Movie Trailers - February 1929

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Popular trailers for movies released in February 1929

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The Broadway Melody Trailer (1929)

08 February 1929

Harriet and Queenie Mahoney, a vaudeville act, come to Broadway, where their friend Eddie Kerns needs them for his number in one of Francis Zanfield's shows.

Piccadilly Trailer (1929)

01 February 1929

The star attraction of the Piccadilly Club is the dancing team of Mabel and Vic. Victor is infatuated with Mabel, but she rejects his advances, since she is in love with Valentine Wilmot, the club's owner.

Weary River Trailer (1929)

10 February 1929

A gangster is put in prison, but finds salvation through music while serving his time. Again on the outside, he finds success elusive and temptations abound.

The Iron Mask Trailer (1929)

21 February 1929

King Louis XIII of France is thrilled to have born to him a son - an heir to the throne. But when the queen delivers a twin, Cardinal Richelieu sees the second son as a potential for revolution, and has him sent off to Spain to be raised in secret to ensure a peaceful future for France.

The Canary Murder Case Trailer (1929)

16 February 1929

A beautiful showgirl, name "the Canary" is a scheming nightclub singer. Blackmailing is her game and with that she ends up dead.

The Sin Sister Trailer (1929)

10 February 1929

Pearl a vaudeville dancer is stranded somewhere in Alaska. With no official place to stay in the vicinity, Pearl is obliged to accept the hospitality of a wealthy family which has itself been stranded in the Great White North.

Wrong Again Trailer (1929)

23 February 1929

Stable hands Stan and Ollie are tending a thoroughbred named "Blue Boy." But when they overhear two men talking about a $5000 reward for the return of the stolen "Blue Boy," they miss the part about it being the painting, not the horse.

Arsenal Trailer (1929)

25 February 1929

Set in the bleak aftermath and devastation of the World War I, a recently demobbed soldier, Timosh, returns to his hometown Kiev, after having survived a train wreck.

The Leatherneck Trailer (1929)

24 February 1929

An odd little film about male bonding. At the end of WW I, two Americans (William Boyd and Robert Armstrong) befriend a simple minded German (Alan Hale) and win him over into becoming an American.

The Million Dollar Collar Trailer (1929)

09 February 1929

A part-talkie crime film.

Erotikon Trailer (1929)

26 February 1929

Love story of Andrea and George.

Why Be Good? Trailer (1929)

28 February 1929

Colleen Moore as a flapper who unwittingly falls for the Boss' son.

Sick Cylinders Trailer (1929)

17 February 1929

Oswald wants to take his girl Kitty for a ride, but constant mishaps such as a pesky pooch and falling boulders prevent the time from being the least bit enjoyable.

Cheyenne Trailer (1929)

03 February 1929

Cal Roberts can ride anything with four legs. He enters the contests held at big rodeo. He wins all honors and meets a girl who races horses to help her father clear pressing debts.

Captain Fracasse Trailer (1929)

15 February 1929

A nobleman decides to join a traveling group of actors to be with a girl he admires, but ultimately s

The Wolf of Wall Street Trailer (1929)

09 February 1929

A ruthless stockbroker sells short in the copper business and ruins the life of his friends by ruining their finances.

All at Sea Trailer (1929)

09 February 1929

The Royal Rider Trailer (1929)

17 February 1929

Dick Scott (Ken Maynard) takes his Wild West show to the Balkan kingdom of Alvania where the boy king of the country commands the troupe to give a performance.

The Old Barn Trailer (1929)

02 February 1929

The folks discover what appears to be a haunted barn.

A Pair of Tights Trailer (1929)

03 February 1929

Two girls are invited by one of the girls boy-friend's tight boss for dinner. On the way they stop for a cheap ice-cream.

Lucky Boy Trailer (1929)

02 February 1929

A young Jewish man works in his father's jewelry business, but he doesn't like it at all--he wants to be an entertainer, something he knows that his father would never approve of.

The Adjutant of the Czar Trailer (1929)

12 February 1929

Drama of plot and intrigue in Imperial Russia.

Ponad snieg Trailer (1929)

19 February 1929

A Polish silent drama directed by Konstanty Meglicki.

Melancholy Dame Trailer (1929)

02 February 1929

A nightclub owner's wife, jealous of his attentions to his star singer, schemes to get her fired.

Wild Orchids Trailer (1929)

23 February 1929

A prince in Java tries to seduce his visitor's wife, but he's discovered.

Stark Mad Trailer (1929)

02 February 1929

An expedition sets out through the jungle to find a missing explorer, but stumbles upon an ancient Mayan temple that houses a giant ape.

Headin' Westward Trailer (1929)

15 February 1929

No overview.

Friendship Trailer (1929)

19 February 1929

A short drama film Directed by Eugene Walter..

The Tournament Trailer (1929)

18 February 1929

Rival knights compete for the hand of a beautiful maiden in this period feature from Jean Renoir, unfortunately only available in truncated form.

His Captive Woman Trailer (1929)

03 February 1929

Cabaret dancer Anna Janssen kills her sugardaddy and escapes to a South Seas island on the yacht of a wealthy admirer.

The Lawless Legion Trailer (1929)

17 February 1929

Cal Stanley goes undercover as a beef buyer in order to catch the gang responsible for stealing the area's cattle.

The Living Corpse Trailer (1929)

14 February 1929

The central character of the play, Fedor Protasov, is tormented by the belief that his wife Liza has never really chosen between him and the more conventional Victor Karenin, a rival for her hand.

Noisy Noises Trailer (1929)

09 February 1929

Joe Cobb is suffering through a toothache as well as having to babysit his little brother Rupert who won't stop crying.

Taxi Spooks Trailer (1929)

16 February 1929

Jack Cooper has a taxi inspector on his heels, and later confuses the inspector's wife for a theater automaton.

Ask Dad Trailer (1929)

16 February 1929

Tommy, home from school, is infatuated with his father's secretary, so he goes to their office to try to tell her.

Through Storm and Fire Trailer (1929)

28 February 1929

A fight of Serbian army against occupying forces during WWI.

Ko-Ko's Reward Trailer (1929)

22 February 1929

Thanks to Magic Ink, a live-action girl joins Koko in a haunted house.

Katharina Knie Trailer (1929)

24 February 1929

Katharina Knie is a 1929 German silent drama film directed by Karl Grune and starring Eugen Klöpfer, Carmen Boni and Adele Sandrock.

His Angel Child Trailer (1929)

16 February 1929

A man believes that the baby in his livingroom is the "surprise" his wife messaged him about, and must contend with the real father's attempts to get his daughter back.

Der Mann mit dem Laubfrosch Trailer (1929)

04 February 1929