

Felix wants to know the future, so he first goes to see a Gypsy who tells him that misfortune is going to happen, Felix doesn't believe her one little bit, so he goes to the local astrologer, Professor Whoozit.

The Magnificent Flirt Trailer (1928)

02 June 1928

Count D'Estrange tries to save his nephew Hubert from Denise Laverne he believes a heartless flirt. Denise's mother Mme.

The Miracle of a Locomotive Trailer (1928)

21 June 1928

Documentary on making locomotives.

The Mouse's Bride Trailer (1928)

24 June 1928

A Aesop's Fables cartton about a mouse in love and the farmer that stands in their way. Thankfully there is a helpful, bur greedy, butler to assist.

Across the Plains Trailer (1928)

26 June 1928

Helen Williams, lured to a wild cattle-town on the promise of a job learns that the job she has is not the kind she thought she had, and finds herself selling drinks and dancing with drunk cowboys in the saloon.

Notschrei hinter Gittern Trailer (1928)

07 June 1928

The Ham What Am Trailer (1928)

30 June 1928

In this Vitaphone short, Jay C. Flippen performs "Keep Sweeping the Cobwebs Off the Moon" and "Magnolia," as well as a vaudeville comedy routine.

Detectives Trailer (1928)

09 June 1928

A film by Chester M. Franklin.

Crazy House Trailer (1928)

02 June 1928

Crazy House is a 1928 Our Gang short silent comedy film directed by Robert F. McGowan. It was the 76th Our Gang short that was released.

English as She Is Not Spoken Trailer (1928)

30 June 1928

Val and Ernie Stanton make their second appearance in a Vitaphone short. This time out the two basically stand in the same spot as they re-create their vaudeville act, which includes a few songs as well as a couple comedy routines.

Gus Arnheim and His Ambassadors Trailer (1928)

05 June 1928

The room looks like a lavish nightclub. The Ambassadors, a 15-piece band dressed in tuxedos, play three numbers: "Nobody But You," "That Reminds Me of You," and a jazzy rag.

La borrachera del tango Trailer (1928)

05 June 1928

In a middle class family in Buenos Aires, a conflict arises between their two sons. One is a carefree playboy who spends his nights on cabarets.

Bolibar Trailer (1928)

26 June 1928

Hessian officers' flirtations with an artist's daughter accidentally give signals to the attacking English.

Cut Yourself a Piece of Cake Trailer (1928)

29 June 1928

Val and Ernie Stanton make up the comedy group for this Vitaphone short that was obviously capturing their vaudeville act.

Madame Récamier Trailer (1928)

28 June 1928

The film displays Madame Récamier 's conflict with Napoleon. Twice she was pressed to become one of the Empress's ladies.

Retribution Trailer (1928)

16 June 1928

Henry B. Walthall made his talkie debut in this 10-minute short from Vitaphone. In the film he plays a once rich man who has found himself in the dumps due to drug abuse and other issues.

Mulan Joins the Army Trailer (1928)

13 June 1928

This epic version of the Mulan tale was an early epic, shot on location in Northern China using hundreds of extras.

Shadows! Trailer (1928)

20 June 1928

A Sammy and Sausage cartoon.

Raiden Trailer (1928)

29 June 1928

Raiden is a 1928 black and white Japanese silent film with benshi accompaniment directed by Shozo Makino and Sadatsugu Matsuda.

Fräulein Chauffeur Trailer (1928)

19 June 1928

The Death Ship Trailer (1928)

01 June 1928

On a stormy night at sea, a Captain (Mitchell Lewis) and the First Mate (Jason Robards) talk about the girl that they are both in love with.

Telling the World Trailer (1928)

30 June 1928

The journalist Don Davis becomes involved in a murder case, where Chrystal Malone is part of it. Davis follows Chrystal to China.

Deaf, Dumb and Blonde Trailer (1928)

11 June 1928

Poodles Hanneford comedy produced and distributed by the Weiss Brothers.

The Vanishing Pioneer Trailer (1928)

23 June 1928

The Vanishing Pioneers is a 1928 silent western film directed by John Waters and starring Jack Holt. Holt's son, Tim makes his screen debut in this film The film is now lost.

3-Ring Marriage Trailer (1928)

10 June 1928

3-Ring Marriage