Movie Trailers - September 1928

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Popular trailers for movies released in September 1928

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The Cameraman Trailer (1928)

16 September 1928

The Great Stone Face portrays Luke Shannon, a "tintype" portrait photographer who develops a serious crush on Sally, a beautiful woman who works as a secretary for MGM's newsreel department.

The Wind Trailer (1928)

15 September 1928

Letty moves to West Texas from the East and it seems that the wind always blows and the sand gets everywhere.

The Patriot Trailer (1928)

01 September 1928

These Characters Will Fascinate You! EMIL JANNINGS - Cruel, brutal, but also pathetic. The mad Czar who holds all Russia in his tyrannical grasp.

The Docks of New York Trailer (1928)

16 September 1928

A blue-collar worker on New York's depressed waterfront finds his life changed after he saves a woman attempting suicide.

Lotte, das Warenhausmädchen Trailer (1928)

07 September 1928

Coming soon

Our Dancing Daughters Trailer (1928)

01 September 1928

Diana is outwardly the hit of the party but inwardly virtuous and idealistic. Her friend Ann is thoroughly selfish and amoral.

Mickey's Movies Trailer (1928)

02 September 1928

Mickey and the gang decide to make their own movie. Guest starring Hannah Washington (a poor man's Farina of the 1920's).

Should Married Men Go Home? Trailer (1928)

08 September 1928

Mrs. Hardy throws Ollie and Stan out of the house. They try to impress two young ladies at a golf course and end up fighting with other golfers.

The Singing Fool Trailer (1928)

19 September 1928

After years of hopeful struggle, Al Stone (Jolson) is on his way. "I'm Sittin' on Top of the World", he sings to an appreciative speakeasy crowd.

The Woman on the Rack Trailer (1928)

12 September 1928

a silent movie by Robert Wiene

Fooling Casper Trailer (1928)

15 September 1928

Casper is going on vacation with his wife and ugly baby (I'm sorry, but the kid IS really creepy looking) and after about five minutes of unfunny shenanigans, he arrives home and gets ready to take off for the country.

The Cardboard Lover Trailer (1928)

02 September 1928

A ditzy American girl visiting Monte Carlo is hired by a tennis champ to be his "cardboard lover"--to pretend to be in love with him so he can teach his two-timing fiancé a lesson and win her back.

The Terror Trailer (1928)

06 September 1928

The Burglar Trailer (1928)

12 September 1928

A man, accidentally locked out of his house is mistaken for a burglar as he attempts to re-enter the house.

School Begins Trailer (1928)

16 September 1928

One of a handful of currently unavailable Hal Roach/MGM “Our Gang” silent films, School Begins was a series of gags built around the unenviable ritual of returning to school during the first week of September.

Le film du poilu Trailer (1928)

18 September 1928

Kids playact war in the backyard and the adults decide to show them a documentary about World War 1.

Guardians of the Wild Trailer (1928)

15 September 1928

A forest ranger comes to the aid of his fiance and her father when a crooked rancher and his gang try to force them off their land.

Cook, Papa, Cook Trailer (1928)

08 September 1928

After oversleeping and then a tiff over waking each other up, Hutton orders Murdock to make HER breakfast for a change.

Maldone Trailer (1928)

14 September 1928

Maldone is a canal worker, happy with his life after running away from his family estate. He falls in love with Zita, a young gypsy girl, during a local fete.

Taxi for Two Trailer (1928)

02 September 1928

Dan Doolittle is a poor schmuck whose big talk usually gets him into trouble. After he is fired from his plumbing job, he saves Dolly Davis, who, grateful, promises to get him a job at the company where she works, Owl Taxi, which is owned by her father.

The Beau Brummels Trailer (1928)

01 September 1928

Vaudeville team Shaw & Lee sing songs and tell jokes in hilarious deadpan.

Synd Trailer (1928)

16 September 1928

French silent star Gina Manès played a femme fatale in Gustaf Molander's film "Synd" (The Sin), based on August Strindberg's Brott och brott (Crime and crime).

The Campus Carmen Trailer (1928)

22 September 1928

A campus set-up of Carmen featuring Daphne Pollard & Carole Lombard.

Beggars of Life Trailer (1928)

22 September 1928

After killing her treacherous step-father, a girl tries to escape the country with a young vagabond. She dresses as a boy, they hop freight trains, quarrel with a group of hobos, and steal a car in their attempt to escape the police, and reach Canada.

Excess Baggage Trailer (1928)

28 September 1928

Excess Baggage is a lost 1928 American silent comedy film directed by James Cruze and distributed by MGM.

The Son of the Golden West Trailer (1928)

30 September 1928

Leontines Ehemänner Trailer (1928)

24 September 1928

a silent movie by Robert Wiene

Craig's Wife Trailer (1928)

16 September 1928

Harriet Craig, whose obsession with material possessions and immaculate neatness results in misery for all concerned.

The West Trailer (1928)

26 September 1928

"L'Occident" presents a story of the reaction of East and West in contact. It is based on a novel of Henry Kistemaeckers, produced for the screen by M.

The Woman Disputed Trailer (1928)

01 September 1928

An adventuress in love with an Austrian agrees to become the mistress of a Russian officer in exchange for the release of Austrian hostages.

The Night Bird Trailer (1928)

15 September 1928

Reginald Denny as a prizefighter who is picked up by Italian girl Madelina, played by a very un-Italian girl, Betsy Lee.

The Chinatown Mystery Trailer (1928)

01 September 1928

Restored by the George Eastman House in 2001, this 1928 serial was considered a “last hurrah” for the silent-era serial, and brought together some of the biggest names of the era: director J.

Code of the Air Trailer (1928)

30 September 1928

I Thank You Trailer (1928)

11 September 1928

Eddie White performs his vaudeville act.

Mooi Bandoeng Trailer (1928)

19 September 1928

Impressions of the city of Bandung, with shots of the pasar (market), the Departments of War and Government Corporations, churches, parks, the residential office, a hospital, staff and service houses of the PTT, the Concordia society, the Chinese neighbourhood, the library and the observatory in Lembang.

Sweeney Todd Trailer (1928)

27 September 1928

The Air Circus Trailer (1928)

29 September 1928

A Breath of Broadway Trailer (1928)

04 September 1928

Jack Waldron performs his stand-up vaudeville act.

A Cycle of Songs Trailer (1928)

21 September 1928

A cycle of songs performed by the singer Florence Brady.

Looping the Loop Trailer (1928)

15 September 1928

Botto the Clown is in love with the much younger Blanche but she is in love with the handsome daredevil acrobate Andre.

The Butter and Egg Man Trailer (1928)

22 September 1928

The Baby Cyclone Trailer (1928)

26 September 1928

A woman thinks a small dog is an angel pet in this silent comedy.